To Rome for Love (2018) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2018

Genre: Reality-TV

Writer: Jacqui Pitman

Stars: Mercedes Young, Gina Neely, Cece Counts, Diann Valentine, Nakita McGraw, D. Micah Lindsey

IMDb: TT7798714

Rating: 7.2/10

Season 1
Season 1
Ciao Bella! E1. Ciao Bella!
Guided by love expert, Diann Valentine, five African-American women struggling with love in the U.S. embark on a journey to find love -- and themselves -- in magical Rome. From the...
18 links 07 Jan 2018
Mercedes Bends the Rules E2. Mercedes Bends the Rules
14 links 14 Jan 2018
Derby Italiano! E3. Derby Italiano!
Love Expert Diann takes the women to the Italian Derby for the first time. As they revel in being black women in a sea of Italians and being accepted for everything they are, Diann...
16 links 21 Jan 2018
Nakita Gets Her Groove Back E4. Nakita Gets Her Groove Back
Fresh from their house confrontation, Ashley and Shay agree to disagree. Meanwhile, Nakita continues to struggle with her self-esteem but Diann hatches a master plan to get her out...
18 links 28 Jan 2018
Break Ups and Break Downs E5. Break Ups and Break Downs
With pending concerns from some suspect social media posts, Ashley confronts Leo about his intentions. Love Expert, Diann and her team take the women to Villa Borghese, one of Ital...
22 links 11 Feb 2018
Lust or Love? E6. Lust or Love?
Fresh off her break up with Leo, Ashley meets a hot mysterious stranger on the street. The ladies decide that they've been dry long enough and visit a Roman Boudoir store. Meanwhil...
17 links 18 Feb 2018
Can Everyone Be Saved? E7. Can Everyone Be Saved?
Mercedes shares her past and why finding a man who loves Jesus is so important to her. Meanwhile, Ashley and Alejandro go on their second date. Diann introduces Nakita to a guy at ...
16 links 25 Feb 2018
The Ultimate Betrayal E8. The Ultimate Betrayal
Diann finds out that Mercedes has been talking to a potential suitor unbeknownst to her and the Love team. Shay looks for a spark with Emiliano. Nakita and Alberto continue to get ...
5 links 11 Mar 2018
Where Do We Go From Here? E9. Where Do We Go From Here?
It's Gina's 52nd birthday and the girls plan to make it a big one. Meanwhile, Mercedes finds herself in a love dilemma and seeks Love Expert, Diann's advice. Alejandro's actions sp...
18 Mar 2018
Decisions, Decisions E10. Decisions, Decisions
Love Expert, Diann throws a gala for the girls, giving them one more chance to make some big decisions regarding their relationships. They each get to invite the men of their choic...
25 Mar 2018
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