Wartime Crime (2017) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2017

Genre: Documentary

Stars: Molly Moody, Mel Shiri, Harry Anton, Chris Pollard, Paul Collin-Thomas

IMDb: TT7108906

Season 1
Season 1
E1. Blitzkrieg Kingpin
The rise and fall of crime boss Billy Hill in the chaos of the The Blitz on London during WW2.
7 links 01 Oct 2017
The Blackout Killers E2. The Blackout Killers
During the WW2 blackouts in Berlin and London, police race to catch serial killers who use the darkness as cover.
4 links 08 Nov 2017
E3. Resistance Is Useless
During the Nazi occupation of France in WW2, a medical doctor in Paris turns into gruesome, torturous serial killer.
6 links 18 Oct 2017
E4. The Nazi Jewel Heist
When the US military takes over the German Kronberg Castle in 1945, a scandalous affair between a US Army Captain and Air Force Officer ensues, resulting in one of the most elabora...
6 links 01 Nov 2017
The Zoot Suit Riots E5. The Zoot Suit Riots
During WW2 in Los Angeles, white servicemen and civilians attack Hispanic and other minority youths who are seen as unpatriotic due to the style of clothes they wear.
5 links 08 Nov 2017
The Sicilian Connection E6. The Sicilian Connection
Incensed by their treatment under Mussolini's regime and anxious to reestablish their European criminal network, a number of mafioso, including incarcerated kingpin Charles "Lucky"...
5 links 22 Nov 2017
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