The Selection: Special Operations Experiment (2016) TV Series Free Watch

Civilians train like members of the U.S. military's special-operations unit from veterans of the Navy SEALs, Green Berets and Army Rangers.

Year: 2016

Duration: 60 min

Genre: Reality-TV

Stars: Ray Care, Donnie Bowen, Marcus Capone, Tyler Grey, Adam Pepper

IMDb: TT6069204

Rating: 8.8/10

Season -1
Season -1
Episode dated 1 December 2016 E-1. Episode dated 1 December 2016
Reality show about people going through extreme U.S military training.
01 Dec 2016
Season 1
Season 1
Dip in the Fire E1. Dip in the Fire
30 civilians begin the most intense physical and mental challenge of their life as they begin The Selection, led by six Special Operations veterans. Unrelenting physical training, ...
8 links 08 Dec 2016
Hell & High Water E2. Hell & High Water
After only two hours of sleep, the instructors lead a grueling day of Navy SEAL training in the Pacific Ocean, where exercises in surf immersion, land portage, and extreme exposure...
7 links 15 Dec 2016
Man in the Arena E3. Man in the Arena
The instructors send the remaining 15 participants to rescue a downed pilot, an exercise designed to test the group's teamwork as well as the leadership of a select few; instructor...
7 links 22 Dec 2016
Weeding Out the Weak E4. Weeding Out the Weak
In a stealth and concealment exercise, the participants go out on the ultimate game of hide and seek, where they are tasked with camouflaging themselves in a hide site to evade det...
12 links 29 Dec 2016
Pass, Quit, or Drown E5. Pass, Quit, or Drown
Instructor Bowen leads the group in a class on hand-to-hand combat before the candidates face off against each other. The group is led to a swimming pool for drown proofing trainin...
11 links 05 Jan 2017
Seed of Doubt E6. Seed of Doubt
The remaining candidates go on a forced "ruck" march with 50 pounds on their backs; a poor performance by one candidate attracts special attention, while another candidate reaches ...
13 links 12 Jan 2017
Humility E7. Humility
Instructor Care leads the participants through an exercise he calls "integrity stations"; after one candidate fails to complete the course, Care must determine whether or not to le...
8 links 19 Jan 2017
March of Tears E8. March of Tears
Facing the biggest challenge of their lives, the candidates must complete a field training exercise, during which everything they have learned will be used in order to pass the dif...
13 links 26 Jan 2017
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