The Zoo (2017) TV Series Free Watch

An in-depth behind the scenes look at the animals of the Bronx Zoo.

Year: 2017

Genre: Reality-TV

IMDb: TT6440422

Rating: 8.7/10

Season 1
Season 1
Higher Purpose E1. Higher Purpose
Two adorable tiger cubs have outgrown their keepers and need to move to the adult exhibit. A silverback gorilla receives pioneering treatment to curb his worsening eyesight. And a ...
10 links 18 Feb 2017
Handle with Care E2. Handle with Care
A tomistoma, a freshwater crocodilian, stops laying eggs and a team of keepers scrambles to treat her. The veterinary team has to rescue a baby antelope that isn't getting the care...
15 links 25 Feb 2017
Walk on the Wild Side E3. Walk on the Wild Side
The zoo's conservation work with American bison involves an embryo transfer program between two herds thousands of miles apart. Meanwhile, a diamondback rattlesnake fighting an inf...
12 links 04 Mar 2017
Moving Day E4. Moving Day
The Zoo's huge male sea lion is in rut, and staff need to move the younger males before he comes territorial. The veterinary team come up with an ingenious solution to repair Dinky...
10 links 11 Mar 2017
A Star Is Born E5. A Star Is Born
The birth of a little blue penguin causes a sensation at the Bronx Zoo; the veterinary team scrambles to figure out what is wrong with Snowball, a snow leopard; the exhibits team d...
8 links 18 Mar 2017
Love Shack E6. Love Shack
To help love bloom between two kiwis, zoo staff build an elaborate hut into which they introduce a pair of potential mates. And, when a King Cobra arrives at the zoo, keepers have ...
14 links 25 Mar 2017
Birds and the Bees E7. Birds and the Bees
Leo, a snow leopard rescued from Pakistan, is having trouble eating because of a broken canine. the bird department works feverishly to restore a beehive for the bee-eater birds. A...
10 links 01 Apr 2017
Back to Africa E8. Back to Africa
Zoo staff make the journey to east Africa to return to the wild thousands of toads they helped rescue from extinction. Utu, the test-pilot giraffe, tries out a new piece of equipme...
12 links 08 Apr 2017
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