The Emperor's New School (2006) TV Series Free Watch

Continuation of 2000's The Emperor's New Groove, showcasing Kuzco's attempts to graduate from his kingdom's school, and his former advisor Yzma's evil attempts to keep him from his goal.

Year: 2006

Duration: 30 min

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family

Writer: Mark Dindal

Stars: Patrick Warburton, Curtis Armstrong, J.P. Manoux

IMDb: TT0465327

Rating: 6.6/10

Season 1
Season 1
Rabbit Face E1. Rabbit Face
Kuzco is up against the highly athletic Kronk in a race after one too many doctor's notes to get out of P.E. To make things worse, Yzma uses a a potion to turn Kuzco into an "ugly ...
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Squeakend at Bucky's/Kuzco Fever E2. Squeakend at Bucky's/Kuzco Fever
Squeakend At Bucky's: After failing his squirrel language test, Kuzco does everything he can to avoid doing any more school work while trying to impress Malina Kuzco Fever: Kuzco f...
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Empress Malina/The Adventures of Red-Eyed Tree Frog Man E3. Empress Malina/The Adventures of Red-Eyed Tree Frog Man
[I - Empress Malina] Kuzco wants to take otherwise 'perfect' Malina to the Kuzcoteque (annual dance), as his presumable future empress. She considers Kuzco superficial, and indeed ...
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Hungry, Hungry Llama/Only the Wrong Survive E4. Hungry, Hungry Llama/Only the Wrong Survive
[I- Hungry, Hungry Llama] Now Mr. Moleguaco is sick of Kuzco's ludicrous excuses that his homework was eaten by all kinds of beasts, Malina convinces him he must actually do the wo...
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Cart Wash/Battle of the Bots E5. Cart Wash/Battle of the Bots
[I- Cart Wash] At the annual KuzCart Wash, even the emperor-to-be must raise money for charity by humbly washing car(t)s, in Pasha's case drenched in lama dun. Malina actually care...
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Girls Behaving Oddly E6. Girls Behaving Oddly
Because Malina has an A- instead of the usual straight A, for gym, she may be banned from the Kuzco Academy cheerleading team. She desperately tries to join another club. Kuzco and...
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The Lost Kids/The Big Fight E7. The Lost Kids/The Big Fight
[I- The Lost Kids] Kuzco is the only available babysitter for Pasha's anniversary spa day, but abuses the bell he was given 'strictly for emergencies' to call Malina's help almost ...
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Kuzclone E8. Kuzclone
A class assignment "My best friend" makes Kuzco realize he has none. He claims he needs no best friend, but for the occasion invents one: his alter-ego Brad Bowllama. Informed by K...
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Unfit to Print/The Emperor's New Pet E9. Unfit to Print/The Emperor's New Pet
[I- Unfit to Print] Kuzco only wants to read about himself and Mr. Moleguaco feels that Malina's school paper articles are boring - so Kuzco is made editor in her place. When she s...
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Peasant for a Day E10. Peasant for a Day
Kuzco enjoys annual Kuzco veneration day, when everybody -except Malina- obeys him unconditionally, but Mr. Moleguaco cruelly turns the class assignment around: who draws a golden ...
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Fortune Cookie Day/Gold Fools E11. Fortune Cookie Day/Gold Fools
[I- Fortune Cookie Day] At the Kuzco Academy's exotic foods days, Yzma and Kronk make Kuzco believe fortune cookies always come true, so he'll obey one ordering him to hand her the...
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The Mystery of Micchu Pachu E12. The Mystery of Micchu Pachu
Kuzco's class takes a trip to the ruins of Micchu Pachu, where legend has it the ghost of last emperor Micchu, transformed into an eater-eater skeleton, still roams about. Yzma dra...
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Oops, All Doodles/Chipmunky Business E13. Oops, All Doodles/Chipmunky Business
[I- Oops, All Doodles] Yzma planned for Kronk to steal the god Virocucha's golden mask while he, Kuzko and Malina were guarding it, but it disappeared before he could. Mr. Moleguac...
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Clash of the Families E14. Clash of the Families
Everybody expected Kuzco to wriggle out of the annual family day contest, but Mamina motivates him by promising him a dance with the winner. So Kuzco first tries to train with Pach...
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The New Kid/Officer Kronk E15. The New Kid/Officer Kronk
[I- The New Kid] When new kid Osker arrives in the Kuzco Academy, a super-cool young emperor and yet Kuzco's greatest fan, Kuzco gets viciously suspicious. Supposing that it must b...
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Kronk Moves In E16. Kronk Moves In
Yzama blames Kronk from all her failed plans, even those which just weren't his fault, so he's fired and kicked out of the palace. When Kuzko tells him he just needs to find a frie...
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Kuzcogarten/Evil and Eviler E17. Kuzcogarten/Evil and Eviler
[1- Kuzcogarten] After thorough research of Kuzco's personal file, Yzma and Kronk find the emperor-to-be never finished Kuzgroup 1 (Kuzco kindergarten), so to Mr. Moleguaco's great...
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The Bride of Kuzco E18. The Bride of Kuzco
Just now Malina has consented to go on a date with Kuzko, he gets even better news: there is one way to gain the throne instantly, freeing him from the burdens of schoolboy-life an...
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U.F.kuzcO./Attack Sub E19. U.F.kuzcO./Attack Sub
[I- U.F.kuzcO.] After Kronk accidentally loosens an umbrella which rolls and Kuzco mistakes it for an UFO (causing havoc), Yzma decides to play aliens with Kronk and later expose K...
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The Yzma That Stole Kuzcoween/Monster Masquerade E20. The Yzma That Stole Kuzcoween/Monster Masquerade
Jealous Yzma can't stand Kuzko is the star of the popular Kuzkoween festival, so she decides to ruin it, enlisting Kronk by promising a star to replace the decorations with spookie...
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Yzmopolis E21. Yzmopolis
In an ill-considered attempt to escape the consequences of being caught with Malina peeking into Mr. Moleguaco's answers at the Kuzko Academy, Kuzko makes a wish at the temple of t...
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Season 2
Season 2
The Emperor's New Tuber/Room for Improvement E1. The Emperor's New Tuber/Room for Improvement
[I- The Emperor's New Tuber] To Kuzco's amazement Malina's competitive obsession extends to anything, even the potato tuber growing context. So he 'helps he' cheating with a 'yard ...
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Cool Summer/Prisoner of Kuzcoban E2. Cool Summer/Prisoner of Kuzcoban
[I- Cool Summer] Kuzco planned to stun everyone as cool king of the beach on holiday, but Pacha forces him to dress sensibly and put on lotion, so he wants to dump the family. Kron...
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Ramon's a Crowd/Guakumentary E3. Ramon's a Crowd/Guakumentary
[I- Ramon's a Crowd] Ramon, the new Spanish exchange student, soon proves more popular then Kuzco. After Yzma replaces him with the smarter Ramon, Kronk teams up with Kuzco. Two co...
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Demon Llama/Show Me the Monkey E4. Demon Llama/Show Me the Monkey
[I- Show Me the Monkey] Once more jealous of popular macho Ramon, Kuzco brags he can climb even better, and Kronk tells everyone he'll prove it by climbing the Kuzco Academy- from ...
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Picture This!/TV or Not TV E5. Picture This!/TV or Not TV
[I- Picture This!] Although Malina always tells Kuzco the personality on the inside is what counts, not appearance, she totally freaks when her yearbook picture turns out freaky. A...
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Kuz-Cop/How Now Sea Cow? E6. Kuz-Cop/How Now Sea Cow?
[I- Kuz-Cop] Kuzco expects lots of presents on his annual October feast-day, but pesters the mall security guard till the man gets fired. The chaos at the big sale is terrible, the...
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A Fair to Remember/Working Girl E7. A Fair to Remember/Working Girl
[I- A Fair to Remember] Kuzco is jealous when Malina refuses to go on a date with him to the Kuzco fair and instead accepts an invitation from Ramon. Kuzco and Kronk's sabotage att...
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Aww, Nuts!/Curse of the Moonbeast E8. Aww, Nuts!/Curse of the Moonbeast
Kuzco has ruined the village's annual acorn festival and blamed the mess on the squirrels, so the village initiates an annual hunt on those. Yzma tricks Kronk so they both eat a ca...
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Emperor's New School Spirit/Card Wars E9. Emperor's New School Spirit/Card Wars
[I- Emperor's New School Spirit] Envious when the whole school cheers the sacred ballgame mascot Yippe-yo rather then him, Kuzco makes the llama disappear. Since nobody enjoys the ...
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The Emperor's New Home School/Mudka's Secret Recipe E10. The Emperor's New Home School/Mudka's Secret Recipe
[I- The Emperor's New Home School] Lazy Kuzco thinks he can slack off if he takes home schooling, but Pacha's wife makes sure he doesn't like it any better, while Yzma tries to mak...
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Emperor's New Musical E11. Emperor's New Musical
Yzma has the Kuzco academy declared bankrupt and about to be torn down, so Kuzco can't graduate (just two days away). Malina tries to raise 5,000 Kuzeiros by mounting a musical sho...
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A Giftmas Story E12. A Giftmas Story
Unlike Kronk, cynical Kuzco doesn't believe in Papa Santos, the Santa Claus equivalent in Giftmas, the local version of Christmas. Yzma plans to use this against Kuzco. Instead, th...
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No Man Is an Island/Vincent Van Guaka E13. No Man Is an Island/Vincent Van Guaka
[PART I- No Man Is an Island] Kuzco's habit to make every presentation about himself is scolded by teacher Moleguaco and, worse, Malina, as being selfish. Yzma tells Krink she's si...
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Air Kuzco/Kronkenitza E14. Air Kuzco/Kronkenitza
[I- Air Kuzco] Kuzco is envious of Kronk's popularity as the school's sports hero, so he insists on being included in an imperial ballgame duel against Mexico's Emperor's school. A...
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Come Fly with Me/Project Poncho E15. Come Fly with Me/Project Poncho
[I- Come Fly with Me] Ar Malina's blossom ball (coming out party), Kuzco ruins everything, as egocentrically as usual. After drinking an Yzma-elixir turns him into a nearly swatted...
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Citizen Kronk/The Pajama Llama Dilemma E16. Citizen Kronk/The Pajama Llama Dilemma
[I- Citizen Kronk] The Kuzco Academy elects a deputy for student president Melina. Yzma hopes to ruin Kuzco's chances by transforming Kronk into an evil double. However Kronk's tru...
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Yzma Be Gone/Last Ditch Effort E17. Yzma Be Gone/Last Ditch Effort
[I- Yzma Be Gone] Yzma's endless transformation potion plans get on Kuzco's nerves. He takes Guaca's suggestion and dubious help to solve the problem at the root, the secret lab. D...
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The Good, the Bad and the Kronk/Mud E18. The Good, the Bad and the Kronk/Mud
[I- The Good, the Bad and the Kronk] Kronk is tired of his angelic and diabolic conscience rivals are bickering in his ear, so he sends both on a holiday. That makes him unable to ...
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Auction Action/The Astonishing Kuzco E19. Auction Action/The Astonishing Kuzco
[I- Auction Action] Kuzco expected everyone would bid on him at the charity bachelor auction, especially Malina. Instead she bids on Kronk, who suggests she wants to make him jealo...
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Guaka Rules E20. Guaka Rules
During a school museum visit, Kronk's sneezing and Kuzco's dangerous clumsy mischief uncover an ancient inscription. It suggests his family isn't the real dynasty. Worse, that's Gu...
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Malina's Big Break/Hotel Kuzco E21. Malina's Big Break/Hotel Kuzco
[I - Malina's Big Break] Kuzco tries to help Malina relax when she becomes stressed about her interview for a magazine internship. [II - Hotel Kuzco] Kuzco moves back to the palace...
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Father O'Mine/Everyone Loves Kuzco E22. Father O'Mine/Everyone Loves Kuzco
[I-Father O'Mine] Kuzco is eager to believe a man claiming to be his father, the previous emperor, who has been missing for years after going on a journey and presumed dead. He eve...
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Puff Piece/Take My Advice E23. Puff Piece/Take My Advice
[I- Puff Piece] When Molegucao gives as assignment to start a business to the students, lazybones Kuzco teams up with Kronk, who bakes his spinach puffs. Kuzco ambitiously turns th...
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Yzbot/The Puma Whisperer E24. Yzbot/The Puma Whisperer
[I-Yzbot] Yzma's latest crazy scheme involves going to Hollywood, so she leaves Kronk in charge of Yzmabot, a robot taking her place as principal Amzy. The remote control gets mixe...
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Kronk the Magnificent/Kamp Kuzco E25. Kronk the Magnificent/Kamp Kuzco
[I- Kronk the Magnificent] When a giant Kuzco statue annoys the Royal record-keeper, enough to doctor the books to popular Kronk's advantage, imperial candidates Kuzko and Yzma hav...
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Groove Remover/Overachiever Club E26. Groove Remover/Overachiever Club
Groove Remover: Yzma hopes to get rid of Kuzko by making him drink a potion which not only transforms him, but everyone who addresses him into whatever they named as a curse. Overa...
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Emperor's New Show/Too Many Malina's E27. Emperor's New Show/Too Many Malina's
[I- Emperor's New Show] Reacting to the show'w fan mail, alas not entirely praising him personally, Kuzco tries his hand at other genres, such as a cop action show. Yzma considers ...
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Faking the Grade/Eco Kuzco E28. Faking the Grade/Eco Kuzco
Even in a class quiz solely about himself, Kuzco is beaten abysmally. Yet he has an all-AAs report card, which Pasha rewards with a celebratory family dinner. Guaca declines joinin...
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Kuzcokazooza/Kuzco's Little Secret E29. Kuzcokazooza/Kuzco's Little Secret
After reverse psychology fails to win a date with Malina, Kuzco decides he needs to become a rock star like popular Brock, although he can barely play a bit of kazoo. He tricks the...
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Cornivale E30. Cornivale
At the annual Cornivale family festival, Kuzco fakes a flu to sneak out to Machu Pichu. The only transport available is Taxi's free rickshaw, which proves adventurous but far from ...
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Graduation Groove E31. Graduation Groove
Kuzco is finally about to graduate, but gets scared when the royal records keeper shows him a task description video about endless duty towards the peasant population. So he attemp...
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