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The world of the Vikings is brought to life through the journey of Ragnar Lothbrok, the first Viking to emerge from Norse legend and onto the pages of history - a man on the edge of myth.

Year: 2013

Duration: 44 min

Countries: Canada, Ireland

Genres: Action, Drama, History

Writer: Michael Hirst

Stars: Alexander Ludwig, Katheryn Winnick, Gustaf Skarsgård, Clive Standen, Travis Fimmel

IMDb: TT2306299

Rating: 8.6/10

Season 1
Season 1
E1. Rites of Passage
Ragnar goes on a trip of initiation with his son. Meanwhile, he thinks he has finally found a way to sail ships to the west. However, his beliefs are seen as insane so he chooses t...
13 links 21 Jun 2013
E2. Wrath of the Northmen
The stage is set for the first journey west by Ragnar Lothbrok as he gathers a crew willing to risk their lives to travel into the unknown.
18 links 25 Apr 2014
E3. Dispossessed
A monastery in Lindesfarne, England is about to get a firsthand look at how the Vikings operate.
17 links 25 Apr 2014
E4. Trial
The Vikings head back to England to see what other treasures this new world has to offer. This go round Ragnar and his crew sail out with Earl Haraldson's permission.
16 links 02 May 2014
E5. Raid
In the Great Hall of Kattegat, a seer reads Earl Haraldson's future and tells him that Ragnar Lothbrok searches for his death.
13 links 02 May 2014
E6. Burial of the Dead
Ragnar, weak and still hurt, must meet the Earl head-on after it comes to light that Rollo has been tortured on Haraldson's orders.
17 links 02 May 2014
E7. A King's Ransom
Three Viking ships sail upriver towards the very heart of power in eastern England: the Royal Villa of King Aelle.
14 links 09 May 2014
E8. Sacrifice
The traditional pilgrimage to Uppsalla to thank the gods brings a torrent of emotions for Ragnar, Lagertha, and Athelstan.
16 links 09 May 2014
E9. All Change
At the behest of King Horik, Ragnar assembles a small party to travel to Gotaland (modern day Sweden) to resolve a land dispute with the area's leader, Jarl Borg.
12 links 09 May 2014
Season 2
Season 2
E1. Brother's War
The battle begins between Ragnar and King Horik's forces against Jarl Borg. Borg is joined by Rollo, and this Viking clash pits brother against brother.
20 links 27 Feb 2014
E2. Invasion
Four peaceful years have since passed with Ragnar as Earl. The time has come for an unlikely alliance to band together in pursuit of a common goal - a new raid on England. A storm ...
19 links 06 Mar 2014
E3. Treachery
The Wessex Viking raid is in full swing and King Ecbert finds himself facing an entirely new kind of foe. While Ragnar races to dominate in the West, Jarl Borg has his own plans in...
19 links 13 Mar 2014
E4. Eye for an Eye
A meeting between two great men may pave the way for future compromise as Ragnar and Ecbert come face to face. Jarl Borg now rules Kattegat and with an iron fist and Rollo must now...
18 links 20 Mar 2014
E5. Answers in Blood
Lagertha and Ragnar unite once again; Aslaug must face the truth of her prophecies; Athelstan struggles to define his faith; Bjorn must once again make a choice.
21 links 27 Mar 2014
E6. Unforgiven
King Horik returns to Kattegat with a surprising proposition for Ragnar; Lagertha runs into a less than enthusiastic homecoming from her new husband; Athelstan becomes confidant to...
20 links 03 Apr 2014
E7. Blood Eagle
Ragnar and King Horik clash over differences; King Aelle arrives in Wessex; Ecbert has an eye on a new alliance.
17 links 10 Apr 2014
Boneless E8. Boneless
Princess Aslaug's latest prophecy comes to fruition; Ragnar and Horik have very different ideas about the true purpose of their trip to Wessex.
23 links 17 Apr 2014
E9. The Choice
Ragnar's warriors march on to King Ecbert's villa and are met with a vicious surprise.
17 links 24 Apr 2014
E10. The Lord's Prayer
Ragnar returns to Kattegat after the defeat in Wessex and places his trust in those who have stayed by his side all this time.
21 links 01 May 2014
Season 3
Season 3
E1. Mercenary
Ragnar and Lagertha's fleets depart Kattegat once more for Wessex but this time they bring settlers.
19 links 19 Feb 2015
E2. The Wanderer
Lagertha and Athelstan help to set up the Viking settlement; a mysterious wanderer turns up.
13 links 26 Feb 2015
E3. Warrior's Fate
King Ecbert visits the developing Viking settlement as the first harvest is sown.
16 links 05 Mar 2015
E4. Scarred
There is bitterness in the camp, Floki is angry over the alliance with Ecbert.
17 links 12 Mar 2015
E5. The Usurper
The fleet returns to Kattegat to discover tragic circumstances await.
16 links 19 Mar 2015
E6. Born Again
Preparations for the Paris raid pick up speed, and Rollo thinks about the Seer's prophecy.
15 links 26 Mar 2015
E7. Paris
The Viking fleet causes panic in Paris; the Emperor Charles declares he will remain in the city.
16 links 02 Apr 2015
E8. To the Gates!
The Viking army sets out and Paris goes into lockdown as the army prepares the defense.
18 links 09 Apr 2015
E9. Breaking Point
The Vikings hit Paris with a second assault; Emperor Charles has to make a difficult decision.
15 links 16 Apr 2015
E10. The Dead
With one last chance to take Paris, Ragnar and his Viking troops take a daring chance. Ragnar asks Bjorn for a favor that could change the course of Viking history.
13 links 23 Apr 2015
Season 4
Season 4
E1. A Good Treason
As Ragnar lies in his sick bed in Kattegat, events unfold beyond his control.
2 links 18 Feb 2016
Kill the Queen E2. Kill the Queen
Ragnar and Floki are still at odds; Rollo makes great attempts to win over his new bride, Princess Gisla; Bjorn's survival skills are put to the test; King Ecbert sets the task for...
4 links 25 Feb 2016
E3. Mercy
Ragnar tells Floki he has to pay a heavy price for his actions. Rollo finds an ally in Count Odo. Bjorn Ironside finds more than he bargained for in the wilderness.
2 links 03 Mar 2016
E4. Yol
Ragnar gets to know the new slave woman while Rollo reveals his ambitions to his wife. Bjorn meets an unexpected warrior on his way home.
3 links 10 Mar 2016
Promised E5. Promised
Halfdan the Black arrives in Kattegat. Floki reveals a secret to Finehair. Ragnar and Yidu become closer. Meanwhile Lagertha settles a score.
2 links 17 Mar 2016
E6. What Might Have Been
Ragnar reveals his plan to raid Paris again, and although the fleet is storm-tossed as it sets out, the challenge lies in Frankia where Rollo awaits. Meanwhile, Ecbert dispatches A...
15 links 24 Mar 2016
E7. The Profit and the Loss
Now aware that Rollo has betrayed him, Ragnar carries out his plan of attack, which has dire consequences. Ecbert is given an offer from Prince Wigstan of Mercia. Harbard causes a ...
3 links 31 Mar 2016
E8. Portage
After facing defeat on the river, Ragnar refuses to retreat, prompting him to change his methods of attacking Paris. Count Odo's plot against Charles and Rollo backfires. Ecbert no...
2 links 07 Apr 2016
E9. Death All 'Round
The Vikings finally reach the river. Aetheulwulf and Alfred reach Rome. Erlendur makes his move against Bjorn. Sigurd makes a shocking discovery in Kattegat. Ecbert is crowned king...
2 links 14 Apr 2016
The Last Ship E10. The Last Ship
A ferocious battle between the Vikings and the Franks eventually comes down to Ragnar against Rollo. The outcome will seal the fate of the two brothers.
2 links 21 Apr 2016
E11. The Outsider
Ragnar has returned to Kattegat where he devises a plan to return to Wessex to right past wrongs.
16 links 30 Nov 2016
E11. Episode #4.11
16 links 07 Jul 2016
The Vision E12. The Vision
Ragnar seeks to equip his voyage to Wessex, even while being warned that the gods have deserted him. Bjorn prepares to fulfill his dream of exploring the Mediterranean.
22 links 07 Dec 2016
Two Journeys E13. Two Journeys
Ragnar and Ivar face a difficult decision in regards to their crew; Bjorn has an unexpected reunion.
21 links 14 Dec 2016
In the Uncertain Hour Before the Morning E14. In the Uncertain Hour Before the Morning
Lagertha attempts to fulfill a long-held ambition; Ragnar negotiates an unexpected concession from King Ecbert.
23 links 21 Dec 2016
All His Angels E15. All His Angels
King Aelle can't hide his pleasure when Ragnar arrives in a cage and shows him no mercy.
17 links 28 Dec 2016
Crossings E16. Crossings
Bjorn's fleet sails onward and launches a surprise attack. Back in Kattegat, Lagertha continues in her quest for power.
21 links 04 Jan 2017
The Great Army E17. The Great Army
The Great Army is gathering in Kattegat, as Lagertha is saved by Bjorn Ironside from the hands of Ragnar's sons. Rollo is establishing the kingdom of Normandie as a safe-heaven for...
24 links 11 Jan 2017
Revenge E18. Revenge
Ragnar's plan comes to fruition; the Viking army lands on the coast of Northumbria.
25 links 18 Jan 2017
On the Eve E19. On the Eve
The Viking army causes panic in the English countryside as King Ecbert and Aethelwulf plan the defense of the Kingdom of Wessex.
29 links 25 Jan 2017
The Reckoning E20. The Reckoning
Prince Aethelwulf finds himself subject to the Vikings' battle master plan; Ecbert remains behind with a plan of his own.
26 links 01 Feb 2017
Season 5
Season 5
The Saga of Lagertha E0. The Saga of Lagertha
The Seer takes us through Lagertha's epic story in the previous 4 seasons, telling everything there is to know about the formidable warrior, fearless leader, and legendary shieldma...
29 Nov 2017
The Departed, Part 1 E1. The Departed, Part 1
Remaining sons of Ragnar plans to retain Kattegat while Bjorne travels somewhere
18 links 29 Nov 2017
The Departed, Part 2 E2. The Departed, Part 2
Celebrations are cut short in the aftermath of the battle at York; Ragnar Lothbrok's sons are pitted against each other as tensions reach an all-time high, and each is forced to ch...
29 Nov 2017
Homeland E3. Homeland
Celebrations are cut short in the aftermath of the battle at York; Ragnar Lothbrok's sons are pitted against each other as tensions reach an all-time high, and each one is forced t...
7 links 06 Dec 2017
The Plan E4. The Plan
Guided by Bishop Heahmund's visions, the Saxons devise a battle plan. Ivar the Boneless strategizes on his own as the Vikings undergo increasing pressure. Bjorn Ironside finds hims...
17 links 13 Dec 2017
The Prisoner E5. The Prisoner
Ivar meets his match in Bishop Heahmund. Floki returns to Kattegat. Bjorn receives a lavish welcome in North Africa.
7 links 20 Dec 2017
The Message E6. The Message
Lagertha is betrayed, and Bjorn must find a way to support the distraught queen; Floki and his settlers arrive in a new land, but it is far from what they expected.
9 links 27 Dec 2017
Full Moon E7. Full Moon
Bjorn returns to Kattegat to learn that an attack will take place during the next full moon; Ivar must decide if he can place his trust in a former enemy on the battlefield.
16 links 03 Jan 2018
The Joke E8. The Joke
16 links 10 Jan 2018
A Simple Story E9. A Simple Story
10 links 17 Jan 2018
Moments of Vision E10. Moments of Vision
24 Jan 2018
Episode #5.11 E11. Episode #5.11
Episode #5.12 E12. Episode #5.12
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Episode #5.16 E16. Episode #5.16
Episode #5.17 E17. Episode #5.17
Episode #5.18 E18. Episode #5.18
Episode #5.19 E19. Episode #5.19
Episode #5.20 E20. Episode #5.20
Season 6
Season 6
Episode #6.1 E1. Episode #6.1
Episode #6.2 E2. Episode #6.2
Episode #6.3 E3. Episode #6.3
Episode #6.4 E4. Episode #6.4
Episode #6.5 E5. Episode #6.5
Episode #6.6 E6. Episode #6.6
Episode #6.7 E7. Episode #6.7
Episode #6.8 E8. Episode #6.8
Episode #6.9 E9. Episode #6.9
Episode #6.10 E10. Episode #6.10
Episode #6.11 E11. Episode #6.11
Episode #6.12 E12. Episode #6.12
Episode #6.13 E13. Episode #6.13
Episode #6.14 E14. Episode #6.14
Episode #6.15 E15. Episode #6.15
Episode #6.16 E16. Episode #6.16
Episode #6.17 E17. Episode #6.17
Episode #6.18 E18. Episode #6.18
Episode #6.19 E19. Episode #6.19
Episode #6.20 E20. Episode #6.20
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