Total Divas (2013) TV Series Free Watch

Follow the lives of the WWE divas in their work and relationships.

Year: 2013

Duration: 44 min

Country: USA

Genres: Biography, Drama, Reality-TV, Sport

Stars: Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Natalie Eva Marie

IMDb: TT3056472

Rating: 6.7/10

Season 1
Season 1
E1. Welcome to the WWE
The WWE Divas begin their preparations for WrestleMania XXIX. Nikki starts to have doubts regarding her relationship with John. Trinity is embarrassed when Ariane's boyfriend Vince...
6 links 28 Jul 2013
E2. A Tango with Fandango
Diva-in-training Eva Marie tries to fast-track her way up the WWE ladder; the Bella Twins vacation with John Cena and Daniel Bryan; Trinity and Ariane deal with a wardrobe malfunct...
5 links 04 Aug 2013
E3. Planet Funk Is Funked Up
Trinity faces John Uso in the ring just as they are on the verge of calling their relationship quits; at the same time, Nikki doesn't react well to news that Brie wants to move to ...
6 links 11 Aug 2013
E4. The Fat Twin
Nikki worries about her weight after Brie and social media suggest that she's fat. Meanwhile, Ariane thinks about getting breast implants; and Natalya wishes her fiancé would be mo...
6 links 18 Aug 2013
Feuding Funkadactyls E5. Feuding Funkadactyls
The feuding between Trinity and Ariane threatens to get them both fired; Nikki meets up with her estranged father; and a friend confesses he wants to be more than that with Nattie.
8 links 25 Aug 2013
E6. Diva Las Vegas
The WWE Divas and Superstars attend a bachelorette party in Las Vegas for Nattie; at the same time, JoJo is warned by her friends about dating the much older Justin Gabriel; and Ar...
6 links 01 Sep 2013
E7. A Leg Up
Nikki could be sidelined by an old leg injury; at the same time, Eva Marie gets a spread in Maxim magazine; Ariane becomes nervous when Vinnie starts talking marriage; and JoJo has...
5 links 08 Sep 2013
E8. No Longer the Bridesmaid
Nattie's dream wedding doesn't go off as planned; Nikki is invited to meet John Cena's family; Ariane deals with a medical emergency; and one of the newcomers makes her WWE debut.
7 links 15 Sep 2013
E9. Summerslam
Eva Marie's rising popularity is seen as a threat by Nikki; Ariane works on anger management; and an accident during a match leaves Nattie worried about returning to the ring for S...
4 links 10 Nov 2013
E10. Nurse Nikki
Nikki moves in with John Cena and he shocks her with an unexpected demand; at the same time, Eva Marie considers cheating after she's asked to announce on live TV.
8 links 10 Nov 2013
E11. Seeing Red
Nattie has a feeling that Eva Marie is trying to cozy up to her man; Nikki wonders if she can accept John Cena's demand; and Brie has issues with Bryan's increasing fame.
6 links 17 Nov 2013
E12. Get That Chingle Chingle
Ariane pushes Vincent to try out for the WWE; John Cena's house doesn't quite feel like home yet to Nikki; and Trinity's relationship with Jon is affected when her dad arrives for ...
6 links 24 Nov 2013
E13. Saying Goodbye
Nattie and TJ are forced to say goodbye to a beloved pet; Trinity has it out with Jon over his jealous behavior; and Nikki's medical leave causes tensions between herself and Brie.
6 links 01 Dec 2013
E14. Ready to Ride
In the Season 1 finale, Bryan pops the question to Brie in a romantic setting; at the same time, Nikki feels uncertain about her future with John Cena after a heated discussion abo...
5 links 15 Dec 2013
E16. The Reunion After Party Show
The stars of Total Divas reunite to discuss the highs and lows of tonight's episode with special guest, John Cena.
15 Sep 2013
Season 2
Season 2
E1. New Diva on the Block
Nikki faces life without her boyfriend, John Cena. Summer Rae joins the main roster and Eva Marie faces her parents after they find out about her elopement.
8 links 16 Mar 2014
E2. The Braniel Bus
Brie convinces Bryan to get a tour bus; Eva Marie is embarrassed when her past is exposed, and Nikki loses a tooth in a match.
12 links 23 Mar 2014
E3. On Brie's Bad Side
When Summer Rae flirts with Bryan, she makes an instant enemy of Brie; Nattie continues to feud with Summer Rae.
11 links 30 Mar 2014
E4. Inhale, Exhale
Nattie faces surgery after a nasal injury; Nikki suspects John Cena of cheating, and Trinity makes a music video.
9 links 13 Apr 2014
E5. For Better or for Worse
Trinity wants to get married, but not without Jon's father's blessing; Eva faces a serious health issue, while Nikki and Ariane help Nattie get her groove back.
7 links 20 Apr 2014
E6. The House Sitters
Ariane throws a party while house sitting for Nattie and loses her cat. Nattie and T.J. clash over money while vacationing in New York City, and Brie terrorizes Nikki about the foo...
10 links 27 Apr 2014
E7. Flirting with Fandango
Summer Rae takes her relationship with Fandango to the next level; Brie can't enjoy being a bride, and Trinity betrays Jon behind his back.
10 links 04 May 2014
E8. Red and Gold
Eva Marie and Summer Rae battle outside the ring after being paired together in the ring; Ariane takes it too far when trying to become famous and Nattie shows her artistic side.
11 links 11 May 2014
E9. What Happens in Cabo
While at Brie's bachelorette party in Mexico, Eva Marie struggles with her sobriety, Nikki reveals a secret from her past; Trinity suffers a serious eye injury.
10 links 18 May 2014
E10. Digging a Hole
The Bella sisters clash as Brie's wedding fast approaches and Nikki avoids telling John about her previous marriage. Meanwhile, the Divas find out who will be competing at WrestleM...
9 links 25 May 2014
E11. Wedding Mania
Brie and Bryan get married, Nikki's secret marriage is finally exposed to John and the Divas compete at WrestleMania for the Diva's Championship.
12 links 01 Jun 2014
Season 3
Season 3
E1. Eggs Over Freezing
Season three kicks off with Nikki planning for a future without current boyfriend John Cena. Meanwhile, Eva's life is turned upside down when she must decide between family and her...
10 links 07 Sep 2014
E2. Mo' Marriage, Mo' Problems
Brie regrets quarreling with her husband when he delivers devastating news; Nikki's secret has John fearing the end of their relationship, and Trinity is blindsided when Ariane put...
11 links 14 Sep 2014
E3. Roadside Rumble
Brie and Bryan's wrestling careers are in jeopardy, and Brie's attempt to save their future puts Nikki in a tough spot with John. Meanwhile, Rosa fails miserably at reconciling two...
11 links 21 Sep 2014
E4. Divas Unchained
With Nattie taking a break from TJ, she is hit on by an unexpected colleague. Meanwhile, Trinity's inability to have sex frustrates Jon, and Bryan & Nikki shock Brie when they team...
13 links 28 Sep 2014
E5. Scared Straight
Brie is left helpless when Bryan's injury takes a turn for the worst. Meanwhile, Ariane's mother calls with a desperate plea for help, and Eva is shocked when Jonathan makes a dang...
6 links 05 Oct 2014
E6. Paint the Island Red
Eva's sexy bachelorette in Curacao gets heated when TJ destroys Nattie's hopes of rekindling their marriage, Nikki believes she's lost her twin sister, and Ariane kicks Vinnie's de...
11 links 12 Oct 2014
E7. The Double-Cross
Nikki is devastated when she discovers John's kept a secret from her. Meanwhile, Rosa's unaware she's competing in her pursuits of an NFL player, and Nattie's unsavory comments to ...
7 links 12 Oct 2014
E8. Cross Country Catastrophe
Things spiral out of control when Rosa discovers Summer with her man. Meanwhile, what starts as a couples road trip for Eva and Ariane ends in an all out blowout, and Brie is throw...
10 links 19 Oct 2014
E9. Daddy's Little Girl
Eva lashes out at Jonathan and Brie as she comes to terms with her Dad's terminal cancer. Ariane's plan to hire Nikki as her real estate agent backfires, and Nattie and TJ face the...
12 links 19 Oct 2014
E10. The Divas Are Taking Over
Amidst Eva's wedding day, Brie confronts John behind Nikki's back leading to explosive consequences, and Nattie's caught in a downward spiral when the truth about her marriage is r...
8 links 26 Oct 2014
E11. Her Highness
The Bella family erupts when Nikki learns the truth about John. Meanwhile, a member of UK wrestling royalty, Paige, takes the Divas division by storm and Nattie takes desperate mea...
11 links 04 Jan 2015
E12. Baby Not on Board
12 links 11 Jan 2015
E13. Twin Leaks
7 links 18 Jan 2015
E14. Insecurity Breach
11 links 25 Jan 2015
E15. Girl vs. Girl Bye
15 links 08 Feb 2015
E16. All Hail Brie Mode
The girls go to the European tour. Native worries about her father's health. Paige wants to see Brie mode, but Nikki wants Brie to be responsible before their match the next day, h...
15 links 15 Feb 2015
E17. Mo' Money, Mo' Purses
11 links 22 Feb 2015
E18. Model Behavior
14 links 01 Mar 2015
E19. Indecent Exposure
12 links 08 Mar 2015
E20. The New Divas Champion
12 links 08 Mar 2015
Season 4
Season 4
E1. Diva Divide
The Bellas face the repercussions of leaving the WWE. News of Eva's new role creates animosity in the Divas division. Nattie explores her dominatrix side.
21 links 07 Jul 2015
E2. She Said, She Said
In the build up to WresltleMania; drama arises in the Divas locker room and in the aftermath of the confrontation last week how will Eva fair this week?
20 links 14 Jul 2015
E3. Eat Your Heart Out
23 links 21 Jul 2015
E4. Divas on Overdrive
17 links 28 Jul 2015
E5. Tea Mode
21 links 04 Aug 2015
E6. Good Diva, Bad Diva
19 links 11 Aug 2015
E7. No Holds Barre
Tensions rise in the Bella family as JJ tries to take over the twins' new business, Trinity goes above and beyond as step-mother, and Eva comes up with a risky move to prove hersel...
16 links 18 Aug 2015
E8. It's a Beautiful Life?
16 links 25 Aug 2015
E9. Clash of the Divas
16 links 01 Sep 2015
E10. Gone with the Wine
23 links 08 Sep 2015
E11. An Unwanted Proposal
Paige is blindsided by a marriage proposal, Brie and Bryan clash over the future and Trinity's plans for Jon's stand-up career backfire.
24 links 15 Sep 2015
E12. Some Like It Hot
Paige tells the Divas she's engaged while vacationing in Tulum, Mexico; the Bellas find out they will have a new sibling; Alicia puts Trinity's relationship with Jon at risk.
20 links 22 Sep 2015
E13. Return of the Ex
19 links 29 Sep 2015
Season 5
Season 5
E1. Love Triangle
20 links 19 Jan 2016
E2. A SummerSlam Engagement
14 links 26 Jan 2016
E3. The Truth About Cats and Divas
16 links 02 Feb 2016
E4. Talk of the Town
13 links 09 Feb 2016
E5. Come Reign or Shine
24 links 16 Feb 2016
E6. End of a Friendship?
16 links 23 Feb 2016
E7. Hart of the Matter
15 links 01 Mar 2016
E8. Peace of Cake
20 links 08 Mar 2016
E9. Rocky Road to Recovery
17 links 15 Mar 2016
E10. No Retreat
11 links 22 Mar 2016
E11. Clothes Quarters
13 links 29 Mar 2016
E12. Baby Talk
10 links 05 Apr 2016
E13. C?est La Diva: Part 1
13 links 12 Apr 2016
E14. C?est La Diva: Part 2
14 links 19 Apr 2016
Season 6
Season 6
E1. Total Superstars
13 links 16 Nov 2016
E2. Orlando Strong
7 links 23 Nov 2016
E3. A Big Flippin' Deal
10 links 30 Nov 2016
E4. Gone Girl
15 links 07 Dec 2016
E5. Mother of the Groom
11 links 14 Dec 2016
E6. Too Many Cooks
7 links 21 Dec 2016
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