Trading Spaces (2000) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2000

Duration: 60 min

Genre: Reality-TV

Stars: Paige Davis, Hildi Santo Tomas, Frank Bielec

IMDb: TT0278249

Rating: 5.8/10

Season -1
Season -1
Top Living Rooms E-1. Top Living Rooms
15 Sep 2007
Cincinnati: Melrose Avenue E-1. Cincinnati: Melrose Avenue
08 Dec 2000
New York: Shore Road E-1. New York: Shore Road
15 May 2001
Boston Area E-1. Boston Area
John and Laura Immerman of Massasoit Avenue and David and Kara Miller of Indian Ridge Road.
Austin: Wing Road E-1. Austin: Wing Road
02 Mar 2001
Austin: Birdhouse Street E-1. Austin: Birdhouse Street
01 Mar 2001
Knoxville: 4th & Gill E-1. Knoxville: 4th & Gill
Mississippi: Winsmere Way E-1. Mississippi: Winsmere Way
04 Jan 2003
Chicago: Fairview Avenue E-1. Chicago: Fairview Avenue
30 Dec 2001
New Jersey: Sam Street E-1. New Jersey: Sam Street
05 Jun 2001
Top Kitchens E-1. Top Kitchens
29 Sep 2007
New York: Linda Court E-1. New York: Linda Court
29 May 2001
New Orleans: Walter Road E-1. New Orleans: Walter Road
17 Apr 2001
Paige's Perfect 10: Ep. 10 E-1. Paige's Perfect 10: Ep. 10
Paige (Host) recalls information about one of her favorite episodes. In this Season 4 flashback, Doug goes back to the family farm to design two rooms.
14 Sep 2008
Paige's Perfect 10: Ep. 2 E-1. Paige's Perfect 10: Ep. 2
Paige (Host) recalls information about one of her favorite episodes. In this Season 5 flashback, Jon creates an elephant and Hildi uses sand!
19 Jul 2008
Paige's Perfect 10: Ep. 5 E-1. Paige's Perfect 10: Ep. 5
Paige (Host) recalls information about one of her favorite episodes. In this Season 4 flashback, we see the designers do double-duty as carpenters as well!
10 Aug 2008
Trading Spaces: All Stars E-1. Trading Spaces: All Stars
17 Dec 2006
Mississippi: Golden Pond E-1. Mississippi: Golden Pond
28 Dec 2002
Pick the Next Designer: Week 1 E-1. Pick the Next Designer: Week 1
Albuquerque: Gloria Place E-1. Albuquerque: Gloria Place
06 Apr 2001
Miami: SW 186th Street E-1. Miami: SW 186th Street
06 Feb 2001
Miami: 83rd St. E-1. Miami: 83rd St.
06 Feb 2001
Long Island: Shore Road E-1. Long Island: Shore Road
Philadelphia: Valley Road E-1. Philadelphia: Valley Road
27 Nov 2000
Philadelphia: Galahad Road E-1. Philadelphia: Galahad Road
01 Dec 2000
New Jersey: Tressler Lane E-1. New Jersey: Tressler Lane
24 Feb 2007
$100 Grand HD E-1. $100 Grand HD
Unknown to the homeowners prior to "Key Swap", this 2 hour High Definition special featured a $100,000 budget to be divided between to two homes. The show was shot near Plymouth, M...
05 Oct 2003
Austin: Wyoming Valley Drive E-1. Austin: Wyoming Valley Drive
Tucson: North Camino Esplendora E-1. Tucson: North Camino Esplendora
Savannah: East Jones Street E-1. Savannah: East Jones Street
15 Jan 2005
Miramar: Avenue 164 E-1. Miramar: Avenue 164
Coconut Creek: 59th Street E-1. Coconut Creek: 59th Street
Orlando: Winterhaven E-1. Orlando: Winterhaven
22 Mar 2001
Knoxville: Courtney Oak E-1. Knoxville: Courtney Oak
08 Nov 2000
Knoxville: Forest Glen E-1. Knoxville: Forest Glen
25 Sep 2000
Philadelphia: Charette Road E-1. Philadelphia: Charette Road
17 Mar 2007
Orlando: Lake Catherine E-1. Orlando: Lake Catherine
21 Mar 2001
Missouri: Sweetbriar Lane E-1. Missouri: Sweetbriar Lane
25 Dec 2002
Cincinnati: Madison & Forest Avenue E-1. Cincinnati: Madison & Forest Avenue
22 Dec 2000
Paige's Perfect 10: Ep. 8 E-1. Paige's Perfect 10: Ep. 8
Paige (Host) recalls information about one of her favorite episodes. In this Season 3 flashback, the team goes to London to redecorate flats.
31 Aug 2008
Paige's Perfect 10: Ep. 6 E-1. Paige's Perfect 10: Ep. 6
Paige (Host) recalls information about one of her favorite episodes. In this Season 2 flashback, we get to see a bedroom transformed into a Pullman car.
17 Aug 2008
$20,000 Kitchen Radical E-1. $20,000 Kitchen Radical
Two sets of homeowners each get a $20,000 kitchen makeover in this special episode.
11 May 2007
New Jersey: Lincroft Road E-1. New Jersey: Lincroft Road
07 Jun 2001
Santa Fe: Calle Feliz E-1. Santa Fe: Calle Feliz
04 Mar 2001
Cincinnati: Sturbridge Drive E-1. Cincinnati: Sturbridge Drive
12 Dec 2000
Philadelphia: Almond Street E-1. Philadelphia: Almond Street
03 Feb 2007
Paige's Perfect 10: Ep. 4 E-1. Paige's Perfect 10: Ep. 4
Paige (Host) recalls information about one of her favorite episodes. In this Season 2 flashback, we see how Chris Wylde practiced his skills while renovating a neighbors room.
02 Aug 2008
Gotha: Furlong Way E-1. Gotha: Furlong Way
15 Mar 2001
Missouri: Sunburst Drive E-1. Missouri: Sunburst Drive
14 Dec 2002
Sedona: Bueno Vista E-1. Sedona: Bueno Vista
08 Jul 2006
Paige's Perfect 10: Ep. 7 E-1. Paige's Perfect 10: Ep. 7
Paige (Host) recalls information about one of her favorite episodes. In this Season 2 flashback, we get to relive the infamous "Fireplace episode".
24 Aug 2008
Reunion: Part 1 E-1. Reunion: Part 1
07 Apr 2018
Episode dated 21 May 2005 E-1. Episode dated 21 May 2005
21 May 2005
Through the Roof E-1. Through the Roof
Thrills and Spills E-1. Thrills and Spills
22 Sep 2007
Go for Broke E-1. Go for Broke
15 Jul 2006
Traverse City E-1. Traverse City
Carter goes home to help two high schools friends make changes.
10 Sep 2005
Fort Lauderdale: 59th Street E-1. Fort Lauderdale: 59th Street
07 Feb 2001
San Diego: Wilbur Avenue E-1. San Diego: Wilbur Avenue
22 Jan 2001
Austin: Wycliff Lane E-1. Austin: Wycliff Lane
22 Feb 2001
Atlanta: Highgreen Trail E-1. Atlanta: Highgreen Trail
15 Apr 2006
Savannah: East 39th Street E-1. Savannah: East 39th Street
29 Jan 2005
Philadelphia: Poe Avenue E-1. Philadelphia: Poe Avenue
14 Oct 2006
Paige's Perfect 10: Ep. 3 E-1. Paige's Perfect 10: Ep. 3
Paige (Host) recalls information about one of her favorite episodes. In this Season 3 flashback, the color brown causes a rift between neighbors.
26 Jul 2008
Reunion: Part 2 E-1. Reunion: Part 2
14 Apr 2018
Paige's Perfect 10: Ep. 9 E-1. Paige's Perfect 10: Ep. 9
Paige (Host) recalls information about one of her favorite episodes. In this Season 3 flashback, students from Berkeley trade rooms.
07 Sep 2008
New Orleans: D' Evereaux Drive E-1. New Orleans: D' Evereaux Drive
19 May 2001
New York: Sherwood Drive E-1. New York: Sherwood Drive
22 May 2001
Matchmaker E-1. Matchmaker
17 Jun 2006
Design Destinations E-1. Design Destinations
08 Sep 2007
Town & Country E-1. Town & Country
Paige's Perfect 10: Ep. 1 E-1. Paige's Perfect 10: Ep. 1
Paige (Host) recalls information about the first episode she filmed as the new host.
12 Jul 2008
Cast Gone Wild E-1. Cast Gone Wild
Featuring clips from previous episodes showing the cast (and homeowners) in some wild situations.
01 Sep 2007
Sedona: Rock Top Road E-1. Sedona: Rock Top Road
12 Aug 2006
Episode dated 31 July 2004 E-1. Episode dated 31 July 2004
31 Jul 2004
New Jersey: Westwood Road E-1. New Jersey: Westwood Road
03 Mar 2007
Knoxville: Stubbs Bluff Drive E-1. Knoxville: Stubbs Bluff Drive
20 Jan 2001
Key West: Elizabeth Street E-1. Key West: Elizabeth Street
22 Feb 2001
Savannah: Maupas Avenue E-1. Savannah: Maupas Avenue
05 Feb 2005
Scott Air Force Base: Ash Creek E-1. Scott Air Force Base: Ash Creek
21 Dec 2002
New Jersey: Lafayette Street E-1. New Jersey: Lafayette Street
10 Jun 2001
San Diego: Hermes Avenue E-1. San Diego: Hermes Avenue
22 Jan 2001
New Orleans: Jacob Street E-1. New Orleans: Jacob Street
16 Apr 2001
Operation Home Base E-1. Operation Home Base
Two rooms receive $3,000 makeovers on McGuire Air Force Base.
30 Jun 2007
Season 1
Season 1
Athens: County Road E1. Athens: County Road
Frank designs a child's bedroom while Hildi brightens up a living room.
13 Oct 2000
Alpharetta: Providence Oaks E2. Alpharetta: Providence Oaks
Hildi designs a dining room around a table handmade by the homeowner while Roderick turns a guest room into a functional guest room/home office.
20 Oct 2000
Lawrenceville: Pine Lane E3. Lawrenceville: Pine Lane
Sisters work with Dez and Hildi to redecorate their living rooms.
27 Oct 2000
Buckhead: Canter Road E4. Buckhead: Canter Road
Amy Wynn builds a window bench for the kitchen Genevieve redesigns. Laurie works around a glass fireplace in the living room she's updating.
03 Nov 2000
Washington, D.C.: Cleveland Park E5. Washington, D.C.: Cleveland Park
Doug and Dez help two sets of homeowners whose homes were filled with hand-me-downs.
10 Nov 2000
Alexandria: Riefton Court E6. Alexandria: Riefton Court
Frank adds a country flair to a kitchen while Genevieve creates an ultra modern living room.
17 Nov 2000
Annapolis: Fox Hollow E7. Annapolis: Fox Hollow
Genevieve and Laurie get creative trading spaces in this Maryland episode.
26 Nov 2000
Philadelphia: Strathmore Road E8. Philadelphia: Strathmore Road
Frank and Dez both redesign family rooms in this episode of Trading Spaces.
01 Dec 2000
Season 2
Season 2
Quakertown: Quaker's Way E1. Quakertown: Quaker's Way
Doug designs a 70s style living room while Hildi modernizes a family's basement playroom. Ty builds a sofa and some benches for the rooms.
06 Oct 2001
New Jersey: Tall Pines Drive E2. New Jersey: Tall Pines Drive
Hildi designs a basement inspired by an Henri Matisse painting while Vern brings romance into an outdated bedroom. Amy Wynn designs and builds the furniture for the rooms.
13 Oct 2001
Maple Glen: Fiedler Road E3. Maple Glen: Fiedler Road
Laurie gets involved in a controversy involving a ceiling fan while Genevieve creates an elegant, yet family-friendly space. Amy Wynn assembles a large canopy bed.
20 Oct 2001
Northampton: James Avenue E4. Northampton: James Avenue
Hildi rips up a carpet, paints the walls and revamps a fireplace while Frank builds a table and a dog bed for a living room.
27 Oct 2001
Providence: Phillips Street E5. Providence: Phillips Street
Hildi and Vern have a tough time keeping their design plans secret since the neighbors live in the same apartment building.
03 Nov 2001
Providence: Wallis Avenue E6. Providence: Wallis Avenue
Genevieve creates a sophisticated master bedroom while Frank brightens up a small, dark kitchen. Amy Wynn gets creative to conserve wood and stay within budget.
10 Nov 2001
Boston: Ashfield Street E7. Boston: Ashfield Street
Laurie and Genevieve get in tune with their inner 12-year old girls in this episode.
17 Nov 2001
Springfield: Sunset Terrace E8. Springfield: Sunset Terrace
Hildi and Vern both create Victorian style living rooms. Hildi's design requires a brand new fireplace custom built by Ty, who doesn't have much time left to spend on Vern's room.
24 Nov 2001
Maryland: Fairway Court E13. Maryland: Fairway Court
Doug recreates a Pullman car in a bedroom.
25 Dec 2001
Seattle: 137th Street E21. Seattle: 137th Street
Frank designs a family friendly space, while Doug avoids painting a fireplace by covering it with wood.
19 Jan 2002
Los Angeles: Willoughby Avenue E33. Los Angeles: Willoughby Avenue
16 Mar 2002
Austin: La Costa Drive E36. Austin: La Costa Drive
20 Apr 2002
Season 3
Season 3
Maine: Joseph Drive E1. Maine: Joseph Drive
Frank and Laurie each work on master bedrooms. Ty builds an armiore and a dresser.
24 Aug 2002
Berkeley: Prospect Street E2. Berkeley: Prospect Street
Doug Wilson and Genevieve Gorder take on a sorority house and a fraternity house with the help of Ty Pennington and a group of college students.
31 Aug 2002
Maine: George Road E3. Maine: George Road
Doug adds a butcher block to his homeowner's kitchen, while Hildi tiles the counter in hers.
07 Sep 2002
Portland: Rosemont Avenue E4. Portland: Rosemont Avenue
Laurie moves a piano teacher's piano into the kitchen while Vern and Ty install French doors in a family room.
07 Sep 2002
Long Island: Steuben Boulevard E5. Long Island: Steuben Boulevard
Edward Walker turns a bedroom into an art deco masterpiece while Frank paints trees as part of his design. Ty builds an armiore that's a little too tall for the room.
14 Sep 2002
Long Island: Split Rock Road E6. Long Island: Split Rock Road
Genevieve designs a country-chic kitchen while Vern installs a new wood floor.
14 Sep 2002
New York: Whitlock Road E7. New York: Whitlock Road
Doug and Genevieve go head to head with the homeowners who fight the designers on everything.
21 Sep 2002
London: Garden Flat E22. London: Garden Flat
30 Nov 2002
Las Vegas: Live Reveal E32. Las Vegas: Live Reveal
18 Jan 2003
Los Angeles: Murietta Avenue E39. Los Angeles: Murietta Avenue
01 Mar 2003
Las Vegas: Smokemont Court E42. Las Vegas: Smokemont Court
The color brown causes problems in one house, while the other gets an office makeover.
22 Mar 2003
Los Angeles: Elm Street E46. Los Angeles: Elm Street
13 Apr 2003
Los Angeles: Seventh Street E47. Los Angeles: Seventh Street
13 Apr 2003
Season 4
Season 4
Minneapolis: 11th Avenue E1. Minneapolis: 11th Avenue
Genevieve is happy to return to her hometown in Minnesota and update a living room with a botanical theme. Doug transforms a bland living room into a serene oasis. Amy Wynn builds ...
06 Sep 2003
Louisville: Fall Harvest Court E2. Louisville: Fall Harvest Court
Hildi designs a very contemporary living room while Edward comes up with some controversial design plans for his master bedroom.
06 Sep 2003
Minnesota: Pleasure Creek Circle E3. Minnesota: Pleasure Creek Circle
Christi Proctor shows off her designer skills while Doug transforms a home office. Amy Wynn stays busy helping both designers.
13 Sep 2003
Louisville: Fallen Timber Drive E4. Louisville: Fallen Timber Drive
Kia has some trouble welding a piece for a master bedroom, while Hildi plays a trick on her homeowners.
13 Sep 2003
Ohio: Stratford Road E5. Ohio: Stratford Road
Laurie and Rick both work on dining rooms, with mixed results.
20 Sep 2003
Ohio: Shelby Avenue E6. Ohio: Shelby Avenue
Doug names his room "The Prison of Love" in this unforgettable episode.
20 Sep 2003
Pittsburgh: Penn Avenue E7. Pittsburgh: Penn Avenue
Christi designs an elegant study while Frank creates an elegant Southwestern style living room.
27 Sep 2003
Louisville: Forest Bend Circle E8. Louisville: Forest Bend Circle
Laurie brings color and a party atmosphere to a boring family room while Frank infuses a master bedroom with a tropical feel.
27 Sep 2003
Madison Circle E12. Madison Circle
Jersey Shore: South Laurel Drive E16. Jersey Shore: South Laurel Drive
01 Nov 2003
Jersey Shore: Rainbow Drive E17. Jersey Shore: Rainbow Drive
08 Nov 2003
Pennsylvania: Wynnewood Drive E18. Pennsylvania: Wynnewood Drive
15 Nov 2003
Pennsylvania: Conway Avenue E19. Pennsylvania: Conway Avenue
22 Nov 2003
Tampa: Amelia Avenue E39. Tampa: Amelia Avenue
Hildi and Doug double as carpenters (with Eddie helping out) when the real carpenter is unable to make it to the set.
10 Apr 2004
Illinois: County Road E59. Illinois: County Road
Doug and two carpenters return to Doug's childhood farm to design rooms for his brothers and their families.
25 Sep 2004
Season 5
Season 5
Philadelphia: Bugle Lane E1. Philadelphia: Bugle Lane
Hildi comes up with a radical plan for a kitchen while Laurie keeps Carter's hands full with a bunch of carpentry projects. The homeowners are also local Philadelphia radio DJs who...
16 Oct 2004
Los Angeles: Turmont Street E2. Los Angeles: Turmont Street
23 Oct 2004
Seattle: 46th Place E3. Seattle: 46th Place
Identical twins trade spaces in this episode. Barry Wood takes on a challenging project for a dining room while Christi plans an entire kitchen redo. Paige has some trouble keeping...
30 Oct 2004
Seattle: 197th Avenue E4. Seattle: 197th Avenue
The rain in Seattle can't stop Christi and Edward from completing their rooms on time.
04 Nov 2004
Jersey City: Webster Avenue E5. Jersey City: Webster Avenue
Hildi Santo Tomás and Laura Day trade spaces in Jersey City with Amy Wynn Pastor as carpenter.
13 Nov 2004
New Jersey: Lenox Drive E6. New Jersey: Lenox Drive
Barry Wood and Christi Proctor trade spaces in New Jersey with Amy Wynn Pastor as carpenter.
20 Nov 2004
New Jersey: Gildersleeve Drive E7. New Jersey: Gildersleeve Drive
Doug Wilson and Kia Steave-Dickerson trade spaces in New Jersey with Amy Wynn Pastor as carpenter.
27 Nov 2004
Los Angeles: Canyon Valley Drive E8. Los Angeles: Canyon Valley Drive
04 Dec 2004
Georgia: Cook Road E12. Georgia: Cook Road
Jon creates an elephant chandelier and Hildi uses sand.
01 Jan 2005
Home Improv E35. Home Improv
Special episode starring Gina Destra where actors were hired to prank Hildi Santo-Thomas, Doug Wilson, Carter Oosterhouse and Faber Dewar. From a stuffed dog to a cut up wedding dr...
27 Aug 2005
North Bartlett Avenue E39. North Bartlett Avenue
03 Sep 2005
Season 6
Season 6
Philadelphia: Olive Street E1. Philadelphia: Olive Street
Philadelphia bar buddies swap living rooms. Leslie Segrete joins the group as a guest carpenter.
12 Nov 2005
New Jersey: Maple Avenue E2. New Jersey: Maple Avenue
Twin sisters trade spaces with the help of Frank, Edward, Faber and Amy Wynn.
19 Nov 2005
Portland: Kellogg Street E3. Portland: Kellogg Street
Christi and Faber work on a new kitchen while Hildi and Amy design a romantic master bedroom.
26 Nov 2005
Portland: Doe Lane E4. Portland: Doe Lane
Genevieve, Amy Wynn, Edward and Faber work on the homes of local news anchors
10 Dec 2005
Hudson River Valley: Merritt Avenue E5. Hudson River Valley: Merritt Avenue
Laurie and Leslie pull up an old carpet while Hildi and Faber give a bedroom an Asian flair.
17 Jan 2006
Hudson River Valley: Notre Dame Avenue E6. Hudson River Valley: Notre Dame Avenue
Newleyweds postpone their honeymoon to trade spaces with their neighbors.
14 Jan 2006
Philadelphia: 28th Street E7. Philadelphia: 28th Street
Hildi revamps a master bedroom while Christi creates a comfortable and functional guest room.
21 Jan 2006
Philadelphia: Meadowburn Lane E8. Philadelphia: Meadowburn Lane
Doug and Jimmy face a challenge head on when they modernize a 50s style kitchen. Frank and Amy Wynn update a guest room into a full blown B&B.
28 Jan 2006
Wilmington: Lawson Drive E12. Wilmington: Lawson Drive
18 Feb 2006
Southern Hospitality E18. Southern Hospitality
18 Mar 2006
Memphis: McLean Boulevard E25. Memphis: McLean Boulevard
Frank and Genevieve use similar color palettes for two different designs.
01 Apr 2006
Memphis: Verlington Drive E26. Memphis: Verlington Drive
Living-room makeovers in Memphis, Tenn.
08 Apr 2006
Psychic Solutions E27. Psychic Solutions
01 Jul 2006
Charleston: Peachtree Street E29. Charleston: Peachtree Street
Edward and Amy work on a master bedroom, while Christi and Carter transform a girl's bedroom.
29 Apr 2006
Charleston: Dearsley Court E30. Charleston: Dearsley Court
Frank and Amy Wynn work on a Florida room while Laurie and Faber give a photographer's home office a makeover.
06 May 2006
Switching Places E53. Switching Places
Carpenters become designers and designers become carpenters for two sets of Roller Derby players.
25 Aug 2007
Salt Lake City: West Arbor Drive E62. Salt Lake City: West Arbor Drive
Designer Nadia Geller guest stars and gives a little girl her Princess room.
31 Mar 2007
Season 7
Season 7
Denver: West Byron Place E1. Denver: West Byron Place
06 Oct 2007
Colorado Springs: American Adventures E2. Colorado Springs: American Adventures
13 Oct 2007
Denver: Hudson Street E3. Denver: Hudson Street
20 Oct 2007
Colorado Springs: Candleflower Circle E4. Colorado Springs: Candleflower Circle
27 Oct 2007
San Francisco: De Haro Street E5. San Francisco: De Haro Street
03 Nov 2007
San Francisco: Brookdale Avenue E6. San Francisco: Brookdale Avenue
10 Nov 2007
Savannah: SSU Steppers E7. Savannah: SSU Steppers
17 Nov 2007
Savannah: East 55th Street E8. Savannah: East 55th Street
24 Nov 2007
Philadelphia: Dickinson Street E9. Philadelphia: Dickinson Street
01 Dec 2007
Philadelphia: Elberon Avenue E10. Philadelphia: Elberon Avenue
08 Dec 2007
Season 8
Season 8
Ex-Wife vs. Ex-Husband E1. Ex-Wife vs. Ex-Husband
A divorced couple does the unthinkable and renovates each other's bedrooms - for better or for worse.
26 Jan 2008
Mom vs. Daughter E2. Mom vs. Daughter
A mother who thinks she knows best swaps with a rebel daughter who wants to show her mom who's boss.
02 Feb 2008
Rival Cheerleaders E3. Rival Cheerleaders
Two Moorpark moms each allow their teenage daughter's biggest cheerleading rival to redecorate their family room.
09 Feb 2008
Boss vs. Assistant E4. Boss vs. Assistant
On this episode of Trading Spaces, an overworked wardrobe assistant and her demanding supervisor go head to head to see who's truly got design talent.
16 Feb 2008
Feuding Neighbors E5. Feuding Neighbors
On this episode of Trading Spaces, two feuding next door neighbors try to resolve their differences by taking drastic action... in each other's rooms!
23 Feb 2008
Mother-in-Law, Daughter-in-Law E6. Mother-in-Law, Daughter-in-Law
Every wife's worst nightmare is an overbearing mother-in-law. On this episode of Trading Spaces, one woman bravely opens her home to the other woman in her husband's life... his mo...
01 Mar 2008
Ex-Boyfriend and Girlfriend E7. Ex-Boyfriend and Girlfriend
On this episode of Trading Spaces, two Exes find out if their breakup is final or if they'll get a second chance at love.
08 Mar 2008
Cher vs. Elvis E8. Cher vs. Elvis
In Las Vegas, the lights are bright and the stakes are high. Especially on this episode of Trading Spaces, where we pit an Elvis impersonator versus a Cher impersonator! Let the ba...
15 Mar 2008
Divorce in the Desert E9. Divorce in the Desert
What would you do if the sexy neighbor next door was your ex-wife? On this episode of Trading Spaces, a divorced couple not only shares a neighborhood, but the desire to redesign e...
22 Mar 2008
Keeping Up with the Joneses E10. Keeping Up with the Joneses
29 Mar 2008
Brother vs. Sister E11. Brother vs. Sister
On this episode of Trading Spaces, a gay brother and his straight sister straighten out who has a better sense of style.
05 Apr 2008
Air Force vs. Navy E12. Air Force vs. Navy
On this episode of Trading Spaces two military couples swap homes to prove once and for all which branch reigns supreme.
12 Apr 2008
Stay-at-Home Mom vs. Working Mom E13. Stay-at-Home Mom vs. Working Mom
19 Apr 2008
Mom/Daughter E14. Mom/Daughter
20 Sep 2008
Competitive Sisters E15. Competitive Sisters
Two competitive sisters vie for their mother's attention as they give two rooms a fresh start.
27 Sep 2008
Groom/Groomsmen E16. Groom/Groomsmen
After a humiliating incident at their wedding, Joanne and Camilo trade spaces with bad boy groomsman Oscar to give him a chance to prove himself.
04 Oct 2008
Kid in the Middle E17. Kid in the Middle
On this episode of TRADING SPACES, a teenaged daughter tries to unite her divorced parents while assisting both teams.
11 Oct 2008
Secret Crush E18. Secret Crush
On this episode of TRADING SPACES, one woman admits her secret affection for a friend in hopes of transforming both their rooms and their relationship.
18 Oct 2008
Rival Haunted Houses E19. Rival Haunted Houses
This is the spookiest TRADING SPACES ever as two Halloween obsessed neighbors go in for the kill.
25 Oct 2008
Estranged Best Friends E20. Estranged Best Friends
01 Nov 2008
Sisters-in-Law E21. Sisters-in-Law
On this episode of TRADING SPACES, can two formerly friendly sisters-in-law come to terms with their differences for the sake of the family?
08 Nov 2008
Feuding Firefighters E22. Feuding Firefighters
On this episode of TRADING SPACES, things really heat up when two firefighters duke it out to determine who the harder worker is.
15 Nov 2008
Off to College E23. Off to College
With their oldest child heading off to school, Mom and Dad are TRDING SPACES college style!
22 Nov 2008
Stuntman's Apprentice E24. Stuntman's Apprentice
Lights! Camera! Action! On this explosive episode of TRADING SPACES two Hollywood stuntmen duke it out in style as they redo a sunroom and a master bedroom.
29 Nov 2008
From Buddy to Boss E25. From Buddy to Boss
Two couples that used to do everything together are divided by the one couple's success.
06 Dec 2008
Christmas Special E26. Christmas Special
Christmas is about peace, joy ... and competition? On this episode of TRADING SPACES a single Mom swaps homes with her over the top decorating neighbors.
13 Dec 2008
Season 9
Season 9
Not Our First Rodeo E1. Not Our First Rodeo
4 links 07 Apr 2018
The Carpenters Strike Back E2. The Carpenters Strike Back
4 links 14 Apr 2018
Feng Shui & The Golden Nook E3. Feng Shui & The Golden Nook
4 links 21 Apr 2018
A Surprise in the Truck E4. A Surprise in the Truck
A few special guests bring many design surprises to this heartfelt and humorous episode of Trading Spaces. A couple of DIY design enthusiasts trade spaces with their neighbors and ...
4 links 28 Apr 2018
Stripes & A Stripper Pole E5. Stripes & A Stripper Pole
3 links 05 May 2018
Pizza Boards & Industrial Doors E6. Pizza Boards & Industrial Doors
3 links 12 May 2018
Barefoot & Fancy E7. Barefoot & Fancy
4 links 19 May 2018
You Can't Handle Chartreuse E8. You Can't Handle Chartreuse
02 Jun 2018
Season 10
Season 10
Episode #10.1 E1. Episode #10.1
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