The Lodge (2016) TV Series Free Watch

A new show centered on a teenage girl who takes over her Grandfathers Lodge, and befriends its teenage staff.

Year: 2016

Duration: 22 min

Genre: Family

Stars: Sophie Simnett, Luke Newton, Thomas Doherty

IMDb: TT6176812

Rating: 7.5/10

Season 1
Season 1
The New Girl E1. The New Girl
It's been a year since Skye's mother has died. Her arrival at the Lodge where her mom grew up stirs up the place.
8 links 21 Sep 2016
Reality Check E2. Reality Check
Skye gives The Lodge a makeover with a little help from her new friends.
5 links 18 Oct 2016
Opportunities E3. Opportunities
Sky has too many commitments and has her dad questioning her dedication to the lodge. Sean argues with his father about his bike racing and then needs money for his entry fees. Sky...
6 links 19 Oct 2016
Double Date E4. Double Date
Ben's ex Ana shows up and Danielle decides to use the situation to cause trouble. She arranges a double date and Skye asks that it not be filmed but is overruled. Kaylee tries to f...
5 links 20 Oct 2016
#Winning E5. #Winning
Skye shows her best friend Josh her mum's den and their is a music concert at the lodge where they try to find there headline act. Ben and Sean enter the bike race. Sean's feelings...
6 links 21 Oct 2016
Best Kept Secrets E6. Best Kept Secrets
Skye tries to keep it a secret that Sean kissed her but Danielle finds out and tells Ben. Christina nixes using it on the show but then Danielle pitches it as a ratings bonanza. No...
12 links 28 Oct 2016
Cancelled E7. Cancelled
Skye decides to end the show because of the problems it's caused between her and Ben. This also interrupts Ed and Christina's romance. Danielle vows revenge on Skye for her job los...
17 links 04 Nov 2016
Wishful Thinking E8. Wishful Thinking
With the reality show gone, Skye takes the gang on a camping trip. Oz reveals Kaylee is leaving the Lodge for a music school in the city.
16 links 11 Nov 2016
The Truth E9. The Truth
When Ben is told that Sean is trying to convince Skye to sell the lodge, he races off to warn her.
12 links 18 Nov 2016
The Choice E10. The Choice
As the concert approaches Oz and the band leave, leaving the lodge without a headliner. Danielle urges her mother to shut the benefit down out of jealousy. Skye faces pressure to c...
17 links 25 Nov 2016
Season 2
Season 2
I Choose You E1. I Choose You
As Josh prepares to start a new reality show at the lodge, Skye must deal with the repercussions of her choice. Danielle must decide what to do with the map and Kaylee attempts to ...
6 links 09 Jun 2017
Partners E2. Partners
Skye and Sean go on their first date. Danielle and Ben follow the map to a clearing and run into trouble. Elsewhere, Kaylee meets Frankie and they become quick friends. Alex arrive...
6 links 16 Jun 2017
Help E3. Help
23 Jun 2017
Call Me E4. Call Me
1 link 30 Jun 2017
Mystery Guest E5. Mystery Guest
14 Jul 2017
The Last Dance E6. The Last Dance
14 Jul 2017
I'll Huff and I'll Puff E7. I'll Huff and I'll Puff
14 Jul 2017
No Hard Feelings E8. No Hard Feelings
08 Sep 2017
Under New Management E9. Under New Management
15 Sep 2017
Storm E10. Storm
22 Sep 2017
Taking Sides E11. Taking Sides
29 Sep 2017
Hard to Say No E12. Hard to Say No
06 Oct 2017
Distant Relations E13. Distant Relations
13 Oct 2017
Finish E14. Finish
27 Oct 2017
The North Star E15. The North Star
03 Nov 2017
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