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Series which dramatises 3-4 well-known urban legends each episode. The catch is one (or more) of the 'legends' actually did happen, and it's for the viewer to figure it out.

Years: 2007−2011

Duration: 30 min

Genres: Crime, Fantasy, History

Stars: Michael Allcock, Rusty Goffe, Olivier Julian

IMDb: TT1101009

Rating: 7/10

Season -1
Season -1
Mountain Man E-1. Mountain Man
23 Jun 2007
Season 1
Season 1
Cheating Death E1. Cheating Death
We kick off with the legend of a junkie who got shot at close range, found the Lord and then miraculously coughed out the bullet lodged in his chest. Then, we meet a German on a bu...
23 Jun 2007
Mixed Up in Crime E2. Mixed Up in Crime
We introduce you to the man who was buried under a pile snow and escaped by doing what he likes best - drinking beer. How about being crushed by a 4-ton road roller and living to t...
30 Jun 2007
It Seemed Like a Clever Idea E3. It Seemed Like a Clever Idea
Would you put your poodle in a microwave oven to dry? Well, the woman in our first story did. Poor pooch. Then we meet a family who hates Christmas. After you see their story you'l...
07 Jul 2007
No Excuse for Stupidity E4. No Excuse for Stupidity
Was it the hapless hippies who took a hit of LSD and then lost their eyesight? The bored young men of Spokane who decide to boost their buddy's self-confidence by streaking through...
14 Jul 2007
Fickle Finger of Fate E5. Fickle Finger of Fate
The story of young man who prepares for a date by buying condoms without realising the shopkeeper is his girlfriend's father The soldier who walked around with a broken neck for 60...
21 Jul 2007
What a Way to Go E6. What a Way to Go
We start with the straight-A student who suffered a fatally painful exam, we then move on to the woman who experienced a truly gut wrenching cruise due to a powerful toilet, and we...
28 Jul 2007
When Animals Think E7. When Animals Think
First, there's the bizarre cat who manages to mimic her owner's every illness - with drastic results. Then, the unlucky cat who's rescued by the fire brigade only to find a far wor...
04 Aug 2007
Neighbors E8. Neighbors
There goes the neighborhood as all three stories are based in households from hell! We start with the death of a cat that led to a disastrous dinner party, then we show you how a l...
11 Aug 2007
Mail Mix Ups E9. Mail Mix Ups
We start with how a little guy took on a corporate goliath using chocolate pudding as his only weapon, then you'll meet a Marine who receives a package from home containing his jus...
18 Aug 2007
The Stuff of Nightmares E10. The Stuff of Nightmares
This episode features a trio of chilling tales involving people being plunged into nightmare scenarios: the man whose life literally went down the drain one rainy morning; the unsu...
25 Aug 2007
Good and Evil E11. Good and Evil
Our trio of tales featured the age-old battle between good and evil. We start with a cursed hospital bed that claims the lives of all those who sleep in it, then we have the Sicili...
01 Sep 2007
Marriage and Affairs E12. Marriage and Affairs
First we have the philanderer who was ratted out by a feathered friend, then we have the dream car covered in concrete in a jealous rage and finally, we have an adulterer whose lot...
12 Sep 2007
The Dark Side E13. The Dark Side
We begin with the woman who was struck by lightning not once but twice and instead of killing her, the lightning cured here of her crippling disease. Then we meet the young man who...
13 Dec 2007
The Human Body E15. The Human Body
One of these stories is a real pain while the other two are just pains in the neck. Our first story involves a young man's terrible battle with a twister which left him quite winde...
20 Dec 2007
Weird Woundings E16. Weird Woundings
27 Dec 2007
Season 2
Season 2
Bad Medicine E1. Bad Medicine
16 Jan 2009
Twisted Fate E2. Twisted Fate
16 Jan 2009
Auto-Geddon E3. Auto-Geddon
23 Jan 2009
Love Hurts E4. Love Hurts
23 Jan 2009
Beyond Belief E5. Beyond Belief
30 Jan 2009
Bad Sports E6. Bad Sports
This episodes "stories" include a hockey hero takes a fishing trip which ends up costing his team success for over a decade; a business exec from Baltimore receives more than he ex...
30 Jan 2009
Immaculate Deceptions E7. Immaculate Deceptions
Upstairs, Downstairs E8. Upstairs, Downstairs
06 Feb 2009
One Wedding, Two Funerals E9. One Wedding, Two Funerals
13 Feb 2009
Lost & Found E10. Lost & Found
13 Feb 2009
Bad Calls E11. Bad Calls
Big Mistakes E12. Big Mistakes
20 Feb 2009
Family Affairs E13. Family Affairs
27 Feb 2009
Three Degrees of Separation E14. Three Degrees of Separation
27 Feb 2009
Welcome Home? E15. Welcome Home?
06 Mar 2009
Season 3
Season 3
Best Laid Plans E1. Best Laid Plans
A couple faces a life and death decision; a mayor receives a delivery of terror; a suicide attempt.
01 Apr 2011
Stranger Than Fiction E2. Stranger Than Fiction
A women's night of horror; a fisherman's unbelievable tale; a high school football team fumbles.
01 Apr 2011
Expect the Unexpected E3. Expect the Unexpected
A Mexican reporter uncovers a secret; a German financial advisor goes on ride.
08 Apr 2011
Stolen Dreams E4. Stolen Dreams
A South African woman is desperate for a baby; backpackers end up in an unbelievable surprise; a Colorado families' dreams.
08 Apr 2011
More Than Meets the Eye E5. More Than Meets the Eye
A popular cheerleader disappears; help from a pot-bellied pig; a scandal in the art world.
15 Apr 2011
Heads or Tails E6. Heads or Tails
A viral video from a bachelor party; over 100 lottery winners; a businessman suspected of arson.
15 Apr 2011
Reap What You Sow E7. Reap What You Sow
A text message from beyond the grave; a woman's tiny lie; a Chicago lawyer's online romance.
29 Apr 2011
Love and War E8. Love and War
A family man has a change of heart; tragedy at a Russian circus; a couple's newfound wealth.
29 Apr 2011
Close Calls E9. Close Calls
A female serial killer goes on a crime spree; a man avoids death; a married couple's infidelities.
06 May 2011
Under Wraps E10. Under Wraps
A stockbroker's success secret; a crash devastates a family; a bizarre crime spree in Sweden.
06 May 2011
Blink of an Eye E11. Blink of an Eye
A woman's hoarding addiction; a Winnipeg DJ disappears; a medical student's antics.
13 May 2011
Missing Pieces E12. Missing Pieces
A barmaid's life of death decision; fairytale romance for an Irish couple; a small town murder.
13 May 2011
The Terrible Truth E13. The Terrible Truth
Series which dramatises 3 well-known urban legends each episode. The catch is one of the 'legends' actually did happen, and it's for the viewer to guess. This episode features 3 st...
20 May 2011
Out of the Blue E14. Out of the Blue
Series which dramatises 3 well-known urban legends each episode. The catch is one of the 'legends' actually did happen, and it's for the viewer to guess. This episode features 3 st...
20 May 2011
Skeletons in the Closet E15. Skeletons in the Closet
Series which dramatises 3 well-known urban legends each episode. The catch is one of the 'legends' actually did happen, and it's for the viewer to guess.
27 May 2011
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