Who Do You Think You Are? (2008) TV Series Free Watch

Australian celebrities play detective as they go in search of their family history, revealing secrets from the past. Travel around Australia and the world with Jack Thompson, Kate Ceberano,... See full summary »

Year: 2008

Genres: Biography, Documentary, History

Stars: Richard Mellick, Andrea Bentschneider, Kristoffer Born

IMDb: TT1152296

Rating: 7.5/10

Season -1
Season -1
Who Do You Think You Are? Australia E-1. Who Do You Think You Are? Australia
The program brings together the best moments of this award winning genealogical series combined with revealing insights on what it was like to take part in the show from Adam Hills...
01 Sep 2016
Season 1
Season 1
Jack Thompson E1. Jack Thompson
Australian acting icon Jack Thompson unearths more than a couple of surprises - and significant Australian heritage-but where does he come from and who does he think he is? Born Jo...
1 link 13 Jan 2008
Kate Ceberano E2. Kate Ceberano
Kate Ceberano is convinced she descended from 'pirates and bums' but as she delves into her family tree she uncovers links to an artistic past. Kate's expectation of pirates and bu...
20 Jan 2008
Geoffrey Robertson E3. Geoffrey Robertson
Geoffrey Robertson QC believes that it is nature not nurture that shapes our moral integrity, but does his family history provide an aside to his theory? Fifth generation Australia...
27 Jan 2008
Cathy Freeman E4. Cathy Freeman
Athlete Catherine Freeman goes in search of the source of her drive and determination, unearthing an unexpected family heritage. Gold medallist in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Ca...
03 Feb 2008
Dennis Cometti E5. Dennis Cometti
Sports commentator Dennis Cometti finds mystery, murder and a gift for the gab as he follows his family tree back to Australia's settlement. From a remote Western Australian goldfi...
10 Feb 2008
Ita Buttrose E6. Ita Buttrose
Media personality and publisher Ita Buttrose discovers determination and drive may be hereditary as she puts her journalistic skills to the test to trace her global family. She kno...
17 Feb 2008
Season 2
Season 2
Ron Barassi E1. Ron Barassi
Footy legend and latter day 'Knight in Shining Armour' Ron Barassi has always believed that actions speak louder than words. In 'WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?' he embarks on a journey ...
27 Sep 2009
Sigrid Thornton E2. Sigrid Thornton
Australian film and TV industry luminary, actress Sigrid Thornton has cornered the market in feisty leading roles. She is best known recently for her role as the relationship-chall...
04 Oct 2009
Ben Mendelsohn E3. Ben Mendelsohn
Actor Ben Mendelsohn embarks on a journey into his ancestry to find out if he really is related to the famous composer of the Wedding March - Felix Mendelssohn. In 'WHO DO YOU THIN...
1 link 11 Oct 2009
Christine Anu E4. Christine Anu
Singer Christine Anu's ancestry is from the Torres Straits Islands. She would like to understand why music is so important in her life. Her 'WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?' journey take...
18 Oct 2009
Maggie Beer E5. Maggie Beer
Celebrity "Cook" Maggie Beer is probably best known for being half of the TV duo "The Cook and The Chef". In "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" she embarks on a journey into her ancestry ...
25 Oct 2009
John Butler E6. John Butler
Rock star and activist John Butler is searching for his heritage hoping to find poets, musicians and revolutionaries. In "Who Do You Think You Are?" he traces the Butler name back ...
01 Nov 2009
Season 3
Season 3
Magda Szubanski E1. Magda Szubanski
Magda is the actor behind many of Australia's most loved comic characters including Sharon in "Kath & Kim" and Mrs Hoggett in the internationally acclaimed "Babe" and "Babe: Pig in...
28 Nov 2010
Rod Marsh E2. Rod Marsh
Cricketer Rod Marsh trawls the records, overturning long held secrets and pieces together the dramatic circumstances that led to his father's adoption. For the first time he discov...
05 Dec 2010
Tina Arena E3. Tina Arena
Singer Tina Arena has always wanted to find out more about where her Italian-born parents came from, a subject that has never really been talked about in her family. She is driven ...
12 Dec 2010
Shane Bourne E4. Shane Bourne
Actor and comedian Shane Bourne is best known for his role as a senior detective in City Homicide and as presenter of the comedy improvisation show Thank God You're Here. Shane is ...
19 Dec 2010
Paul Mercurio E5. Paul Mercurio
Actor, dancer and TV chef Paul Mercurio is probably best known for his role in "Strictly Ballroom". In "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" he embarks on a journey into his ancestry to inve...
26 Dec 2010
Georgie Parker E6. Georgie Parker
Georgie Parker has created some of the most memorable women in Australian television, with long running roles on a Country Practice and All Saints. The women in her own family are ...
02 Jan 2011
Season 4
Season 4
Shaun Micallef E1. Shaun Micallef
Shaun Micallef says he has been too busy focusing on his comedy career to be interested in family history, but as he approaches the big "5-0", he has started to reflect on his own ...
27 Mar 2012
Kerry O'Brien E2. Kerry O'Brien
Television journalist Kerry O'Brien embarks on a journey to uncover his Irish roots. He discovers a colourful and fiery character in the form of Charles O' Brien, the first O'Brien...
03 Apr 2012
Melissa George E3. Melissa George
Actress Melissa George rattles the skeletons in her family closet to uncover the heartbreaking truth behind a story of child migrants and investigates the case of an ancestor suspe...
10 Apr 2012
Vince Colosimo E4. Vince Colosimo
On his father's side there's always been a mystery about his grandmother, as she died young, and little is known about her life or family. On his quest to find out who she was, Vin...
17 Apr 2012
John Wood E5. John Wood
Actor John Wood is best known for his role in "Blue Heelers" yet his detective work in "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" reaffirms truth is more fascinating than fiction. John's investig...
24 Apr 2012
Michael O'Loughlin E6. Michael O'Loughlin
Michael investigates a family legend that connects him to Australia's $50 bill and discovers a life-changing ancestor, who was one of the last tribal Aboriginals from the Coorong a...
01 May 2012
Season 5
Season 5
Rove McManus E1. Rove McManus
Entertainer Rove McManus is in for a ride that will test even his famous appetite for the unexpected. Rove uncovers the truth that his beloved Pop kept to himself about his Second ...
14 May 2013
Asher Keddie E2. Asher Keddie
Actress Asher Keddie sets out to find the origins of her creative passions, discovering that she comes from a very long line of artistic performers. These include an acting ancesto...
09 Apr 2013
Don Hany E3. Don Hany
On the trail of his ancestors, actor Don Hany journeys to the heart of Europe, to investigate his controversial Hungarian grandfather, caught up in a Cold War flashpoint, and uncov...
16 Apr 2013
Adam Hills E4. Adam Hills
Comedian Adam Hills retraces the desperate journeys undertaken by his migrant ancestors, from Central Europe and Malta. With their families torn apart by war and prejudice, both hi...
02 Apr 2013
Michael Caton E5. Michael Caton
Actor Michael Caton has an iconic place in Australian screen history often playing characters of dubious repute. Could this be a case of art imitating life? Are these types of char...
23 Apr 2013
Lex Marinos E6. Lex Marinos
On the trail of his ancestors, actor Lex Marinos journeys into Australia's colonial past to investigate an ancestor wrongly accused of a terrible crime. And in a one horse outback ...
30 Apr 2013
Susie Porter E7. Susie Porter
Actor Susie Porter delves into her grandmother's mental illness, unpicking a thread that reveals mental illness extends further back in her family than she knew. Susie faces the pa...
07 May 2013
John Howard E8. John Howard
Actor John Howard follows his Grandfather's trail through the horrors of the Great War, finding a promising military career ruined by a single regrettable act. And he discovers a k...
21 May 2013
Season 6
Season 6
Richard Roxburgh E1. Richard Roxburgh
Actor Richard Roxburgh discovers his family's footprints in an unexpected corner of the world, finding two ancestors on opposite sides of the fierce struggle over slavery. In a cru...
2 links 29 Jul 2014
Rebecca Gibney E2. Rebecca Gibney
Actress Rebecca Gibney searches for the reasons behind her family's troubled past bringing a dark secret to light, to heal a long-standing family wound. She also discovers an ances...
1 link 15 Jul 2014
Jacki Weaver E3. Jacki Weaver
Actress Jacki Weaver never knew her Grandma. Jacki's dad Arthur was a ward of the state and she doesn't know anything about his biological family - except for his mother's name. Ja...
01 Jul 2014
Lisa McCune E4. Lisa McCune
Lisa McCune uncovers a sensational Gold Rush murder and learns the tragic secret behind her own father's childhood.
19 Aug 2014
Andrew Denton E5. Andrew Denton
On the trail of his ancestors, broadcaster Andrew Denton explores his Jewish heritage and delves into one of the darkest chapters in human history. He also learns of a possible con...
08 Jul 2014
Adam Goodes E6. Adam Goodes
Australian of the Year and AFL star Adam Goodes investigates his long lost Aboriginal heritage, uncovering a royal bloodline and a 19th century mining magnate in his family tree. O...
12 Aug 2014
Paul McDermott E7. Paul McDermott
On the trail of his ancestors, entertainer Paul McDermott delves into the mystery behind his Mother's adoption and the cruelly brief lives and loves of his ancestors. He also uncov...
26 Aug 2014
Amanda Keller E8. Amanda Keller
Amanda Keller discovers her bloodline has survived against all odds; finding an ancestor who faced hell on earth in Australia's most brutal prison and a mother fighting to save her...
01 Aug 2014
Season 7
Season 7
Geoffrey Rush E1. Geoffrey Rush
Internationally celebrated actor Geoffrey Rush believes he hails from a long line of farmers but an exploration of his heritage sees him discover an ancestor fighting for justice i...
7 links 04 Aug 2015
Toni Collette E2. Toni Collette
Actor Toni Collette delves into the enigma of her grandparents and uncovers a tale of abandonment and tragedy, a secret wartime affair, and an unexpected ancestor. A DNA test serve...
10 links 11 Aug 2015
Luke Nguyen E3. Luke Nguyen
Successful Chef and Restaurateur Luke Nguyen discovers his Grandfather left behind a wife and child in China when he migrated to Vietnam. Luke searches a remote corner of China to ...
7 links 18 Aug 2015
David Wenham E4. David Wenham
On the trail of his ancestors, actor David Wenham delves into the mystery behind his father's fostered childhood and uncovers tales of valor and horror in the trenches of the Great...
11 links 25 Aug 2015
Dawn Fraser E5. Dawn Fraser
Australia's greatest Olympian Dawn Fraser is on the trail of the grandparents she never knew. She learns, like herself, her grandmother spent time battling officialdom. She also fi...
3 links 01 Sep 2015
Peter Rowsthorn E6. Peter Rowsthorn
Peter Rowsthorn, best known for his role as Brett in Australian television series Kath and Kim, finds humour in his first Australian ancestors and discovers the truth behind his gr...
4 links 08 Sep 2015
Greig Pickhaver E7. Greig Pickhaver
Iconic entertainer Greig Pickhaver, known for his comedic alter ego HG Nelson, investigates the leading characters in his family history. His search uncovers a wanted criminal, on ...
8 links 15 Sep 2015
Ray Martin E8. Ray Martin
A lifetime spent in journalism has seen Ray Martin witness some of the defining moments of his time. Looking into his own history he finds his forbears too were on the frontline of...
6 links 22 Sep 2015
Season 8
Season 8
Rachel Griffiths E5. Rachel Griffiths
11 links 11 Oct 2016
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