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This documentary series airing on Viceland is about the science, culture and economics of the legalization of cannabis. Also documents how medical marijuana has been a helpful and effective... See full summary »

Year: 2016

Genres: Documentary, News

Star: Krishna Andavolu

IMDb: TT5734106

Rating: 8.2/10

Season -1
Season -1
Going Legit E-1. Going Legit
Krishna investigates why the original black market dealers and growers of Atlanta and Oakland haven't broken through into today's legitimate weed world.
28 Sep 2016
Season 1
Season 1
Stoned Kids E1. Stoned Kids
The next big thing in medical marijuana might be cancer therapy. But with little hard evidence, families whose children have life-threatening cancer are taking matters into their o...
8 links 29 Feb 2016
Stoned Vets E2. Stoned Vets
Daily life can be a minefield of triggers for those struggling with PTSD. While many states have legalized medical marijuana, the federal government has not, so agencies like the V...
7 links 08 Mar 2016
The War on Weed E3. The War on Weed
Bernard Noble is serving 13 and a third years in prison for having two joints in his pocket. Krishna Andavolu traces Noble's story from his arrest to his incarceration.
8 links 15 Mar 2016
Marijuana Migrants E4. Marijuana Migrants
Krishna follows the Green Rush to Colorado, meeting families who've relocated to seek medical pot and starry-eyed ganjapreneurs trying to strike gold in America's Marijuana Mecca.
6 links 22 Mar 2016
The Emerald Triangle E5. The Emerald Triangle
Krishna meets pot farmers in Northern California's ganja breadbasket, which has epitomized weed culture for years. Will full legalization usher in the winds of corporate change?
11 links 29 Mar 2016
Cannabis in Congo E6. Cannabis in Congo
Krishna travels to Congo to meet the mbuti pygmies, female dealers, and farmers in rebel territories who all smoke and sell weed as a way of eking out a living.
9 links 05 Apr 2016
Mary Janes E7. Mary Janes
Can the booming business of marijuana become the first gender-equal industry? Krishna meets women working across the pot trade who are trying to put the Mary back in Mary Jane.
5 links 12 Apr 2016
Half Baked E8. Half Baked
Krishna heads to Washington DC to find out how partial pot legalization works and then to Amsterdam to see how decades of weed tolerance, not full legalization, has played out.
7 links 19 Apr 2016
Season 2
Season 2
Stoned Parents E1. Stoned Parents
Many parents who use weed fear having their kids removed by Child Protective Services. Krishna travels to Kansas to see what it's like to be a stoned parent in a prohibition state
24 links 31 Aug 2016
Gridiron Ganja E2. Gridiron Ganja
While many NFL players treat the pain from the game with weed, some believe it may also protect against deadly brain injury, yet the league is vehemently against its use.
9 links 07 Sep 2016
Pot Powwow E3. Pot Powwow
20 links 14 Sep 2016
Prohibition UK E4. Prohibition UK
18 links 21 Sep 2016
Going Legit E5. Going Legit
11 links 28 Sep 2016
Reefer Rehab E6. Reefer Rehab
Krishna visits an unaccredited detox facility in the backwoods of Maine, where former addicts are trying to get current addicts clean by smoking and eating massive amounts of weed.
8 links 05 Oct 2016
Search and Seizure E7. Search and Seizure
15 links 12 Oct 2016
God on High E8. God on High
8 links 19 Oct 2016
Season 3
Season 3
Deported for Dope E1. Deported for Dope
As mass deportations of "criminal aliens" loom, Krishna follows a Virginia family caught in the deportation dragnet to see how the War on Drugs has fueled Trump's War on Immigrants...
10 links 19 Apr 2017
Herb for Autism E2. Herb for Autism
Autism is on the rise with no cause or cure in sight. Adrift in a void of medical data, more parents are breaking federal laws by giving their kids weed to treat the disorder.
11 links 26 Apr 2017
Pot Pipeline E3. Pot Pipeline
Has the legalization of marijuana ushered in a golden age of dope smuggling? Krishna follows a shipment of weed from California to New York to find out.
10 links 03 May 2017
Stoned Driving E4. Stoned Driving
Marijuana legalization is putting more stoned drivers on the road, but how dangerous is it really? Krishna gets behind the wheel in Washington to find out.
18 links 10 May 2017
Chronic Trauma E5. Chronic Trauma
With gang violence and police brutality causing trauma across the country, Krishna heads to Compton to see if weed can help Americans suffering from urban PTSD.
9 links 17 May 2017
High Risk Pregnancies E6. High Risk Pregnancies
As marijuana legalization spreads, more moms-to-be are using pot to treat their pregnancy-related symptoms, but at what legal risk to the mother, and health risk to the fetus?
10 links 17 Oct 2017
Dank New World E7. Dank New World
7 links 24 Oct 2017
Possessed by Pot E8. Possessed by Pot
1 link 31 Oct 2017
Colombian Gold E9. Colombian Gold
07 Nov 2017
Between Life and Dope E10. Between Life and Dope
Krishna explores how the stigma around medical weed can have deadly consequences, following the story of a Maine man who was kicked off of an organ transplant list for using pot.
5 links 14 Nov 2017
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