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The hosts Antron Brown, William Fichter, and Tom Ford go around the country, and occasionally to other countries driving cars old and new.

Year: 2017

Duration: 39 min

Genre: Talk-Show

Stars: William Fichtner, Tom Ford, Antron Brown

IMDb: TT6959064

Rating: 3.3/10

Season 1
Season 1
E1. Made in America
In the series premiere, hosts Bill, Wookie and Antron set out on a true bonding adventure in VW Bugs in Baja Mexico. The latest NSX is pushed to its limits by the Stig, and the For...
17 links 30 Jul 2017
Movie Magic E2. Movie Magic
The boys teach us a few tricks of the movie trade and learn the skills needed to become a successful 70's stunt driver. Bill finds out what it was like to be Steve McQueen. Stig te...
25 links 06 Aug 2017
Life on the Go E3. Life on the Go
The great wide American landscape. Pick your car, set out down the highway and find a path less traveled. Bill, Tom and Antron choose campers for this adventure, but will they make...
22 links 13 Aug 2017
Drive Your Life E4. Drive Your Life
Antron takes us into the pits of NHRA and teaches Wookie to drive. The latest police fleet gets tested at the driving academy, and Bill tests the Cadillac CTS-V at speed. Haley Joe...
12 links 20 Aug 2017
Humble Beginnings E5. Humble Beginnings
The boys hit a dirt oval track near the birthplace of NASCAR. Their classics spray mud across all lanes as they race to the finish. Meanwhile, The Stig tests childhood dreams with ...
16 links 27 Aug 2017
Outside the Box E6. Outside the Box
Ride side-by-side with Antron, Bill and Wookie as they explore the latest craze in recreation vehicles, the UTV. They test their bravery against the steepest hillsides SoCal has to...
15 links 03 Sep 2017
The Best E7. The Best
What sports car would you buy if you had $7,000? Bill's car was written in song, Antron unleashes the ponies and Wookie picks the less obvious example of the bunch. The Stig settle...
19 links 10 Sep 2017
Time Capsule E8. Time Capsule
The hosts revisit the past and discuss their first loves. Also: AMG is spotlighted as it turns fifty years old and one man shares his opinion on what epitomizes the Mercedes tuner,...
18 links 17 Sep 2017
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