The Adventures of Kid Danger (2018) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2018

Duration: 30 min

Genre: Animation

Writer: Dan Schneider

Stars: Jace Norman, Michael D. Cohen, Riele Downs, Cooper Barnes

IMDb: TT7833530

Rating: 4.1/10

Season 1
Season 1
Popcorn Monster/Game of Drones E1. Popcorn Monster/Game of Drones
While trying to create two identical pieces of popcorn Ray & Henry accidentally bring to life the Popcorn Monster. To help Ray win the Swellview Drone Dash against Dr. Minyak, Schw...
2 links 15 Jan 2018
Clone Babies/Flying Spiders E2. Clone Babies/Flying Spiders
Feeling that being Captain Man is too much work for just one person, Ray and Schwoz hatch a plan to clone Ray; Captain Man and Kid Danger race against the clock to stop Daddy Longl...
3 links 26 Jan 2018
Texas Weiners/Yoohoo Tube E3. Texas Weiners/Yoohoo Tube
Captain Man and Kid Danger are tasked with driving to pick up 1,000 hot dogs for a birthday party; to save Schwoz from an experiment gone wrong, Captain Man and Kid Danger must fol...
1 link 02 Feb 2018
OctoCharlotte/Trouble in Tropikini E4. OctoCharlotte/Trouble in Tropikini
Schwoz accidentally morphs Charlotte into half girl half octopus; Jasper falls into a volcano and is held captive by the Volcaniacs.
09 Feb 2018
Fish Talker/Wet Doom E5. Fish Talker/Wet Doom
Captain Man and Kid Danger use Schowz' Fish-Talker helmet to help a lost fish find its way home; while stuck in a restaurant bathroom, Ray, Henry, Charlotte, Jasper and Schwoz remi...
1 link 16 Feb 2018
The Sushi Sitter/Cheer Beast E6. The Sushi Sitter/Cheer Beast
Captain Man uses a motorized toilet to save Kid Danger from Drill Finger; Piper tries Captain Man's discontinued health program to prepare for cheer tryouts, but the heroes must st...
05 May 2018
Tiny Toddler/Magical Beefery Tour E7. Tiny Toddler/Magical Beefery Tour
After misplacing the shrink ray, Captain Man and Kid Danger have to battle The Toddler to win it back; When Captain Man and Kid Danger find a golden pickle in their burger, they wi...
3 links 12 May 2018
The Wahoo Punch Bro/Pink Rocket E8. The Wahoo Punch Bro/Pink Rocket
When the Wahoo Punch Bro runs amok through Swellview, Captain Man and Kid Danger must find a way to stop him; Mitch Bilsky mocks Henry's kiddie motor scooter, prompting Ray to set ...
2 links 19 May 2018
Snooze Pods E9. Snooze Pods
Jasper becomes trapped in a dream using one of Schwoz's Snooze Pods, It's up to Captain Man and Kid Danger to bring him back.
3 links 11 Jun 2018
Mad Wax E10. Mad Wax
While being honored at the Celebrity Wax Museum, Captain Man and Kid Danger are attacked by an army of angry wax figures.
3 links 12 Jun 2018
Fails E11. Fails
Invisible Brad returns and this time he's posting embarrassing videos of Captain Man and Kid Danger until they turn him visible again.
13 Jun 2018
Sticky Vicky E12. Sticky Vicky
Henry's field trip to the Museum of Celebrity Garbage is cut short by the arrival of Sticky Vicky.
14 Jun 2018
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