The Slot (2017) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2017

Genre: Comedy

Stars: Sarah Bishop, Shae-Lee Shackleford, Jay K. Cagatay, Madison Lloyd, Tom Armstrong, Tom Armstrong, Natalie Tesoriero, Greta Lee Jackson, Marc Gallagher, Luke Goodall

IMDb: TT7362280

Rating: 5.8/10

Season 1
Season 1
Episode #1.1 E1. Episode #1.1
Relatable Aussie comedian, Troy Kinne showcases his trademark humour, in "Things Never Said In An Interview" with Christiaan and Adele. Also featuring Freudian Nip, Cope St Collect...
4 links 14 Dec 2017
Episode #1.2 E2. Episode #1.2
Genius animator, Michael Cusack uses state of the art technology to invite Christiaan and Adele into the inner recesses of his mind and for the first time ever, peels back the veil...
21 Dec 2017
Episode #1.3 E3. Episode #1.3
YouTube sensations, SketchShe catch a ride with Christiaan and Adele, but things take a turn for the worse when they accidentally run down one of their own. Also feat. Superwog, Au...
28 Dec 2017
Episode #1.4 E4. Episode #1.4
Australia's most infamous hipsters, Dom and Adrian spiral into an existential crisis when they're forced to face their creators, Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nick Boshier. Also featur...
04 Jan 2018
Episode #1.5 E5. Episode #1.5
Comedy duo Superwog, known for their cheeky cultural observations, decide to school Adele and Christiaan in the art of filmmaking - and interviewing. Also featuring originals from ...
11 Jan 2018
Episode #1.6 E6. Episode #1.6
Skit Box, the female trio responsible for the global viral hit 'Activewear', catch up with hosts Christiaan and Adele. Although things get awkward when Christiaan reveals Adele's c...
18 Jan 2018
Episode #1.7 E7. Episode #1.7
Renowned filmmaker and special effects artist, Michael Shanks invites Adele and Christiaan into his studio. What starts off innocently enough, quickly descends into something a lot...
25 Jan 2018
Episode #1.8 E8. Episode #1.8
Racka Racka, the insanely popular twin-brothers know for their intense action and extreme stunts, get a taste of their own medicine when Adele and Christiaan try to beat them at on...
01 Feb 2018
Episode #1.9 E9. Episode #1.9
Adele and Christiaan try to get to the bottom of how iconic YouTube pioneer, Natalie Tran can simultaneously appear as several versions of herself. Turns out, Natalie has some unor...
08 Feb 2018
Episode #1.10 E10. Episode #1.10
Absurdist comedy group, Aunty Donna hijack Adele and Christiaan's plans for a straightforward interview. They have no choice but to roll with the unfolding chaos. Also featuring Al...
15 Feb 2018
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