The Romeo Section (2015) TV Series Free Watch

Lies, corruption, murder - welcome to the world of The Romeo Section where spies are recruited to seduce for secrets.

Year: 2015

Duration: 60 min

Country: Canada

Genre: Drama

Writer: Chris Haddock

Stars: Juan Riedinger, Andrew Airlie, Jemmy Chen

IMDb: TT4716230

Rating: 7.1/10

Season 1
Season 1
The China Shop E1. The China Shop
Wolfgang has just returned to Vancouver after a stint in Hong Kong, where he covertly passed along some information to one of his operatives, and learned that there may be a regime...
20 links 14 Oct 2015
Repel Monkey E2. Repel Monkey
Wolfgang may have found a new recruit, while an agent has been arrested overseas and Dee gives Rufus a gift.
28 links 21 Oct 2015
West Ocean Ghost E3. West Ocean Ghost
Wolfgang is peeved at Al for not protecting him against their highers-up, as Al tells him it is ill advised not to attend an "interview" with one of those highers-up, probably abou...
23 links 28 Oct 2015
Fragrant Harbour E4. Fragrant Harbour
Wolfgang tries to find out more about the whereabouts of General Wu from a wannabe big time player, who may face negative consequences if he can't deliver for Wolfgang. Wolfgang pl...
20 links 04 Nov 2015
Five Spies E5. Five Spies
Getting him out of detention, Wolfgang places Tony Zhao on a short leash in trying to find out more information on the goings-on of the Red Mountain triad locally. In spending more...
17 links 11 Nov 2015
Mandate of Heaven E6. Mandate of Heaven
Because of the attempt on his life which he believes was orchestrated by the Mexican drug cartel, Miguel is on the run with Eva, he who also believes he will not make it out of thi...
17 links 18 Nov 2015
Whiskey Jack E7. Whiskey Jack
With Wolfgang and Rufus' belief that Vince is working as an informer for the DEA, they each have their own thoughts of how best to proceed for their own interest. On Rufus' side, h...
18 links 25 Nov 2015
Elephant Faces East E8. Elephant Faces East
With further confirmed information about Vince and the DEA, Wolfgang and Rufus continue to disagree about if Rufus should abandon the mission to get the drugs from the container, R...
19 links 02 Dec 2015
Dragon Fruit E9. Dragon Fruit
Now that Rufus and his gang have managed to get the drugs out of the container, the maneuvering of the players involved ratchets up a notch. Vince, who knows he's between a rock an...
16 links 09 Dec 2015
A String of Pearls E10. A String of Pearls
With Vince's murder, Rufus and Wing Lei plot their next move in shipping the drugs across the border. They require Dee's help, she who may have her own ideas of how best to protect...
16 links 16 Dec 2015
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