That '70s Show (1998) TV Series Free Watch

A comedy revolving around a group of teenage friends, their mishaps, and their coming of age, set in 1970s Wisconsin.

Years: 1998−2006

Duration: 22 min

Country: USA

Genre: Comedy

Writers: Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner, Mark Brazill

Stars: Mila Kunis, Topher Grace, Laura Prepon

IMDb: TT0165598

Rating: 8.1/10

Season 1
Season 1
That '70s Pilot E1. That '70s Pilot
Point Place, Wisconsin, May 17, 1976. Nerdy teenager Eric, who smokes weed with some classmates in the basement, is in heaven when his dad Red decides to hand him the keys of his f...
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Eric's Birthday E2. Eric's Birthday
Eric is turning 17 and made very clear he wants no more childish 'surprise' party and a cassette player, not an outdated 8-rack player, but ma Kitty is as subtle as a herd of eleph...
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Streaking E3. Streaking
Point Place is buzzing when it's announced that President Ford is coming to town. Meanwhile, the guys want to do something to show their opposition and decide to go streaking.
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Battle of the Sexists E4. Battle of the Sexists
Donna keeps beating Eric at games, which isn't very good for their relationship.
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Eric's Burger Job E5. Eric's Burger Job
Eric gets a job at Fatso Burger and can't spend time with Donna, who's planning a party at the end of the week.
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The Keg E6. The Keg
The gang finds a keg and decides to throw a party in the pool of an abandoned house.
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That Disco Episode E7. That Disco Episode
The gang decide to go to a disco. Hyde can't dance and secretly gets lessons from Kitty.
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Drive in E8. Drive in
Fez's host parents think the group has a bad influence on him and Eric and Donna are going to a drive-in movie.
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Thanksgiving E9. Thanksgiving
While ordinary people look forward to enjoy Thanksgiving and later Christmas, the Formans suffer, even in anticipation, worse then usual, especially when Red's mother, hence Kitty'...
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Sunday, Bloody Sunday E10. Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Red's overcritical mother goes to church with the Foremans, torturing Kitty, who has just quit smoking.
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Eric's Buddy E11. Eric's Buddy
Eric starts hanging out with his rich chem lab partner, Buddy, and they become best friends, to the chagrin of Fez and Hyde.
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The Best Christmas Ever E12. The Best Christmas Ever
It's Christmas and Eric wants to give a party in the basement, with beer.
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Ski Trip E13. Ski Trip
The gang goes on a ski trip, without Kelso.
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Stolen Car E14. Stolen Car
When Eric scratches the Vista Cruiser Red takes it away. Luckily Kelso is able to borrow his cousin's car, or so they think... Meanwhile Donna and Jackie are starting to think more...
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That Wrestling Show E15. That Wrestling Show
Kitty makes Red go to a wrestling show with the gang. Jackie becomes a door mat for Kelso. Midge convinces Kitty and Laurie to join her at "therapy."
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First Date E16. First Date
This episode is Valentine's Day. Eric wants to give Donna his class ring, but Hyde wants to tell her how he feels. Eric takes Donna to a restaurant and she gets drunk. Hyde and Eri...
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The Pill E17. The Pill
Jackie tells about her pregnancy to Eric, who tells Donna, who gives the foolish girl heaps for having unsafe sex; Kelso faints overhearing them, but intends to do his duty as fath...
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The Career Day E18. The Career Day
It's career day and the gang spends a working day with their parents.
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Prom Night E19. Prom Night
Eric is hoping the prom will allow him to take a next step with Donna, Hyde convinces him to take a motel-room; when they get there, it's grubby. Jackie has dumped Michael, yet win...
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A New Hope E20. A New Hope
Eric, Hyde, Fez and Kelso go see Star Wars and become obsessed with it. Red's boss Milbank returns to town. Eric fights his son David, whose butt he once kicked in elementary schoo...
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Water Tower E21. Water Tower
The gang vandalizes the town water tower by painting a giant marijuana leaf on it, but it is confused for a hand giving the finger. While painting it, Kelso falls off the water tow...
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Punk Chick E22. Punk Chick
Hyde meets a girl who asks him to go to New York with her.
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Grandma's Dead E23. Grandma's Dead
When Grandma Forman dies unexpectedly the Formans have to deal with the loss. Eric goes to a bar, Kitty cooks, Laurie thinks of her inheritance, and Red has to deal with his over-e...
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Hyde Moves In E24. Hyde Moves In
Kelso has the brilliant idea to go skinny-dipping, but all their clothes get stolen, so the basement gang goes to the Hyde home to put something on. Thus they learn his mother Edna...
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The Good Son E25. The Good Son
Goodfornothing Hyde surprises everyone, even himself, responding to Kitty's maternal influence by making some efforts at study and chores, no longer 'admired' by the other boys as ...
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Season 2
Season 2
Garage Sale E1. Garage Sale
The Formans have a garage sale to earn some extra cash. Hyde doesn't have anything to sell, so he bakes "special brownies" to sell; Red, Kitty, Midge and Bob eat some of Hyde's bro...
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Red's Last Day E2. Red's Last Day
Michael is delighted his uncle gave him a van for free, even though it's a stinking rust-bucket, the basement boys see cruising (both senses) possibilities. The spoiled girls look ...
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The Velvet Rope E3. The Velvet Rope
Eric, Donna, Hyde and Fez go to a hip new club. But only Donna gets in.
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Laurie and the Professor E4. Laurie and the Professor
After Laura eagerly points out at the family breakfast table that Eric has a hickey, Fez wants one too, from anyone. Hyde is sick of bunking and decides to move out of Eric's room,...
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Halloween E5. Halloween
It's Halloween and the gang goes to their old abandoned, burnt down grammar school.
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Vanstock E6. Vanstock
The gang goes to van-stock, a mini-Woodstock for vans, like Kelso's. Michael has a hard time two-timing Jackie with Laurie, especially because Hyde tries everything to get him caug...
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I Love Cake E7. I Love Cake
Eric doesn't know how to respond when Donna uses the "L" word. A fight with Midge leaves Bob sleeping at the Forman's house. And Kelso is the butt of Fonzie jokes when he shows up ...
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Sleepover E8. Sleepover
Donna sleeps with Eric for the first time and Hyde gets a job.
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Eric Gets Suspended E9. Eric Gets Suspended
Hyde and Fez go on a double date while Eric is suspended for smoking.
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Red's Birthday E10. Red's Birthday
It's Red's birthday, Bob and Midge are both dating other people and Eric is upset Donna talked to Hyde about her parent's problems instead of talking to him.
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Laurie Moves Out E11. Laurie Moves Out
Laurie moves out whilst Jackie becomes suspicious of Micheal when Laurie gives him back a sweater left in her room.
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Eric's Stash E12. Eric's Stash
While Jackie wants to enter a beauty contest, Eric suspects Hyde of stealing his money.
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Hunting E13. Hunting
The guys go hunting, and Red bags a deer while Eric wishes he could be somewhere else. Fez goes into the woods with a stick and a whistle, and comes back with dinner.
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Red's New Job E14. Red's New Job
Bob is livid and worried sick to read Price Mart is opening a branch in Point Place, but Red cares only for the next paragraph: they're hiring. However his candidature for supervis...
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Burning Down the House E15. Burning Down the House
Jackie invites Eric, Donna and Michael to a formal-yet-casual dinner party, but Michael gets it wrong and invites a "few" other people to the party. For a while Hyde has been sneak...
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The First Time E16. The First Time
Bob and Midge are getting ready to renew their vows. Kitty is upset because her close friend Midge didn't ask her as a bridesmaid while Red is Bob's best man. Eric and Donna have s...
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After Glow E17. After Glow
Eric is humiliated when Kelso blabs to the guys that Donna told Jackie that Eric was lame in the sack. Kitty is astonished when Red celebrates his first paycheck by buying a motorc...
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Kitty and Eric's Night Out E18. Kitty and Eric's Night Out
Eric is forced to go on a date with his mom. He is embarrassed seeing sex and drugs with his mom. But he warms up to it. Fez gets a cute new girlfriend. Jackie has to admit that sh...
16 links 28 Feb 2000
Parents Find Out E19. Parents Find Out
A policeman catches Donna and Eric in the act, and they now have to explain to their parents why the police brought them home. Meanwhile Kelso, Hyde and Fez use Kelso's CB radio to...
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Kiss of Death E20. Kiss of Death
Eric is afraid he'll be in big trouble with Donna after he runs over her cat, Mr. Bonkers. And Kelso is sure he's in bigger trouble when Jackie catches him giving Laurie a kiss.
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Kelso's Serenade E21. Kelso's Serenade
As Red predicted, Kitty only baked Swedish pancakes to bring bad news: everybody must visit aunt Pearl, in a rest home, who is even less welcoming then the family likes to go and h...
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Jackie Moves On E22. Jackie Moves On
Dumped Kelso's only relieve is to hear Jackie is miserable too, but Fez is determined to seize the opportunity to ask her out; she accepts dining at an expensive French restaurant ...
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Holy Crap E23. Holy Crap
Kitty can't go to church because of an extra hospital shift, but orders her kids to go, alone. Eric would, but Laurie's bad example is irresistible; alas, Bob reports their absence...
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Red Fired Up E24. Red Fired Up
Eric does well working at Price Mart, even gets sincere praise from Red, who actually sets him as example for a former plant colleague, eternal malingerer Earl, who becomes the pri...
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Cat Fight Club E25. Cat Fight Club
Jackie tries to win a 'burn' duel with Laurie, but Hyde convinces her it's better to 'be Zen.' Despite everybody's warnings, Michael accepts Laurie's invitation for dinner, which K...
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Moon Over Point Place E26. Moon Over Point Place
The Vikings yearbook contains a surprising picture: Donna smiling with her 'lower cheeks'. Just when Eric was resigning to it going generally unnoticed, Timmy happily makes it as p...
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Season 3
Season 3
Reefer Madness E1. Reefer Madness
The other basement boys were making fun imagining jailbird Hyde as some hard con's sex-toy, when Steven returns on parole, despite Red's refusal to post bail and intention to kick ...
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Red Sees Red E2. Red Sees Red
Red sets a new curfew for the kids, but none pays attention to it, which pushes him off the edge to becomes extremely over-protective. Kitty disagrees; when the kids are caught bre...
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Hyde's Father E3. Hyde's Father
After eight years, Hyde meets his father again.
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Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die E4. Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die
Eric chases Fez, who came in black lingerie as Halloween costume, onto the roof for a ball and nearly falls off- trying to help him, Fez loses balance and lands in a wheelchair, sp...
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Roller Disco E5. Roller Disco
When the Rollerdisco comes to Kenosha, Jackie insists Hyde must be her partner, he won't, she scorns Kelso, that leaves Fez, actually the best choice. Donna makes Michael so jealou...
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Eric's Panties E6. Eric's Panties
While the whole basement bunch meanly joins in with the school-wide ridiculing of poor Kelso, who made a painful fall in the canteen hurting the inside of his soiled trousers, cons...
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Baby Fever E7. Baby Fever
Jackie smashed Kelso's van and Laurie babysits for a friend of Kitty.
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Jackie Bags Hyde E8. Jackie Bags Hyde
On Veteran's Day, proud Vietnam vet Red looks down even more on his guardsman neighbor Bob also holding his own reunion, but Kitty insists to be neighborly. So Red and his for once...
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Hyde's Christmas Rager E9. Hyde's Christmas Rager
Now Hyde has moved from the over-protective Forman home to his carefree dad, barman Bud, the basement boys look forward to a keg party there, too frat-type for the girls' taste. Ki...
13 links 19 Dec 2000
Ice Shack E10. Ice Shack
Kelso has a master plan to win back Jackie while Hyde drives Leo and his bag with illegal drugs.
14 links 09 Jan 2001
Who Wants It More? E11. Who Wants It More?
Lovers Eric and Donna were the perfect study partners, but he falls over his own words into dumping her over an arms race disagreement, then is easily seduced. Kelso thinks he saw ...
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Fez Gets the Girl E12. Fez Gets the Girl
Donna has two tickets for a Led Zeppelin concert but Eric, who has just been made Employee of the Month, has to work the evening of the concert.
16 links 16 Jan 2001
Dine & Dash E13. Dine & Dash
When his flattered grandma gives Kelso $100, he invites the kids to a lobster dinner at the restaurant where Fez's girlfriend Caroline works, but expects them all to run without pa...
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Radio Daze E14. Radio Daze
Kelso can buy Hippie Leo's El Camino, but doesn't have the $500; Jackie lends him the money if he becomes her slave for a week. Donna gets a job at the local radio, where she is pr...
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Donna's Panties E15. Donna's Panties
Eric is a sore loser at basketball on the driveway, so he cheats by pantsing Donna, but tries to make up before Valentine's day, naively believing her claim it's no problem was jus...
15 links 13 Feb 2001
Romantic Weekend E16. Romantic Weekend
Eric and Donna want to go to a hotel for a romantic weekend. Kelso has problems 'performing' when he's with Pam Macy.
14 links 20 Feb 2001
Kitty's Birthday (That's Today?!) E17. Kitty's Birthday (That's Today?!)
Eric and Red forgot Kitty's birthday. Kelso has a plan to win Jackie back.
15 links 27 Feb 2001
The Trials of M. Kelso E18. The Trials of M. Kelso
Fez is addressed after a school team pep rally by kids from rivaling Fort Anderson, who sprayed his butt; at a revenge raid spraying their locker-room, Fez, Eric and Hyde get locke...
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Eric's Naughty No-no E19. Eric's Naughty No-no
Kitty's no-good sister comes over and the guys have seen an X-rated film.
16 links 27 Mar 2001
Holy Craps E20. Holy Craps
Kitty volunteers at the church fund raiser and obliges Red, Eric, Kelso and Hyde to help her. Jackie and Donna find out how loony Caroline is.
16 links 17 Apr 2001
Fez Dates Donna E21. Fez Dates Donna
Fez and Donna feign to date so Caroline will leave Fez alone.
16 links 01 May 2001
Eric's Drunken Tattoo E22. Eric's Drunken Tattoo
After sneakily reading Donna's diary, Eric thinks he's not cool enough for her and, after drinking sake, decides to get a tattoo.
15 links 01 May 2001
Canadian Road Trip E23. Canadian Road Trip
Eric, Kelso, Hyde, Fez and Leo are going to Canada to buy beer.
16 links 08 May 2001
Backstage Pass E24. Backstage Pass
When Jackie says she doesn't want to do it in the car, Kelso offers to have a romantic day, she stretches it to a week. Donna got concert tickets as a bonus at the radio station wh...
16 links 15 May 2001
The Promise Ring E25. The Promise Ring
Eric gives Donna a promise ring. Donna doesn't respond the way Eric thought.
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Season 4
Season 4
E1. It's a Wonderful Life
Eric is absolutely devastated over his and Donna's break-up, and spends all day in bed wishing they never had kissed. But asleep an angel comes to show Eric, how his and the gang's...
15 links 12 Oct 2008
E2. Eric's Depression
Eric is depressed about Donna and Kitty orders Red to talk to him. Hyde, Fez, Kelso and Jackie go to Funland.
15 links 26 Sep 2001
E3. Pinciotti vs. Forman
Now Donna is his ex, Eric doesn't want her in the basement any longer; Jackie leaves as an act of solidarity. In order to steal his friends, Donna offers them cable TV and corn dog...
15 links 02 Oct 2001
E4. Hyde Gets the Girl
Fez and Eric organize a party with lots of girls, so eternal bachelor Hyde can finally find the woman of his dreams.
16 links 09 Oct 2001
Bye Bye Basement E5. Bye Bye Basement
Hyde moves back with the Formans. Without telling why, Kitty decides to redo the basement, and hires Leo and his cousin Theo as contractors. Meanwhile, Eric and Donna break into an...
17 links 16 Oct 2001
E6. The Relapse
When Midge Pinciotti finally leaves her worthless husband Bob, he goes in denial and starts doing put-off jobs in house and garden 'for when she comes back'. Kitty is determined to...
14 links 06 Nov 2001
E7. Uncomfortable Ball Stuff
Eric and Donna go to the annual Pricemart Ball together while Fez gets a job at Leo's Photohut.
16 links 13 Nov 2001
E8. Donna's Story
Donna writes a nasty story in the school paper, obviously taking the mickey out of Eric albeit under fake names and playing in the Victorian age, so when schoolgirls see trough the...
15 links 20 Nov 2001
E9. The Forgotten Son
Eric feels rejected by both parents. Kitty goes lunching out with Donna, and they become friends, baking cookies together, according to Jackie ample reason for jealousy. When Red g...
14 links 21 Nov 2001
E10. Red and Stacey
Fez is dating Big Rhonda, who just returned from Mississippi and gets Donna and Jackie to give her feminine advice to become more desirable, but he still prefers her as she was. Re...
14 links 27 Nov 2001
E11. The Third Wheel
Eric convinces the guys to spend a girls-free night bowling, but Hyde scores an instant-kissing chick on the alley, Jill, which kills the plan. Red and pastor Dave have such fun as...
16 links 11 Dec 2001
E12. An Eric Forman Christmas
The gang grumbles Christmas isn't real fun any more, like when they were little kids, except Kelso who looks forward to the traditional X-mas children's specials, but Jackie won't ...
16 links 18 Dec 2001
E13. Jackie Says Cheese
Kitty brings Eric a lollipop, sex pamphlets and condoms to the men's disgust; yet when Kitty is home only one night and Red is out, he tries to steal some back; Eric thinks he thus...
15 links 08 Jan 2002
Eric's Hot Cousin E14. Eric's Hot Cousin
Eric's cousin Penny, who he used to tease a lot when they were kids, comes over for a visit. All the guys think she's very hot.
17 links 22 Jan 2002
E15. Tornado Prom
It's the the day of the Snow King election ball. Jackie expected to compensate her lost wealth by excelling popularity, so she was friendly -to some- for two whole weeks. Michael i...
16 links 30 Jul 2006
E16. Donna Dates a Kelso
When the school paper prints Eric's election as most eligible player of the Vikings team, he imagines being a love-machine like Kelso and tells Donna it's time they start dating ot...
16 links 05 Feb 2002
E17. Kelso's Career
As Valentine's day approaches, Fez has bought a big box of candy for his Rhonda, but can his horny body wait for her without eating the sweets? Jackie, who now learns the value of ...
14 links 12 Feb 2002
E18. Leo Loves Kitty
The mall owner gives Kelso the chance of a lifetime: the beautiful boy is recruited as model for his magazine, and almost immediately promoted to the most prestigious underwear, br...
15 links 19 Feb 2002
E19. Jackie's Cheese Squeeze
Jackie kisses Todd, a colleague of her, and Eric accidentally sees it.
14 links 26 Feb 2002
E20. Class Picture
When their class is having their pictures taken for the yearbook, Kelso concentrates on his coy look, but Jackie insists a meaningful personal quote is even more important. Eric's ...
13 links 19 Mar 2002
E21. Prank Day
Kelso welcomes everyone with 'Presents day' treats, but they soon discover that's just the first phase of his hilarious invention 'Prank day'. The girls invite Leo to their girls n...
16 links 26 Mar 2002
E22. Eric's Corvette Caper
Kitty drags Red to her class reunion, so Eric takes his chance to use his prize Corvette, against strict instructions, just to impress Canon, the foxy girl who always put him down,...
16 links 09 Apr 2002
E23. Hyde's Birthday
After Red grossly insults Hyde trough a misunderstanding on his birthday, Kitty decides to throw him a real surprise party for his 18th, at neighbor Bob's place, but Steven serious...
16 links 23 Apr 2002
E24. That '70s Musical
The others all react blasé, except Kitty, when Fez reminds them tomorrow is the spring musical he has been preparing for enthusiastically for weeks. In his innocent dream, Fez is a...
15 links 30 Jun 2007
E25. Eric's False Alarm
Michael Kelso overheard his abusive big brother Casey say he's about to meet and probably do it with Donna in "Le Motel"; Hyde insists everybody keeps quiet to Eric, Fez spills the...
15 links 07 May 2002
E26. Everybody Loves Casey
Hyde is so sick of the other boys wining about girls he starts throwing things at them each time, and nicknames wimp Eric Daffy Duck. Kitty wins a year's supply hot dogs, so she gi...
14 links 14 May 2002
E27. Love, Wisconsin Style
Jackie finds a way to make up with Michael Kelso who dumped her: he may kiss another girl; Jackie reserves choosing her 'rival'; when she finally leaves the choice to him, his is ....
16 links 21 May 2002
Season 5
Season 5
E1. Going to California
Eric goes to California to express his love for Donna, meanwhile Kelso tries to talk Annette into bed.
15 links 11 Nov 2006
E2. I Can't Quit You Babe
Eric and Donna are severely punished for their trip to California: Eric loses his car and Donna has to go to a catholic school.
15 links 24 Sep 2002
E3. What Is and What Should Never Be
Kitty drops a bomb by announcing she's pregnant, while Kelso feels as if a bomb has been dropped on him when he sees Hyde and Jackie kissing.
16 links 29 Oct 2002
E4. Heartbreaker
Now Michael Kelso has found out about Jackie and Hyde, he's crushed and out for vengeance - alas his attacks on friend Steven have the same sad result as always, a black eye for po...
16 links 29 Oct 2002
E5. Ramble On
Donna gives Eric a 'man ring'. Eric doesn't say how much he loathes the ring and even loses it.
15 links 12 Nov 2002
E6. Over the Hills and Far Away
Red considers Kitty's menopause the worst threat since the Korean war. For college orientation day, the Foremans drive the boys -Michael Kelso brings a note from his parents pinned...
14 links 19 Nov 2002
E7. Hot Dog
Kitty's menopause still makes life at the Forman house miserable, so Red gives her an orphan lap dog. In no time Schotzie is her favorite 'baby', making Red even more miserable. Er...
16 links 26 Nov 2002
E8. Thank You
It's Thanksgiving day and Eric can't tell Red about failing math or about his secret engagement to Donna. Red may reward Eric's (alleged) maturity at dinner and Kelso's 'dating' Er...
15 links 03 Dec 2002
E9. Black Dog
The news Jackie's dad councilman Burkhart had to resign after embezzlement charges convinces Kelso she'll soon be running back to home for a comforting shoulder, as Steven's remain...
14 links 10 Dec 2002
E10. The Crunge
Eric takes drastic measures when he learns that everyone in the gang, including Kelso, has higher SAT scores.
17 links 17 Dec 2002
E11. The Girl I Love
When Fez finally agrees to present his DMV girlfriend Nina to the gang, Kitty decides to give a formal dinner party, just when Red wanted to see an annual TV challenge special, Bat...
16 links 07 Jan 2003
E12. Misty Mountain Hop
Now Jackie's dad is indicted, their cabin must be emptied, so she and Kitty force Red, and he Eric -annex Donna- to help with the heavy lifting. Because of Jackie's lie to go to a ...
15 links 22 Jan 2003
Your Time Is Gonna Come E13. Your Time Is Gonna Come
Annette, Kelso's girlfriend from his and Donna's California exile, comes to visit Michael Kelso but stays with Donna, who insists Jackie must join them. Jealous Jackie hates Annett...
14 links 29 Jan 2003
E14. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
Hyde thinks Jackie still has feelings for Kelso while Eric's grandma drives Kitty and Donna mad with her icky remarks.
13 links 05 Feb 2003
E15. When the Levee Breaks
Donna's dad Bob and his partner Joanne are off for the weekend, so they plan a weekend together, but the gang is determined to throw a party there, and unforgiving when they really...
15 links 12 Feb 2003
E16. Whole Lotta Love
Now their parents know and worry about Eric and Donna's engagement, Eric is terrified and shunned by Red, Donna goes plead their case. Fez' boss and lover Nina decides to clear the...
15 links 19 Feb 2003
E17. The Battle of Evermore
Since Red ruined Erics life for getting engaged, their rowing gets worse for weeks, even chases the gang away. Kitty signs them up for a charity father-son Point Place Paul Bunyan ...
15 links 20 Feb 2003
E18. Hey Hey What Can I Do
Now most kids are out of a job income, they all head for the job fair, Eric and Hyde being fired, Kelso after getting a ticket from a female cop made him doubt if his looks will la...
15 links 12 Mar 2003
E19. Bring It on Home
While Fez wants to meet the parents of his girlfriend Nina, Donna has talked herself into asking Jackie to stay with her because her parents are gone.
16 links 26 Mar 2003
E20. No Quarter
Donna finds having Jackie as 'guest' is hell, only more invasive than an occupying army. Kelso hopes he'll be a tough cop in a year, but needs a less sissy job than model- Hyde's b...
14 links 02 Apr 2003
E21. Trampled Under Foot
The basement gang realizes their lives, conversations and routine are boringly repetitive, so they consider inviting a new member, but Kitty forces upon Eric Lance Crawford, a cree...
16 links 09 Apr 2003
E22. You Shook Me
Hyde tells Jackie he doesn't trust her being alone with Kelso, Eric gets a new job and Fez has a very disturbing dream involving Kelso.
15 links 16 Apr 2003
E23. Nobody's Fault But Mine
Kelso finds out Hyde cheated on Jackie and confronts him. Hyde tells Jackie about what he did. Meanwhile, Laurie has come back from Chicago.
18 links 23 Apr 2003
Immigrant Song E24. Immigrant Song
Red has taken a final decision regarding Eric and Donna's wish to move and marry.
16 links 07 May 2003
E25. Celebration Day
Fez dreads impending graduation as he probably must return to his lizard-infested country afterward, so he gets Kelso and Hyde to observe a truce in their Jacky-war to join both on...
16 links 06 Feb 2007
Season 6
Season 6
E1. The Kids Are Alright
Eric is torn apart because he desperately wants to leave home, but can't because he's needed at home after Red's mild heart attack.
18 links 20 Feb 2006
E2. Join Together
Although everyone keeps meanly abusing Kelso, he proves himself a true friend by realizing Hyde and Jackie may play cool and aloof, they're obviously still in love, so Michael star...
16 links 05 Nov 2003
E3. Magic Bus
It's Donna's last night in Point Place, and it's also Eric's eighteenth birthday. He may not be getting the party he expected, and he has to tell Donna goodbye.
17 links 12 Nov 2003
E4. The Acid Queen
When the boys see foxy Brooke again, Kelso wants her to confirm they did it at a Molly Hatchett concert, but she doesn't even remember the Adonis, who just can't believe it: other ...
18 links 19 Nov 2003
E5. I'm Free
The gang doesn't believe Kelso's claim Brooke can't be carrying his child. When Donna gets him to talk to her, she tells him never to give the baby and her another taught- he can't...
18 links 26 Nov 2003
E6. We're Not Gonna Take It
Eric is fired because Joanne broke up with Bob. Eric tries to get the job Kelso is also applying for.
16 links 03 Dec 2003
E7. Christmas
The firm is mad enough to designate misanthrope Red as Santaclaus, instead of Bob who grudgingly accepts to assist as elf with Kitty, who by signing up the kids for the same duty ....
16 links 17 Dec 2003
E8. I'm a Boy
Eric tells Donna and Kitty he worked late while he was actually playing poker with the guys.
16 links 07 Jan 2004
E9. Young Man Blues
Jackie joins a Big Sister program at school. Eric tries to become the new handy man around the house.
16 links 14 Jan 2004
E10. A Legal Matter
Kelso thinks he's the stooge of the police academy and, with Eric and Hyde, breaks into the police academy to check his file.
15 links 04 Feb 2004
E11. I Can See for Miles
While Michael Kelso helps Brooke in the library, she invites him, impressed with his kind efforts, to take her to her next gynecologist's appointment. Alas his van is missing by th...
15 links 11 Feb 2004
E12. Sally Simpson
Kelso introduces a fellow police cadet to the gang, a tomboy named Suzy Simpson. Comedy ensues when Kelso tries to set up a date between Suzy and Fez. Kitty becomes defensive when ...
18 links 18 Feb 2004
E13. Won't Get Fooled Again
Fez shooting a bunny turned police cadet Suzy off completely, she only wants to hurt people. Fez blames his poor mate and failing cupid Kelso, who tries to wait patiently and bring...
16 links 25 Feb 2004
E14. Baby Don't You Do It
Kelso burns down the Police Academy. Eric and Donna start marriage counseling.
16 links 03 Mar 2004
E15. Who Are You
Michael Kelso was looking forward to the new, luxurious police academy, but doesn't want to go at all now because he believes he'll lose his friends and fears he may not make new f...
17 links 10 Mar 2004
E16. Man with Money
When Kitty gives a cocktail-party, the men all dress up because of Jackie's sexy ma Pamela 'Pam' Burkhart, envy Bob who got another good looker after Midge and agree it must be a m...
14 links 17 Mar 2004
E17. Happy Jack
When Eric is caught by Donna tending to his 'manly needs' in the Pinciotti bathroom, everyone acts as if it was an ax-murder: Jackie sees it as blackmail material to 'milk' for lif...
17 links 24 Mar 2004
E18. Do You Think It's Alright?
Donna decides it's time for the next wedding preparations: choosing a wedding list, to the boys' anger only 'things at the table', nothing they like, and Eric is a wreck after a si...
15 links 31 Mar 2004
E19. Substitute
After accidentally hitting him in the hospital, Eric tells Mitch he's welcome to hang out in the basement, even though nobody likes him.
16 links 21 Apr 2004
E20. Squeeze Box
Pam Burkhart moves back in with Bob Pinciotti, eagerly helped by the boys, especially horny admirers Kelso and Fez, but it's Red and Hyde who see her accidentally (but also on her ...
15 links 28 Apr 2004
E21. 5:15
Precisely because Eric 'forbids' Donna to be Mitch's date at his brother's wedding, she accepts; it's in the Holiday hotel where Eric takes that shift so he can watch and bug his r...
17 links 05 May 2004
E22. Sparks
All hell breaks loose when Eric accidentally tears Donna's wedding dress and when Red takes the money meant for Eric's present and buys a canoe.
15 links 12 May 2004
My Wife E23. My Wife
As their marriage looms, Donna stuns Eric by leasing a trailer and announcing she's ditching college in order to become a full-time DJ. Hyde drags Eric out to a strip joint, so Kit...
16 links 16 May 2004
E24. Going Mobile
Michael meets Brooke's mother Carolyn, instant antagonism, and she intends to take her home to Chicago while he's in police academy, he agrees for six months. Eric wakes up, Donna ...
17 links 19 May 2004
E25. The Seeker
Now Eric has left Donna practically at the altar, her mother Midge makes a surprise appearance to console her, to the ever-horny boys' delight as always. Midge finds Bob hooked up ...
17 links 19 May 2004
Season 7
Season 7
E1. Time Is on My Side
Red refuses to feed Eric until he gets a plan for his life. Jackie feels that Donna's new blond look will re-energize her spiritually and Donna vows to re-dedicate herself to femin...
17 links 08 Sep 2004
E2. Let's Spend the Night Together
Kelso is waiting for Brooke's call he's going to become a daddy, but Fez keeps pestering him with fake calls and answers. Sissy Eric joins Donna in a feminist demonstration for a s...
17 links 15 Sep 2004
E3. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Kelso is back from Chicago: he has a daughter, Betsy, and his paternal status makes him even more desirable to Kimberly, but once he realizes she is someone's daughter too, his own...
16 links 22 Sep 2004
E4. Beast of Burden
After Red offers him a job, Hyde must choose between working with Red or his real father. Fez gets a job as a shampoo boy at the local beauty shop.
17 links 29 Sep 2004
E5. It's Only Rock and Roll
With an empty nest, Kitty decides on a course of self-improvement. Eric decides he wants to be an artist. Hyde learns the joy of business attire.
16 links 18 Mar 2010
E6. Rip This Joint
Bored Eric decides to invent moon ditching, and agrees being such a slow runner he should do it without his pants, but when the car won't start everybody abandons him, Kelso -offen...
15 links 03 Nov 2004
E7. Mother's Little Helper
Superior shampoo boy Fez is picked up by charmed customer Danielle after commiserating about her adorable knucklehead boyfriend- which is Kelso, who can't believe she's alive when ...
15 links 10 Nov 2004
E8. Angie
Hyde meets his half-sister, Angie, with whom he does not see eye to eye. Eric conceals his love of roller disco from the gang.
15 links 17 Nov 2004
You Can't Always Get What You Want E9. You Can't Always Get What You Want
The gang minus Eric helps Hyde and his sister install a record shop, but he doesn't even know it already has dad's chain's name, Grooves; Angie has been waiting since she was eight...
17 links 24 Nov 2004
E10. Surprise, Surprise
To the gang's surprise, Steve's sister Angie has dated Kelso. Even her promise not to do it again is broken after just one try from the irresistible flirter, or rather got her in b...
15 links 01 Dec 2004
E11. Winter
Kelso accidentally took the police department-donated gifts for needy kids, but Eric begs to keep some as Red never gave him any toys, just a rain coat and a hose-down to test it; ...
17 links 15 Dec 2004
E12. Don't Lie to Me
At a bridal convention, Jackie who has a bad row with Hyde presents herself as bride Donna, and Fez as fiancé Eduardo, prince of Mexico, who is planted with the other superfluous g...
16 links 05 Jan 2005
E13. Can't You Hear Me Knocking
Donna takes Jackie to her karate class, Kitty joins Red when he goes ice-fishing and the boys think the FBI is after them after Kelso accidentally threatened the president over the...
17 links 12 Jan 2005
E14. Street Fighting Man
Donna has six tickets to the Packers game, exactly enough for the gang. However, Eric wants to take Red. Hyde says not to worry because he has a ticket switch plan.
15 links 09 Feb 2005
E15. It's All Over Now
Kelso enjoys rubbing in he's doing Hyde's sister. Donna is jealous her new, music-ignorant radio station assistant 'Sizzling Sarah' is a sex symbol far sooner then she got a nickna...
16 links 16 Feb 2005
E16. On with the Show
Angie proves it's possibly to be worse at mastering the art of 'burns' then her lover Kelso at anything intellectual. After another ass-aimed lecture from Red about wasting an enti...
16 links 23 Feb 2005
E17. Down the Road Apiece
Eric announces he finally knows what to do after his year off: make documentary movies, so he sets off by car. Given his limited skills at anything, everybody is worried, and right...
16 links 02 Mar 2005
E18. Oh, Baby We Got a Good Thing Goin'
Brooke has finally entrusted their baby daughter for a whole day to Michael. He can't keep the baby with his brothers as Kelso boys plays darts using each-other as target board. He...
17 links 09 Mar 2005
E19. Who's Been Sleeping Here?
Kelso chooses godparents for daughter Betsy; someone keeps breaking in to the record store.
17 links 23 Mar 2005
E20. Gimme Shelter
Red finds out Fez is living at his place, so finding a flat with Michael becomes urgent. Alas Fenton, the only good building's queer landlord, has a feud with Fez. Realizing he was...
15 links 30 Mar 2005
E21. 2120 So. Michigan Ave
Michael and Fez move into their apartment, but can't agree who gets the room with direct bathroom access. Red visits to give them a taste how rude guests can behave, like the kids ...
18 links 27 Apr 2005
E22. 2000 Light Years from Home
Michael has decided it's time to dump Angie, but doesn't know how to do it less insensitively then the many other times he dumped girls, so he chickens out. He could have spared hi...
17 links 04 May 2005
E23. Take It or Leave It
Donna is still furious with Eric over his decision to spend a year in Africa. Jackie announces she's been offered a job in Chicago - and demands Hyde decide whether they should get...
17 links 11 May 2005
E24. Short and Curlies
Hyde hints he was willing to marry Jackie to stop her leaving for Chicago. New guy Charlie is in the doghouse after turning up drunk and dressed as a schoolgirl. Fes and Kelso disc...
17 links 18 May 2005
E25. Till the Next Goodbye
Red and Kitty explode when they discover the guys smoking pot in the basement. Eric finally leaves for Africa, but not before he can get a hug (and a penknife) from Red, declare hi...
16 links 18 May 2005
Season 8
Season 8
Bohemian Rhapsody E1. Bohemian Rhapsody
It's a month since Eric left for Africa and Hyde disappeared in Chicago; Kitty is preparing a tape to send to Eric. She confesses to sampling some of the guys' stash. Kelso now cla...
17 links 02 Nov 2005
E2. Somebody to Love
Now Steven has discovered to be married in Las Vegas, airhead Sam(antha)'s profession there, stripper, is as nightmarish to Kitty as it seems every (straight) man's dream come true...
16 links 02 Nov 2005
You're My Best Friend E3. You're My Best Friend
Hyde's de facto deputy, college guy Randy, convinces the gang to have a post-wedding bachelor party in the basement, which Kelso clears by reminding Kitty Red hasn't taken her to d...
16 links 09 Nov 2005
Misfire E4. Misfire
Kelso shocks the boys by saying the reason for his unhappiness is that he's no longer together with 'his only true love' Jackie and intends to propose to her. Jackie feels 'she has...
15 links 16 Nov 2005
Stone Cold Crazy E5. Stone Cold Crazy
Donna has very adult photos taken to send to Eric in Africa. At the same time habitual daydreamer Fez,imagines what sharing an apartment with Jackie would be like.
18 links 30 Nov 2005
E6. Long Away
Bob convinced the veterans to admit National Guardsmen like him to their annual reunion, which Red was looking forward to, and promised they would supply a photographer. Hyde convi...
17 links 07 Dec 2005
E7. Fun It
The basement bunch is bored, so Randy buys them Fatso burgers, only Fez tries not to look pleased. When the owner Mr. Visotsky scolds them for using several ketchup containers, the...
16 links 14 Dec 2005
Good Company E8. Good Company
Shampoo boy Fez happily obliges much older customer Marsha Sullivan with 'full service': in bed. Marsha also sanctimoniously visits Kitty, who hates her but can't resist the gossip...
17 links 12 Jan 2006
Who Needs You E9. Who Needs You
Fez almost loses his apartment when Jackie floods it. He's ready to say "Good day!" to their co-habitation, but Jackie manages to salvage things by bonding with Fenton, the landlor...
17 links 19 Jan 2006
Sweet Lady E10. Sweet Lady
Donna doubts Randy's motives when he invites her to spend the weekend in her parents' cabin. Jackie discovers there's no business like show business.
15 links 26 Jan 2006
E11. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
Jackie's new job at the station keeps her on edge as she assists psycho boss Christine St. George. Frustrated with Christine's attitude, Jackie tries to win her over with some of K...
16 links 02 Feb 2006
Killer Queen E12. Killer Queen
Randy surprises and charms Donna with his unconventional idea of a romantic Valentine's Day date with a mystery girl- closer then she guessed, but Leo spoils his plans. Red shows H...
16 links 09 May 2009
E13. Spread Your Wings
When the friends find out that Donna is now into Randy, they just tease them. Red also gives his blessing, again to Donna's pleasant surprise, only Kitty calls her a whore as expec...
17 links 09 May 2009
Son and Daughter E14. Son and Daughter
When Hyde's father asks him to house-sit while he is out of town, the gang convinces Hyde to throw a party.
17 links 23 Mar 2006
E15. Keep Yourself Alive
Showing her engagement ring to Fez in the car, Kitty drops it, so Red drops the kids to look for it in the woods. Bob blurts out that Red gave her a $65, not $1,000 ring, so he's i...
15 links 13 Apr 2006
E16. My Fairy King
To the basement gang's amusement, Hyde discovers that his marriage is illegal (bigamy): Samantha married Larry before Hyde. Although Sam claims to love only him, he decides to divo...
15 links 27 Apr 2006
E17. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Now Red finally has reached retirement, he realizes it's not really what he wants. Bored to death, Red grabs an opportunity to help out as handyman in the record shop, but drives t...
15 links 27 Apr 2006
E18. We Will Rock You
The gang discovers Jackie and Fez are die-hard fans of the band "The Village People." This inspires the rest of them to hold a "Disco Sucks" party.
15 links 04 May 2006
E19. Sheer Heart Attack
Fez decides to stop being a player and settle down with one woman. Hyde convinces Red to sell his heart medication.
17 links 04 May 2006
E20. Leaving Home Ain't Easy
After events at an anti-disco gathering, Donna begins reconsidering whether she wants to stay in a relationship with Randy. Fez and Jackie begin to hit some rough spots in their re...
18 links 11 May 2006
E21. Love of My Life
Fez introduces his well-groomed friend Andrew Davies, from the West of their British-Dutch island, who suggests he returns home and adopts Fez's ambiguous attitude to the girls. At...
16 links 18 May 2006
E22. That '70s Finale
It is New Year's Eve and is the last day of the '70s. Kitty is having second thoughts about selling the house and moving to Florida, even though Red thinks she is happy they are mo...
16 links 10 Dec 2006
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