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The President Show brings America's most beloved leader to late-night as he takes his message to the people, fake news be damned. Everything's on the table and nothing's off-limits, except ... See full summary »

Year: 2017

Duration: 21 min

Genres: Comedy, Talk-Show

Writer: Anthony Atamanuik

Stars: Anthony Atamanuik, Peter Grosz, Mitra Jouhari, John Murray, Alexis Pereira, Jessica Vitkus, Connor Ratliff, Mila Filatova

IMDb: TT6807442

Rating: 6.2/10

Season 1
Season 1
E1. Keith Olbermann
The president breaks down who's being nice and who isn't and pays a visit to the "real" New York, and Keith Olbermann stops by to discuss his web series, "The Resistance."
6 links 27 Apr 2017
Dan Savage E2. Dan Savage
The president signs some executive orders that he thought of all by himself, befriends a portrait of Andrew Jackson and talks dirty with "Savage Lovecast" host Dan Savage.
11 links 04 May 2017
Linda Sarsour E3. Linda Sarsour
The president reacts to what the crooked media is saying about him, visits an elementary school and sits down with co-founder of the 2017 Women's March Linda Sarsour.
5 links 11 May 2017
Deepak Chopra E4. Deepak Chopra
The president receives a visit from a frumpy old friend, gets a guided lesson in meditation and sits down with "You Are the Universe" co-author Deepak Chopra.
6 links 18 May 2017
S.E. Cupp E5. S.E. Cupp
The president goes on a journey overseas, shows off his souvenirs from other world leaders and chats with S.E. Cupp about America's mistrust of the media.
11 links 25 May 2017
Michael Eric Dyson E6. Michael Eric Dyson
The president shakes up his inner circle and makes a big business deal on the golf course, and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson stops by to discuss white privilege in America.
7 links 01 Jun 2017
Evan McMullin E7. Evan McMullin
The president dodges questions about James Comey, visits his pals in the Land of Fake Believe and sits down with former CIA operative Evan McMullin to talk about the fake news surr...
10 links 08 Jun 2017
Bassem Youssef E8. Bassem Youssef
The president turns his daily briefings into a game show and takes a trip to his hometown, and political satirist Bassem Youssef discusses fleeing persecution in Egypt.
9 links 15 Jun 2017
Matt Walsh E9. Matt Walsh
The president finds out who's a witch and who isn't, holds auditions for a defense lawyer, and tries an improv scene with "Veep" star Matt Walsh.
12 links 22 Jun 2017
Matt Taibbi E10. Matt Taibbi
The president addresses the press about a horrible virus plaguing Americans, signs important executive orders and sits down with Rolling Stone reporter Matt Taibbi.
8 links 13 Jul 2017
Joy Behar E11. Joy Behar
The president reacts to what the crooked media is saying about him, meets up with former mobsters and sits down with "The View" co-host Joy Behar.
1 link 20 Jul 2017
Carole Radziwill E12. Carole Radziwill
The president introduces his fun new White House communications director, finds out what the American people think of him and sits down with reality TV star Carole Radziwill.
8 links 27 Jul 2017
Ana Marie Cox E13. Ana Marie Cox
The president addresses the concerns about chaos in the White House, hosts a game night for his best friends and sits down with political columnist Ana Marie Cox.
4 links 03 Aug 2017
DeRay Mckesson E14. DeRay Mckesson
The president breaks down who's being nice and who isn't, visits his friends in the magical Land of Fake Believe and sits down with activist DeRay Mckesson.
6 links 24 Aug 2017
Nina Turner E15. Nina Turner
The president praises brave acts by the greatest Americans in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, visits an etiquette school and sits down with Our Revolution president Nina Turner.
12 links 31 Aug 2017
Frank Rich E16. Frank Rich
The president looks back on a disastrous week, learns about the impeachment process from Rep. Brad Sherman and sits down with "Veep" executive producer Frank Rich.
16 links 28 Sep 2017
Paul Rieckhoff E17. Paul Rieckhoff
It's a somber week -- so somber -- as the president screams at the TV, tackles basic training with transgender vets and sits down with veterans advocate Paul Rieckhoff.
10 links 05 Oct 2017
Ana Kasparian E18. Ana Kasparian
The vice president crafts his own executive order, the president sits down with a psychologist to test his mental fitness, and Ana Kasparian discusses media and politics.
11 links 19 Oct 2017
Lindy West E19. Lindy West
The president plays a spooky round of Prez Your Luck, has a terrifying encounter with the Muellerman and sits down with "Shrill" author Lindy West.
14 links 26 Oct 2017
Joe Cirincione E20. Joe Cirincione
The president begins to unravel as he plays Six Degrees of Hillary Clinton, takes a trip to the Land of Fake Believe and talks with nuclear weapons expert Joe Cirincione.
13 links 02 Nov 2017
I Came Up with Christmas - A President Show Christmas E21. I Came Up with Christmas - A President Show Christmas
The president celebrates the first ever Christmas, which he created, by becoming a mall Santa, performing in a Nativity play and dodging reporter Bebe Neuwirth's questions.
30 Nov 2017
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