The Paynes (2018) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2018

Duration: 30 min

Genre: Comedy

Writer: Tyler Perry

Stars: Cassi Davis, Jackée Harry, LaVan Davis, Stephanie Charles

IMDb: TT6482686

Rating: 4.9/10

Season -1
Season -1
Pilot E-1. Pilot
Making Repairs E-1. Making Repairs
16 Mar 2018
Payneful Repairs E-1. Payneful Repairs
23 Mar 2018
A Payneful Dispute E-1. A Payneful Dispute
30 Mar 2018
1 E-1. 1
Season 1
Season 1
A Surprise for the Paynes E1. A Surprise for the Paynes
Curtis and the rest of the Payne family take a road trip to Florida where Ella receives a stunning surprise.
11 links 16 Jan 2018
Revelations of Payne E2. Revelations of Payne
Ella is fuming after Curtis makes a life-changing decision without her input. Meanwhile, Curtis discovers that he has been duped into a bad investment.
21 links 16 Jan 2018
A Confrontation of Payne E3. A Confrontation of Payne
Curtis is determined to get his money back after realizing he was swindled. Ella begins to change her mind about staying when she realizes the need in the community for a strong co...
17 links 19 Jan 2018
Cleaning Up the Payne E4. Cleaning Up the Payne
Curtis and Ella begin to settle in Florida, reacquainting themselves with their cousins. But the house renovations go wrong and Ella becomes concerned when Nyla goes missing.
20 links 26 Jan 2018
A Fugitive in Payne E5. A Fugitive in Payne
Ella and Curtis find Nyla hiding at the laundromat with her kids after fleeing her boyfriend's abuse. But Kendrick has been injured and Nyla asks Ella to take the children if she g...
19 links 02 Feb 2018
The Waiting Game E6. The Waiting Game
Ella and Curtis await Nyla's return in hopes of resolving her legal issues. Kenny and Lynn reveal important info about their mother's relationship with Kendrick. Ryan and his frien...
16 links 09 Feb 2018
Better Than Nothing E7. Better Than Nothing
Ella and Curtis become more involved with Nyla and her problems. They contemplate letting Nyla and her kids move in. Ella worries how the children are being affected by being homel...
18 links 16 Feb 2018
A Payneful Night E8. A Payneful Night
19 links 23 Feb 2018
The World Wide Payne E9. The World Wide Payne
Curtis finds in difficult to order laundry items on the computer so asks for Ella's help. But when Ella sees the browser history she gets very upset with her husband.
6 links 02 Mar 2018
Lynn's Punishment E10. Lynn's Punishment
6 links 09 Mar 2018
A Payneful Cry E14. A Payneful Cry
Joann decides to sue Ella and Curtis when she learns of the money found during the renovation. Curtis wants to keep all of the cash and Nyla tries to mediate between the two.
06 Apr 2018
Episode #1.15 E15. Episode #1.15
Ella has her hands full keeping Curtis away from the renovations at the laundromat. Despite her best efforts Curtis sneaks onto the site but the contractor makes sure he doesn't ge...
20 Apr 2018
Secret Lovers E18. Secret Lovers
Curtis and Ella learn that Nyla has started seeing Kendrick again. Ella is afraid Nyla is returning to a situation where she will be abused again, starting the cycle over for her a...
27 Apr 2018
Episode #1.19 E19. Episode #1.19
Episode #1.20 E20. Episode #1.20
No Room for Payne E26. No Room for Payne
Curtis realizes he was right about Nyla all along.
No Sticks or Bricks E27. No Sticks or Bricks
Curtis reconciles within his household.
14 Sep 2018
A Payneful Hunch E29. A Payneful Hunch
Curtis and Nyla make a truce.
21 Sep 2018
Syncopal E30. Syncopal
Nyla meets a handsome man named Terrance.
28 Sep 2018
Season 2
Season 2
Episode #2.1 E1. Episode #2.1
Ella finds out from her contractor that her cheque has bounced. A call to the bank reveals the found money has been frozen by government investigators leaving the Paynes at risk of...
20 Jul 2018
A Payne Family Secret E2. A Payne Family Secret
Ella and Curtis learn the government is likely to take the laundromat. They go to JoAnn to get answers about Uncle Robert's activities.
27 Jul 2018
Episode #2.3 E3. Episode #2.3
Curtis and Ella struggle to hold onto the laundromat and find a way to pay their creditors.
03 Aug 2018
Episode #2.4 E4. Episode #2.4
Nyla isn't sure she can makeup for her latest mistake of leaving the kids alone for hours. Ella prepares to take out a mortgage to pay her creditors.
10 Aug 2018
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