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After saving the life of the President in Washington D.C., a pair of U.S Secret Service agents are whisked away to a covert location in South Dakota that houses supernatural objects that ... See full summary »

Years: 2009−2014

Duration: 43 min

Countries: USA, Canada

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Writers: Jane Espenson, D. Brent Mote

Stars: Joanne Kelly, Eddie McClintock, Saul Rubinek

IMDb: TT1132290

Rating: 7.6/10

Season 1
Season 1
Pilot E1. Pilot
Secret Service Agents Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering are assigned to protect an exposition in Washington D.C., but they fail and a rare Aztec stone is stolen. However, they are indi...
13 links 19 Aug 2010
Resonance E2. Resonance
Pete and Myka are sent to Chicago to investigate a series of odd bank robberies. During their investigation, they have a run-in with Bonnie Belski, a persistent FBI agent looking f...
14 links 14 Jul 2009
Magnetism E3. Magnetism
Pete and Myka are sent to investigate a small town where the inhabitants' minds are being altered making them act as they please. Meanwhile, Artie is confused by the energy flows g...
11 links 21 Jul 2009
Claudia E4. Claudia
Artie is kidnapped by a woman who blames him for the death of her brother.
13 links 28 Jul 2009
Elements E5. Elements
The Warehouse team pursues an artifact collector who is trying to gather together sculptures of the four elements thinking they will enable him to find the secret to obtaining god-...
13 links 08 Aug 2009
E6. Burnout
Pete and Myka hunt for a lethal artifact but it finds Pete first. As Pete prepares to sacrifice himself as did the first Warehouse agent who recovered it, Myka searches for a way t...
13 links 15 Aug 2009
E7. Implosion
The theft of the perfect Samurai sword attracts Atrie's attention because he suspects his former partner and current nemesis; McPherson.
13 links 26 Aug 2009
E8. Duped
Pete's goofing around with Lewis Carroll's mirror creates a mishap in the warehouse with bad consequences for Myka, but there's no time to learn of it as Artie has to send his agen...
11 links 01 Sep 2009
Regrets E9. Regrets
A prison, a new warden, and a charismatic preacher inmate who may have a artifact seems related to a string prisoner suicides accompanied by hallucinations. Pete and Myka search fo...
9 links 01 Sep 2009
Breakdown E10. Breakdown
While Artie undergoes a Warehouse style performance review things go from a little haywire to seriously bad at the Warehouse.
10 links 08 Sep 2009
Nevermore E11. Nevermore
The Warehouse team narrowly misses nabbing McPherson then Myka's father falls under the influence of an artifact that resists the purple goo.
10 links 16 Sep 2009
E12. MacPherson
Mrs. Frederics explains the reason for MacPeherson's break with the Warehouse program. Depite some extreme precautions he managed to get his hands on some artifacts that he plans t...
11 links 26 Sep 2009
Season 2
Season 2
Time Will Tell E1. Time Will Tell
MacPherson escapes with what he took from the warehouse's bronze sector, and a car crash puts Mrs. Frederic in the hospital. Meanwhile Pete and Myka head London to gather clues abo...
11 links 28 Oct 2012
Mild Mannered E2. Mild Mannered
Myka and Pete go to Detroit after a seemingly invulnerable vigilante begins using extraordinary means to thwart criminals. Meanwhile, the rest of the team tries to get past recent ...
6 links 28 Oct 2012
Beyond Our Control E3. Beyond Our Control
For the first time, residents of "Univille" (Warehouse 13's hometown) begin experiencing bizarre and increasingly powerful events leading to the discovery that a dangerous artifact...
11 links 28 Oct 2012
Age Before Beauty E4. Age Before Beauty
When young supermodels rapidly age 50 years overnight, Pete and Myka go undercover in the glam world of high fashion to discover who - and what - is behind the transformations.
12 links 29 Oct 2012
13.1 E5. 13.1
Douglas Fargo of Eureka's Global Dynamics is sent to Warehouse 13 to help update its aging computer system. This triggers a seemingly sentient computer virus that sends the Warehou...
11 links 03 Aug 2010
Around the Bend E6. Around the Bend
Pete's mission to find a traitor leads him into conflict with the Warehouse team.
11 links 10 Aug 2010
E7. For the Team
Claudia gets some on the job training in her first field assignment with Myka. But she's a bit overwhelmed by the hunky guys on the wrestling team they're investigating despite the...
11 links 17 Aug 2010
Merge with Caution E8. Merge with Caution
Pete and Myka's attempt to get normal is interrupted by an artifact.
12 links 24 Aug 2010
E9. Vendetta
When a dangerous artifact is used to murder a close colleague in a plot involving revenge against Artie, Katie Logan, a Secret Service Agent from Pete's past, becomes embroiled in ...
11 links 31 Oct 2012
Where and When E10. Where and When
Pete and Myka use H.G. Wells's time machine to travel back to 1961.
10 links 07 Sep 2010
Buried E11. Buried
The team unearths an earlier Warehouse in search of a cure for Mrs. Frederic's mystery illness.
11 links 14 Sep 2010
Reset E12. Reset
Wells' treacherous attack and devastating betrayal in Egypt has set into motion the plan she has been secretly orchestrating for more than one hundred years. When it becomes clear ...
9 links 21 Sep 2010
E13. Secret Santa
Pete and Myka hunt down a malevolent artifact-wielding Santa Claus and come to the aid of a businessman. Meanwhile, Artie is reunited with his estranged father Isadore after 30 yea...
8 links 11 Dec 2010
Season 3
Season 3
The New Guy E1. The New Guy
A rock legend's guitar becomes a menace in Jersey City, N.J., and Artie and Claudia run into an ATF agent who has a knack for knowing when people lie.
11 links 11 Jul 2011
E2. Trials
The team becomes involved in a number of cases where people undergo dramatic mental aberrations that see them regress to their childhood. The team searches for a cure as well as a ...
12 links 11 Nov 2012
E3. Love Sick
While Artie and Claudia investigate people turning into clay in Salt Lake City, Pete and a blonde Myke wake up together naked in Artie's bedroom and discover Steve missing.
12 links 25 Jul 2011
E4. Queen for a Day
As Steve and Claudia seek Ulysses S. Grant's flask within a Civil War re-enactment, Pete and Mika crash his ex-wife's wedding before a bee artifact gives everyone a hive mentality.
12 links 21 Sep 2015
E5. 3... 2... 1
H. G. Wells is retrieved from stasis as a hologram to help the Warehouse team track down the ram's horn that brought down the walls of Jerico.
12 links 09 Aug 2011
Don't Hate the Player E6. Don't Hate the Player
Pete, Claudia and Myka answer an emergency call when Fargo from Eureka gets trapped in a virtual reality fantasy game of his own making.
12 links 03 Apr 2015
E7. Past Imperfect
While artifact-hunting with Pete, Myka spots the man who killed her former partner and resolves to bring him in. Meanwhile, Artie mind-melds with a dog.
12 links 22 Aug 2011
E8. The 40th Floor
The Regents are under attack and several have been assassinated. It's up to the Warehosuse 13 crew to thwart the current attack by an unknown organization equipped with artifacts.
11 links 29 Aug 2011
E9. Shadows
As Pete and Jane travel down Memory Lane, Myka and Claudia find a young woman at the center of several flash disappearances, all beyond sight of any artifact.
12 links 12 Sep 2011
Insatiable E10. Insatiable
Frozen, flesh-eating zombies run amok on a campus in Ithaca, New York. Meanwhile, Death will stop at nothing to claim its next victim - Claudia.
11 links 19 Sep 2011
E11. Emily Lake
In trying to thwart Walter Sykes' plan to free H.G Wells, the field agents encounter Walter's latest recruit - Steve.
11 links 12 Jul 2015
E12. Stand
Pete and Myka race to stop Sykes from using his own cache of artifacts to destroy them and the Warehouse.
10 links 03 Oct 2011
The Greatest Gift E13. The Greatest Gift
It's nearly Christmas, and a brush with the upholstery brush of Philip Van Doren Stern bears Pete from his wonderful life into a world where he's never been born.
5 links 07 Dec 2011
Season 4
Season 4
A New Hope E1. A New Hope
Warehouse 13 has been destroyed, Pandora's Box has been opened, and quite possibly the only hope left in the world lies in the use of a dangerous, evil artifact with the ability to...
11 links 23 Jul 2012
An Evil Within E2. An Evil Within
Pete and Myka investigate a mysterious case where mobs of angry people are hallucinating en masse and attacking innocents.
12 links 30 Jul 2012
E3. Personal Effects
It's all hands on deck to prevent a small town from being wiped off the map when a box full of Artifacts is accidently unleashed there.
12 links 06 Aug 2012
E4. There's Always a Downside
Pete and Claudia reunite with Warehouse alum Hugo (Rene Auberjonois) to track down a deadly artifact at his nephew's prep school, while Myka and Steve investigate an Artifact that ...
12 links 13 Aug 2012
No Pain No Gain E5. No Pain No Gain
Pete and Myka investigate a hockey player who seems to be miraculously and instantly recovering from serious game injuries, while Claudia is invited to a mysterious lunch by Mrs. F...
11 links 03 Nov 2012
E6. Fractures
Someone has stolen Lewis Carroll's Mirror from inside the Warehouse allowing the psychotic and murderous spirit of Alice Liddell to escape again. Our team must stop her killing spr...
11 links 27 Aug 2012
E7. Endless Wonder
Get caught up on the mysteries of Warehouse 13, with this irreverent look at the series' story so far.
10 links 10 Sep 2012
E8. Second Chance
Pete and Myka investigate the case of people literally rusting away in a West Virginia mill town. Steve and Claudia visit his hometown in New Jersey in a bid to end his dependence ...
13 links 17 Sep 2012
E9. The Ones You Love
Pete, Myka, and Claudia each travel to save a loved one who has fallen victim to an artifact, Mrs. Frederic and Steve head to the Vatican to investigate the Brotherhood, and Artie ...
11 links 24 Sep 2012
E10. We All Fall Down
His personality split after using the Astrolabe, Artie embarks on a scheme to release a deadly virus that could wipe out half the world's population.
11 links 01 Oct 2012
E11. The Living and the Dead
Following the orchid's release in Germany, Pete and Myka must race to stop a global plague before it kills half the world's population.
12 links 29 Apr 2013
E12. Parks and Rehabilitation
Pete and Claudia travel to Oregon to investigate a series of earthquake-related accidents occurring in a National Park.
12 links 06 May 2013
E13. The Big Snag
In a special, black and white noir episode, Pete and Myka are transported into an unfinished 1940s crime novel.
13 links 08 Apr 2015
The Sky's the Limit E14. The Sky's the Limit
Artie is blindsided when Mrs. Frederic introduces him to Abigail Chow, the new B&B manager - with ulterior motives.
15 links 20 May 2013
E15. Instinct
H.G. Wells returns to help Pete and Myka with an artifact that's forcing confessions out of criminals all while earthquakes are beginning to shake the Warehouse.
11 links 11 Jun 2013
E16. Runaway
When a volcanic event at an Arkansas State Prison allows two inmates to escape, Pete, Myka and Steve must partner with a U.S. Marshal to track down the fugitives.
13 links 10 Jun 2013
What Matters Most E17. What Matters Most
When residents of a posh gated community start getting affected by a mysterious, versatile artifact, Myka and Pete investigate.
14 links 17 Jun 2013
E18. Lost & Found
The Warehouse team uncovers a lead on a cache of artifacts stolen from Warehouse 12 by the infamous pirate, Roaring Dan Seavey.
13 links 03 Mar 2015
E19. All the Time in the World
The team tracks an evil alchemist who has bronzed Claudia and stolen the only artifact that can reverse the process. The clock is ticking as Claudia's condition apparently affects ...
14 links 01 Jul 2013
E20. The Truth Hurts
The evil alchemist Paracelsus is on the run, and Pete and Myka must stop him before he achieves immortality - or something worse. Myka fights what appears to be a losing battle aga...
13 links 08 Jul 2013
Season 5
Season 5
E1. Endless Terror
Paracelsus turns the warehouse into a house of horrors. Can the team stop him in time?
8 links 14 Apr 2014
Secret Services E2. Secret Services
Pete and Myka return to Washington DC, to investigate a series of victims drowning on dry land where they run into a pair of fellow Secret Service agents with a surprising secret -...
10 links 21 Apr 2014
A Faire to Remember E3. A Faire to Remember
Pete and Steve immerse themselves in a Renaissance Faire as they search for a dangerous artifact which animated both a horseless chariot and a life-size chess piece and set them ag...
10 links 28 Apr 2014
E4. Savage Seduction
Pete, Myka, and Artie help Kelly Hernandez (Pete's ex-girlfriend) save her grandmother who is trapped inside a Telenovela, and in the process "fall in" and become characters of thi...
10 links 23 Jul 2014
E5. Cangku Shisi
The team tries to free Claire from Benedict Valda of the alternate reality, as he controls her using an Artifact and tries to shift the Warehouse to China. Can the team stop that f...
9 links 12 May 2014
E6. Endless
The team shares stories of their defining moments. Pete has a hard time accepting the end of Warehouse 13. Claudia has a difficult time accepting her future role as the Warehouse c...
10 links 04 Oct 2015
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