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It's a party in the kitchen each and every afternoon, as "The Chew" celebrates and explores life through food. Each show brings viewers smart and intelligent talk that engages the audience ... See full summary »

Year: 2011

Duration: 60 min

Country: USA

Genre: Talk-Show

Stars: Carla Hall, Michael Symon, Mario Batali, Clinton Kelly

IMDb: TT2071236

Rating: 5.4/10

Season -1
Season -1
E-1. Cooking Off the New Year
09 Jan 2012
E-1. Episode dated 18 December 2016
18 Dec 2016
E-1. Episode dated 20 November 2016
20 Nov 2016
E-1. Episode dated 23 December 2016
23 Dec 2016
E-1. Cookie Monster Stops By
12 Apr 2012
E-1. Episode dated 11 January 2012
11 Jan 2012
E-1. Pasta Palooza
23 Apr 2012
E-1. Episode dated 19 November 2016
19 Nov 2016
E-1. Episode dated 5 December 2016
05 Dec 2016
E-1. Episode dated 25 December 2016
25 Dec 2016
E-1. Episode dated 11 December 2016
11 Dec 2016
E-1. Episode dated 9 December 2011
09 Dec 2011
E-1. Episode dated 22 December 2016
22 Dec 2016
E-1. Episode dated 17 December 2016
17 Dec 2016
E-1. Episode dated 24 December 2016
24 Dec 2016
E-1. Battle of the Sexes
30 May 2012
E-1. Valentines Day Choc-Tacular
14 Mar 2012
E-1. Episode dated 22 December 2011
22 Dec 2011
E-1. Super Bowl Spectacular
01 Feb 2012
E-1. Episode dated 15 December 2016
15 Dec 2016
E-1. Episode dated 10 December 2016
10 Dec 2016
Season 1
Season 1
E1. The Premiere
26 Sep 2011
Episode #1.2 E2. Episode #1.2
27 Sep 2011
Episode #1.3 E3. Episode #1.3
28 Sep 2011
Episode #1.4 E4. Episode #1.4
29 Sep 2011
Episode #1.5 E5. Episode #1.5
30 Sep 2011
Episode #1.6 E6. Episode #1.6
03 Oct 2011
Episode #1.7 E7. Episode #1.7
04 Oct 2011
Episode #1.8 E8. Episode #1.8
05 Oct 2011
Episode #1.9 E9. Episode #1.9
06 Oct 2011
Episode #1.10 E10. Episode #1.10
07 Oct 2011
Episode #1.11 E11. Episode #1.11
10 Oct 2011
Episode #1.12 E12. Episode #1.12
11 Oct 2011
Episode #1.13 E13. Episode #1.13
12 Oct 2011
Episode #1.14 E14. Episode #1.14
13 Oct 2011
Episode #1.15 E15. Episode #1.15
14 Oct 2011
Episode #1.16 E16. Episode #1.16
17 Oct 2011
Episode #1.17 E17. Episode #1.17
18 Oct 2011
Episode #1.18 E18. Episode #1.18
19 Oct 2011
Episode #1.19 E19. Episode #1.19
20 Oct 2011
Episode #1.20 E20. Episode #1.20
21 Oct 2011
E21. Monster Mash-Up
24 Oct 2011
E22. Masquerade Meals
25 Oct 2011
E23. Hearty Halloween
26 Oct 2011
E24. Sweet Treats
27 Oct 2011
E25. Wicked Weekend
28 Oct 2011
E26. Haunted Halloween Party
31 Oct 2011
E27. November to Remember
01 Nov 2011
E28. Bringing Sexy Foods Back
02 Nov 2011
E29. Food Myths
03 Nov 2011
E30. Xtreme Food
04 Nov 2011
E31. Chocolate Lovers Show
07 Nov 2011
E32. Country and Tastin'
08 Nov 2011
E33. Things You Didn't Know
09 Nov 2011
E34. Chew Toys
10 Nov 2011
E35. Away for the Weekend
11 Nov 2011
E36. Sensational Side Dishes
14 Nov 2011
E37. Lighter Side of Thanksgiving
15 Nov 2011
E38. Thanksgiving Desserts
16 Nov 2011
E39. Talkin' Turkey
17 Nov 2011
E40. My Favorite Thanksgiving
18 Nov 2011
E41. Fail-Safe Thanksgiving
21 Nov 2011
E47. A Holiday Slumber Party
30 Nov 2011
Episode #1.94 E94. Episode #1.94
20 Feb 2012
E100. 100th Show
28 Feb 2012
E101. Burger Bash
29 Feb 2012
E102. Chicken Chowdown
01 Mar 2012
E103. Love at First Bite
02 Mar 2012
E104. Back to Basics
05 Mar 2012
E105. Chew for One
06 Mar 2012
Episode #1.112 E112. Episode #1.112
15 Mar 2012
E115. Comfort Classics
20 Mar 2012
E117. Big Easy
22 Mar 2012
E118. Pie Day Friday
23 Mar 2012
E126. Super Dishes
04 Apr 2012
E127. Eggstravaganza
05 Apr 2012
E132. 6 Degrees of Bacon
19 Apr 2012
E135. Lunch Box
24 Apr 2012
E137. World's Greatest Sandwich
26 Apr 2012
E138. Hopelessly Devoted to Food
27 Apr 2012
E146. Moms Just Wanna Have Fun
09 May 2012
E148. Ultimate Mother's Day
11 May 2012
E149. Breakfast In America
14 May 2012
E150. No Muss, No Fuss, No Problem
15 May 2012
E151. Foods That Will Hug You
16 May 2012
E153. You've Got to Fight for Your Right to Party on a Dime
18 May 2012
E155. Cooking Lessons
National Teacher's Day is celebrated. Michael gives two educators cooking lessons; Robert Egger, who works with farmers to create jobs.
03 May 2016
E172. Summertime, Funtime, Sunshine Happy Hour
18 Jun 2012
E173. Fool Proof Feast
19 Jun 2012
E174. Everything You Wanted to Know About Your Grill But Were Afraid to Ask
20 Jun 2012
E175. Wingin' It
21 Jun 2012
E176. Three Generation Meals
22 Jun 2012
E177. Five Minutes or Less
25 Jun 2012
E178. Easy Outdoor Entertaining
26 Jun 2012
E179. Star Spangled Platter
27 Jun 2012
E180. Summer Camp Cookout
28 Jun 2012
E181. Summer Lovin'
29 Jun 2012
E182. Raising the Bar-B-Q
09 Jul 2012
E183. Family Style Summer Meals
10 Jul 2012
E184. Beach Blanket Bonanza
11 Jul 2012
E185. My Favorite Summer Memories
12 Jul 2012
E186. Under the Boardwalk
13 Jul 2012
E187. Outside the Box Breakfasts
16 Jul 2012
E188. The Chew State Fair
17 Jul 2012
E190. Afternoon Delights
19 Jul 2012
E191. Freaky Friday
20 Jul 2012
E192. Easy Money Monday
23 Jul 2012
E193. Win a Date with Mario Batali
24 Jul 2012
E194. Simple Summer Suppers
25 Jul 2012
E195. All-American Meals
26 Jul 2012
E196. Food Flashbacks
27 Jul 2012
E197. Cornucopia!
30 Jul 2012
E198. Everything Must Grill!
31 Jul 2012
E199. Girl Talk
01 Aug 2012
E200. Crazy Family Favorites
02 Aug 2012
E201. Take Out Fake Out
03 Aug 2012
E202. Summer Brunch
06 Aug 2012
E203. Summertime Sweets
07 Aug 2012
E204. Five Star Meals at One Star Prices
08 Aug 2012
E205. Summer Classics
09 Aug 2012
E206. Fifty Dollar Friday
10 Aug 2012
E207. Just Chillin'
13 Aug 2012
E208. Crunched! The Loudest Show on Earth!
14 Aug 2012
E209. Julia Child's 100th Birthday Party
15 Aug 2012
E210. Farm Stand Fun
16 Aug 2012
E211. Last Minute Meals
17 Aug 2012
E212. Salad Days of Summer
20 Aug 2012
E213. Good for the Soul
21 Aug 2012
E214. On a Bun
22 Aug 2012
E215. Summer's Best
23 Aug 2012
E216. The Chew Presents ABC's Primetime Fall Preview Special
03 Sep 2012
Season 2
Season 2
E1. Season 2 Premiere
10 Sep 2012
E2. American Classics
11 Sep 2012
E3. Quick and Easy Meals
12 Sep 2012
E4. Constant Cravings
13 Sep 2012
E5. Extra Value Friday
14 Sep 2012
E6. Sinfully Sweet
17 Sep 2012
E7. Fall Favorites
18 Sep 2012
E8. Michael and Mario's Birthday Bash!
19 Sep 2012
E9. How to Grill Like a Pro
20 Sep 2012
E10. Emmy Party
21 Sep 2012
E11. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Chicken (But Were Afraid Too Ask)
24 Sep 2012
E12. The Chew's Book Party
25 Sep 2012
E13. Big Breakfast Bonanza
26 Sep 2012
E14. Battle of the Iron Grandmas
27 Sep 2012
E15. Extra Value Friday: 2 for 1
28 Sep 2012
E16. Potluck Party
01 Oct 2012
E17. Freezer Friendly Feasts
02 Oct 2012
E18. Dinner and a Movie
03 Oct 2012
E19. Family Style Favorites
04 Oct 2012
E20. Extra Value Friday: Skinny Edition
05 Oct 2012
E21. That's Italian!
08 Oct 2012
E22. Autumn Harvest
09 Oct 2012
E23. One Dollar Wednesday
10 Oct 2012
E24. Best of Fall
11 Oct 2012
E25. Extra Value Friday: Ultimate Tailgate
12 Oct 2012
E26. Healthy Meals, Big Flavors
15 Oct 2012
E27. Win a Dream Date with Michael Symon
16 Oct 2012
E28. Fall Fever
17 Oct 2012
E29. The Big Apple
18 Oct 2012
E30. Extra Value Friday: Sandwich $avings
19 Oct 2012
E31. Tips Tricks or Treats
22 Oct 2012
E32. Monster Mash-Ups
23 Oct 2012
E33. Spooky Sweets
24 Oct 2012
E34. All Star Halloween Food Fantasies
25 Oct 2012
E35. Extra Value Friday: Halloween Party!
26 Oct 2012
E36. Homemade Halloween
29 Oct 2012
E37. Halloween Spooktacular
31 Oct 2012
E38. Thanksgiving: 3 Weeks to Go
01 Nov 2012
E39. Extra Value Friday: Carbo-Load
02 Nov 2012
E40. Thanks-Giving Back
05 Nov 2012
E41. Decision 2012: America Eats
06 Nov 2012
E42. Thanksgiving: Just Desserts
07 Nov 2012
E43. Thanksgiving: Two Weeks Away!
08 Nov 2012
E44. Extra Value Friday: Thrifty Thanksgiving
09 Nov 2012
E45. Battle of the Iron Grandmas: Stuffing Smackdown
12 Nov 2012
E46. Country Comfort Thanksgiving
13 Nov 2012
E47. Foolproof Thanksgiving
14 Nov 2012
E48. Thanksgiving with a Twist
15 Nov 2012
E49. Extra Value Friday: Sensational Sides
16 Nov 2012
E50. Turkey-Palooza: No Turkey Left Behind
19 Nov 2012
E51. Turkey Timeline
20 Nov 2012
E52. The Chew's Thanksgiving Spectacular
The hosts share their favorite Thanksgiving recipes, including mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, and stuffing; dining etiquette and entertaining tips.
21 Nov 2012
E53. Chewer's Choice: Viewer Recipes
26 Nov 2012
E54. Speedy Holiday Dishes
27 Nov 2012
E55. Holiday Childhood Favorites
28 Nov 2012
E56. Brunch Blowout
29 Nov 2012
E57. Extra Value Friday: Holiday Potluck Party
30 Nov 2012
E58. Christmas Tips & Tricks
Kermit the Frog. Also: a holiday ham recipe.
03 Dec 2012
E59. Comfort Food
04 Dec 2012
E60. Fail Safe Holiday
05 Dec 2012
E61. Crowd Pleasing Christmas
06 Dec 2012
E62. Extra Value Friday: Classic Christmas Dishes
07 Dec 2012
E63. Naughty and Nice Meals
10 Dec 2012
E64. Holiday Recipe Box
11 Dec 2012
E65. The 12 Dishes of Christmas
11 Dec 2012
E66. Fantasy Holiday Deserts
13 Dec 2012
E67. Extra Value Friday: Holiday Party Edition
14 Dec 2012
E68. Sweet Christmas
17 Dec 2012
E69. Cozy Christmas
18 Dec 2012
E70. Family Holiday Dinner
19 Dec 2012
E71. New Year's Eve Bash
20 Dec 2012
E72. Chew's Holiday Spectacular
Olivia Newton-John; The Minutemen; The Radio City Rockettes.
21 Dec 2012
E73. Chew Year's Resolutions
07 Jan 2013
E74. Healthy New Year
08 Jan 2013
E75. Meatball Madness
09 Jan 2013
E76. Comfort Without the Calories
10 Jan 2013
E77. Extra Value Friday: First Date Bites
11 Jan 2013
E78. Meatless Monday Miracle Meals
14 Jan 2013
E79. Cheese Is the Word
15 Jan 2013
E80. Family-Style Restaurant Favorites
16 Jan 2013
E82. Extra Value Friday: Italian Edition
18 Jan 2013
E83. Quick N' Easy Desserts
22 Jan 2013
E84. Dynamic Duos
23 Jan 2013
E85. Fridge Raiders!
24 Jan 2013
E86. Extra Value Friday: Easy as 1 2 3 Edition
25 Jan 2013
E87. Blockbuster Breakfasts!
28 Jan 2013
E89. Five Dollar Decadence
30 Jan 2013
E90. Pre-Game Tailgate Party
31 Jan 2013
E92. Simple, Special, Spectacular!
04 Feb 2013
E93. Ultimate Desserts
05 Feb 2013
E94. Crazy Comfort Classics
06 Feb 2013
E95. Death by Chocolate
07 Feb 2013
E96. Extra Value Friday: Rich Dish Low Cost
08 Feb 2013
E130. Simple, Special, Spectacular: Grilled Edition
11 Apr 2013
E131. Extra Value Friday: Mambo Italiano
12 Apr 2013
E132. Money-Saving Monday
15 Apr 2013
E133. 300 Calories or Less!
16 Apr 2013
E134. Sugar Rush
17 Apr 2013
E135. Crispy Crunchy Creations!
18 Apr 2013
E136. Extra Value Friday: Cash Back Cuisine
19 Apr 2013
E137. It's Easy Being Green
22 Apr 2013
E138. Stress Free Meals
23 Apr 2013
E139. Time Saving Suppers
24 Apr 2013
E140. Destination Dinners
25 Apr 2013
E141. Extra Value Friday: Summer Slim Down Edition
26 Apr 2013
E142. Fine Dining on a Dime
29 Apr 2013
E143. 50 Must-Know Kitchen Tips
30 Apr 2013
E144. Cinco de Mayo
01 May 2013
E145. Dress Up Your Dinner
02 May 2013
E146. Extra Value Friday: Fastest Food on Earth
03 May 2013
E147. The Chew's Cooking Class: The Essentials
06 May 2013
E148. Battle of the All-Star Iron Grandmas: Mother's Day Brunch Edition
07 May 2013
E149. Secret Family Recipe
08 May 2013
E150. Make-Ahead Meals on Ice
09 May 2013
E151. Extra Value Friday: Mother's Day Miracles
10 May 2013
E152. Amazing Kitchen Creations
13 May 2013
E153. Best Dessert I Ever Tasted
14 May 2013
E154. Sinful Snacks
15 May 2013
E155. No Plate Required
16 May 2013
E156. Extra Value Friday: Milestone Meals
17 May 2013
E157. The Big Bold BBQ Show
20 May 2013
E158. The Chew's Do-It-Yourself Wedding Menu
21 May 2013
E159. Bite 'n Blog
22 May 2013
E160. Flavortown, USA
23 May 2013
E161. Extra Value Friday: Memorial Day BBQ
24 May 2013
E162. The Chew's Ultimate BBQ Cookout Countdown
The hosts talk about their favorite BBQ joints around the country. Also: visits to barbecues and cookouts around the country; race-car driver Clint Bowyer; author Dylan Ratigan.
27 May 2013
E163. Mile High Sandwiches
28 May 2013
E164. School's Out for Summer Snacks
29 May 2013
E165. Here's the Beef!
30 May 2013
E166. Extra Value Friday: Mexican Favorites
31 May 2013
E167. Double Decker Dishes
03 Jun 2013
E168. How-To Tuesday
04 Jun 2013
E169. Camp Chew
05 Jun 2013
E170. Lightweight Meals: 500 Calories or Less
06 Jun 2013
E171. Extra Value Friday: Pizza Night
07 Jun 2013
E172. Garden Grub
10 Jun 2013
E173. Salute to Summer
11 Jun 2013
E174. The Chew's Ultimate Challenges
12 Jun 2013
E175. Farm Fresh Food
13 Jun 2013
E176. Extra Value Friday: Father's Day Edition
14 Jun 2013
E177. Meals Your Man Should Know/Harry Connick Jr.
17 Jun 2013
E178. The Chew's Cooking Class: Summer School
18 Jun 2013
E179. South in Yo' Mouth
19 Jun 2013
E180. Win a Dream Date with Clinton Kelly
20 Jun 2013
E181. Extra Value Friday: Summer Kickoff
21 Jun 2013
E182. Summer Blockbuster Bites
24 Jun 2013
E183. Bringin' Home the Bacon
25 Jun 2013
E184. Field of Greens
26 Jun 2013
E185. Patriotic Plates
27 Jun 2013
E186. Extra Value Friday: The Battle of the Sexes
28 Jun 2013
E187. The Best BBQ I Ever Tasted
08 Jul 2013
E188. Dapper Dinners
09 Jul 2013
E189. The Chew's Tiki Party
10 Jul 2013
E190. Blasts from the Past
11 Jul 2013
E191. Extra Value Friday: Burger Blowout
12 Jul 2013
E192. I Wanna Know What Lunch Is
15 Jul 2013
E193. Pimp My Street Eats
16 Jul 2013
E194. Old-Fashioned Favorites
17 Jul 2013
E195. Crazy Combos
18 Jul 2013
E196. Extra Value Friday: No Bake Desserts
19 Jul 2013
E197. Viewers' Choice: Backyard BBQ
22 Jul 2013
E198. Fusion Favorites
23 Jul 2013
E199. Meals from the Mall
24 Jul 2013
E200. All You Can Eat Breakfast
25 Jul 2013
E201. Extra Value Friday: Everything Must Go!
26 Jul 2013
E202. The Chew's Summertime, Funtime, Sunshine Happy Hour
29 Jul 2013
E203. More Cheese, Please!
30 Jul 2013
E204. The Chew's Pajama Party
31 Jul 2013
E205. Perfect Picnic
01 Aug 2013
E206. Extra Value Friday: Dollar Decadence
02 Aug 2013
E207. It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
05 Aug 2013
E208. The Chew's Soda Shoppe
06 Aug 2013
E209. The Best Breakfast I Ever Tasted
07 Aug 2013
E210. Hot Dog Days of Summer
08 Aug 2013
E211. Extra Value Friday: Cash Back Edition
09 Aug 2013
E212. Last Days of Summer
26 Aug 2013
E213. Salute to Fruit
27 Aug 2013
E214. Cafe Le Chew
28 Aug 2013
E215. Steak-ation
29 Aug 2013
E216. Extra Value Freaky Friday
30 Aug 2013
E217. Seasonal Suppers
03 Sep 2013
E219. Pie in the Sky
05 Sep 2013
E220. Extra Value Friday: Effortless Entrees
06 Sep 2013
Season 3
Season 3
E1. Season 3 Kick-Off
09 Sep 2013
E2. TV Dinners with a Twist
10 Sep 2013
E3. Surprising Suppers
11 Sep 2013
E4. Vintage Dishes
12 Sep 2013
E5. Extra Value Friday: Chew to the Rescue
13 Sep 2013
E6. Party Platters
16 Sep 2013
E7. Veggie-Palooza
17 Sep 2013
E8. Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger!
Maria Bello (Prisoners (2013)). Also: the spaghetti burger at Philadelphia's "P.Y.T." restaurant.
18 Sep 2013
E9. Back to Cooking School
19 Sep 2013
E10. Extra Value Friday: Budget Breakfast
Lenny Venito cooks breakfast with Mario.
20 Sep 2013
E11. Fabulous Fall Feasts
23 Sep 2013
E12. What's for Dinner?
24 Sep 2013
E13. Family Friendly Food
25 Sep 2013
E14. Best Lunch I Ever Tasted
26 Sep 2013
E15. Extra Value Friday: Choc-O-Rama
Chef Jacques Torres prepares a cake-mix soufflé; Valerie Bertinelli makes chocolate chicken mole.
27 Sep 2013
E16. Mighty Meatless Meals
30 Sep 2013
E17. The Sweet Life
01 Oct 2013
E18. Country Fried Favorites
02 Oct 2013
E19. Jump Start Your Day
03 Oct 2013
E20. Extra Value Friday: Mexican Madness
04 Oct 2013
E21. Super Sandwiches
07 Oct 2013
E22. Leftover Makeover
08 Oct 2013
E23. Meals on the Go
09 Oct 2013
E24. Tastes Like a Million Bucks
10 Oct 2013
Extra Value Friday: Tasty Tailgate E25. Extra Value Friday: Tasty Tailgate
The Chew Crew prepares tasty tailgate food when David Boreanaz stops by.
11 Oct 2013
E26. Columbus Day Celebration
14 Oct 2013
E27. Fast, Cheap & Easy
15 Oct 2013
E28. Chew-nited Nations
16 Oct 2013
E29. Oodles of Noodles
17 Oct 2013
E30. Extra Value Friday: Chicken Chow Down
18 Oct 2013
E31. How 'Bout Them Apples
21 Oct 2013
E32. Nuts for Nuts
22 Oct 2013
E33. Meals from the Heartland
23 Oct 2013
E34. Food: The Final Frontier
24 Oct 2013
E35. Extra Value Friday: Haunted Halloween
25 Oct 2013
E36. Marvelous Munchies
28 Oct 2013
E37. Crowd Pleasin' Potluck
29 Oct 2013
E38. Something Tasty This Way Comes
30 Oct 2013
E39. The Chew's Halloween Spooktacular
31 Oct 2013
E40. Extra Value Friday: Goodbye Halloween, Hello Thanksgiving
01 Nov 2013
E41. Great American Thanksgiving Cook-Off
04 Nov 2013
E42. Thanksgiving Battles of the Sexes
05 Nov 2013
E43. Amazin' Braisin'!
06 Nov 2013
E44. Battle of the Iron Grandmas: Thanksgiving Desserts
07 Nov 2013
E45. Extra Value Friday: Family Classics
08 Nov 2013
E46. Thanksgiving: Back to Basics
11 Nov 2013
E47. Stress-Free Suppers
12 Nov 2013
E48. Thanksgiving Across America
13 Nov 2013
E49. Perfect Plates
14 Nov 2013
E50. Thanksgiving to Go
15 Nov 2013
E51. Sensational Stuffing
18 Nov 2013
E52. Bird Is the Word!
19 Nov 2013
E53. Simple, Special, Spectacular Sides
20 Nov 2013
E54. Foolproof Thanksgiving Dessert
21 Nov 2013
E55. Extra Value Friday: Turkey Timeline
22 Nov 2013
E56. Instant Thanksgiving
25 Nov 2013
E57. Thanksgivukkah
26 Nov 2013
E58. The Chew's Ultimate Thanksgiving
27 Nov 2013
E59. Deep Fried December
02 Dec 2013
E60. The Chew's 500th Show
A party for the 500th episode features the hosts' favorite moments and recipes.
03 Dec 2013
E61. #ThrowbackChristmas
04 Dec 2013
E62. Supersized Seasonal Suppers
05 Dec 2013
E63. Extra Value Friday: Homemade Holidays
06 Dec 2013
E64. Naughty & Nice
09 Dec 2013
E65. Feliz Navidad!
10 Dec 2013
E66. Cookin' Around the Christmas Tree
Chef Guy Fieri. Also: holiday cocktail recipes, including jingle bell juleps and cranberry Claus punch; fun and innovative ways to decorate gingerbread cookies.
11 Dec 2013
E67. Cookies, Cakes and Holiday Bakes
Michael visits "Tate's Bake Shop" in Southhampton, New York; citrus shortbread sandwich cookies.
12 Dec 2013
E68. EVF: Eat Like Santa, Save Like Scrooge
13 Dec 2013
E69. How-to Holiday
16 Dec 2013
E70. Home for the Holidays
17 Dec 2013
E71. Winter Funderland
18 Dec 2013
E72. The Chew's Snow Day
19 Dec 2013
E73. Extra Value Friday: The Best Christmas Party Ever!
20 Dec 2013
E74. Pantry Party
06 Jan 2014
E75. Start the Year Off Light
07 Jan 2014
E76. Take Out with a Twist
08 Jan 2014
E77. Crunchfest 2014
09 Jan 2014
E78. Extra Value Friday: Guilt-Free Goodies
10 Jan 2014
E79. 500 Calorie Blowout
13 Jan 2014
E80. Fun on a Bun
Cheryl Hines. Also: sandwich recipes.
14 Jan 2014
E81. Breakfast Bonanza!
15 Jan 2014
E82. Oldies But Goodies
A behind-the-scenes look at the musical, "Newsies".
16 Jan 2014
E83. Extra Value Friday: Cook One, Eat One Free
Singer Jennifer Nettles. Also: Mario makes a meal using leftovers.
17 Jan 2014
E84. Viewers' Choice: Meat & Potatoes
20 Jan 2014
E85. Viewers' Choice: Southern Comfort
21 Jan 2014
E86. Viewers' Choice: Time Saving Suppers
22 Jan 2014
E87. Viewers' Choice: Soups 'N Stews 'N Stuff
23 Jan 2014
E88. Extra Value Friday: Viewers' Choice: Cheesy Wonders
24 Jan 2014
E89. Our Secret Recipes: Revealed!
Dulé Hill prepares spaghetti carbonara with Clinton; Michael makes corn dogs; and Mario visits "Russ and Daughters" in New York City.
27 Jan 2014
E90. All You Can Eat Breakfast #2
Mario makes a dessert; Clinton and Michael prepare a breakfast recipe.
28 Jan 2014
E91. Perfect Party Food
29 Jan 2014
E92. Pigskin Platters
30 Jan 2014
E93. Extra Value Friday: Chewper Bowl
31 Jan 2014
E94. Pour Some Sugar on Me
Little Big Town offer a preview of their music video for "Sober"; Carla visits "The Cupcake Collection" bakery in Nashville. Also: a recipe for sticky sweet cinnamon buns.
03 Feb 2014
E95. Super Soul Food
04 Feb 2014
E96. Cold Weather Cooking
05 Feb 2014
E97. Bucket List Meals
Chef Curtis Stone offers a tour of his restaurant, Maude, in Los Angeles.
06 Feb 2014
E98. Extra Value Friday: Daphne's Baby Shower
Michael makes banana-bread pudding; Mario prepares Swiss-chard-and-sausage frittata; and Carla and Clinton make baby-cucumber sandwiches and baby-chicken-salad puffs.
07 Feb 2014
E99. Mac 'n' Cheese Monday
Toni Braxton, Clinton and Mario prepare a cheesy recipe; Daphne visits "Murray's Cheese Shop" in New York City.
10 Feb 2014
E100. Feel Good Food
11 Feb 2014
E101. Sweets for Your Sweetie
12 Feb 2014
E102. The Chew's Cooking Class: Valentine's Day
13 Feb 2014
E103. Be My Valentine
14 Feb 2014
E104. Wild Winter Cookout
17 Feb 2014
E105. Braisin' Bash
18 Feb 2014
E106. Deluxe Dinner Party
Mario shares a paella recipe, Carla visits the restaurant, "Jeepney", in New York City.
19 Feb 2014
E107. Mega Mash-Up Meals
Michael makes butter-fried chicken; Carla prepares cheesy disco fries.
20 Feb 2014
E108. Extra Value Friday: America's Favorite Comfort Food
Wayne Brady helps prepare comfort-food recipes.
21 Feb 2014
E109. Slumber Party!
Snowboarder Kelly Clark visits. Also, Michael offers tours of his Cleveland restaurants: Lola, Lolita & B Spot; Clinton prepares pasta Bolognese; and Mario makes crespelle with ric...
24 Feb 2014
E110. The Chew's Pool Party!
Donald Faison makes grilled shrimp with pineapple; Michael prepares grilled clams with chorizo; and Clinton mixes a mango daiquiri.
25 Feb 2014
E111. Tex-Mex Takeover
A guacamole bar is set up by Daphne; Mario makes rock-shrimp tortas; and Michael prepares chili rellenos.
26 Feb 2014
E112. The Chew's Chocolate Factory
Chef Curtis Stone and Carla make a triple-chocolate tart. The hosts compete with their best chocolate recipes.
27 Feb 2014
E113. The Chew's Ultimate Oscar Party
Rosie Perez guests. Also, tips for hosting an Oscars party; cocktail recipes.
28 Feb 2014
E114. Rockin' Casseroles
Rosie Perez and Mario prepare baked manicotti; Daphne makes a potato-and-apple casserole.
03 Mar 2014
E115. Fat Tuesday Fest
Lauren Cohan ("The Walking Dead"). Also: Clinton shares recipes for a Mardi Gras party, and the gang gets the facts on the birth of Daphne's daughter, Philomena.
04 Mar 2014
E116. Breakfast Basics
Chef Fabio Viviani and Mario prepare a breakfast dish. Also: how to boil, scramble and poach eggs.
05 Mar 2014
E117. Set It and Forget It
06 Mar 2014
E118. Extra Value Friday: Sexiest Meals Alive
Guest co-host Chris Harrison; Scott Foley (Scandal (2012)).
07 Mar 2014
E119. Stacked!
Jennie Garth (Mystery Girls (2014)).
10 Mar 2014
E120. Awesomely Loud, Incredibly Crunchy
Marcia Gay Harden (Das Glück an meiner Seite (2014)); Gabrielle Union (Denk wie ein Mann 2 (2014)).
11 Mar 2014
E121. Spring Chicken
Maria Menounos offers a tour of her Los Angeles home. Also: Sara Evans sings.
12 Mar 2014
E122. Miami Spice
Gloria Estefan shares a Cuban recipe. Also: chef Michelle Bernstein.
13 Mar 2014
E123. Extra Value Friday: Chips, Dips & Sips
Gloria Estefan is a guest co-hostess. Also: Carla makes dessert dippers.
14 Mar 2014
E124. Luck o' the Irish
Lori Loughlin. Also: a visit to "Amy's Bread" in New York City.
17 Mar 2014
E125. Meatball Mania
Chef Curtis Stone (guest co-host); Yvette Nicole Brown. Also: Michael and Carla make Swedish meatballs.
18 Mar 2014
E126. Lunch with a Legend
Chef Wolfgang Puck prepares salmon and lentils with Michael and Clinton; Carla visits the "21 Club" in Manhattan. Also: chef Curtis Stone and Yvette Nicole Brown.
19 Mar 2014
E127. Weeknight Wonders
Chef Curtis Stone guest co-hosts. Also: easy-to-make suppers; tips for saving time at home.
20 Mar 2014
E128. Extra Value Friday: Spring Break!
Curtis Stone is a guest co-host; Shailene Woodley. Also: Carla makes crafts; Curtis prepares cocktails.
21 Mar 2014
E129. Southern Fried Suppers
A visit to Husk restaurant in Charleston, S.C. Also: Carla and Clinton prepare fried catfish and hush puppies.
24 Mar 2014
E130. Sweet 'n' Salty Spectacular!
Gillian Jacobs guests. Also: a visit to Honey Butter restaurant in Chicago.
25 Mar 2014
E131. Chicken It Up a Notch
Chef Ryan Scott makes sloppy joes with white-cheddar fondue and roasted tomatoes. Also: a visit to "The Country Cat Dinner House and Bar" in Portland, Oregon.
26 Mar 2014
E132. The World on a Plate
Daphne and Clinton make beef stir-fry with mango-carrot slaw; Daphne shares a recipe for a non-alcoholic grapefruit mojito. Also: a visit to "D Bar Restaurant" in Denver.
27 Mar 2014
E133. Extra Value Friday: Pies 'n' Thighs
Hill Country barbecue market in New York City is visited; Carla makes peanut-butter-pie pops.
28 Mar 2014
E134. Small Plates, Big Taste
Meteorologist Ginger Zee is a guest co-hostess; Lisa Lillien. Also: a visit to "Gotham West Market" in New York City.
31 Mar 2014
E135. Comfort Food Express
Singer Kellie Pickler is a guest co-hostess. Also: Carla prepares a dish from her cookbook, "Carla's Comfort Foods".
01 Apr 2014
E136. Wacky Wednesday
Howie Mandel guests. Also: Clinton plays a game with audience members.
02 Apr 2014
E137. Batter Up!
The hosts visit "Back in the Day Bakery" in Savannah.
03 Apr 2014
E138. Extra Value Friday: Easter Extravaganza
Mario prepares an Easter meal; Carla makes a dessert. Also: a visit to a jellybean factory in Fairfield, California.
04 Apr 2014
E139. The Sweeter Side of Spring
Alicia Menendez. Also: a visit to chef Gesine Bullock-Prado's farm in Vermont.
21 Apr 2014
E140. Wings 'N Things
Recipes for buffalo wings are compared; Michael talks about his show, "America's Best Cook".
22 Apr 2014
E141. The First Thing I Ever Made
Daphne returns to the show with her daughter.
23 Apr 2014
E142. Drive Thru Delights
Jon Favreau talks about his film, Kiss the Cook: So schmeckt das Leben (2014).
24 Apr 2014
E143. Extra Value Friday: Star-Studded Snacks
Vanessa Williams talks about her Broadway show, "After Midnight". Also: Olivia Newton-John.
25 Apr 2014
E144. Outrageous Eats
Wendy Williams. Also: a "Chewer vs. Viewer" cooking competition, with Michael vs. an audience member and Marc Murphy is a judge.
28 Apr 2014
E145. A Few of My Favorite Things
Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton; Clinton prepares a cocktail. A "Chewer vs. Viewer" cooking competition, with Mario vs. an audience member.
29 Apr 2014
E146. A Slice of Life
Josh Turner helps Daphne prepare slice-able foods. For a "Chewer vs. Viewer" cooking competition, Carla vs. a viewer, Jacques Torres is a judge.
30 Apr 2014
E147. Fresh Start
Mary Lynn Rajskub makes a healthy breakfast dish; Carla shares time-saving tips.
01 May 2014
E148. Extra Value Friday: Last Minute Lunches
HGTV's Patti Moreno. Also: the hosts share inexpensive lunch ideas.
02 May 2014
E149. Cinco de Mayo Party
Sparkling margarita; taco salad; creating the perfect Mother's Day flower arrangement.
05 May 2014
E150. The Chew... On Fire!
Guy Fieri prepares a recipe from his cookbook, "Guy on Fire". Also: Charles Esten.
06 May 2014
E151. Meals My Mom Made
The hosts prepare some of their mothers' favorite dishes.
07 May 2014
E152. Mother's Day Brunch
Throwing a Mother's Day Brunch; Philadelphia's Brown Betty Bakery; author Jenny McCarthy.
08 May 2014
E153. Mother's Day Cooking Class
Children participate in a cooking class to learn Mother's Day dishes. Also: easy and inexpensive craft ideas.
09 May 2014
E154. Win a Girls' Night with Carla Hall
The hosts celebrate Carla's 50th birthday.
12 May 2014
E155. Soul Mate Plates
Clinton offers money-saving wedding tips. Also: Jerome Bettis.
13 May 2014
E156. Takes the Cake!
Carla shares a wedding-cake recipe; Clinton offers advice for finding the perfect wedding dress. Also: Heather Graham.
14 May 2014
E157. Bachelor Party/Bachelorette Party
Cocktail recipes for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Also: Jon Hamm.
15 May 2014
E158. Extra Value Friday: Cocktail Hour
Ideas for hosting an inexpensive cocktail-hour reception. Also: Rochelle Aytes.
16 May 2014
E159. The Ultimate Meatless Monday
Rick Springfield prepares tomato soup and a grilled hummus sandwich. Also: recipes for layered eggplant lasagna; butternut-squash-chipotle chili with avocado.
19 May 2014
E160. The Ultimate Sweet Treats
Robin Roberts prepares desserts; Carla visits Bubby's restaurant, in New York City, with Bethenny Frankel.
20 May 2014
E161. The Ultimate Show-Stopping Supper
Guest co-host Curtis Stone; Lea Michele; Terry Crews. Also: dinner recipes.
21 May 2014
E162. The Ultimate Breakfast
Drew Barrymore. Also: breakfast recipes with surprise ingredients; sweet and savory breakfast items.
22 May 2014
E163. Extra Value Friday: The Ultimate BBQ
Guest co-host Curtis Stone; Wendi McLendon-Covey. Also: barbecue recipes.
23 May 2014
E164. All Up in Your Grill
Michael shares grilling tips; Mario makes a grilled-steak-and-fondue sandwich; and the hosts reveal the cover of their book, "The Chew: A Year of Celebrations".
27 May 2014
E165. Viewers' Choice: Guilty Pleasures
Guest co-host Curtis Stone; ESPN's Jesse Palmer.
28 May 2014
E166. Green Cuisine
Guest co-host Curtis Stone. Also: Michael shares horticultural dos and don'ts.
29 May 2014
E167. Extra Value Friday: Baconfest
Guest co-host Curtis Stone. Also: Michael prepares a recipe featuring bacon; Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos talk about their cookbook, "Extra Virgin".
30 May 2014
E168. Did Somebody Say... Pasta?
Guest co-hostess Gabrielle Union prepares fresh ricotta cavatelli; Mario shares a recipe for vegetable manicotti in pesto.
02 Jun 2014
E169. Great American Classics
Alison Sweeney. Also: the hosts visit chef Georgia Pellegrini at her home in Boerne, Texas.
03 Jun 2014
E170. Farm Fresh Favorites
The hosts visit "Heartwood" restaurant in New York City. Also: Dr. Mehmet Oz.
04 Jun 2014
E171. No-Bake Greats
Jennifer Esposito prepares a gluten-free recipe from her book, "Jennifer's Way". Also: a look inside a day in the life of Mario Batali.
05 Jun 2014
E172. Extra Value Friday: Cheesy Livin'
Guest co-host Curtis Stone shares a recipe for ricotta fritters with strawberry-rhubarb jam; Willie Randolph makes a cheesesteak. Also: a visit to the Grilled Cheese Truck in Los A...
06 Jun 2014
E173. Viewer's Choice: You Make the Menu
Chrissy Teigen. Also: viewers share recipe inspiration.
09 Jun 2014
E174. That's My Jam
Patti LaBelle. Also: "Homeboy Bakery" in Los Angeles is visited; jam recipes are shared.
10 Jun 2014
E175. The Third Annual Summertime Funtime Sunshine Happy Hour
Laura Prepon; Curtis Stone. Also: summer meals.
11 Jun 2014
E176. Junk Food Jamboree
Nicole Ari Parker. Also: Brooklyn's Ample Hills Creamery is visited; innovative cocktail ideas are shared.
12 Jun 2014
E177. Father's Day Favorites
Recipes inspired by Father's Day are shared. Also: craft ideas.
13 Jun 2014
E178. We Heart Burgers
Guest co-hosts Curtis Stone and Yvette Nicole Brown. Also: burger recipes.
16 Jun 2014
E179. Are You Ready for Summer?!
Guest co-hostess Nia Long. Also: recipes for lemon-balsamic shrimp, summer couscous and a watermelon cocktail.
17 Jun 2014
E180. CrispyCrunchyCool
Nia Long prepares a crab dish. Also: recipes for bagel crackers and baba ghanoush.
18 Jun 2014
E181. All Steak, All the Time
Chef Michael Lomonaco shares a recipe for adobo-rubbed rib steak with creamed kale au gratin; Carla and Clinton make steak quesadillas with salsa verde and steak croquettes.
19 Jun 2014
E182. Extra Value Friday: Buds 'n' Suds
Guest co-hostesses Liz Symon and Stephanie March. Also: beer-braised bratwurst sandwiches with onion rings; chocolate-root-beer pound cake.
20 Jun 2014
E183. Rise 'n' Dine
Breakfast recipes are shared, including spicy sausage-and-feta strata; corned-beef hash with poached eggs; and spinach-and-squash hash with egg scramble.
23 Jun 2014
E184. BBQ Secrets: Revealed
HGTV's Carter Oosterhouse. Also: recipes for jalapeño-pesto braciole; grilled escarole; and white-bean salad.
24 Jun 2014
E185. Very Berry Bonanza
How to make strawberry-shortcake-ice-cream bars. Also: recipes featuring berries are prepared by Mario and Carla.
25 Jun 2014
E186. Fabulous Family Picnic
Guest co-hosts Curtis Stone & Yvette Nicole Brown. Also: recipes for fried chicken and grilled corn bites.
26 Jun 2014
E187. Extra Value Friday: Grill Out 'n' Chill Out
Michael Ealy. Also: a recipe for grilled lamb chops with lavender salt.
27 Jun 2014
E188. Hasta La Vista, Belly!
Guest co-hostess Katherine Schwarzenegger. Also: low-calorie recipes, including grilled salmon with shaved cucumber and dill; zucchini with walnut-arugula pesto; and sweet-and-sour...
30 Jun 2014
E189. Super Fast Summer Suppers
Gina Torres; A.J. Allmendinger. Also: the hosts prepare swordfish paillard with spicy grapefruit salad; chili-rubbed skirt steak with salsa verde, white beans and lemon.
01 Jul 2014
E190. Backyard BBQ Blitz
Country singer Kellie Pickler talks about her album, "The Woman I Am". Also: recipes for grilled-rib-eye-and-corn salad; and grilled-eggplant-Parmesan sandwiches.
02 Jul 2014
E191. Fourth of July Spectacular
Recipes inspired by Independence Day are shared, including grilled steak with charred-corn-and-pepper salad; grilled watermelon with cinnamon toast; and watermelon mojitos. Also: p...
03 Jul 2014
E192. $10 Tuesday
Chris Powell ("Extreme Weight Loss"). Also: money-saving meal ideas.
02 Sep 2014
E193. Magical Mystery Meals
Cooking with mysterious ingredients; eggplant caponata; a visit to the "Larder Baking Co." in Los Angeles.
03 Sep 2014
E194. September Morn
Mario and Michael prepare breakfast recipes. Also: back-to-school craft ideas.
04 Sep 2014
E195. Extra Value Friday: Pizza, Pizza!
The hosts prepare Swiss chard-and-ricotta pizza, spinach-and-feta-cheese pizza wheels and cinnamon twists. Also: a visit to "Pizza Rock" in Las Vegas.
05 Sep 2014
Season 4
Season 4
E1. Season 4 Kickoff Cookout
Season 4 begins with recipes for grilled chicken; watermelon-lime agua fresca; and hazelnut fudge and toffee brownies. Also: Daphne and her brother, Oliver, go lobstering in Maine.
08 Sep 2014
E2. Fun and Fabulous Dinner Party
Gladys Knight; Steve Harvey. Also: Tips for dinner parties.
09 Sep 2014
E3. Lunch in a Crunch
Easy lunchtime recipes. Also: Mario cooks with his sons, Benno Batali and Leo Batali.
10 Sep 2014
E4. Candies & Cookies & Cakes, Oh My!
Chocolatier Jacques Torres shares a cookie recipe. Also: tips for decorating cakes; easy sweet treats.
11 Sep 2014
E5. Extra Value Friday: Brunch Blitz
Michael Strahan. Also: recipes and table-setting ideas for brunch.
12 Sep 2014
E6. Dinner and Dancing
Tom Bergeron. Also: recipes for roasted-tomato crostini, steak Oscar and a Tom Collins cocktail.
15 Sep 2014
E7. Big Flavor Money Savers
Lara Spencer. Also: a visit to the "Gilroy Garlic Festival" in California.
16 Sep 2014
E8. Retro Recipes
Ali Larter. Also: retro dinner recipes.
17 Sep 2014
E9. Suppers That Sizzle
Boris Kodjoe; Nicole Ari Parker. Also: Michael and Clinton visit Mexico.
18 Sep 2014
E10. Game Night!
Craig Ferguson. Also: recipes for football season.
19 Sep 2014
E11. Last Taste of Summer
Jesse Metcalfe (Dallas (2012)). Also: a recipe for green-tomato gazpacho with grilled lobster; gardening tips.
22 Sep 2014
E12. The Chew's Big Bash!
The hosts discuss their cookbook, "The Chew: A Year of Celebrations". Also: recipes for fig upside-down cake and braised short ribs with pearl onions and potatoes.
23 Sep 2014
E13. Fool Proof Fall Favorites
Anthony Anderson ("Black-ish"). Also: Clinton visits his grandmother in San Francisco.
24 Sep 2014
E14. Prime Time Platters
Nancy Fuller. Also: a twist on the traditional TV dinner; cocktails inspired by TV genres.
25 Sep 2014
E15. Down Home Delights
Big and Rich; Paula Deen, Jamie Deen, Bobby Deen.
26 Sep 2014
E16. All You Can Eat!
Ji Suk Yi visits three of her favorite Chicago restaurants. Also: a recipe for braised pork with roasted balsamic spaghetti squash.
29 Sep 2014
E17. Falling for Fall
Analeigh Tipton and Jake McDorman (Manhattan Love Story (2014)). Also: Clinton shares tips for hosting a stress-free birthday party.
30 Sep 2014
E18. Mighty Meals
"D.C. Central Kitchen" in Washington, D.C., is visited. Also: a hearty fall recipe.
01 Oct 2014
E19. Pigskin Potluck Party
02 Oct 2014
E20. Family Table
First Lady Michelle Obama. Also: White House chef Sam Kass shares a black-bean-burger recipe.
03 Oct 2014
E21. Bite Club
Terry Crews (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (2002)) and two audience members face off in a cooking challenge.
06 Oct 2014
E22. Fresh from the Farm
Actor Ioan Gruffudd. Also: Mario showcases a recipe from his new cookbook.
07 Oct 2014
E23. Country Legends
Martina McBride. Also: the hosts visit Nashville with Little Big Town.
08 Oct 2014
E24. Tasty Temptations
William Levy (Addicted (2014)). Also: a visit to the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival in Orlando, Florida; pumpkin-carving ideas for Halloween.
09 Oct 2014
E25. Extra Value Friday: Pancake Palooza
Chef Jacques Pepin. Also: recipes for bacon-bourbon maple syrup; blueberry-sour-cream pancakes; and crepe suzette.
10 Oct 2014
E26. Simply Irresistible
Jeff Garlin (Die Goldbergs (2013)); Mario Lopez (Extra (1994)). Also: a recipe for chocolate-peanut pie.
13 Oct 2014
E27. Oktoberfest
Chef Rachael Ray. Also: recipes for inside-out cordon bleu with red cabbage; kaese spaetzie with bratwurst; and brandy-apple beer.
14 Oct 2014
E28. Weekday Gourmet
Michael and Clinton visit Mexico City with chef Eduardo Garcia. Also: recipes for grilled skirt steak with mushroom gravy; and homemade gnocchi with chicken ragu.
15 Oct 2014
E29. Fired Up!
Chef Giada De Laurentiis. Also: a recipe for buffalo grilled shrimp with goat-cheese dipping sauce.
16 Oct 2014
E30. Extra Value Friday: Double-Up Dinners
Cristela Alonzo (Cristela (2014)); Marc Summers (Rewrapped (2014)); Jilly Lagasse and Jessie Lagasse Swanson.
17 Oct 2014
E31. Globe-Trotting Grub
Padma Lakshmi (Top Chef (2006)). Also: recipes for spicy pork meatballs in lettuce cups; and Singapore noodles with shrimp and mushrooms.
20 Oct 2014
E32. Homecoming Classics
Chef Fabio Viviani. Also: a recipe for loaded potato skins and toasted pepperoni bread.
21 Oct 2014
E33. Chic Eats
Kris Jenner (Keeping Up with the Kardashians (2007)); Hannah Hart (My Drunk Kitchen (2011)). Also: a visit to "DeBrito Chocolate Factory' in Hollister, California.
22 Oct 2014
E34. Thrifty Thursday
Jason Thompson. Also: Halloween door decorations.
23 Oct 2014
E35. Kicked Up Casseroles
Mark Consuelos (Alpha House (2013)).
24 Oct 2014
E36. Bewitching Bites
Gene Simmons (KISS). Also: a recipe for double-chocolate bundt cake; a visit to a haunted house in New York City.
27 Oct 2014
E37. Devilish Dinners
Stanley Tucci (Fortitude (2015)). Also: a visit to the "Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival" in California; a recipe for caramel-apple cupcakes.
28 Oct 2014
E38. Super Spooky Sweets
Tracy Pollan. Also: dishes made with candy ingredients; a visit to "Papabubble" in New York City.
29 Oct 2014
E39. Halloween in a Hurry
Halloween-inspired dishes are prepared by child chefs Lilly Andrews and Audrey Andrews. Also: affordable Halloween-costume ideas.
30 Oct 2014
E40. The Chew's Halloween Party
The hosts reveal their Halloween costumes. Also: Halloween-theme cocktails.
31 Oct 2014
E41. Make-Ahead Thanksgiving
Dr. Mehmet Oz; Robin Roberts; Ina Garten. Also: Michael and Clinton share their visit to Mexico City.
03 Nov 2014
E42. Thanksgiving Shortcuts
Chef Tyler Florence. Also: Clinton shares easy and affordable Thanksgiving decorations.
04 Nov 2014
E43. Traditions with a Twist
A visit to "Prune Restaurant" in New York City. Also: Wendie Malick, Valerie Bertinelli and Jane Leeves (Hot in Cleveland (2010)).
05 Nov 2014
E44. Thanksgiving's Back
Thanksgiving 101 cooking school; a visit to "The Food Lifeline" in Seattle, Washington.
06 Nov 2014
E45. Extra Value Friday: Pimp My Thanksgiving
Niecy Nash (Getting On - Fiese alte Knochen (2013)). Also: cooking lessons from Clinton.
07 Nov 2014
E46. Thanksgiving in a Flash
Michael and Mario face off in a cooking competition; Clinton shares a Thanksgiving cocktail recipe.
10 Nov 2014
E47. Turkey Day to Go
Carla shares an easy-to-make Thanksgiving dessert.
11 Nov 2014
E48. Ultimate Thanksgiving Desserts
Wendy Williams. Also: a Thanksgiving-inspired microwavable dessert.
12 Nov 2014
E49. All About That Bird!
Wendi McLendon-Covey (Die Goldbergs (2013)); Dana Cowin, "Food and Wine" magazine editor-in-chief. Also: tips for prepping a turkey.
13 Nov 2014
E50. Thanksgiving Favorites
Patti LaBelle; Kimberly Schlapman (Little Big Town). Also: tips to save time while cooking Thanksgiving dinner.
14 Nov 2014
E51. Thanksgiving Potluck Party!
Katherine Heigl (State of Affairs (2014)). Also: recipes for creamy kale gratin and sweet-potato-and-sage-sausage casserole; homemade Thanksgiving decorations.
17 Nov 2014
E52. Turkey Palooza Tuesday
Author Brooke Shields ("There Was a Little Girl"). Also: how to turn leftovers into a new meal; ways to cook a Thanksgiving turkey.
18 Nov 2014
E53. Thanksgiving: On the Side
Kevin McKidd (Grey's Anatomy - Die jungen Ärzte (2005)). Also: Thanksgiving on a dime: cocktails.
19 Nov 2014
E54. Tailgate Thanksgiving
NFL analyst Tony Siragusa. Also: game-day foods.
20 Nov 2014
E55. Extra Value Friday: Thanksgiving $5 Feast
Valerie Harper (Merry Xmas (2015)). Also: a recipe for turkey-cutlet saltimbocca.
21 Nov 2014
E56. Friendsgiving
Kristin Chenoweth; figure skater Brian Boitano. Also: Michael and Bobby Flay cook turkey and ham dumpling soup.
24 Nov 2014
E57. Thanksgiving Survival Guide
Tips on carving a turkey; recipes for chocolate-phyllo tart bars and creamed-spinach-potato gratin.
25 Nov 2014
E58. The Chew's Thanksgiving Celebration
The hosts share Thanksgiving recipes, including cranberry-ginger upside-down cake and creamy mashed potatoes.
26 Nov 2014
E59. Christmas Countdown Kickoff
Chef Ina Garten shares recipes for winter slaw and slow-roasted spiced pork; Mario prepares festive salami flatbreads. Also: how to make homemade holiday cards.
01 Dec 2014
E60. A Taste of the Holidays
Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson (The Taste (2013)). Also: Clinton shares some of his favorite holiday appetizers.
02 Dec 2014
E61. Merry Meals
Sal Basille and Francis Garcia (Pizza Cuz (2013)). Also: a low-calorie appetizer.
03 Dec 2014
E62. Jingle Bell Bites
Holiday appetizers; the co-hosts talk about their visit to Food Bank of New York's CookShop program.
04 Dec 2014
E63. Fourth Annual Ugly Holiday Sweater Party
Clinton and Michael visit chef Zahie Tellez in Mexico. Also: creative gift-wrapping tips.
05 Dec 2014
E64. Christmas Comfort Classics
LeAnn Rimes; Chris Fowler. Also: manicotti with sausage and cheese; wrapped present stocking holders.
08 Dec 2014
E65. Snow Day!
Guest co-host Jesse Palmer; Nick Cannon.
09 Dec 2014
E66. Country Christmas
Paula Deen. Also: a visit to the "Enchanted Lights" tour in Lookout Mountain, Georgia.
10 Dec 2014
E67. Chew to the Rescue
Camila Alves. Also: Carla helps a family create a make-ahead holiday feast.
11 Dec 2014
E68. Tree Trimming Treats
Guest co-hostess Brooke Shields.
12 Dec 2014
E69. Holiday Roasts 'n' Toasts
Pat Monahan. Also: recipes for chopped chicken liver and roasted mushroom pate.
15 Dec 2014
E70. Old-Fashioned Holiday Favorites
Lesley Nicol and Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey (2010)); guest co-host Jesse Palmer. Also: Hanukkah is celebrated.
16 Dec 2014
E71. The Chew's Cookie Swap
Gavin DeGraw. Also: how to make gingerbread garland; a recipe for chocolate-hazelnut-peanut-butter cookies.
17 Dec 2014
E72. The Chew's Holiday Spectacular
Idina Menzel. Also: a recipe for stuffed crown roast with apricot glaze.
18 Dec 2014
E73. Last-Minute Christmas Tips
Jon Bon Jovi. Also: the hosts exchange Secret Santa gifts.
19 Dec 2014
E74. Start the Year Off Light - 2015
Author Angie Martinez. Also: organizational tips; healthy snack ideas.
05 Jan 2015
E75. Ultimate Power Breakfast
Author Mara Schiavocampo ("THINspired"); Patrick Wilson (Zipper (2015)). Also: a recipe for frozen yogurt-covered blueberries.
06 Jan 2015
E76. The Chew's Low-Cal Comfort Foods
Author Molly Sims. Also: healthy twists on classic comfort foods.
07 Jan 2015
E77. Slim & Sexy Meals
Joshua Sasse (Galavant (2015)). Also: low-calorie cocktails.
08 Jan 2015
E78. Extra Value Friday: 500 Calories or Less!
Jay DeMarcus (Rascal Flatts) and Allison DeMarcus. Also: recipes for mustard-crusted salmon with roasted beets and scallions; and grilled pork tenderloin with broccoli-carrot slaw.
09 Jan 2015
E79. Money Saving Tips
Sophia Bush (Chicago P.D. (2014)); Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos (Extra Virgin (2011)). Also: recipes for tortilla soup and citrus-marinated chicken with lentil-herb salad.
12 Jan 2015
E80. Sweet 'n Skinny Snacks
Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars (2010)). Also: healthy snack ideas.
13 Jan 2015
E81. PJ Party!
Olivia Munn (Mortdecai - Der Teilzeitgauner (2015)). Also: a breakfast recipe of chorizo-egg molletes; winter crafts: creating a deviled-egg bar and drip-dyed pillow covers.
14 Jan 2015
E82. Slimmed Down Secrets: Revealed!
Director Angela Bassett (Whitney (2015)); David Zinczenko. Also: what to do with leftovers.
15 Jan 2015
E83. Extra Value Friday: Kitchen Tip-a-Thon
Hill Harper (The Boy Next Door (2015)). Also: Michael creates a dish in five minutes, using only five ingredients.
16 Jan 2015
E84. Picks from the Pantry
Michael makes chicken meatballs Marsala. George Stephanopoulos makes ricotta fritters with Mario. Carla visits "Mrs. Wheelbarrow", Cathy Barrow.
19 Jan 2015
E85. Souped Up Stews
Recipes for turkey-meatball-wedding soup and soup garnishes.
20 Jan 2015
E86. Chick It Out
Kid-friendly dishes, including chicken-and-cauliflower poppers; a visit to "Beast" restaurant in Portland, Oregon.
21 Jan 2015
E87. Ciao Down
Mario hosts an Italian cooking class, featuring recipes for ragu Bolognese, Italian hand pies and ricotta gnudi with yellow-tomato sauce.
22 Jan 2015
E88. Extra Value Friday: Family Fiesta
Chef Pati Jinich shares a recipe for tacos and rice.
23 Jan 2015
E89. The Ultimate Take-Out Fake-Out
Author Mike Greenberg; shrimp with lobster sauce.
26 Jan 2015
E90. Winter Warm-Ups
Lifestyle expert Tai Beauchamp. Also: tips for using Tabasco sauce; a flash sale features deeply discounted items.
27 Jan 2015
E91. Spice & Easy
Keri Russell (The Americans (2013)). Also: a recipe for carrot-ginger soup; sweet-and-savory dishes featuring spices.
28 Jan 2015
E92. Tailgate Greats
Dan Marino (The NFL Today (1975)). Also: a recipe for cheesy ranch dip with monkey bread.
29 Jan 2015
E93. The Chew's Ultimate Game Day Grub
Former NFL players Donald Driver, Jesse Palmer and Mike Golic judge a cooking competition. Also: recipes for coffee-and-cream cookies and clam-chowder fritters.
30 Jan 2015
E94. Super Saving Spree
Tony Goldwyn (Scandal (2012)); Ne-Yo. Also: recipes for grilled-chicken piccata and marinated steak with mushrooms and snow peas.
02 Feb 2015
E95. Bargain Breakfast Blowout
Busy Philipps (Cougar Town - 40 ist das neue 20 (2009)); Randall Park (Fresh Off the Boat (2015)). Also: a visit to "Brooklyn Brine Co." in New York City; easy breakfast recipes.
03 Feb 2015
E96. Save vs. Splurge
Dr. Phil McGraw (Dr. Phil (2002)); lifestyle expert Tai Beauchamp.
04 Feb 2015
E97. Pennywise Pastry Shoppe
Low-cost dessert recipes.
05 Feb 2015
E98. Extra Value Friday: Everything Must Go! #2
Recipes for brown-sugar pancakes with banana flambé and chicken-broccoli casserole. Also: how to make a face mask, using items from a kitchen pantry.
06 Feb 2015
E99. Sexiest Meals Alive!
Gina Torres (Suits (2011)). Also: recipes for chocolate pasta and crab legs; Valentine's Day-inspired cocktails.
09 Feb 2015
E100. Table for Two
A recipe for a romantic Valentine's Day breakfast.
10 Feb 2015
E101. Nothin' But Chocolate
Chef Jacques Torres. Also: Clinton shares a recipe for a simple chocolate dessert.
11 Feb 2015
E102. Recipes for Romance
Marcia Gay Harden (Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)); J.B. Smoove (Four Courses with J.B. Smoove (2013)). Also: date-night recipes.
12 Feb 2015
E103. Extra Value Friday: Food Fantasies
Chris Harrison (The Bachelor (2002)).
13 Feb 2015
E104. Surprise Party!
Surprise guests cook with the co-hosts, preparing zuppa de pesce and baked lasagna alla norma. Also: recipes for cake-batter-bark party favors and ginger peach punch, plus how to m...
16 Feb 2015
E105. Mardi Gras Madness
Mardi Gras-inspired dishes and cocktails, including bourbon citrus slush.
17 Feb 2015
E106. The Chew-au Luau
Natalie Desselle Reid; recipes for pineapple upside-down monkey bread and toasted coconut coladas; tips for throwing a luau.
18 Feb 2015
E107. Time Warp Party
Jussie Smollett (Empire (2015)); recalling iconic meals from the past; party-host tips.
19 Feb 2015
E108. The Chew's Oscar Party
The 87th Annual Academy Awards are celebrated with food, drink and Oscar-themed party tips.
20 Feb 2015
E109. Mac 'n' Cheese, Please!
Jennifer Nettles. Also: macaroni-and-cheese recipes; a visit to the American Skillet Company in Madison, Wisconsin.
23 Feb 2015
E110. Freezable Favorites
Tuna-noodle casserole; key-lime freezer pops; shrimp shumai with soy-ginger dipping sauce; freezable oatmeal cups.
24 Feb 2015
E111. Ultimate Meal Makeovers
Anthony Anderson (Black-ish (2014)). Also: miso-glazed black cod; turkey-shepherd pie; mixed-herb-pesto-and-lemon vinaigrette.
25 Feb 2015
E112. Choose Your Own Adventure
Chicken-thigh osso buco with creamy polenta; almond-grapefruit-and-orange-mint gremolata; apple cake with cream-cheese frosting.
26 Feb 2015
E113. Extra Value Friday: Cheap Eats
Guest co-hostess Natalie Desselle Reid. Also: jerk chicken with spicy pineapple ketchup.
27 Feb 2015
E114. Old Faves, New Flaves!
02 Mar 2015
E115. When I Dip, You Dip, We Dip
Juliette Lewis (Wayward Pines (2015) and "Secrets and Lies"). Also: the co-hosts make their favorite dips.
03 Mar 2015
E116. Dinner in a Dash
Singer Shania Twain. Also: time-saving cooking tips.
04 Mar 2015
E117. The Great American Pot Luck
Fashion expert Stacy London. Also: a visit to the South Beach Wine and Food Festival in Miami.
05 Mar 2015
E118. Extra Value Friday: Chew Oughta Know!
Lemon-thyme palmers with lemon marmalade; meatballs with red wine rosemary sauce.
06 Mar 2015
E119. Stew on This!
Dev Patel (Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2 (2015)). Also: recipes for chicken and dumplings; a visit to "Brodo" restaurant in New York City.
09 Mar 2015
E120. Slow Jams
Slow-cooker-meal ideas.
10 Mar 2015
E121. The Chew's Spring Break!
Paula Deen. Also: recipes for spring break.
11 Mar 2015
E122. Feel Good Family Favorites
Chef Curtis Stone. Also: spring-cleaning and gardening tips.
12 Mar 2015
E123. Freaky Friday #2
The hosts offer easy and affordable recipes; Carla shares one of her favorite crafts.
13 Mar 2015
E124. Fast 'n Fresh
A recipe for black spaghetti with rock shrimp and chorizo; a visit to "Sweet Generation", a custom bakery in New York City.
16 Mar 2015
E125. St. Paddy's Day Party
Celebrating St. Patrick's Day; Irish soda bread and St. Patrick's Day cocktails. Also: an appearance is made by Mekhi Phifer (Die Bestimmung - Insurgent (2015) and A Talent for Tro...
17 Mar 2015
E126. Don't Mess with Breakfast!
A breakfast-themed show. Included: chef Roblé Ali; breakfast tacos; Atlanta's "Silver Skillet" restaurant.
18 Mar 2015
E127. The Secret Ingredient Is...
Ian Harding (Pretty Little Liars (2010)); organization.
19 Mar 2015
E128. Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!
Spring-inspired recipes and crafts. Plus, appearances from musician Lisa Loeb, and sportscaster Erin Andrews (Dancing with the Stars (2005)).
20 Mar 2015
E129. Taco Party
Author Nick Cannon. Also: Mario prepares a fish taco recipe; tequila sparkler cocktail.
23 Mar 2015
E130. Nuthin' But Noodles
A grilled cheese and ramen noodle recipe is made with special guest Jonathon Sawyer.
24 Mar 2015
E131. Sensational Sandwiches
Emily Osment ("Young and Hungry", Kiss Me (2014) and No Way Jose (2015)). Also: sandwich recipes are shared.
25 Mar 2015
E132. Comfort in a Crunch
Sara Evans; Tiffany Derry. Also: quick and simple ways to prepare classic comfort foods.
26 Mar 2015
E133. Extra Value Friday: Takin' It to the Streets
Jeremy Piven (Entourage (2015)); recreating street foods.
27 Mar 2015
E134. The Ultimate Italian Feast
Chef Fabio Viviani; lemon ricotta pancakes; broccoli stem pasta.
30 Mar 2015
E135. Kiss My Grits (Southern Favorites)
Author Trisha Yearwood ("Trisha's Table"); Hilary Duff; a selection of recipes, inspired by the South, are shared.
31 Mar 2015
E136. Wild 'n' Wacky Wednesday
Finola Hughes (General Hospital (1963)) cooks up a surprise dish, for April Fool's Day, with Clinton.
01 Apr 2015
E137. My Guilty Pleasure...
The co-hosts share their guilty pleasures; a visit to "Taste Love Cupcakes" in Royal Oak, Michigan.
02 Apr 2015
E138. Extra Value Friday: Easter Brunch
Preparing an Easter meal; a visit to "Shane Confectionary" in Philadelphia; Easter table setting ideas.
03 Apr 2015
E139. Brunch in a Crunch
Delicious and simple brunch ideas; hash-brown frittata and cherry brown-butter coffee cake.
13 Apr 2015
E140. Fried & True
Recipes include: fried ice cream; fritto misto with spicy Asian salad; oyster po'boys; buffalo-fried oysters.
14 Apr 2015
E141. Dollar Dishes
Included: chocolate peanut butter banana bread; sweet sangrias; cold brewing coffee tips.
15 Apr 2015
E142. Just Like Mom Used to Make
Country singer Darius Rucker stops by. Also: a beef and barley okra soup; a feta and dill cheese pie.
16 Apr 2015
E143. Extra Value Friday: Desserts on a Dime
Dessert recipes include: rustic berry tart sugar cookie cups; toasted coconut almond brownies; fudge brownies with raspberry sauce. Also: tips for making the perfect olive oil and ...
17 Apr 2015
E144. Breakfast on the Run
An interview with actor/director Michael Rapaport (Little Boy (2015)). Also: breakfast recipes, including espresso smoothies, sausage wraps and peanut-butter-oatmeal balls.
20 Apr 2015
E145. Recipe Remix
Author Kimberly Schlapman is interviewed. Also: a recipe for collard green grilled cheese and Fred Blankenship's favorite restaurants in Atlanta.
21 Apr 2015
E146. Foolproof Family Favorites
Blake Lively (Für immer Adaline (2015)); Jason Biggs (Amateur Night (2016)).
22 Apr 2015
E147. Mind-Blowing Meals
Actress KaDee Strickland (Secrets and Lies (2015)) stops by the show. Also: Mario's recipe for tortellini cacao e pepe.
23 Apr 2015
E148. Extra Value Friday: Weekend Wonders
Guests include Blake Lively (Für immer Adaline (2015)); Hayden Panettiere (Nashville (2012)). Also: chocolate pinwheels, confetti blondies and waffle ice cream sandwiches.
24 Apr 2015
E149. Sweet Celebration (Dessert Party)
Guillermo Díaz (Scandal (2012)); Mo'Nique (Blackbird (2014)). Also: a chocolate-hazelnut crepe cake and a popcorn party cake are prepared.
27 Apr 2015
E150. The Chew's Spring Spectacular
Guests include former boxer George Foreman and The Radio City Rockettes. Also: spring-inspired recipes are shared.
28 Apr 2015
E151. Prom Night!
Author Nicolle Wallace ("Madame President: A Novel"). Also: prom-inspired fashion and food is featured.
29 Apr 2015
E152. Hurray for Happy Hour
Making two different kinds of coasters; snacks and cocktails for happy hour.
30 Apr 2015
E153. Extra Value Friday: Game Night
Penelope Ann Miller makes an appearance. Also: game night-inspired snack recipes are shared.
01 May 2015
E154. Crazy Comfort Classics #2
Natalie Desselle Reid (Zoe Gone (2014)). Also: a Pappardelle with peas and Parmesan cheese and ravioli pasta is prepared and tips for Mother's Day gifts are shared.
04 May 2015
E155. Cinco de Mayo Fiesta
Cooking show host Pati Jinich helps prepare Mexican dishes, including carnitas in mole verde, and shrimp and avocado enchiladas in a creamy tomato sauce.
05 May 2015
E156. No Oven Required
Professional football player Deion Sanders visits the set. Also: no-bake recipes for summer are featured, including a no-baked recipe for vegetable soup; grilled salmon with a spri...
06 May 2015
E157. Sinful Snacks #2
Bellamy Young (Scandal (2012)). Also: sweet-and-savory snacks are prepared.
07 May 2015
E158. Extra Value Friday: Mom's Day Off
Candace Cameron Bure (Fuller House (2016)). Also: décor for any Mother's Day celebration.
08 May 2015
E159. Dazzling Dream Dinners
Chef Sara Moulton is celebrated.
11 May 2015
E160. The Chew's Big Lunch Break
Guest co-host Jussie Smollett (Empire (2015)); a special guest for Inspiration Week; southern cobb salad.
12 May 2015
E161. The Cheesiest Dishes of All Time
"Inspiration Week" continues with letters for Mario Batali and a mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo recipe.
13 May 2015
E162. The Ultimate American Menu
Yvette Nicole Brown (Community (2009)) visits. Also: Michael Symon's culinary inspirations and a salt n' pepper chicken pot pie recipe.
14 May 2015
E163. Extra Value Friday: Camp Chew
Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)) visits. Also: Daphne Oz's inspiration is shared.
15 May 2015
E164. Picnic Palooza
Guest co-host Jussie Smollett (Empire (2015)); a recipe for strawberry rhubarb pie; avoiding bugs at outdoor parties.
18 May 2015
E165. Backyard BBQ Blowout
Singer Brandy Norwood discusses her debut in the Broadway show, "Chicago". Also: a grilled chicken with crunchy peanut slaw recipe.
19 May 2015
E166. Food Fight
Chef Ming Tsai prepares sweet and spicy beef noodles; TV reporter Alicia Vitarelli; a list of favorite restaurants in Philadelphia is shared.
20 May 2015
E167. Double Duty Beauties
Musician Ahmir-Khalib Thompson (aka Questlove) and a tasting table is presented for "Fleet Week". Also: grilled sweet chili ranch chicken skewers are prepared.
21 May 2015
E168. Ultimate Summer Kickoff
A visit to Scott's BBQ restaurant in Hemingway, South Carolina. Also: summer cookout recipes are shared.
22 May 2015
E169. Grill Crazy
Former New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada is interviewed. Also: recipes for grilled banana boats and buffalo chicken kebabs with celery blue cheese.
26 May 2015
E170. Summer Cooking School
Chef Roblé Ali makes a chicken rojo torta. Also: recipes for summer potato salad and gazpacho with toasted almonds and cilantro pesto.
27 May 2015
E171. Throwback Thursday: Outdoor Eats
Snoop Dogg helps Clinton Kelly make a gin fizzle f'shizzle cocktail. Also: chef Josh Capon; and a recipe for green dragon shrimp skewers with grilled pineapple pico de gallo.
28 May 2015
E172. Extra Value Friday: Big Mouth Burgers
The hosts enter into a burger battle, including buffalo chicken burgers and herb-chicken burgers with remoulade; and Carla Hall shares her tips for making the perfect baked beef sl...
29 May 2015
E173. Just Roll with It
Roselyn Sanchez and Ana Ortiz talk about Season 3 of their Lifetime series, Devious Maids (2013). Also: recipes for stuffed chicken thighs and Mediterranean chicken roulade are fea...
01 Jun 2015
E174. Fresh Feast
Clinton Kelly makes a favorite summer cocktail recipe. Also: MA'O Organic Farms in Waianae, Hawaii, is toured; and coconut-pineapple marinated pork loin with a baby lettuce salad i...
02 Jun 2015
E175. Big, Bold, Bodacious Bites
Singer Tamia and her husband, former NBA player Grant Hill. Also: a recipe for pound cake.
03 Jun 2015
E176. Breakfast of Champions
Whoopi Goldberg (The View (1997)) stops by. Also: easy and inexpensive breakfast recipes are shared.
04 Jun 2015
E177. Extra Value Friday: Delicious Duos
Lela Loren (Power (2014)); chef Sam Talbot is visited at the "Camden Maine Restaurant". Also: recipes include honey roasted corn cornbread with warm maple syrup; creamy bacon cornb...
05 Jun 2015
E178. Restaurant Remakes
Singer Kevin Jonas visits. Also: chef Bill Telepan shares his recipe for braised halibut in Bolognese sauce.
08 Jun 2015
E179. Cooking with Love
Jessica Alba (Entourage (2015), Taylor Swift: Bad Blood (2015) and Dear Eleanor (2016)). Also: Carla creates one of her favorite desserts.
09 Jun 2015
E180. Pass the Pasta
Author Alexandra Wentworth (book "Happily Ali After"); Clinton shares a pasta-themed craft; Maine lobster and mac 'n' cheese.
10 Jun 2015
E181. Farm Favorites
Tips for shopping at the farmers market. Also: farm-to-table meal ideas.
11 Jun 2015
E182. Extra Value Friday: All-Star Eats
Michael shares a recipe for a sweet and savory black bean brownie sundae.
12 Jun 2015
E183. Just Grill It
Dishes include grilled peach crisp and grilled poutine; gadgets for the grill.
15 Jun 2015
E184. Simple & Sensational
Actress, comedian and author Jenny McCarthy visits the set. Also: a visit to the Sun Noodle factory in Teterboro, New Jersey with Chef Roblé Ali.
16 Jun 2015
E185. Picture Perfect Platters
Guests include Eric Dane (The Last Ship (2014) and (Grey Lady (2017)) and JoAnna Garcia Swisher (The Astronaut Wives Club (2015)). Also: The Lost Kitchen is visited w/chef Erin Fre...
17 Jun 2015
E186. Catch of the Day
Guest co-host Jesse Palmer; Ashley Tisdale.
18 Jun 2015
E187. Father Cooks Best
Talk show hosts Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker; Joel McHale (Community (2009)). Also: chef Michael Symon shares some of his family's recipes; a Father's Day celebration.
19 Jun 2015
E188. The Chew's Beach Party
Recipes for a beach party include ground beef kabobs with apricot yogurt and strawberry-lemonade bars; tuna nicoise wraps and sparkling cranberry coolers.
22 Jun 2015
E189. Magical Morning Meals
Paula Deen shares her recipe for chicken and waffles; French toast roll-ups.
23 Jun 2015
E190. Plates in Paradise
Chef Roblé Ali prepares jerk pork with pineapple salsa and chef Carla Hall makes frozen whipped cream sandwiches.
24 Jun 2015
E191. Movie Night
Grace Phipps and Jordan Fisher (Teen Beach 2 (2015)). Also: a recipe for chicken lettuce cups.
25 Jun 2015
E192. Extra Value Friday: Sweet Summer
A visit to the "Lil Pop Shop" in Philadelphia. Also: Clinton's favorite and affordable do-it-yourself decorating ideas and a recipe for toasted almond ricotta fritters.
26 Jun 2015
E193. Easy Family Favorites
29 Jun 2015
E194. America's Best BBQ
Recipes include: beef ribs with shaved broccoli salad; grilled tomato jalapeño ranch dip. Also: chef Roblé Ali visits BBQ restaurants in Lockhart, Texas.
30 Jun 2015
E195. Light & Easy
Jamie Deen and Bobby Deen ("Southern Fried Road Trip" (2015)). Also: a recipe for salt grilled trout with a cherry quinoa salad.
01 Jul 2015
E196. July 4th Cookout
Wendy Williams (The Wendy Williams Show (2008)) visits and Clinton Kelly shares decorating ideas for the 4th of July.
02 Jul 2015
E197. Best Burgers
Mario Batali's sons, Leo Batali and Benno Batali, make pocket burgers; a visit to "Smoke Burger" in Dallas, Texas.
06 Jul 2015
E198. Best Sweets
Angela Bassett (American Horror Story (2011)) visits the set. Also: lemon poppy seed squares and mini-chocolate tortes are prepared.
07 Jul 2015
E199. Best Pizza
Mario prepares margherita pizza, prosciutto and arugula pizza, morels and balsamic pizza. Also: a visit to "Pizza Rock" in Las Vegas.
08 Jul 2015
E200. Best BBQ
Recipes for jalapeño pesto braciole and grilled escarole with white beans are shared. Also: a visit to the Big Apple BBQ Block Party.
09 Jul 2015
E201. Summer Road Trip: Best Chicken
Guests include country singer/author Martina McBride and chef Sean Brock, who makes fried chicken. Also: Clinton Kelly prepares a almond-grapefruit gremolata.
10 Jul 2015
E202. The Chew's Italian Invasion
Blake Lively (Für immer Adaline (2015)). Also: simple and inexpensive ways to transform leftovers; stuffed chicken Lombardy-style.
13 Jul 2015
E203. The Chew's Southern Comfort
Mario Batali's twist on biscuits and gravy; bourbon sweet tea; the ultimate Atlanta food tour.
14 Jul 2015
E204. The Chew's Mexican Fiesta Favorites
Drew Barrymore (Im Himmel trägt man hohe Schuhe (2015)); carnitas in mole verde; Mexican party cookies.
15 Jul 2015
E205. The Chew's Tropical Treats
Gloria Estefan; pastelitos; pineapple upside-down monkey bread; luau- themed parties.
16 Jul 2015
E206. Summer Road Trip: The Chew's American Classics
Making goat cheese with Toni Braxton; classic steak and potatoes; popular food spots in Detroit.
17 Jul 2015
E207. Family Style Feast
Alison Sweeney (The Biggest Loser (2004) and Murder, She Baked: A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery (2015)). Also: buttermilk-marinated chicken thighs grilled with peas and carrots.
20 Jul 2015
E208. Light Summer Bites
Sweet potato brownie bites and low-calorie macaroni-and-cheese.
21 Jul 2015
E209. Christmas in July
TV host Nick Carter. Also: fried mini pork meatballs; chickpea fritters; and hot chili jam.
22 Jul 2015
E210. Outdoor Entertaining
A grilled rib-eye steak and corn salad are prepared. Plus, summer party decorating tips are shared.
23 Jul 2015
E211. Summer Road Trip: Guilty Pleasures
Jussie Smollett (Empire (2015)) visits. Recipes include apple bourbon milkshakes; cinnamon chocolate malt pancakes; and 9-layer bars.
24 Jul 2015
E212. Big Breakfast Bonanza #2
A visit to the "Larder Baking Company" in Los Angeles. Also: eggs in avocado with tomato and basil; frozen breakfast bananas.
27 Jul 2015
E213. Ultimate Lunch Break
Tony Goldwyn (Scandal (2012)). Included: grilled chicken piccata; creating a simple and inexpensive homemade bird feeder.
28 Jul 2015
E214. Divine Dinners
Shailene Woodley (Die Bestimmung - Divergent (2014)). Also: a recipe for chili rubbed skirt steak with salsa verde, white beans and lemon.
29 Jul 2015
E215. Summer Snacks
Bellamy Young (Scandal (2012)). Also: a visit to "Taste of Love Cupcakes" in Royal Oaks, Michigan; a recipe for a ginger-lime fizz drink.
30 Jul 2015
E216. Summer Road Trip: Brunch Blowout
Guests: Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa (2002)); Michael Strahan (Live with Regis and Kathie Lee (1988)). Also: recipes for tomato-and-ricotta tarts and cherry-brown butter coffee ca...
31 Jul 2015
Season 5
Season 5
E1. From The Chew to You!
The Season 5 premiere features a viewer celebration that includes cooking with the troops and an inspiring military family.
08 Sep 2015
E2. Chew to the Rescue: Party Survival Guide
Tyra Banks (FabLife (2015)). Also: quick-fix appetizers; viewers' party-ready dishes.
09 Sep 2015
E3. #YouOnTheChew
A potluck with "Viewer All-Stars" from across the country. Also: Dallas' Café Momentum, which gives struggling teens a second chance and a recipe for success.
10 Sep 2015
E4. Faster, Better, Cheaper!
Craig Ferguson (Craig Ferguson: Just Being Honest (2015)); Sanaa Lathan (The Perfect Guy (2015)). Also: tips and recipes.
11 Sep 2015
E5. Impress Your Friends
First Lady Michelle Obama; and Chrissy Teigen (FabLife (2015)). Also: planning a perfect dinner party for foodies.
14 Sep 2015
E6. Wow Your Family Tonight!
Chris Harrison (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (2002)); Morris Chestnut (Rosewood (2015)). Also: dynamic dishes the entire family will like.
15 Sep 2015
E7. We'll Have What You're Having!
Dishes prepared by viewers; a food tour of Key West, Florida.
16 Sep 2015
E8. You Can Be a Chef, Too!
Alison Sweeney (Love on the Air (2015)). Also: tips for improving one's culinary skills; and a healthy cooking lesson at a Maine school.
17 Sep 2015
E9. Smart Cookin' for the Weekend
Recipes for the weekend. Also: Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory (2007)).
18 Sep 2015
E10. I'm Inspired!
Billy Gardell ("Mike and Molly" (2011)). Also: the co-hosts discuss people who have inspired them.
21 Sep 2015
E11. 5 Must-Have Dishes!
Jamie Lee Curtis (Scream Queens (2015)). Also: must-have meals.
22 Sep 2015
E12. Your Family Will Love This!
Mariska Hargitay ("Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" (1999)). Also: a microwave meal.
23 Sep 2015
E13. Superdelicious 20 Minute Meals
Hip-hop duo Pepa and Cheryl 'Salt' James. Also: recipes that take 20 minutes or less to make.
24 Sep 2015
E14. Eat, Drink, & Shrink
Country singer Brett Eldredge; author David Zinczenko ("Zero Belly Cookbook"). Also: the Little Fleet food trucks in Michigan; and cordon bleu sliders.
25 Sep 2015
E15. The World's Biggest Baby Shower
A baby shower for Daphne Oz. Also: meteorologist Ginger Zee (Good Morning America (1975)) and author Lisa Oz (book, "The Oz Family Kitchen").
28 Sep 2015
E16. Upgrade Your Breakfast (For Le$$)!
Chef Bobby Flay; and Kevin Bacon. Also: breakfast recipes perfect for any time of the day.
29 Sep 2015
E17. Gourmet to Go!
Devyn Simone (Love at First Swipe (2015)) helps with cocktail and appetizer recipes.
30 Sep 2015
E18. Dishes That Never Go Out of Style
Author Kelis (book, "My Life on a Plate"). Also: Carissa's Bread in Amagansett (Long Island), New York; and a recipe for pickle-bread sandwiches.
01 Oct 2015
E19. Super Shortcuts!
Model Camila Alves; chef Amanda Freitag (Chopped (2007)). Also: kitchen shortcuts.
02 Oct 2015
E20. Delicious Foods You've Never Tasted
Easy-to-make chocolate rye cookies; Baja-style fish tacos; and grilled vegetable quinoa salad.
05 Oct 2015
E21. Food Legends Cook for You
Chef Emeril Lagasse ("Essential Emeril"); and author Ruth Reichl (book, "My Kitchen Year: 136 Recipes That Saved My Life"). Also: crab and corn fritters with fresh corn mayo; and s...
06 Oct 2015
E22. Entertain on a Shoestring
Eddie Jackson (The Next Food Network Star (2005)) makes spicy rum-marinated grilled chicken wings. Also: tips for entertaining on a budget.
07 Oct 2015
E23. How to Save on Calories, Cash & the Clock
Author Nancy Fuller (book, "Farm House Rules: Simple, Seasonal Meals for the Whole Family"). Also: Michael shares his recipes for fried chicken; and egg on a biscuit with gravy.
08 Oct 2015
E24. Eat This Now!
Author Chelsea Clinton; Kelly Rowland; caprese salad with burrata and radicchio.
09 Oct 2015
E25. The Chew's Family Vacation
Walt Disney World is visited. Included: Norwegian roasted salmon and ranch-potato galette; The Land at Epcot; Mickey Mouse and Goofy.
12 Oct 2015
E26. Making Meal Magic
Alfonso Ribeiro (America's Funniest Home Videos (1989)); angel hair with Brussels sprouts, bacon and walnuts, shrimp fra diavolo.
13 Oct 2015
E27. Easy Five-Star Feast
On location at Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs. Bellamy Young (Scandal (2012)); how to make a five-star meal.
14 Oct 2015
E28. Try Something New!
Disney's Magic Kingdom; a performance from "Festival of the Lion King".
15 Oct 2015
E29. Your Perfect Party Plan
Perfect party snacks and cocktails; the Rockin' Burger Block Party; and a look back at some of the show's favorite moments at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival from Walt...
16 Oct 2015
E30. Easiest Recipes Ever!
A quick recipe for mozzarella in carrozza. Also: author Michael Strahan (Live with Regis and Kathie Lee (1988) and (book, Wake Up Happy)).
19 Oct 2015
E31. Good Food -- Fast
Molly Ringwald (Jem and the Holograms (2015)). Also: recipes for homemade Halloween treats.
20 Oct 2015
E32. Simple Recipe Secrets
A simple skillet supper that takes minutes; and seasonal recipes inspired by fall.
21 Oct 2015
E33. Spend Less, Eat More!
Sarah Michelle Gellar (Star Wars Rebels (2014)). Also: simple budget-friendly family recipes.
22 Oct 2015
E34. Make Dinner Like a Pro
Singer-songwriter Robin Thicke; Bradley Cooper (Im Rausch der Sterne (2015)).
23 Oct 2015
E35. Eat, Drink & Be Scary!
Ghost shakes and pumpkin cocktails; Hungarian goulash; and garlic capon with pumpkin mash.
26 Oct 2015
E36. Creepy Kitchen Creations
Ed Westwick (Wicked City (2015)). Also: cinnamon-sugar candy apples; and spooky squid pasta.
27 Oct 2015
E37. Devilishly Delicious Simple D-I-Y!
Author Whoopi Goldberg (book, "Whoopi's Big Book of Relationships"). Also: how to make a trick-or-treat bag.
28 Oct 2015
E38. Last Minute Halloween Party!
A visit to Maniac Pumpkin Carvers in Brooklyn, New York; and easy, inexpensive last-minute Halloween costumes.
29 Oct 2015
E39. The Chew's Halloween Spooktacular #2
Kelly Rowland (Empire (2015)). Also: the hosts have a Halloween party and reveal their costumes.
30 Oct 2015
E40. Goodbye Halloween, Hello Thanksgiving!
Robin Roberts (Good Morning America (1975)). Also: turning leftover Halloween candy into a delicious frozen treat; visiting "Tandem Ciders"; and making roasted squash with cheese s...
1 link 02 Nov 2015
E41. Fabulous Five Dollar Friendsgiving
Richard Kind (The Lennon Report (2016), The Paper Store (2016) and Detours (2016)). Also: time-saving tips for cooking the Thanksgiving Day turkey.
03 Nov 2015
E42. Try Something New: Thanksgiving Edition
Niecy Nash (Scream Queens (2015)). Also: new spins on classic Thanksgiving Day recipes.
04 Nov 2015
E43. Mind Blowing Turkey Day Time Savers
Allison Janney (Mom (2013)). Also: tips for preparing Thanksgiving dinner.
05 Nov 2015
E44. How to Cook the Perfect Thanksgiving
Harry Connick Jr.; chef Alisa Reynolds.
06 Nov 2015
E45. The Chew's Ultimate Show-Stopping Sides
Valerie Bertinelli (Valerie's Home Cooking (2015)) helps make acorn squash and bitter baby greens; and audience members vote on variants of a classic potato-based casserole.
09 Nov 2015
E46. The Chew's Ultimate: Affordable Apps!
Bridget Moynahan shares a recipe inspired by her TV show, Blue Bloods - Crime Scene New York (2010); and the teen founder of "Katie's Krops", Katie Stagliano, discusses her effort ...
10 Nov 2015
E47. The Chew's Ultimate: Decadent Desserts
For Veterans Day, the show visits "Dog Tag Bakery" in Washington, D.C., which offers work experience and education for veterans with disabilities and caregivers. Also: making an ar...
11 Nov 2015
E48. The Chew's Ultimate: Spectacular Stuffings
Kelly Osbourne helps make turkey dressing; and two viewers take part in a stuffing showdown.
12 Nov 2015
E49. The Chew's Ultimate: Totally Terrific Tasty Turkey
Vivica A. Fox (Carter High (2015)) helps make a terrific dish. Also: a variety of ways to cook a turkey.
13 Nov 2015
E50. Thanksgiving on a Dime!
16 Nov 2015
E51. Greatest Thanksgiving Tips of All Time
Anthony Mackie (Die Highligen drei Könige (2015)) and Alison Sweeney (The Biggest Loser (2004)) are the guests. Also: cooking tips for Thanksgiving.
17 Nov 2015
E52. Thanks-Giving Back #2
Cocoa Brown (American Crime Story (2016)). Also: recipes for a large Thanksgiving Day gathering.
18 Nov 2015
E53. No-Fail Thanksgiving Feast
Dennis Quaid (The Art of More - Tödliche Gier (2015)); Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Good Wife (2009)). Also: an appetizer that can be made in a minute.
19 Nov 2015
E54. All-Star Thanksgiving
Mark Cuban; Kate Walsh. Recipes include spatchcock turkey with braised fennel and sausage; and sweet potato pie with white chocolate mousse. Also: tips for setting a perfect Thanks...
20 Nov 2015
E55. Turkey Timeline #2
Having a stress-free Thanksgiving dinner is discussed. Also: a recipe for turkey stuffing; carving the turkey; side dishes; and apple-inspired cocktails.
23 Nov 2015
E56. Last-Minute Thanksgiving
Alison Sweeney (Murder, She Baked: A Plum Pudding Murder Mystery (2015)). Also: a recipe for a quick appetizer; and the Blue Sky Bakery.
24 Nov 2015
E57. Best Thanksgiving Ever
Author Drew Barrymore; and "Rescuing Leftover Cuisine" founder Robert Lee. Also: a recipe for bagel bread pudding.
25 Nov 2015
E58. Get-Ahead Guide to the Holidays!
Author Nigella Lawson (book, "Simply Nigella: Feel Good Food"). Also: time-saving holiday tips.
30 Nov 2015
E59. Deck the Holidays
Kristin Chenoweth (Die Peanuts - Der Film (2015)). Also: the GlassRoots program is spotlighted,
01 Dec 2015
E60. The Chew's 5th Annual Ugly Sweater Party
The hosts' holiday sweater creations; spicy sausage corn chip crepes.
02 Dec 2015
E61. Christmas Crowd Pleasers
Guest co-host Jesse Palmer (Good Morning America (1975)). Also: holiday crafting tips.
03 Dec 2015
E62. Ultimate Cookie Swap
Author Ina Garten (book, "Make It Ahead: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook"). Also: recipes for holiday cookies.
04 Dec 2015
E63. Easy Homemade Holiday
Brooke Burke-Charvet (Breaking Bread with Brooke Burke (2015)).
07 Dec 2015
E64. Christmas in a Crunch
Elizabeth McGovern (Downton Abbey (2010)). Also: time-saving holiday dishes.
08 Dec 2015
E65. The Chew's Holiday Essentials
The seventh annual Latke Festival in New York City is visited. Also: edible stocking stuffers; and Mario Batali's recipe for holiday latkes.
09 Dec 2015
E66. Country Christmas #2
10 Dec 2015
E67. Instant Holiday Party
Grace Potter. Also: inexpensive holiday party dishes, desserts and crafts.
11 Dec 2015
E68. The Chew's Ultimate Countdown to the Holidays
12 Dec 2015
E69. It's the Most Delicious Time of the Year
Sports announcer Chris Fowler (ESPN). Also: a recipe for a chutney cheese ball.
14 Dec 2015
E70. Holiday Survival Guide
Brandy Norwood (Zoe Ever After (2016)). Also: a recipe for garlic-and-herb-crusted standing rib roast.
15 Dec 2015
E71. The Chew's Snow Day #2
Actress Priyanka Chopra (Quantico (2015)).
16 Dec 2015
E72. The Chew's Holiday Spectacular #3
The Radio City Rockettes perform.
17 Dec 2015
E73. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Chef J. Kenji Lopez-Alt. Also: holiday wreath-making tips.
18 Dec 2015
E74. A Fresh Start to the New Year
Health-themed recipes are shared.
04 Jan 2016
E75. 500-Calorie Feast
Daphne Oz returns from maternity leave; authors Chris Powell and Heidi Powell (Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition (2011)).
05 Jan 2016
E76. Eat This Now!: Winter Edition
Valerie Bertinelli (Kids Baking Championship (2015)) joins the cast of The Chew (2011) for some winter-inspired recipes.
06 Jan 2016
E77. How to Lighten Up Everything
Dr. Mehmet Oz makes a guest appearance on the show.
07 Jan 2016
E78. Healthy in a Hurry
Cooking teacher Pati Jinich joins the cast. Recipes includes: chicken fajita salad; pan-roasted chicken thighs with kohlrabi.
08 Jan 2016
E79. The Chew's Perfect Pantry
Eva Longoria (Telenovela (2015)) joins the cast. Also: fregola in tomato sauce is prepared.
11 Jan 2016
E80. The Secret Recipe to Slimming Down
Sutton Foster (Younger (2015)) visits the set.
12 Jan 2016
E81. Must-Have Morning Meal Makeovers
Jane Lynch (Angel from Hell (2016)) visits the set. Also: simple and affordable breakfast ideas.
13 Jan 2016
E82. Dips, Tips & Light on the Hips
Brooke Shields (Flower Shop Mystery: Mum's the Word (2016)) is the guest.
14 Jan 2016
E83. Cheat Day!
Olivia Munn (Ride Along: Next Level Miami (2016)) is the guest.
15 Jan 2016
E84. Easy Meatless Monday
Author Russell Simmons (book, "The Happy Vegan") shares meatless meal ideas.
18 Jan 2016
E85. The Chew's Essential Comfort Foods
Chef Wolfgang Puck prepares comfort food recipes.
19 Jan 2016
E86. 10 Ingredients or Less
Reality-TV star/fitness trainer Jillian Michaels visits the set; recipes containing only 10 ingredients or less.
20 Jan 2016
E87. The Chew's Ultimate Recipe Swap
"It's Not You, It's Men" host Tyrese Gibson is the guest. Also: the Maine Lobster Truck is profiled.
21 Jan 2016
E88. The Chew's 5th Annual Slumber Party
Toni Braxton (Toni Braxton: Unbreak my Heart (2016)) and Romany Malco (Mad Dogs (2015)) join the cast. Also: recipes for slumber parties are shared; visit to "Bright Endeavors" in ...
22 Jan 2016
E89. Perfect Plates on a Dime
Marlon Wayans (Fifty Shades of Black (2016)) joins the cast. Later, tips for making the perfect pasta are shared.
25 Jan 2016
E90. Homemade with a Little Help
Writer Kenji Lopez-Alt. Also: a recipe for potato chip pork chops and escarole with corn and beans.
26 Jan 2016
E91. Simple Soups, Stews & Stuff!
Retta (Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce (2014)) the cast. Also: slow cooker soup recipe are shared.
27 Jan 2016
E92. Weeknight Classics... With a Twist
Author Mary Giuliani; weeknight meal ideas with new twists.
28 Jan 2016
E93. $10 Potluck!
Author Jamie Oliver; dishes that cost $10 or less to make.
29 Jan 2016
E94. Crispy Creations You'll Crave
Christie Brinkley joins the cast. Recipes include lentil and butternut squash salad, fried cinnamon apple biscuits.
01 Feb 2016
E95. Old School Italian
Clinton Kelly's latest project; an Italian masterpiece by Kermit the Frog (The Muppets. (2015)).
02 Feb 2016
E96. Midnight Snack Attack
Comedian Lewis Black (Madoff - Der 50-Milliarden Dollar Betrug (2016)). Also: a high-calorie and low-calorie version of the same recipe.
03 Feb 2016
E97. Football Feast
"Wing Wars" episode, featuring Super Bowl-inspired recipes.
04 Feb 2016
E98. Game Day Game Plan
NFL stars Nick Mangold, Marcus Spears and Brandon Jacobs judge the 5th Annual Chili Cook-off. Also: a football-inspired dessert recipe.
05 Feb 2016
E99. Make-It-Yourself Monday
Mario cooks with Chinese food expert Danielle Chang; a visit to New York's Lower East Side Girls Club.
08 Feb 2016
E100. The Ultimate Mardi Gras
TV hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover (Access Hollywood Live (2010)); Mardi Gras recipes; and a visit to Leah Chase's creole restaurant "Dooky Chase".
09 Feb 2016
E101. Recipes That Will Change Your Life!
Katie Holmes (Touched with Fire (2015)). Also: Carla Hall helps a viewer recover a beloved family recipe.
10 Feb 2016
E102. Chew-spired
Alfred Enoch (How to Get Away with Murder (2014)) prepares an inspirational dish; Clinton creates a dish inspired by Instagram; a restaurant in Oklahoma City is profiled.
11 Feb 2016
E103. Dazzling Duo Delights
Tamar Braxton (The Real (2013)) helps Michael Symon create romantic recipes for Valentine's Day. Also: the "Chewlywed Game: Gimme That Money, Money!" is played.
12 Feb 2016
E104. Making a Mystery Meal
Actress Fran Drescher helps Clinton during a mystery ingredient party; Carla is caught being crafty.
15 Feb 2016
E105. Delicious Disco Brunch
Revealing the culprit from Monday's show; Carla makes groovy grub; the audience dons disco gear.
16 Feb 2016
E106. The Chew's Fire & Ice Ball
Celebrating Daphne Oz's 30th birthday; actress Ta'Rhonda Jones (Empire (2015)); "M&M Fire Pit".
17 Feb 2016
E107. The Chew's Fan Favorite Fiesta
Derek Hough ("The Wonderful World of Disney: Disneyland 60th Anniversary TV Special (2016)") cooks with Carla; TV host Craig Ferguson (Celebrity Name Game (2014)); Michael makes a ...
18 Feb 2016
E108. Flashback Friday: Legends of Hollywood
Recipes to celebrate the Oscars, with special guest Darlene Love.
19 Feb 2016
E109. The Chew's Hall of Fame
Anthony Anderson (Black-ish (2014)) cooks with Michael Symon; Carla Hall attempts to make the ultimate affordable meatloaf; and a returning viewer prepares a dish, with Clinton Kel...
22 Feb 2016
E110. Faster, Better, Cheaper: Breakfast Edition
Gloria Estefan amps up breakfast with Mario Batali; Daphne Oz offers a tip to make mornings easier for moms; and Michael Symon faces an ingredient that terrifies him.
23 Feb 2016
E111. How to Love Your Leftovers
Clinton Kelly tries to make old supplies look new; and Mario Batali reinvents viewer leftovers.
24 Feb 2016
E112. Dreamy Dinner Party
Jake Lacy (Girls (2012) and How to Be Single (2016)) makes a dish with Mario Batali; viewers choose Daphne Oz's challenge; Clinton Kelly offers dinner party tips; and Michael Symon...
25 Feb 2016
E113. Chew Approved Weekend Eats
Jodie Sweetin (Fuller House (2016)) cooks with Clinton Kelly; and Mario Batali turns humble ingredients into a five-star feast. Also: Oscar party tips.
26 Feb 2016
E114. Treats With a Twist
Angela Bassett (London Has Fallen (2016)); Mario Batali visits "Brigadeiro Bakery" in New York City.
29 Feb 2016
E115. Dinner Around the World
Actor Josh Hopkins visits the set. Also: Daphne and her sister, Arabella, visits New York's spice emporium, La Boite and international dishes are prepared.
01 Mar 2016
E116. The Best Dish I Ever Made
The co-hosts discuss their favorite culinary creations. Also: model Chrissy Teigen joins the cast to discuss her new cookbook , "Cravings: Recipes for What You Want to Eat".
02 Mar 2016
E117. Perfect Sandwich Secrets
Pop singer Hilary Duff visits the set to make sandwiches with Michael Symon. Also: Philadelphia's "Eatiquette" school lunch program is profiled.
03 Mar 2016
E118. Eat with Your Hands!
Laura Prepon (Orange Is the New Black (2013)) discusses her new book, "The Stash Plan". Later, Michael shares his adventure hosting "Meatopia", a food and wine festival in South Be...
04 Mar 2016
E119. Fast Family Favorites
The hosts prepare dishes for the entire family, including rigatoni with chicken and feta; pork tenderloin with peanut satay. Later: chef Roblé Ali travels to Couperville, Washingto...
07 Mar 2016
E120. Build a Better Breakfast!
Recipes include sausage and biscuits, along with a Bloody Mary recipe. Later, chef Roblé Ali travels to Ocoee, Florida's Lake Meadows Natural Farm to spend a day learning all about...
08 Mar 2016
E121. Surprisingly Simple Sweets
Recipes include flaming chocolate hazelnut ricotta crepes, citrus granita, chocolate chip cookies; chef Roblé Ali visits a Clermont, Florida orange grove.
09 Mar 2016
E122. America's Best Dishes
Regional dishes from around the U.S. are prepared, including Long Island iced tea, white fish melt, southern spiced layer cake, chili cheese dog casserole.
10 Mar 2016
E123. Ask the Chew
The hosts answer questions from viewers; Mario prepares calamari with garlic chili sauce; chef Roblé Ali visits a dairy farm and learns how to make cheese; Michael prepares stuffed...
11 Mar 2016
E124. Fix My Food Disaster!
The hosts offer solutions to viewers with cooking disasters.
14 Mar 2016
E125. Five Ingredient Gourmet
Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Underground (2016)). Also: a twist on a sweet treat; a dish with five mystery ingredients.
15 Mar 2016
E126. First Time Foodie
William H. Macy (Shameless - Nicht ganz nüchtern (2011)) visits the show to cook with Michael. Also: food tasting; tips for entertaining; Vermont cooking.
16 Mar 2016
E127. St. Paddy's Day Party Plan
Kim Cattrall (Sensitive Skin (2014)); an Irish-influenced restaurant; a new spin on pub food.
17 Mar 2016
E128. Bring on Spring!
Mario and Michael creates a feast, with food from the farmers' market; singer Seal (The Passion (2016)).
18 Mar 2016
E129. Fast 'n' Fresh Feasts
Sally Field (Hello, My Name Is Doris (2015)) prepares pea pesto and potatoes. Also: pot roast shortcut; the Good Food Truck in Vermont; rhubarb, strawberries and cream.
21 Mar 2016
E130. My Big, Fat, Family Favorites
Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016)); Clinton puts his own twist on a popular Internet recipe.
22 Mar 2016
E131. Bakin' Up Breakfast!
Ginger Zee and Val Chmerkovskiy prepare breakfast recipes; Kenji Lopez-Alt.
23 Mar 2016
E132. Let Your Freak Flag Fry!
Peter Krause (The Catch (2016)). Also: a fried dessert recipe; Carla prepares a dish from surprise ingredients, chosen by the audience.
24 Mar 2016
E133. Effortless Easter
Easter basket tips; simple Easter main course; springtime side; chef Pati Jinich.
25 Mar 2016
E134. Burger Blowout
Kelsey Grammer makes burgers; Clinton Kelly shares a burger twist; Carla Hall makes a sweet treat.
28 Mar 2016
E135. The Chew's Essentials
The co-hosts unveil their new cookbook; Ahmir-Khalib Thompson (Questlove) makes a favorite dish; time-saving tips for moms.
29 Mar 2016
E136. All-Star Cocktail Party
Kelly Rowland makes party snacks; chef Jacques Pepin makes a great appetizer.
30 Mar 2016
E137. Easy Entertaining Secrets
Author Lauren Conrad shares tips for entertaining; edible art; visiting The Birthday Project.
31 Mar 2016
E138. Skip the Drive-Thru Dinners
Andrew Rannells (Girls (2012)) recreates his favorite childhood dish; lightening up a fast food favorite.
01 Apr 2016
E139. Mind-Blowing Restaurant Secrets
Recipes include: sesame cheese puff bite-sized burgers; grilled hanger steak with pickled chili salad.
11 Apr 2016
E140. Last-Minute Munchies
Making ham and pea potato croquettes with leftovers; mashed potato dip; hoppin' john rolls; south polish kielbasa and waffles; whiskey smash.
12 Apr 2016
E141. Dinnertime Dilemmas: Solved!
Vegetarian spaghetti and pecan meatballs; chocolate peanut butter mousse; pan-roasted chicken in white wine sauce; chef Kenji Lopez-Alt.
13 Apr 2016
E142. Nuthin' But Breakfast
Vanessa Bayer (Carrie Pilby (2016) and Dating Queen (2015)); granola pancakes with caramelized banana syrup; author Lee Schrager.
14 Apr 2016
E143. Stretch a Dollar Dishes
Money-saving tips are shared. Also: Mario joins the Brooklyn Baking Barons to make honey whiskey cake and apple cinnamon bread pudding in a mug.
15 Apr 2016
E144. Easy Weeknight Cravings
George Lopez (Lopez (2016)) and Michael Symon make eggplant rotasisi. Also: herby turkey meatloaf with R&B star Monica Arnold.
18 Apr 2016
E145. Diggin' In
Terry Crews (Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013)); chef Pati Jinich discusses her new cookbook; a visit to Cerasee Farm.
19 Apr 2016
E146. Big Bites on a Budget
20 Apr 2016
E147. Trend-able Treats
David Duchovny (Akte X - Die unheimlichen Fälle des FBI (1993) and Aquarius (2015)).
21 Apr 2016
E148. Greatest Dishes in the World
22 Apr 2016
E149. Fabulous Family Favorites
Alfonso Ribeiro (America's Funniest Home Videos (1989)); lemon carrot summer rolls; the Joneses from York, Penn. make jambalaya.
25 Apr 2016
E150. Spring-Spiration!
26 Apr 2016
E151. Buzz-Worthy Bites
Bellamy Young (Scandal (2012)); Buzzfeed's Kitchen in New York; a recipe with a large online following.
27 Apr 2016
E152. Irresistible Eats
Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family (2009)) discusses his new role in Broadway's "Fully Committed". Also: Carla Hall reveals her top three moments from the past five seasons.
28 Apr 2016
E153. Dynamo Dinners
Kate Hudson (Mother's Day: Liebe ist kein Kinderspiel (2016)); journalist/author Anderson Cooper (book, "The Rainbow Comes and Goes"); Michael's restaurant, "Mabel's BBQ".
29 Apr 2016
E154. Quick Fixes
Mercedes Mason (Fear the Walking Dead (2015)). Also: cucumber and almond soup and frozen Paloma palooza; edible centerpieces.
2 links 02 May 2016
E156. Insider Tips
Mario and Michael give tips for making restaurant-quality meals at home; Rosanna Pansino.
04 May 2016
E157. 1,000th Show
The 1,000th episode is celebrated. Included: chef tasting table; celebrity guests.
05 May 2016
E158. Kitchen Wisdom
Mother's Day recipes are shared by Michael and Mario; Clinton makes a pie.
06 May 2016
E159. Shop Once, Eat Twice!
Actress Michelle Monaghan (The Path (2016)) helps Mario Batali make spicy broccoli rabe and provolone sandwiches. Other recipes include salmon satay skewers with ginger honey sauce...
09 May 2016
E160. Ready, Set, Eat!
Culinary adventure; during "Fix My Failure Week", Clinton and Loretta Devine (Grandma's House (2016) and The Carmichael Show (2015)) help a viewer.
10 May 2016
E161. Cooking Adventures
Antonio Sabato Jr. (Hometown Hero (2016) and Dance Night Obsession (2016)); Michael faces a cooking challenge; Daphne makes a healthy dish.
11 May 2016
E162. Dessert Blowout!
Tony Award-nominee Danielle Brooks assists the cast as they make dessert recipes for Carla Hall's birthday celebration.
12 May 2016
E163. Friday Night Bites
The co-hosts are challenged to taste a dish and guess which chef created it; Friday Holiday Hour.
13 May 2016
E164. Simple Spring Spectacular
Jason George (Grey's Anatomy - Die jungen Ärzte (2005)); spring dinner; Mario uses a surprise ingredient.
16 May 2016
E165. Triple Threat Tuesday
Martha Plimpton (The Real O'Neals (2016)); Mario and Carla visit Staten Island's "Harvest Café"; versatile recipe.
17 May 2016
E166. Instagram-worth Eats
Wendi McLendon-Covey (Die Goldbergs (2013) and Army of One: Ein Mann auf göttlicher Mission (2016)). The co-hosts prepare picture-perfect dishes.
18 May 2016
E167. May Gourmet!
Chef Bobby Flay; the founders of "Hella Bitters" create cocktails and bitter bites; springtime sweets.
19 May 2016
E168. All About Breakfast
Chris Harrison (The Bachelor (2002) and The Bachelorette (2003)) joins Carla and Clinton at C&C Food Factory; musician Jennifer Nettles.
20 May 2016
E169. Get Your Grill On
Country star Martina McBride makes grilled peach cobbler. Later, barbecue chef Melissa Cookston prepares a Deep South Burger with Pimiento Cheese and Fried Green Tomatoes.
23 May 2016
E170. Food Bucket List
The hosts prepare recipes from their food bucket list; Mario creates a dream-worthy dish; chef Elizabeth Karmel; Carla tries trapeze.
24 May 2016
E171. Store-Bought Stars
Anika Noni Rose (Roots (2016)) cooks with Carla; Clinton and Daphne host a grilling contest.
25 May 2016
E172. 3 Under $3
A meal that costs less than $3 per serving; an inexpensive flavorful dish.
26 May 2016
E173. Ultimate Summer Blast Off!
Operation Gratitude in Chatsworth, California is visited. Also: a recipe with farmer's market ingredients and a sweet treat is prepared.
27 May 2016
E174. Summer Picnic
Guests include news anchor David Muir (ABC Evening News (1953)); dance troupe The Radio City Rockettes and chef/author Dan Churchill.
31 May 2016
E175. Cravings and $aving$
Recipes include: Texas tostadas; strawberry plum crostata; fried chicken Parmesan sandwiches with pickled cherry peppers; and chiles relleno. Also: chef Pati Jinich.
01 Jun 2016
E176. Grilling the Garden
Recipes include: grilled Spring radicchio salad; smoky eggplant dip; lemon verbena tea; sesame long beans; grilled potato salad with grilled lemon vinaigrette. "Gangsta Gardner" Ro...
02 Jun 2016
E177. Mega Bites
Chai Bundt cake; Stephen A. Smith makes meaty cheesy lasagna; fried chicken salad with Brussel sprouts slaw.
03 Jun 2016
E178. Summer Suppers
Ana Ortiz and Roselyn Sanchez (Devious Maids (2013)). Also: grilled swordfish with fresh herbs; fresh buttermilk cream.
06 Jun 2016
E179. Hittin' the Coals
Author Freddie Prinze Jr. (book, "Back to the Kitchen"); Hayground School, in Bridgehampton, New York, is visited where the students grow and serve their lunch to each other, as pa...
07 Jun 2016
E180. The Chew's Pool Party
Scott Wolf (The Night Shift (2014)) cooks dinner with Mario; Skai Jackson (Camp Kikiwaka (2015) and Jessie (2011)) prepares a treat with Carla.
08 Jun 2016
E181. Backyard Brunch
Patricia Heaton (Patricia Heaton Parties (2015) and The Middle (2009)); Clinton and Mario prepare dishes for a backyard brunch.
09 Jun 2016
E182. A-List Eats
Paula Patton (Warcraft: The Beginning (2016)); Mike Epps (Uncle Buck (2016)); behind-the-scenes at Carla's new restaurant in Brooklyn.
10 Jun 2016
E183. Spice Up Your Summer
Melanie Brown (America's Got Talent (2006)); grilled chicken with green goddess salad; David Schwimmer and Jim Sturgess (Feed the Beast (2016)).
13 Jun 2016
E184. 10 Buck BBQ
Camila Alves (Kids BBQ Championship (2016)); author Bobby Brown (book, "Every Little Step" (2016)); barbecue sides.
14 Jun 2016
E185. Mind-Blowing Makeovers
Nia Long (Uncle Buck (2016)). Also: Mario makes the healthy version of a dish, while Daphne makes the regular recipe.
15 Jun 2016
E186. Ultimate Outdoor Tips
Jessie T. Usher (Independence Day: Wiederkehr (2016)); Sausage Fest 2016; chef Pati Jinich.
16 Jun 2016
E187. Father Knows Best
Ed O'Neill (Findet Dorie (2016) and Modern Family (2009)); Father's Day cocktail and meal.
17 Jun 2016
E188. Fifth Annual Summertime, Funtime, Sunshine Happy Hour
Eric Dane (The Last Ship (2014)) makes game asada tacos. Later, cookbook author Dan Churchill visits the world's largest green rooftop soil farm.
20 Jun 2016
E189. Super Fast Super Delicious
A berries, biscuits and cream dessert recipe. Also: chef Pati Jinich prepares a seafood dish.
21 Jun 2016
E190. Island Eats
Brooke Shields (Flower Shop Mystery: Dearly Depotted (2016)); Carla Hall and chef Art Smith make a tropical treat.
22 Jun 2016
E191. Freezer Pleasers
Baseball legend Cal Ripken; chef Kenji Lopez-Alt; Florida's Chill-N ice cream.
23 Jun 2016
E192. Easy Beach Bites
Blake Lively (The Shallows: Gefahr aus der Tiefe (2016)) joins Mario Batali to create an A-List summertime dish; beach tips.
24 Jun 2016
E193. Instant Upgrades
Chef Eric Ripert prepares a chocolate mousse. Also: homemade ricotta cheese, herbed ricotta ravioli with Alfredo sauce and an Asian garden vegetable flatbread are made.
27 Jun 2016
E194. To Grill, or Not to Grill?
Barbecue recipes are shared. Including pork spareribs with grilled corn salad, and grilled lettuce cups with fresh herbs and chilies. Also: a visit to The Studio School in New York...
28 Jun 2016
E195. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!
Bobby Moynihan (Pets (2016)) helps make chicken burritos. Also: spatchcock coconut jerk chicken with pineapple salsa.
05 Jul 2016
E196. Chicken Around the World
Arsenio Hall and Kelsea Ballerini (Greatest Hits (2016)) help make slow-cooker Asian barbecue chicken sammies. Also: chicken and mashed potato samosas; and chicken dishes suggested...
06 Jul 2016
E197. Summer's Trend-able Treats
David Duchovny (Aquarius (2015)) helps Mario make spicy-roasted cauliflower. Also: chicken wings with Thai barbecue sauce; sparkling vodka lemonade; and a salty and sweet treat.
22 Aug 2016
E198. Summer Favorites
Clinton embarks on a culinary tour of Key West with his childhood pal, Lisa Sliwa. Also: blueberry lemonade bars; grilled grouper with key lime mango salsa; and meat and potato rav...
23 Aug 2016
E199. Perfect Sandwich Secrets #2
Hilary Duff (Younger (2015)) helps Michael make a chicken Parmesan hero; a couple face off by cooking a grilled-skirt-steak sub and a Puerto Rican chicken sandwich; and a unique sc...
24 Aug 2016
E200. Summer Dinnertime Dilemmas Solved!
Chef Kenji Lopez-Alt cooks pan-roasted chicken with white wine sauce. Also: balsamic salmon and kale; spaghetti and pecan meatballs; and chocolate peanut butter mousse.
25 Aug 2016
E201. Summer's Five Ingredient Gourmet
Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Underground (2016)) helps Mario make blackened spicy garlic salmon; and Michael creates a dish, using five mystery ingredients. Also: peaches-and-cream no-bak...
26 Aug 2016
E202. Fast 'N Fresh Summer Feasts
Sally Field (Hello, My Name Is Doris (2015)) joins the cast. Recipes include: grilled zucchini with fresh tomato sauce; pea pesto and potatoes; pot roast shortcut.
29 Aug 2016
E203. Easy Summer Entertaining Secrets
Author Lauren Conrad visits. Recipes include: calzones with zucchini and eggplant caponata; spring pea pierogies.
30 Aug 2016
E204. Life-Changing Summer Recipes
Katie Holmes (All We Had (2016)) is the guest. Included: Saba roast chicken with panzanella; buttery vanilla pudding pound cake; Carla helps a viewer recover a family recipe.
31 Aug 2016
E205. Fabulous Summer Family Favorites
Alfonso Ribeiro (America's Funniest Home Videos (1989)) joins the cast. Recipes include: summer stuffed shells with corn and zucchini; lemon carrot summer rolls; Jones family jamba...
01 Sep 2016
E206. Make Summer Dinner Like a Pro
Bradley Cooper (War Dogs (2016)) cooks with Mario. Also: singer Robin Thicke prepares pot roast; Mexican chocolate blender flan.
02 Sep 2016
E207. Labor Day Blowout
Author Freddie Prinze Jr.. Also: holiday cocktails are prepared.
05 Sep 2016
Season 6
Season 6
E1. Ultimate Season Six Celebration
The hosts share stories from their summers.
06 Sep 2016
E2. Fantastic Food Fantasies
Justin Bartha (White Girl (2016)).
07 Sep 2016
E3. Brand New Go-Tos
Regina Hall (When the Bough Breaks (2016)).
08 Sep 2016
E4. Great American Road Trip
Country music group Florida Georgia Line.
09 Sep 2016
E5. Farmer's Market Frenzy
Adam Brody (StartUp (2016)).
12 Sep 2016
E6. Quick and Easy Daring Dinners
Alan Cumming (Hurricane Bianca (2016) and Good Wife (2009)); Chris Harrison (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (2002) and The Bachelor (2002)).
13 Sep 2016
E7. Big Family Breakfast
Guest co-hostess Gloria Estefan; Meat Loaf.
14 Sep 2016
E8. Dessert in a Pinch
Singer Fantasia Barrino.
15 Sep 2016
E9. Award-Winning Weekend Eats
The co-hosts shares party tips and appetizers.
16 Sep 2016
E10. Chefs Secrets
TV hosts George Stephanopoulos, Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts (Good Morning America (1975)).
19 Sep 2016
E11. Treat Yourself
Clark Gregg (Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013)).
20 Sep 2016
E12. Southern Favorites with a Twist
21 Sep 2016
E13. Seriously Simple Sweets
David Alan Grier (The Carmichael Show (2015)).
22 Sep 2016
E14. How to Get Away with Brunch
Charlie Weber (How to Get Away with Murder (2014)). Also: the Grand Banks Oysters in NYC is visited.
23 Sep 2016
E15. Fall to Table
Michelle Williams ("Revival" (2017)). Also: a visit to Arethusa Farms in Litchfield, Connecticut.
26 Sep 2016
E16. Simple Showstoppers
Sutton Foster (Younger (2015)); and author Alton Brown (book, "The Everyday Cook").
27 Sep 2016
E17. Elegant in an Instant
Kristin Chenoweth (album, "The Art of Elegance").
28 Sep 2016
E18. Recipes from the Vault
Alfonso Ribeiro (America's Funniest Home Videos (1989)).
29 Sep 2016
E19. The Chew's Classic Combinations
Fran Drescher. Also: a South Bronx teacher and his students, who are changing lives through food.
30 Sep 2016
E20. Big American Eats
Anthony Anderson (Black-ish (2014)).
03 Oct 2016
E21. The Chew's Ultimate Shortcuts
Guest co-hostess Patti LaBelle (Patti LaBelle's Place (2015)).
04 Oct 2016
E22. Easy Diner Delights
Broadway actress Jessie Mueller. Also: highlights from Carla Hall's Broadway appearance in the musical, "Waitress".
05 Oct 2016
E23. Simple Store-Bought Solutions
America Ferrera (Superstore (2015)).
06 Oct 2016
E24. All-Star Potluck Party
Sara Rue (Impastor (2015)). Also: Michael and Mario play "Pop-Quizine" with audience members.
07 Oct 2016
E25. Adventurous Eats
Unusual foods are featured. Also: a nighttime safari at Disney's Animal Kingdom with Daphne Oz.
10 Oct 2016
E26. Kicked Up Classics
Singer Ne-Yo visits. Also: a visit to chef Art Smith's new restaurant in Disney Springs.
11 Oct 2016
E27. Magical Meals in Minutes
Singer/actress Monica Arnold.
12 Oct 2016
E28. Coolest Food Ever
Scott Foley (Scandal (2012)).
13 Oct 2016
E29. Around the World on a Plate
Chef Rick Bayless gives Carla a cooking lesson at his new restaurant "Frontera Cocina" in Disney Springs at the Walt Disney World Resort.
14 Oct 2016
E30. Shareable Bites
Hilary Duff (Younger (2015)); retail-supported fishery, "Dock to Dish".
17 Oct 2016
E31. Modern Comfort Food
Roselyn Sanchez (Death of a Vegas Showgirl (2016)). Also: highlights from the co-hosts' adventures at Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.
18 Oct 2016
E32. Fast, Chic & Easy
Victoria Justice (The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again (2016)); Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines (Fixer Upper (2013)). Also: Carla Hall visits Rhode Island.
19 Oct 2016
E33. Crowd-Pleasing Party Eats
Comedian Wanda Sykes. Also: a trip to the National Museum of African-American History and Culture in Washington, D.C.
20 Oct 2016
E34. Smart Fall Supper
Danai Gurira (The Walking Dead (2010)); author Serena Wolf.
21 Oct 2016
E35. Simple Tricks & Treats
Author Padma Lakshmi.
24 Oct 2016
E36. Chew-Approved Halloween Tips
Actress Mary Steenburgen (The Last Man on Earth (2015)); recipes from the show's newest cookbook.
25 Oct 2016
E37. Sweet 'N Spooky
Boris Kodjoe (Code Black (2015)); Disney Springs' Ganachery.
26 Oct 2016
E38. Help My Halloween!
Chef and author Ina Garten.
27 Oct 2016
E39. Instant Bewitching Bash
Colin Hanks (Life in Pieces (2015)); author Candace Nelson (book, "The Sprinkles Baking Book").
28 Oct 2016
E40. The Chew's Ultimate Spooktacular
Halloween celebration; country artist Kellie Pickler.
31 Oct 2016
E41. Goodbye Halloween, Hello Thanksgiving
Professional wrestler Stephanie McMahon; Feeding America Giveaway; a visit to Philatundance Community Kitchen.
01 Nov 2016
E42. No-Stress Fall Feast
Rachael Ray (Die Rachael Ray Show (2006)).
02 Nov 2016
E43. Braise It Up
TV host Harry Connick Jr. (Harry (2016)).
03 Nov 2016
E44. Perfect Pie Day Friday
Actress Molly Ringwald (King Cobra (2016) and Odd Mom Out (2015)).
04 Nov 2016
E45. Thanksgiving Throwdown
Actors Romany Malco, Mo'Nique, J.B. Smoove and Gabrielle Union (Almost Christmas (2016)).
07 Nov 2016
E46. Turkey Day Potluck
Chef Anthony Bourdain.
08 Nov 2016
E47. Quick and Easy Thanksgiving
Actress Nicole Ari Parker (Almost Christmas (2016)).
09 Nov 2016
E48. Fabulous Friendsgiving
Singer Trisha Yearwood (Trisha's Southern Kitchen (2012)).
10 Nov 2016
E49. Tried & True Thanksgiving
Actress Merrin Dungey (Conviction (2016)); chefs Alex Guarnaschelli and Michael Symon honor veterans with the "Dine Out with Heroes" organization.
11 Nov 2016
E50. Fix My Turkey Dinner!
Actor Taye Diggs (Empire (2015)).
14 Nov 2016
E51. Snap-Worthy Sides
Actress Alexandra Wentworth (Nightcap (2016)).
15 Nov 2016
E52. Stuffing Gone Wild
Actor Andrew Rannells (Girls (2012) and Why Him? (2016)).
16 Nov 2016
E53. Desserts to Die For
Actor Billy Eichner (Funny or Die's Billy on the Street (2011)).
17 Nov 2016
E54. Appy Thanksgiving
Author Ziggy Marley; actress Christina Hendricks (Bad Santa 2 (2016)); Mario's restaurant Del Posto.
18 Nov 2016
E55. Turkey Timeline #3
Hosting a stress-free Thanksgiving.
21 Nov 2016
E56. First-Timer's Feast
Actor Sterling K. Brown (This Is Us (2016)).
22 Nov 2016
E57. The Greatest Thanksgiving in Chew-story
TV hostess Wendy Williams (The Wendy Williams Show (2008)).
23 Nov 2016
E58. Goodbye Thanksgiving, Hello Holidays
28 Nov 2016
E59. Back to Holiday Basics
Actress Bellamy Young (Scandal (2012)).
29 Nov 2016
E60. Festive Family Favorites
Actor Bill Bellamy (The Bounce Back (2016)); chef Nancy Fuller (Farmhouse Rules (2013)).
30 Nov 2016
E61. Merry Meal Makeovers
Food writer Gail Simmons.
01 Dec 2016
E62. Holiday Housewarming
Actress Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls: Ein neues Jahr (2016)); actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead (2010)).
02 Dec 2016
E63. The Chew's Holiday Checklist
05 Dec 2016
E64. Jingle Bell Jam
Actor Benjamin Bratt (Star (2016) and Dr. Strange (2016)).
06 Dec 2016
E65. Holidays in a Hurry
Sportscaster Chris Fowler.
07 Dec 2016
E66. Foolproof Festive Feasts
Actress Jodie Sweetin (Fuller House (2016)); Sandra Lee.
08 Dec 2016
E67. All-Star Holiday Party
Actress Katie Holmes (All We Had (2016)).
09 Dec 2016
E68. 6th Annual Ugly Sweater Party
Actress Olivia Munn (Office Christmas Party (2016)); actress Megan Hilty (Regeln spielen keine Rolle (2016)).
12 Dec 2016
E69. Holiday Shortcuts
Guest co-host Josh Capon; actress Emmanuelle Chriqui (Shut Eye (2016)).
13 Dec 2016
E70. Festive on the Fly!
TV personalities Derek Hough and Julianne Hough.
14 Dec 2016
E71. The Ultimate Cookie Swap
TV host Jesse Palmer.
15 Dec 2016
E72. The Chew's Holiday Spectacular #2
The Radio City Rockettes.
16 Dec 2016
E73. Chrismukkah Crowd-Pleasers
Chef Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa (2002)).
19 Dec 2016
E74. Last-Minute Holiday
Holiday gift and food ideas.
20 Dec 2016
E75. Christmas Morning Make-Aheads
Actor Matthew McConaughey (Sing (2016)); Santa Claus makes an appearance; the hosts exchange Secret Santa gifts.
21 Dec 2016
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