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Ann Marie is a struggling actress living in New York City. In between trying to find jobs acting and modeling she has time for her boyfriend, Don Hollinger, and her dad, Lou Marie.

Years: 1966−1971

Duration: 30 min

Country: USA

Genre: Comedy

Writers: Bill Persky, Sam Denoff

Stars: Marlo Thomas, Ted Bessell, Lew Parker

IMDb: TT0060034

Rating: 7.2/10

Season 1
Season 1
What's in a Name? E0. What's in a Name?
Don't Just Do Something, Stand There E1. Don't Just Do Something, Stand There
Ann Marie is working at a newsstand in an office building. She meets Donald Hollinger, a magazine writer who works there. Ann has just gotten an acting job for a television commerc...
08 Sep 1966
E2. Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye
Ann moves out of her parents home in Brewster, New York, and moves to New York City to become an actress, though her overprotective father isn't happy about it. Ann meets her neigh...
15 Sep 1966
E3. Never Change a Diaper on Opening Night
Ann agrees to babysit for her neighbor and friend, Judy Bessemer, who assures her that she'll be back long before Ann has to leave for her audition for an acting workshop. Judy get...
22 Sep 1966
E4. I'll Be Suing You
Don loans Ann his car so she can pick up a rubber tree plant (which is actually a live plant) from her mother. A pedestrian carrying a sewing machine walks into Don's car while Ann...
29 Sep 1966
E5. Anatomy of a Blunder
Ann is bringing Donald home to meet her parents for the first time, and Donald is already a nervous wreck. On the way to Brewster, NY they stop for a picnic, during which Donald ha...
06 Oct 1966
E6. Rich Little Rich Kid
Ann is pursued by a very wealthy, very persistent man. Since she and Donald are not in an exclusive relationship, Donald proceeds to compete with Rod Waxman.
13 Oct 1966
E7. Help Wanted
Donald's secretary quits when she learns that she and her husband are having a baby. Ann, who is in need of a job, persuades a very reluctant Donald to hire her. Terry, who shares ...
20 Oct 1966
E8. Little Auction Annie
Ann, Donald, Judy and Leon attend an auction, where Ann pays $7.50 for a box without knowing what's inside. Although Donald thinks it's merely a box of junk, a man who introduces h...
27 Oct 1966
E9. Time for Arrest
Ann tries to explain to Donald how she came to be arrested, wearing a very small leopard print cave-girl outfit. It began when she filled in for a fellow actress at her job as a wa...
03 Nov 1966
E10. Break a Leg
Ann's friend, Sandy, lands a role in a Broadway show, and asks Ann to be her understudy. While Sandy is staying with her, Ann is such a safety hazard, it is becoming even more like...
10 Nov 1966
E11. What's in a Name?
This episode is a revised version of the test pilot, with different characters and actors. Ann's agent, Harvey Peck, thinks that she should change her name to something more approp...
17 Nov 1966
E12. Soap Gets in Your Eyes
Ann currently has a recurring role on a popular soap opera, playing a villain named Sheila. When she is meeting Donald's parents for the first time, his mother dislikes her before ...
24 Nov 1966
E13. All About Ann
Ann becomes jealous and suspicious when she finds out that Donald has been going to lunch with an girl from her acting workshop, and then lies to her about it.
01 Dec 1966
E14. Phantom of the Horse Opera
Ann has a neighbor who likes to play his organ late at night. When she and Donald go to ask him to stop playing, they meet Everett Valentine, and learn that he plays at home becaus...
08 Dec 1966
E15. Beware of Actors Bearing Gifts
Hobart, an actor in Ann's acting workshop, gives Ann a gift and tells her he wants to be friends. She feels that people should become friends before they give each other gifts, and...
15 Dec 1966
E16. Christmas and the Hard-Luck Kid
While on a break from her job at a department store as one of Santa's helpers, Ann tells Donald about a Christmas she spent with one of her students while she was a teacher at a bo...
22 Dec 1966
E17. Among My Souvenirs
Ann tries to return a ring to a high school sweetheart.
05 Jan 1967
E18. These Boots Weren't Made for Walking
The shoe line that Ann is currently selling are not the best made shoes.
12 Jan 1967
E19. Kimono My House
The maid that Ann hires for Donald brings out the jealousy in her.
19 Jan 1967
E20. Gone with the Breeze
Ann loses the novel manuscript that Donald gives her to read.
26 Jan 1967
E21. Rain, Snow and Rice
At a wedding in Connecticut, a snowstorm traps Ann and Donald at the hotel and they have only one room available.
02 Feb 1967
E22. Paper Hats & Everything
Ann is surprised when she thinks she is getting a surprise party and her father really is taking her out to dinner.
09 Feb 1967
E23. What Are Your Intentions?
Ann's father presses Donald as to whether he intends to marry his daughter.
16 Feb 1967
E24. A Tenor's Loving Care
Ann helps Donald get a story about a famous opera singer, if only he can control his romantic urges.
23 Feb 1967
E25. Leaving the Nest Is for the Birds
A family dinner put on by Ann to show how safe it is in the city is spoiled by a peeping Tom.
02 Mar 1967
E26. You Have to Know Someone to Be Unknown
Ann asks Donald to put a good word in for her to a Broadway producer, but he has already found someone for the part.
09 Mar 1967
E27. The Honeymoon Apartment
Ann gets a visit from her cousin and his brand new bride and he won't leave.
16 Mar 1967
E28. This Little Piggy Had a Ball
In a classic episode Ann gets her big toe stuck in a bowling ball after reading about someone who bowls with his feet.
23 Mar 1967
E29. Author, Author
Donald writes a bit for Ann's audition, but his jokes aren't really funny.
30 Mar 1967
E30. The Mating Game
Ann goes on "The Mating Game" and doesn't pick Donald. Since he's writing an article Donald gets to go on Ann's date.
06 Apr 1967
Season 2
Season 2
E1. Pass the Potatoes, Ethel Merman
Ann is working with Broadway legend Ethel Merman and gets a walk-on part in her revival of "Gypsy."
26 Dec 2007
E2. The Good Skate
To get a soft drink commercial Ann has to learn to skate.
14 Sep 1967
E3. Black, White and Read All Over
Ann's father refuses to send Donald's novel to a publisher friend after reading it.
21 Sep 1967
E4. To Each Her Own
Donald is doing an article on computer dating. Donald's match is a gorgeous model while Ann's match is very much like Donald.
28 Sep 1967
E5. The Apartment
While Ann uses Donald's apartment (While he is away, of course!) a friend of Donald's stops by for a visit.
10 Dec 2006
E6. Absence Makes the Heart Grow Nervous
Before Ann gets a part in a play that begins touring in Philadelphia, Don tries to spend as much time with her as he can.
12 Oct 1967
E7. The Philadelphia Story
Ann misses Donald while she is doing a play in Philadelphia.
19 Oct 1967
E8. There's Nothing to Be Afreud of But Freud Himself
After Ann's personality is dissected, Donald uses want he has learned about Ann.
26 Oct 1967
E9. The Collaborators
Ann and Donald work together on a play based on Ann's life.
02 Nov 1967
E10. When in Rome
Ann gets a part in an Italian movie and is thrilled until she finds out about he nude scene.
09 Nov 1967
E11. Thanksgiving Comes But Once a Year, Hopefully
Ann tries to cook everybody's favorite dishes for Thanksgiving and the meal doesn't turn out as Ann would like it to.
23 Nov 1967
E12. The Mailman Cometh
Ann has a publicity date with Dick Shawn who knows nothing about it.
30 Nov 1967
E13. It's a Mod, Mod World: Part 1
Ann goes to California for a photo shoot with a photographer that Donald does not like. He then falls for Ann just as Donald jumps on a plane for LA to be with Ann.
10 Dec 2006
E14. It's a Mod, Mod World: Part 2
Ann goes to California for a photo shoot with a photographer that Donald does not like. He then falls for Ann just as Donald jumps on a plane for LA to be with Ann.
14 Dec 1967
'Twas the Night Before Christmas, You're Under Arrest E15. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, You're Under Arrest
After buying tickets for her neighbors from a scalper, Donald mentions that sometimes people are robbed while they are at the show. Ann and Donald remove their Christmas presents f...
21 Dec 1967
E16. A Friend in Need
When Ann injures herself Donald goes overboard taking care of her.
28 Dec 1967
E17. Fur All We Know
When Ann accompanies Don to a party for the wealthy jet set, a gigolo mistakes Ann for a wealthy heiress because she is wearing an expensive chinchilla stole borrowed from her late...
04 Jan 1968
E18. The Rivals
Ann's father Lou sees Donald as a rival for Ann's affections.
11 Jan 1968
E19. Sixty-Five on the Aisle
Ann and her parent's theater party are conflicting. Ann wants them to see her Broadway debut and the play management doesn't want this large party leaving during a crucial scene. T...
18 Jan 1968
E20. Call of the Wild
When Ann gets a soap commercial, the director says that she has a face that no housewife would resent for her looks. Now Ann thinks that she has no sex appeal.
25 Jan 1968
E21. The Other Woman
Ann's father escorts Ethel Merman as a favor and they get written up as a couple in the media.
01 Feb 1968
E22. He and She and He
Ann receives a marriage proposal from the amorous photographer that used her as a model in California.
15 Feb 1968
Odpdypahimcaifss E23. Odpdypahimcaifss
Donald's mother finds a pair of Donald's pants in Ann's closet.
22 Feb 1968
E24. Great Guy
Marge, a friend of Ann's, asks the man of her dreams to marry her.
15 Jan 2008
E25. The Detective Story
A police detective stays with Ann after she gets some obscene phone calls much to Donald's annoyance.
18 Jan 2008
E26. If You Were Almost the Only Man in the World
The doctor that treats Ann Marie after a baseball incident is Donald's double.
15 Jan 2008
E27. Just Spell the Name Right
Ann hires a new press agent who immediately gets her named in a divorce case in the hopes to boost Ann's career.
18 Jan 2008
E28. The Beard
Ann has no love for Donald's new beard.
18 Jan 2008
E29. The Drunkard
After Ann helps a comedian get sober, he is convinced that they had an affair.
23 Jan 2008
E30. Old Man's Darling
After a wealthy old man ruins Ann's dress, he tries to make it up to her by sending her gifts.
23 Jan 2008
Season 3
Season 3
Sock It to Me E1. Sock It to Me
Ann can not bring herself to slap actor Barry Sullivan as the script in the Braodway play tells her to do.
26 Sep 1968
The Hi-Jack and the Mighty E2. The Hi-Jack and the Mighty
Ann while practicing for a commercial as an airline stewardess thinks she has spotted an airline hijacker.
09 Mar 2012
Eleven Angry Men and That Girl E3. Eleven Angry Men and That Girl
Ann is the one holdout on a jury case about a man who hits his wife with an ashtray.
10 Oct 1968
7 1/4: Part 1 E4. 7 1/4: Part 1
When Ann goes to LA with Donald, her father is sure that hanky panky is going on between them.
17 Oct 1968
7 1/4: Part 2 E5. 7 1/4: Part 2
Donald disapproves of Ann promoting a soft drink in a TV commercial.
24 Oct 1968
Secret Ballot E6. Secret Ballot
This is Ann's first Presidential election and she is studying the issues like crazy. She balks at telling her father which political party she is registered for.
03 Sep 2012
The Face in the Shower Room Door E7. The Face in the Shower Room Door
Only Ann Marie can get stuck in her shower.
07 Nov 1968
A Muggy Day in Central Park E8. A Muggy Day in Central Park
When Ann is mugged in Central Park Ann doesn't want her father to know. Donald does an article on the mugger patrol and gets caught by Ann's father dressed as a woman.
14 Nov 1968
Just Donald and Me and Jerry Makes Three E9. Just Donald and Me and Jerry Makes Three
After a fight between Jerry and Ruth, Ann and Donald get stuck in the middle.
21 Nov 1968
The Seventh Time Around E10. The Seventh Time Around
Donald does a story on a wealthy woman who has been married six times and Ann thinks that she is trying to steal Donald away from her.
28 Nov 1968
Ann vs. Secretary E11. Ann vs. Secretary
Donald's secretary is trying to steal Donald from Ann. Ann returns everything he ever gave to her, but changes her mind and has minutes to correct the situation before Donald retur...
05 Dec 1968
Decision Before Dawn E12. Decision Before Dawn
Ann gets too much advice on what to do with the windfall in her latest paycheck.
12 Dec 1968
Should All Our Old Acquaintances Be Forgot E13. Should All Our Old Acquaintances Be Forgot
A private New Year's Eve celebration between Ann and Donald escalates when her parents show up for "one drink"and then more and more show up and a party starts.
26 Dec 1968
The Homewrecker and the Window Washer E14. The Homewrecker and the Window Washer
After a window washer saves Ann from a bully and gets his nose broken, Ann helps him home and his wife is sure that something is going on between them.
02 Jan 1969
The Eye of the Beholder E15. The Eye of the Beholder
Ann receives a delivery from an art store of an abstract sculpture. She believes the delivery is in error since there is no card and she didn't buy it. Regardless, she hates it, sh...
09 Jan 1969
Dark on Top of Everything Else E16. Dark on Top of Everything Else
Since Don has to work on the weekend, Ann decides to spend the weekend home with her parents. Her parents are on their way to New York for a convention. Ann stays while the parents...
16 Jan 1969
The Earrings E17. The Earrings
Ann loses one of the expensive diamond earrings that Donald gave her. Donald had insisted that she wear them. They both go buy a replacement and hide them in her apartment.
23 Jan 1969
Many Happy Returns E18. Many Happy Returns
Ann owes a lot back tax money to the IRS and she does not have it. Don tries to help her find tax deductions, but Ann did not keep any receipts.
30 Jan 1969
My Sister's Keeper E19. My Sister's Keeper
Ann Marie does a soft drink commercial and will have her singing voice dubbed by a Sister - that looks like her sister.
12 Nov 2007
There Was a Time Ann Met a Pie Man E20. There Was a Time Ann Met a Pie Man
Ann gets on a show where she gets hit in the face with a pie. After she feels embarrassed to death, the bit becomes a hit and they want her to do it again.
13 Feb 1969
The Subject Was Rabies E21. The Subject Was Rabies
Early one day, Ann is followed home by a friendly and cute little brown and white bushy tailed dog who she's never seen. The dog ends up giving Ann's father a nip on his ankles, ca...
20 Feb 1969
The Defiant One E22. The Defiant One
Ann befriends a young black boy who claims to live on Park Avenue. His second story is about rats and squalor and is so awful that Ann wants to adopt him. When his father shows up ...
30 Jun 2015
Fly Me to the Moon E23. Fly Me to the Moon
Ann has a job with Air Force public relations when she is supposed to help Donald in his apartment.
05 Apr 2012
It's So Nice to Have a Mouse Around the House E24. It's So Nice to Have a Mouse Around the House
Ann's father catches Donald in Ann's apartment at night after a mouse scared her and he wants to get a preacher immediately.
13 Mar 1969
Bad Day at Marvin Gardens E25. Bad Day at Marvin Gardens
Ann's father is a shark when it comes to playing Monopoly.
20 Mar 1969
Sue Me, Sue Me, What Can You Do Me? E26. Sue Me, Sue Me, What Can You Do Me?
Lou and Donald both have problems when he slips and falls at Donald's office.
27 Mar 1969
Season 4
Season 4
Mission Improbable: Part 1 E1. Mission Improbable: Part 1
While working as a model, Ann is hired to spy on a competing fashion house's designs.
18 Sep 1969
Mission Improbable: Part 2 E2. Mission Improbable: Part 2
While working as a model, Ann is hired to spy on a competing fashion house's designs.
25 Sep 1969
My Part Belongs to Daddy E3. My Part Belongs to Daddy
Back in Brewster Ann is directing the local play and her father wants to have the lead which he doesn't get.
02 Oct 1969
Nobody Here But Us Chickens E4. Nobody Here But Us Chickens
Ann gets a job promoting a fried chicken restaurant. When the owner gets fresh, Ann gets stuck in the middle of nowhere - in a chicken suit.
09 Jul 2015
At the Drop of a Budget E5. At the Drop of a Budget
When Donald is helping Ann start a budget, Ann is suffering from a misunderstood post-hypnotic suggestion to buy anything "at the drop of a hat."
16 Oct 1969
Hearing Today, Gone Tomorrow E6. Hearing Today, Gone Tomorrow
Ann messes up a commercial job because her cold has temporarily ruined her hearing.
23 Oct 1969
The Snow Must Go On E7. The Snow Must Go On
Ann, Donald and her parents get trapped at JFK Airport during a blizzard and Ann has an audition on Broadway.
30 Oct 1969
Write is Wrong E8. Write is Wrong
Donald has lots of trouble when he turns their incident at JFK during the blizzard into a television script.
06 Nov 1969
Shake Hands and Come Out Acting E9. Shake Hands and Come Out Acting
Donald is writing about a boxer who really wants to be an actor.
13 Nov 1969
Fix My Screen & Bug Out E10. Fix My Screen & Bug Out
Ann tries to save a hotel from the ex-boyfriend of the current owner.
20 Nov 1969
Kiss That Girl Goodbye E11. Kiss That Girl Goodbye
Donald has a chance to go to Paris on business, but just can't leave Ann behind.
27 Nov 1969
She Never Had the Vegas Notion E12. She Never Had the Vegas Notion
While performing in Las Vegas, the star that Ann is working with tries to break up Ann and Donald.
10 Dec 2006
She Never Had the Vegas Notion: Part Two E13. She Never Had the Vegas Notion: Part Two
While performing in Las Vegas, the star that Ann is working with tries to break up Ann and Donald.
10 Dec 2006
I Am Curious Lemon E14. I Am Curious Lemon
Ann tries to impress Donald's married ex-girlfriend at a dinner party.
25 Dec 1969
Tenpercent of Nothing Is Nothing E15. Tenpercent of Nothing Is Nothing
Ann is heading to the Catskills to be in her agent's comedy act.
01 Jan 1970
Opening Night E16. Opening Night
Ann is dreading her opening night reviews and THEN gets her finger stuck in the kitchen faucet.
08 Jan 1970
That Metermaid E17. That Metermaid
Donald's meeting with a new editor turns out to be with somebody Ann knows, and leads to flashbacks of her brief career in law enforcement.
27 Dec 2015
Fly by Night E18. Fly by Night
When flying up to her father's cabin in Vermont, their private plane runs out of gas and makes an emergency landing.
29 Jan 1970
Ugh Wilderness E19. Ugh Wilderness
After making an emergency landing Ann and Donald start to walk to find shelter.
05 Feb 1970
Stocks & the Single Girl E20. Stocks & the Single Girl
Based upon a list accidentally received from a stock broker, Ann invests in the stock market. The list was a grocery list.
12 Feb 1970
The Night They Raided Daddy's E21. The Night They Raided Daddy's
To help business at his restaurant, Ann's father hires a music act that bares more than they should.
19 Feb 1970
The Reunion E22. The Reunion
Ann is treasurer of her high school alumni association and someone steals the $360 that was meant for their reunion dinner. Ann plays detective to find out who the thief is.
26 Feb 1970
Gone-A-Courtin E23. Gone-A-Courtin
Ann helps out a producer in court over a shish-kabob accident.
05 Mar 1970
They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? E24. They Shoot Pictures, Don't They?
Ruthie is caught on Jerry's movie kissing another man.
12 Mar 1970
Easy Faller E25. Easy Faller
After Donald hurts his back at Ann's, she goes to get his interviewee and brings him to her place - followed by her father.
19 Mar 1970
All's Well That Ends E26. All's Well That Ends
Ann is staying with a child that has the mumps rather than go to the theater with Donald.
04 Feb 2015
Season 5
Season 5
Counter Proposal E1. Counter Proposal
Donald Hollinger finally asks Ann Marie to marry him.
25 Sep 1970
Don and Sandi and Harry and Snoopy E2. Don and Sandi and Harry and Snoopy
When Donald's sister asks Ann to check up on a fellow actor that she is falling for, he makes a pass at Ann.
02 Oct 1970
I Ain't Got Nobody E3. I Ain't Got Nobody
Ann's head appears on the body of another woman in a Playboy-like magazine.
09 Oct 1970
No Man Is a Manhattan Island E4. No Man Is a Manhattan Island
To fulfill a game show stunt, Ann throws a party for her neighbors and her purse gets stolen.
16 Oct 1970
Rattle of a Single Girl E5. Rattle of a Single Girl
Ann and Donald go to pre-marriage counseling to find their non-existent problems.
23 Oct 1970
There Sure Are a Bunch of Cards in St. Louis: Part I E6. There Sure Are a Bunch of Cards in St. Louis: Part I
Ann goes to St. Louis to be in a play and meet with her future in-laws.
30 Oct 1970
There Sure Are a Bunch of Cards in St. Louis: Part II E7. There Sure Are a Bunch of Cards in St. Louis: Part II
Ann goes to St. Louis to be in a play and meet with her future in-laws.
06 Nov 1970
That Cake E8. That Cake
As a representative of New York State, Ann bakes a cake for the governor and thinks she lost her engagement ring in it.
13 Nov 1970
That Girl's Daddy E9. That Girl's Daddy
Her father is feeling old until Ann introduces him to a younger woman. Later Ann thinks that her father is going to leave her mother for her.
20 Nov 1970
Stop the Presses I Want to Get Off E10. Stop the Presses I Want to Get Off
Ann Marie gets a job at a magazine rival of Donald's because her new employers think that he will help out his future wife.
27 Nov 1970
Super Reporter E11. Super Reporter
Donald has to accept an award wearing the superhero costume that his friends tricked him into wearing.
04 Dec 1970
That Señorita E12. That Señorita
Ann does a sketch that Mexicans find very offensive.
11 Dec 1970
An Uncle Herbert for All Seasons E13. An Uncle Herbert for All Seasons
Uncle Herbert drops in on Ann and Donald with a bunch of get rich quick schemes.
18 Dec 1970
That Script E14. That Script
An author will not give Ann the movie rights to his book because she looks too much like his late wife.
01 Jan 1971
Those Friars E15. Those Friars
Ann inherits her Uncle Harry's old vaudeville trunk which stars Danny Thomas and Milton Berle insist on buying.
08 Jan 1971
A Limited Engagement E16. A Limited Engagement
Donald gets a severe case of cold feet and contemplates breaking his and Ann's engagement.
26 Feb 2015
The Russians Are Staying E17. The Russians Are Staying
A Russian conman takes advantage of Ann.
29 Jan 1971
That Shoplifter E18. That Shoplifter
Ann is tricked into shoplifting by an unscrupulous gentleman.
05 Feb 1971
Chef's Night Out E19. Chef's Night Out
When her father's restaurant staff is out with the flu, Ann and Donald tell him that they'll run his restaurant by themselves.
12 Feb 1971
That King E20. That King
Ann befriends a king who happens to be quite young.
19 Feb 1971
Stag Party E21. Stag Party
Donald's bachelor party almost causes Ann to break their engagement.
26 Feb 1971
Two for the Money E22. Two for the Money
While modeling at Belmont Racetrack, Don's friends see a horse named after her and have her place their money on him. Then Ann loses the ticket.
05 Mar 1971
Soot Yourself E23. Soot Yourself
After Ann pickets Donald's office, he invites his boss to Ann's place for dinner.
12 Mar 1971
The Elevated Woman E24. The Elevated Woman
Stuck in an elevator, Donald and Ann reminisce about their last five years together as we see the last of "That Girl!"
19 Mar 1971
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