Vice Principals (2016) TV Series Free Watch

An over protective father is obsessed with becoming a principal and competes against the popular vice principal. However something happens that makes them work together to save the day.

Year: 2016

Duration: 30 min

Country: USA

Genre: Comedy

Writers: Danny McBride, Jody Hill

Stars: Walton Goggins, Danny McBride, Sheaun McKinney

IMDb: TT3766376

Rating: 7.9/10

Season -1
Season -1
School Fight E-1. School Fight
Pep rally E-1. Pep rally
07 Aug 2016
Football Scandal E-1. Football Scandal
Season 1
Season 1
The Principal E1. The Principal
When the principal of a high school retires, his two vice principals go to extremes to land the vacant job.
17 links 17 Jul 2016
A Trusty Steed E2. A Trusty Steed
Gamby and Russell invade Dr. Brown's private space; a school evaluator spooks the vice principals.
17 links 24 Jul 2016
The Field Trip E3. The Field Trip
Gamby looks to impress Amanda on a field trip organized by Mr. Hayden, a good-guy history teacher.
11 links 31 Jul 2016
Run for the Money E4. Run for the Money
Gamby and Russell eye a homecoming football game as a way to further break Dr. Brown's spirit.
13 links 07 Aug 2016
Circles E5. Circles
Dr. Brown orders Gamby to lighten up on discipline; Russell copes with a disruptive neighbor.
12 links 14 Aug 2016
The Foundation of Learning E6. The Foundation of Learning
Amanda makes a deal with Gamby, while Dr. Brown takes a veteran teacher to task over a shipment of missing books.
13 links 21 Aug 2016
The Good Book E7. The Good Book
Gamby bonds with Amanda during teacher workday; Russell's patience is tested; Dr. Brown deals with the sudden appearance of her ex-husband, Dascious.
14 links 28 Aug 2016
Gin E8. Gin
Gamby and Russell look to finish what they started; Gamby confronts Amanda about her relationship with Hayden.
22 links 11 Sep 2016
End of the Line E9. End of the Line
Gamby and Russell play their end game with Dr. Brown.
19 links 18 Sep 2016
Season 2
Season 2
Episode #2.1 E1. Episode #2.1
Episode #2.2 E2. Episode #2.2
Episode #2.3 E3. Episode #2.3
Episode #2.4 E4. Episode #2.4
Episode #2.5 E5. Episode #2.5
Episode #2.6 E6. Episode #2.6
Episode #2.7 E7. Episode #2.7
Episode #2.8 E8. Episode #2.8
Episode #2.9 E9. Episode #2.9
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