The Crossing (2018) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2018

Duration: 42 min

Genres: Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi

Writers: Dan Dworkin, Jay Beattie

Stars: Natalie Martinez, Sandrine Holt, Grant Harvey, Steve Zahn, Rick Gomez, Simone Kessell, Rob Campbell, Tommy Bastow, Kelley Missal, Marcuis Harris, Jay Karnes

IMDb: TT6461824

Rating: 7.3/10

Season -1
Season -1
Episode dated 16 April 2018 E-1. Episode dated 16 April 2018
16 Apr 2018
Season 1
Season 1
Pilot E1. Pilot
People are found on the beach, some living some not, with dozens more floating in the water. They claim to be from a hellish future where mutant humans have taken over and are exte...
10 links 27 Apr 2018
A Shadow Out of Time E2. A Shadow Out of Time
In a flash-forward, Reece adopts an orphaned Leah, going against the Apex. In present day, Jude works towards a peaceful solution with the government, but is surprised by a special...
10 links 09 Apr 2018
Pax Americana E3. Pax Americana
Reece takes drastic measures to save Leah before it's too late. Hannah decides to escape the zone and visit the outside world.
8 links 16 Apr 2018
The Face of Oblivion E4. The Face of Oblivion
Desperate to rescue his son from a potentially lethal situation, Jude makes a request that could endanger the lives of everyone at the camp; Hannah's secret past comes to light; So...
5 links 23 Apr 2018
Ten Years Gone E5. Ten Years Gone
Flashbacks reveal a haunting connection between Marshall and the early migration. Meanwhile, Jude investigates a mysterious disappearance, and Sophie risks her life and career to h...
10 links 30 Apr 2018
Jude is forced to confront his past when he travels back to Oakland to seek assistance from a former colleague. Meanwhile, Caleb reaches out to Marshall after noticing heightened s...
5 links 07 May 2018
Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream E7. Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream
As tensions in the camp rise, Craig Lindauer agrees to allow a select group of refugees take a trip into town, causing Jude to question the sudden show of goodwill. Meanwhile, Hann...
6 links 14 May 2018
The Long Morrow E8. The Long Morrow
A grisly discovery is made in camp. Jude makes a risky move to try to expose the truth. Reece is held captive.
9 links 28 May 2018
Hope Smiles from the Threshold E9. Hope Smiles from the Threshold
Jude and Nestor find a connection to the crossing in an unlikely place that provides answers about what really happened. Naomi's growing influence leads to confrontation.
9 links 04 Jun 2018
The Androcles Option E10. The Androcles Option
Jude and Nestor plan to break the refugees out of the camp, but the plan is complicated when Sophie arrives with new information. Marshall takes matters into own hands.
4 links 09 Jun 2018
These Are the Names E11. These Are the Names
In the season finale, the refugees' lives hang in the balance as Jude and Nestor make an unlikely ally. Eve and Lindauer try to tie up loose ends.
4 links 09 Jun 2018
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