The Raccoons (1985) TV Series Free Watch

The adventures of a family of Raccoons and their friends.

Years: 1985−1992

Duration: 25 min

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Drama

Writer: Kevin Gillis

Stars: Michael Magee, Len Carlson, Marvin Goldhar

IMDb: TT0131183

Rating: 7.5/10

Season 1
Season 1
Surprise Attack E1. Surprise Attack
When the Pigs uncover a possible plot by the Raccoons to take care of Cyril Sneer, Cyril tries to uncover their plan before it's too late.
1 link 04 Jul 1985
Going It Alone! E2. Going It Alone!
There's a huge legendary creature lurking on top of Evergreen Mountain and Bert Raccoon, that daring mountaineer, is about to meet it. Face to face. Trying to prove to his Raccoon ...
18 Nov 1985
A Night to Remember E3. A Night to Remember
That intrepid trailblazer, Bert Raccoon, is on an expedition with his friends, Cedric and Ralph to a secret hideaway deep in the Evergreen Forest, but things are not going as plann...
28 Oct 1985
The Evergreen Grand Prix E4. The Evergreen Grand Prix
Cyril scoffs at Cedric's plans to make a solar-powered car, and chooses to make a gas-guzzling model in order to please his co-financier Mr Mammoth. However, the Raccoons and the r...
18 Nov 1985
The Runaways! E5. The Runaways!
Ralph,Melissa,and Bert Raccoon have a new guest in the Raccoondominium.The loveable Cedric Sneer has come to stay with The Raccoon Gang in their forest home, but things are not goi...
25 Nov 1985
Buried Treasure! E6. Buried Treasure!
Bert Raccoon snares a fishing catch that leads him on the adventure of a lifetime! Along with his good friends Cedric and Broo, Bert journeys up the mysterious winding river that e...
06 Jan 1986
The Intruders! E7. The Intruders!
Opportunity Knocks! E8. Opportunity Knocks!
Bert Raccoon is terribly ill, and only one thing will cure him. According to his personal physician, Â"Doctor CedricÂ", Bert will survive only if he and Melissa change their plans ...
06 Oct 1986
Cry Wolf! E9. Cry Wolf!
The Evergreen Forest is full of fascinating stories, especially if you are an Ace Reporter like Bert Raccoon! Bert has been reporting some very strange happenings lately, but no-on...
04 Nov 1986
Rumours! E10. Rumours!
The peace and quiet of the Evergreen Forest is suddenly shattered by the clang of armour and the shouts of medieval knights! Who is that dashing swordsman with the raccoon tail? Is...
17 Nov 1986
Gold Rush! E11. Gold Rush!
In a plot to close down The Raccoons Newspaper, that nasty millionaire Cyril Sneer is gathering together all of his fabulous fortune... but he needs more gold to succeed. Meanwhile...
06 Oct 1986
Season 2
Season 2
Double Play! E1. Double Play!
The Mammoth Mudhens are coming to town, and they are looking for the baseball stars of tomorrow. Rivalries flare when it becomes clear that there is only one contract on offer. Wil...
18 Oct 1987
The Sweet Smell of Success! E2. The Sweet Smell of Success!
Bert turns his back on his friends to become the spokesperson for Cyril Sneer's new cologne -- 'Success'. But is the world of super-stardom all it's cracked up to be?
11 Oct 1987
Blast from the Past! E3. Blast from the Past!
Cyril is sent into a panic when he learns that his old business partner 'Karl Snarl', whom he double crossed years earlier, is about to return and "give him what he deserves". Mean...
04 Oct 1987
Power Trip! E4. Power Trip!
Due to an unpaid bill, Mammoth Power cuts Cyril's energy supply, and Cyril plans to build a power dam to put Mammoth in his place. But there's a catch -- it must be completed in 48...
25 Oct 1987
Stop the Clock! E5. Stop the Clock!
Cousin Bentley comes to visit the Raccoons. Meanwhile, Cyril Sneer tries to regain his youthfulness with a magic potion.
01 Nov 1987
The Artful Dodger! E6. The Artful Dodger!
Bert and Melissa explore the mysterious Endless Echo caverns and happen upon some unusual cave paintings -- and a monster! After bidding $50,000 on a small painting, Cyril Sneer le...
08 Nov 1987
Last Legs! E7. Last Legs!
Cyril Sneer has a bad cold, and due to a misunderstanding, the pigs convince him he's dying.Bert,hearing the news,puts all of his printing press savings into a monument for Cyril, ...
06 Dec 1987
Read No Evil! E8. Read No Evil!
After a close call in Beaver Bite Swamp, Bert and Cedric meet Herman the Hermit, and learn the swamp may have oil under it.This grabs Cyril's attention, and he tries to buy the swa...
15 Nov 1987
Courting Disaster! E9. Courting Disaster!
After Cyril Sneer is heard talking about making a proposal at Lady Baden-Baden's party, and the pigs accidentally send Baden-Baden the wrong letter, it seems that the two are going...
03 Jan 1988
Time Trap! E10. Time Trap!
Join Cyril Sneer, Lloyd, Floyd (or Boyd) Pig and T.O.M. the time machine in a journey to past misadventures.
10 Jan 1988
Season 3
Season 3
The Prism of Zenda! E1. The Prism of Zenda!
Cyril Sneer holds a conference at Sneer Mansion, intending to make a film based around the legendary Prism of Zenda... See full synopsis »
16 Oct 1988
Paperback Hero! E2. Paperback Hero!
While reading a book by famed adventurer/explorer Sir Malcolm Havelock, both Bert and Cedric are surprised when Sir Malcolm lands in Evergreen Lake... See full ...
23 Oct 1988
The Chips Are Down! E3. The Chips Are Down!
Life in the Fast Lane! E4. Life in the Fast Lane!
06 Nov 1988
Monster Mania! E5. Monster Mania!
When a monster is sighted in nearby Evergreen Lake, Cyril Sneer launches a major tourist trap in order to cash in on the monster-craze. Meanwhile, the Raccoons set out to see if th...
30 Oct 1988
Mom's the Word! E6. Mom's the Word!
01 Jan 1989
Picture Perfect! E7. Picture Perfect!
08 Jan 1989
Strictly by the Book! E8. Strictly by the Book!
When Cyril chastises him because an audit on his finances has yielded 10 cents that cannot be found... See full synopsis »
15 Jan 1989
The Evergreen Express! E9. The Evergreen Express!
05 Feb 1989
Trouble Shooter! E10. Trouble Shooter!
09 Oct 1988
The Paper Chase! E11. The Paper Chase!
22 Jan 1989
Simon Says! E12. Simon Says!
At the Sneer Estates, Cedric has grown saddened that Cyril does not seem to have any time to spend with him... See full synopsis »
12 Feb 1989
Games People Play! E13. Games People Play!
19 Feb 1989
Season 4
Season 4
Second Chance! E1. Second Chance!
11 Oct 1989
The Sky's the Limit! E2. The Sky's the Limit!
15 Nov 1989
Bully for You! E3. Bully for You!
A Catered Affair! E4. A Catered Affair!
22 Nov 1989
Search and Rescue! E5. Search and Rescue!
25 Oct 1989
Spring Fever! E6. Spring Fever!
18 Oct 1989
The Family Secret! E7. The Family Secret!
04 Oct 1989
The Great Escape! E8. The Great Escape!
08 Nov 1989
Making the Grade! E9. Making the Grade!
01 Nov 1989
Science Friction! E10. Science Friction!
01 Dec 1989
Stealing the Show! E11. Stealing the Show!
06 Dec 1989
The Phantom of Sneer Mansion! E12. The Phantom of Sneer Mansion!
27 Dec 1989
The Headline Hunter! E13. The Headline Hunter!
27 Sep 1989
Season 5
Season 5
Cold Feet! E1. Cold Feet!
Cyril Sneer attempts a relationship with a movie star whom he meets in a car accident, only to find that she has an extreme dislike for his recent business client. Meanwhile, Bert ...
29 Jan 1991
Stress Test! E2. Stress Test!
08 Jan 1991
Moving In! E3. Moving In!
Bentley's family moves to the Evergreen Forest, but the transition is difficult for everyone, especially for Lisa.
12 Mar 1991
End of the Line! E4. End of the Line!
05 Feb 1991
Easy Money! E5. Easy Money!
12 Feb 1990
Endless Summer! E6. Endless Summer!
Promises Promises! E7. Promises Promises!
20 Jan 1991
Black Belt Bentley! E8. Black Belt Bentley!
Bentley takes karate lessons from Schaeffer for the wrong reasons.
01 Jan 1991
The Wrong Stuff! E9. The Wrong Stuff!
27 Jan 1991
Join the Club! E10. Join the Club!
Cyril Sneer is determined to join an exclusive country club, while Lisa is pressured by a visiting old friend to start smoking.
26 Mar 1991
The Evergreen Election! E11. The Evergreen Election!
20 Mar 1991
The One That Got Away! E12. The One That Got Away!
A beloved fishing pond is contaminated with toxic waste and both the Raccoons and Cyril Sneer resolve to find the culprits.
05 Mar 1991
Go for Gold! E13. Go for Gold!
Cyril is forced to retire for medical reasons, but he grows concerned with Cedric having trouble with the business while Lisa and Bert pledge to help on their own.
19 Mar 1991
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