The King of Fighters: Destiny (2017) TV Series Free Watch

The show follows Kyo arriving in South Town where he must run into another formidable fighter, Terry. Ten years have passed since tragedy that changed his life forever.

Year: 2017

Genres: Animation, Fantasy

Stars: Zhang Anqi, Yue Bai, Shi Chen

IMDb: TT7254486

Rating: 7.5/10

Season 1
Season 1
South Town E1. South Town
The world-renowned tournament starts now. After arriving in South Town, Kyo Kusanagi, an invitee to KOF, runs into another formidable fighter, Terry Bogard. Ten years have passed s...
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Kyokugen style E2. Kyokugen style
When Kyo, Benimaru and Daimon visit the Kyokugen Style Dojo in South Town, they come across Ryo Sakazaki chasing down men in black suits. Kyo and his friends head off to Geese Towe...
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Angelina E3. Angelina
Kyo and Ryo hit it off immediately. They receive a call about Yuri, Ryo's little sister, and how she has ran away from home. While searching for information about Geese, Terry bump...
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Brother E4. Brother
After leaving the nightclub, Terry is challenged by a mysterious fighter. This fighter turns out to be Andy, Terry's little brother, who he has not seen in 10 years. In order to ta...
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Side Story - Geese Howard E5. Side Story - Geese Howard
When Geese was young, he was driven out from Stroheim Castle since his mother was not the legal wife of his father. After wandering on his own, he becomes a disciple of Tung Fu Rue...
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Queens team E6. Queens team
Kyo senses the power of Orochi in South Town and is concerned whether the Orochi seal is weakening. In another part of the world, Yuri is searching for teammates to participate in ...
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Memories E7. Memories
Terry tails Angelina to search for more information about Geese. He finds Angelina who is threatened by Matt. Matt is a following of Geese and Terry saves Angelina from his hands. ...
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Reception E8. Reception
Fighters come together in the announcement event for KOF. Benimaru gets excited with the heated atmosphere, Athena attracts everybody in the venue, Ryo reunites with his sister, Yu...
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Secret E9. Secret
Terry sneaks out from the KOF announcement event and successfully infiltrates to the Geese Tower. He witnesses the dreadful experiment in a room at the basement. Meanwhile Geese fi...
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Side story - Nikaido Benimaru E10. Side story - Nikaido Benimaru
No one could stand a chance against Benimaru until he met Kyo. Benimaru begs Kyo for a re-match before mysterious men in black suddenly surround Kyo. The men confront and attack Ky...
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Ready GO! E11. Ready GO!
Angelina is ordered to kill Terry by poisoning him. A blond haired kid suddenly appears and pretends Terry is his dad to escape trouble. Soon afterwards, the KOF tournament gets un...
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Shadow of evil E12. Shadow of evil
The first KOF match starts out with a bang, with all eyes on the event. Benimaru struggles in his battle against Brian, as he continues to stand back up no matter how many times he...
26 Oct 2017
Trap E13. Trap
Kyo and his teammates struggle with the American Sports Team who show signs of the Orochi power. Meanwhile, Terry heads to Gesse Tower to rescue Angelina, despite knowing it's a tr...
26 Oct 2017
Fatal fury E14. Fatal fury
Terry and Angelina try to escape from Geese Tower. However, when they arrive on the top floor, Terry's sworn enemy, Geese, stands in their way. In order to take revenge for his fat...
02 Nov 2017
Side story - Angelina E15. Side story - Angelina
Ten years ago, Terry became a disciple of Tung. On the day of his departure, he saves a girl being threatened by local punks. Terry tries to cheer her up by suggesting that they bo...
09 Nov 2017
Final round E16. Final round
Geese has obtained the power of Orochi. Terry struggles to deal with Geese's overwhelming power. Geese readies his finishing move for Terry, who is fighting for his life. This fata...
15 Nov 2017
Black crystal E17. Black crystal
A party is held on a cruise ship and the fighters gather to relax before the final round. However, the organizer "R" has set a trap for them. Meanwhile, Kyo and his friends sneak o...
23 Nov 2017
Escape E18. Escape
Athena and her teammates battle Kim Team who have turned violent. Athena tries to expose the secret of the Black Crystal with her Psychic Power. Meanwhile, Kyo attempts to escape f...
30 Nov 2017
Labyrinth E19. Labyrinth
The Fatal Fury Team successfully infiltrates the cruise ship. However, while traversing the ship which has turned into a labyrinth, they are attacked by Mai and her teammates, who ...
07 Dec 2017
Side story - King E20. Side story - King
King works as a bouncer in order to pay the medical bills for her little brother, Jan. The owner orders her to kill Ryo who is on his way to save his little sister, Yuri, who has b...
13 Dec 2017
Episode #1.21 E21. Episode #1.21
Episode #1.22 E22. Episode #1.22
Episode #1.23 E23. Episode #1.23
Episode #1.24 E24. Episode #1.24
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