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A hard-living aunt is forced to take care of her wealthy sister's spoiled kids after the mom flees the country to avoid criminal charges.

Year: 2017

Duration: 30 min

Genre: Comedy

Writers: Dave Chernin, John Chernin

Stars: Sofia Black-D'Elia, Thomas Barbusca, Carla Jimenez, Kaitlin Olson, Jack Stanton, Scott MacArthur

IMDb: TT5638056

Rating: 7.9/10

Season -1
Season -1
The Baggage E-1. The Baggage
Mickey's latest romance is threatened by her unwanted suitors.
14 Feb 2017
Season 1
Season 1
Pilot E1. Pilot
A degenerate raises the children of her wealthy sister and brother-in-law, who have fled the country to escape prosecution for their illegal deeds.
5 links 24 Jun 2017
The Grandparents E2. The Grandparents
Mickey calls in the Pemberton kids' overly strict grandmother to give them lessons in tough love.
17 links 04 Jul 2017
The Buffer E3. The Buffer
Mickey tries to convince Sabrina to practice safe sex with her boyfriend.
11 links 11 Jul 2017
The Balloon E4. The Balloon
The family is forced to set aside their selfish ways when Mickey realizes they've forgotten Ben's birthday.
18 links 15 Jan 2017
The Fire E5. The Fire
Mickey tries to quit smoking and Ben makes a new friend.
21 links 17 Jan 2017
The Master E6. The Master
The kids fight over who gets the master bedroom, while Mickey pursues a wealthy businessman.
19 links 24 Jan 2017
The Country Club E7. The Country Club
The Pembertons try to save their family reputation at their country club, but Mickey gets into a fight with the phony ladies and Chip gets demoted from the champion golf foursome.
20 links 31 Jan 2017
The Snitch E8. The Snitch
Chip gets roped into a scandal and must choose between snitching on his teammates or taking the fall.
21 links 07 Feb 2017
The Mess E9. The Mess
When Mickey's attempts at disciplining the kids are ignored, she decides to shed her "cool aunt" persona and lay down the law.
21 links 14 Feb 2017
The Baggage E10. The Baggage
Mickey's latest romance is threatened by her unwanted suitors.
17 links 21 Feb 2017
The New Girl E11. The New Girl
When Mickey believes Ben's school is discriminating against him, she stands up for her nephew. Meanwhile, Sabrina and Chip spend time with Alba and learn some surprising things abo...
15 links 28 Feb 2017
The Wolf E12. The Wolf
When it seems as though Chip is getting scammed by a girl he met online, Mickey tries to teach him how to be a "wolf" vs. a "sheep." Meanwhile, Sabrina is scared that her boyfriend...
12 links 21 Mar 2017
The Bully E13. The Bully
The tables are turned when a cyber bully targets Sabrina, leading Mickey to come up with a plan for revenge. Meanwhile, Jimmy teaches Chip and Ben how to be self-sufficient, result...
13 links 28 Mar 2017
The Heater E14. The Heater
Mickey and Alba go on a gambling binge. In Mickey's absence, Jimmy, Sabrina and Chip fight for control over the house, while one of them must watch over Ben.
12 links 04 Apr 2017
The Sleepover E15. The Sleepover
A popular kid in Chip's class arrives for a sleepover - as well as a dead drunk girl whose angry father is looking for her. Mickey comes up with a plan to get rid of both her and d...
10 links 11 Apr 2017
The Implant E16. The Implant
Mickey decides to dissuade Sabrina from getting breast implants by doing a test-run in public.
18 links 25 Apr 2017
The Intruder E17. The Intruder
A pair of intruders is caught breaking in to the Pemberton mansion.
14 links 02 May 2017
Season 2
Season 2
The Hotel E1. The Hotel
Due to excessive spending, Mickey and the kids are forced out of the hotel where they've been temporarily residing.
15 links 26 Sep 2017
The Friend E2. The Friend
Mickey befriends a Greenwich divorcee, testing her friendship with Alba.
17 links 03 Oct 2017
The Visit E3. The Visit
Mickey decides the kids need closure, so she brings Sabrina to visit her mom while Jimmy brings the boys to visit their dad.
13 links 10 Oct 2017
The Haunted House E4. The Haunted House
Mickey and Jimmy throw a Halloween party in their spooky, charred mansion but things get out of hand. Sabrina hopes to use the house party to cement her legacy, which her parents h...
16 links 17 Oct 2017
The Invention E5. The Invention
Mickey is determined to prove Ben doesn't need A.D.D. medication to complete his school project, but she and Alba get overly invested. Jimmy helps Chip make his secret boys club co...
7 links 07 Nov 2017
The Matriarch E6. The Matriarch
When the family matriarch, great grandma Rita, turns 100, Mickey and the crew crash the party. But when senile Rita mistakes Mickey for her best friend (and secret lover) from her ...
14 links 14 Nov 2017
The Homecoming E7. The Homecoming
Mickey and Jimmy bring the gang to their hometown.
13 links 21 Nov 2017
The Teacher E8. The Teacher
Mickey embarrasses herself and Sabrina when she tries to do something about Sabrina's relationship with her poetry teacher.
15 links 28 Nov 2017
The Divorce E9. The Divorce
Chip finds out that his father is not his father, but that his mother had an affair 14 years ago. His parents, even though in prison, are getting a divorce. Mick is accused of not ...
13 links 05 Dec 2017
The Climb E10. The Climb
Mickey and Sabrina co-host a get-together with talented artists; Chip goes on a camping trip with Howard.
13 links 02 Jan 2018
The Trip E11. The Trip
On the day of her interview at Yale, Sabrina makes a decision that could ruin her future.
15 links 09 Jan 2018
The City E12. The City
Chip meets his real dad, a friendly but incompetent strip club owner, Bert. Mick goes to a morgue to identify Jimmy's body. Ben, the ambitious new employee of two shady ex-Wall Str...
10 links 16 Jan 2018
E13. The Dump
Mickey and Alba chaperone Ben's school field trip to a trash dump; an unfamiliar young boy makes his way back on the bus; the two work together to return the lost child; Chip and S...
11 links 23 Jan 2018
E14. The Church
Mickey and the gang accompany Alba to church, after she admits she may have a substance abuse problem. When she invites her priest over for Sunday football, the Pembertons take a l...
8 links 06 Feb 2018
E15. The Juice
The Mick ends up on the wrong side of a gambling bet with Chip and his friend. Jimmy collides with Sabrina over a love interest.
11 links 27 Feb 2018
The Accident E16. The Accident
After Ben wets the bed at a sleepover, Mickey, Alba and Jimmy go to extreme lengths to have his reputation; Chips offers to help Sabrina get a fake ID in exchange for a night out w...
06 Mar 2018
The Night Off E17. The Night Off
Stuck inside the toilet of a train, Alba befriends a rat. Jimmy is shocked that his new friend is gay. Mickey and Sabrina spend the night in jail fighting. Chip severs his fingers....
13 Mar 2018
The Car E18. The Car
After Jimmy purchases an old beat up car from a police auction, he and Mickey accidentally lock Ben inside. Meanwhile, Alba catches Chip secretly pretending to be Sabrina's online ...
20 Mar 2018
The Dance E19. The Dance
When Mickey and Alba catch Ben lying and try to teach him a lesson, naturally their plan backfires. Meanwhile, Chip devises a spiteful plan to be crowned "Prince" at his school for...
27 Mar 2018
The Graduate E20. The Graduate
Following graduation, Mickey and Alba discover that Sabrina is having second thoughts about attending Yale. In their attempt to sway her decision, Alba finds herself heavily involv...
03 Apr 2018
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