Victoria (2016) TV Series Free Watch

The early life of Queen Victoria, from her accession to the throne at the tender age of 18 through to her courtship and marriage to Prince Albert.

Year: 2016

Duration: 60 min

Country: UK

Genres: Biography, Drama, History

Stars: Rufus Sewell, Paul Rhys, Catherine Flemming, Jenna Coleman, Adrian Schiller, Daniela Holtz

IMDb: TT5137338

Rating: 8.3/10

Season 1
Season 1
Doll 123 E1. Doll 123
Upon the death of King William IV, his 18-year-old niece, Princess Alexandrina Victoria of Kent, inherits the throne as Queen, and finds herself tested by new responsibilities and ...
32 links 28 Aug 2016
Ladies in Waiting E2. Ladies in Waiting
As Lord Melbourne's popularity in the House wanes, the Tories eagerly await triumph, while Victoria's uncle, the Duke of Cumberland, sees a chance to prey on her vulnerability and ...
27 links 29 Aug 2016
Brocket Hall E3. Brocket Hall
King Leopold suggests Victoria consider Prince Albert as a suitable consort, which results in her being surrounded by suitors, though her determination to rule alone leaves her unc...
25 links 04 Sep 2016
The Clockwork Prince E4. The Clockwork Prince
Prince Albert arrives in England for the first time and he and Victoria take an instant dislike to one another in an awkward first meeting. However, their disdain passes and an att...
8 links 11 Sep 2016
An Ordinary Woman E5. An Ordinary Woman
Melbourne warns Victoria that Parliament will not be happy to see her marry a German prince, a prediction that proves accurate when the Privy Council refuse to grant Albert a royal...
9 links 18 Sep 2016
The Queen's Husband E6. The Queen's Husband
Feeling he needs a greater role in public affairs, Albert becomes involved in the anti-slavery movement. Skerrett faces a dilemma when she realises that the only man who can save h...
25 links 25 Sep 2016
Engine of Change E7. Engine of Change
A pregnant Victoria declares that in the event of her death Albert will become head of state, outraging members of the Tory party who fear a German prince holding sway over the nat...
12 links 02 Oct 2016
Young England E8. Young England
A heavily pregnant Victoria defies the advice of her mother and husband, refusing to be confined to the palace. However, when she does venture out the crowds pose a danger as a der...
18 links 09 Oct 2016
Season 2
Season 2
A Soldier's Daughter E1. A Soldier's Daughter
Victoria returns to her royal duties sooner than expected after the birth of her first child. She suspects her husband and prime minister are concealing news from her. Albert's fam...
5 links 27 Aug 2017
The Green-Eyed Monster E2. The Green-Eyed Monster
Victoria discovers she is pregnant with a second child and suspects her husband is attracted to another woman. Below stairs, Cleary thinks the palace is haunted but Brodie thinks t...
10 links 03 Sep 2017
Warp and Weft E3. Warp and Weft
Moved by the plight of a silk weaver in Spitalfields, Victoria throws a lavish medieval ball at the palace with all attendees wearing outfits made in the impoverished area. Though ...
17 links 10 Sep 2017
The Sins of the Father E4. The Sins of the Father
The royal court celebrates the birth of the queen's second child but Victoria struggles to bond with her newborn son. A crisis compels Albert to return to Coburg and upon arrival l...
20 links 17 Sep 2017
Entente Cordiale E5. Entente Cordiale
Concerned that the upcoming marriage between the French King's son and the Queen of Spain will create a dangerous alliance, Victoria sets sail on her first voyage to the continent ...
20 links 24 Sep 2017
Faith, Hope and Charity E6. Faith, Hope and Charity
14 links 01 Oct 2017
The King Over the Water E7. The King Over the Water
Following another attempt on her life Victoria and Albert travel incognito to the Scottish Highlands to get away from it all, but the trip does not prove to be the romantic retreat...
9 links 08 Oct 2017
The Luxury of Conscience E8. The Luxury of Conscience
Albert unwittingly creates problems for Peel as the embattled prime minister faces the most important battle of his political career. A tragedy forces personal and political sacrif...
17 links 15 Oct 2017
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