Supernatural (2005) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2005

Duration: 44 min

Country: USA

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Writer: Eric Kripke

Stars: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Jim Beaver

IMDb: TT0460681

Rating: 8.5/10

Season -1
Season -1
Richie Morales E-1. Richie Morales
Season 1
Season 1
E1. Pilot
Sam and Dean Winchester were trained by their father to hunt the creatures of the supernatural. Now, their father has mysteriously disappeared while hunting the demon that killed t...
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E2. Wendigo
Sam and Dean make a stop at Blackwater Ridge and end up helping a young woman and her brother find their other brother, who mysteriously disappeared, while on a camping trip, in th...
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E3. Dead in the Water
Something, in the lake of a small town, is killing innocent people.
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Phantom Traveler E4. Phantom Traveler
A friend of John's calls Sam and Dean for help about a strange recording on the black box of a crashed plane. They soon realize that the demon which caused the crash is picking off...
14 links 13 Nov 2006
E5. Bloody Mary
A game of Bloody Mary unleashes a ghost who lives in mirrors and kills by gouging out the eyes of her prey, Sam and Dean must find a way to stop her before she claims another victi...
18 links 20 Nov 2006
E6. Skin
A serial killer shape-shifter adopts the likeness of Sam's college buddy to commit a gruesome murder. When the brothers investigate, the being "borrows" Dean's form to continue the...
17 links 27 Nov 2006
E7. Hook Man
Sam and Dean investigate an age-old urban legend known only as the Hook-Man, the spirit of a 19th century pastor with a twisted sense of morals that is unknowingly being used as an...
17 links 04 Dec 2006
E8. Bugs
Sam and Dean head to Oklahoma to investigate a recent spate of insect related deaths around a new housing development.
18 links 11 Dec 2006
E9. Home
Following visionary Sam's recent nightmare about the former Winchester home in Lawrence, Kansas, where the present dwellers, Jenny from Wichita and mother to two small kids, are su...
17 links 18 Dec 2006
E10. Asylum
While investigating a haunting in an abandoned asylum and rescuing two teenagers who ventured in, Sam and Dean become trapped with the spirits of those who had died in a riot decad...
16 links 01 Jan 2007
E11. Scarecrow
After arguing about the search for their father, Sam and Dean split ways - Sam to continue the search in California, Dean to hunt the mysterious disappearances of passing-through c...
16 links 08 Jan 2007
E12. Faith
After Dean is fatally injured on a case, Sam thinks he's found a cure in a preacher who performs miracles. However, after they discover that these miracles are not as 'holy' as adv...
14 links 15 Jan 2007
E13. Route 666
Dean is contacted by an ex-flame who asks him for help when black men in her hometown are being murdered by a driver-less racist truck.
17 links 22 Jan 2007
E14. Nightmare
When Sam's visions start happening while he's awake, he and Dean investigate the unusual murders he foretold only to find them all to be true. And that perhaps he's not the only on...
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E15. The Benders
After following a history of disappearances in Hibbing, Minnesota, Sam finds himself locked in a cage and Dean must team up with a by the book sheriff to find him......before the h...
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E16. Shadow
While looking into a mysterious murder in Illinois, Sam and Dean come across Meg, an old 'friend' of Sam's, who may be far worse than they ever thought possible and who plans to us...
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Hell House E17. Hell House
When a case of a seemingly average haunting begins to go haywire, Sam and Dean come to find that two bumbling, wanna-be paranormal investigators, Harry and Ed, are already on the c...
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E18. Something Wicked
Dean gets a second chance to right a wrong from his past when the brothers get a mysterious tip from their father about a case they'd worked years ago, but left unfinished after Sa...
15 links 26 Feb 2007
E19. Provenance
When two sets of owners of the same painting are brutally murdered, Sam and Dean investigate with the help of an auction house owner's daughter, all while Dean shamelessly tries to...
16 links 05 Mar 2007
E20. Dead Man's Blood
After Daniel Elkins, a vampire hunter and John's mentor, is murdered, Sam and Dean are surprised when John himself shows up to solve the case. John discovers the vampires have take...
15 links 12 Mar 2007
E21. Salvation
Meg turns to killing John's friends in order to get the Colt. Sam and Dean stakeout the Demon's next target; a family with a six month old baby showing signs of special abilities. ...
15 links 19 Mar 2007
E22. Devil's Trap
Sam and Dean seek help from Bobby Singer, an old family friend in their mission to save their father from Meg. The brothers set a trap for Meg.
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Season 2
Season 2
E1. In My Time of Dying
In the aftermath of the car crash, the surviving Winchesters go to the hospital, where one is stalked by a Reaper while another must consider sacrificing himself to save the others...
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E2. Everybody Loves a Clown
Sam and Dean listen to a message on John's cell phone from a woman named Ellen (guest star Samantha Ferris)and decide to track her down. They are shocked to discover Ellen runs a r...
16 links 17 Dec 2007
E3. Bloodlust
The Winchester brothers enjoy Dean's new baby: a shiny newly restored car, while checking out a report of two recent human deaths and over a dozen split-open cows in the small town...
17 links 07 Jan 2008
E4. Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things
Dean and Sam assist Neil Levine, a heartbroken college kid who consoles his long-time crush after her breakup and then loses her in a car accident. Determined to have his feelings ...
16 links 14 Jan 2008
E5. Simon Said
Visions show Sam, still hunting for the master demon with Dean, the way to another small town where paranormal events occur, some innocent, some chillingly evil. The Winchester bro...
16 links 21 Jan 2008
E6. No Exit
Sam and Dean meet up with America's first serial killer, while Jo lies to her mother about going to Vegas and joins Sam and Dean to help them on their hunt.
17 links 28 Jan 2008
E7. The Usual Suspects
Dean has been framed for murder. Sam tries to find the one behind it.
15 links 04 Feb 2008
E8. Crossroad Blues
The people of a small town have been selling their souls to a crossroads demon.
15 links 11 Feb 2008
E9. Croatoan
Another one of Sam's visions in which Dean kills a man by name of Duane Tanner sends the Winchesters to Rivergrove, a near ghost town facing mass demonic possession. Sam and Dean b...
14 links 18 Feb 2008
E10. Hunted
Sam is shocked when Dean finally tells him their dad asked him to watch over Sam to save him, or if that fails kill him. Sam leaves alone to let Ash look up a same-type clairvoyant...
15 links 25 Feb 2008
E11. Playthings
Sam and Dean visit the Pierpont Inn, a creepy old mansion turned failing hotel. They meet the owner, Susan, and her daughter Tyler, who are packing to move after they sell the hote...
17 links 03 Mar 2008
E12. Nightshifter
A jewelry store heist committed by an employee and linked to a mysterious bank robbery bring Sam and Dean into the chase. The weird part seems to be the fact that the suspects comm...
16 links 10 Mar 2008
E13. Houses of the Holy
In Providence, Rhode Island, the local Gloria kills a man claiming that an angel in a beautiful white light had chosen her for redemption and asked her to stab the sinner to accomp...
16 links 17 Mar 2008
E14. Born Under a Bad Sign
After Sam goes missing for over a week, Dean finally receives a phone call from his brother. Dean finds Sam in a hotel room, covered in blood and suffering from the effects of a we...
14 links 24 Mar 2008
E15. Tall Tales
When colleague hunter Bobby Singer arrives, the Winchester brothers tell him alternative versions, each incriminating the other, of their weird experiences in a university where im...
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E16. Roadkill
Molly and her husband are driving along a long deserted highway at night when they come upon a farmer in the middle of the road who Molly tries unsuccessfully to not hit. Next thin...
16 links 07 Apr 2008
E17. Heart
A mauled body is found with its heart missing, the brothers know that means one thing - a werewolf ... and tonight the moon is full. Can they save a lovely girl from being the next...
16 links 14 Apr 2008
E18. Hollywood Babylon
The Winchesters go undercover as PAs on a haunted movie set after getting wind of reports of tag teaming ghosts. The brothers deal with an asinine studio executive out to make chea...
18 links 21 Apr 2008
E19. Folsom Prison Blues
When an old block is reopened in the Green River County Detention Center after thirty years, a fiend is released, killing the inmates. Three months later, Dean and Sam are arrested...
14 links 28 Apr 2008
E20. What Is and What Should Never Be
Dean gets attacked by a Djinn, a creature capable of warping reality. The next things he knows he's in Lawrence, Kansas, in a stable relationship with a woman named Carmen, his mot...
16 links 05 May 2008
E21. All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1
The Yellow Eyed Demon transports Sam, Andy, and Ava along with other "Special Children" Jake and Lily to the remains of a ghost town to initiate the first steps of his war against ...
15 links 12 May 2008
E22. All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2
Dean hits an emotional rock bottom after a devastating personal loss. The Yellow Eyed Demon begins a calculated strategic move to unleash the armies of hell.
15 links 22 Dec 2008
Season 3
Season 3
E1. The Magnificent Seven
Sam, Dean, and Bobby deal with the ramifications of the Gate to Hell opening, meeting the demon incarnations of the Seven Deadly Sins, while Dean is living life to the fullest in t...
17 links 01 Mar 2010
E2. The Kids Are Alright
A strange death reported in the newspaper prompts Dean and Sam to find Lisa Braeden, a woman Dean had a weekend fling with about 8.75 years ago, only to find she has a son turning ...
18 links 02 Feb 2009
E3. Bad Day at Black Rock
The Winchesters are called regarding a robbery of their father's storage unit, and track down the robbers to find the item stolen is a cursed rabbit's foot, which provides great lu...
12 links 09 Feb 2009
E4. Sin City
The Winchester boys head to Ohio to research several deaths in a small town, where sin has taken a firm foothold on the population; prostitution, adultery, alcohol abuse, murder, a...
15 links 09 Feb 2009
E5. Bedtime Stories
The 'Three Little Pigs' and 'Hansel and Gretel' come to life and attract Sam and Dean's attention to Maple Springs, NY, where they try to prevent 'Little Red Riding Hood', 'Cindere...
17 links 16 Feb 2009
E6. Red Sky at Morning
Strange land-locked drownings are happening and the boys head to the coast to find out why, discovering a Ghost Ship has been witnessed by each of the victims shortly before their ...
18 links 16 Feb 2009
E7. Fresh Blood
Gordon Walker is out of prison and out for blood, Sam's blood, and pays Bela to reveal their location. Meanwhile, the Winchesters are hot on the trail of a vampire named Dixon, who...
18 links 23 Feb 2009
E8. A Very Supernatural Christmas
Sam and Dean follow the trail of an Anti-Claus when victims are apparently pulled up the chimney never to be seen again. After a lead goes nowhere, the Winchesters learn the Anti-C...
17 links 23 Feb 2009
E9. Malleus Maleficarum
The seemingly harmless practices of a group of neighborhood witches goes bad when one of them kills a woman. Ruby offers her assistance... but she has a few secrets of her own.
17 links 02 Mar 2009
E10. Dream a Little Dream of Me
When Bobby Singer is discovered in a coma, Dean and Sam uncover a student who works through people's dreams to destroy them.
17 links 02 Mar 2009
E11. Mystery Spot
Sam relives the same day over and over, continually having to deal with Dean's death.
19 links 09 Mar 2009
E12. Jus in Bello
Sam and Dean are arrested by Agent Henriksen and thrown into a jail cell in Colorado just as an army of demons makes their first move under a new leader who wants Sam dead.
20 links 09 Mar 2009
E13. Ghostfacers
Sam and Dean inexplicably encounter the Hell Hounds while investigating a case that John failed to crack years earlier and become fixtures in their pilot for a reality show called ...
17 links 16 Mar 2009
E14. Long Distance Call
While hunting a creature that kills people by pretending to be their dead loved ones, Dean receives a call from John who says he has a way to get him out of his deal.
19 links 16 Mar 2009
E15. Time Is on My Side
The Winchesters encounter the mysterious and very much still alive Doc Benton when they look into a series of abductions where the victims report missing body parts after forced su...
15 links 23 Mar 2009
E16. No Rest for the Wicked
Dean's time is up and he has to pay the Devil his due. When Lilith resurfaces in New Harmony, Indiana terrorizing a family to no end Sam, Dean, and Bobby steal Ruby's knife and con...
18 links 21 Jun 2010
Season 4
Season 4
E1. Lazarus Rising
Sam tries to move on without his brother and becomes hardened and more reckless in the way he hunts. Bobby and his psychic friend Pamela try to contact the other side to find out m...
17 links 16 Aug 2010
Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester E2. Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester
The Winchesters and Bobby Singer encounter the angry spirits of people they couldn't save.
17 links 23 Nov 2009
E3. In the Beginning
Castiel sends Dean back in time to 1973 where he encounters younger versions of his parents and for the first time meets his grandfather Samuel Campbell who holds a secret that she...
17 links 30 Nov 2009
E4. Metamorphosis
A hunter named Travis points Sam and Dean towards a meat eating creature called a Rugaru. Complicating matters is the fact that Travis's target is a normal suburban dad in the earl...
14 links 07 Dec 2009
Monster Movie E5. Monster Movie
It's Halloween time and the Winchesters face-off against a shapeshifter with a penchant for impersonating classic movie monsters like Dracula, the Wolfman, and the Mummy.
13 links 30 Nov 2009
E6. Yellow Fever
Sam and Dean discover a Colorado small town's darkest secret as a wave of people fall prey to a "ghost sickness" that induces fear, paranoia, and ultimately a fatal heart attack. S...
13 links 07 Dec 2009
It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester E7. It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester
Investigating two mysterious deaths in a small town, Sam and Dean discover a witch is sacrificing people to summon an ancient powerful and extremely dangerous demon.
14 links 14 Dec 2009
E8. Wishful Thinking
Sam and Dean investigate when a small town's wishing well actually starts to grant the people's wishes.
13 links 14 Dec 2009
I Know What You Did Last Summer E9. I Know What You Did Last Summer
Sam, Dean, and Ruby discover the existence of a female prophet named Anna Milton, who can hear the voices of angels and thus figures into the plans of a demon named Alastair who wa...
15 links 21 Dec 2009
E10. Heaven and Hell
Dean and Sam figure out why Castiel and Uriel want Anna Milton dead when the three of them are forced to go on the run, not only from heavenly and vengeful angels, but from Alastai...
13 links 21 Dec 2009
Family Remains E11. Family Remains
The Winchesters try to stop a family from moving into a haunted house.
12 links 04 Jan 2010
E12. Criss Angel Is a Douche Bag
Sam and Dean investigate the activities of a trio of magicians who are using a grimoire to execute real feats of magic.
14 links 04 Jan 2010
After School Special E13. After School Special
Sam and Dean investigate a haunting at one of their old high schools where we will see what school was like for the brothers back in 1997.
15 links 11 Jan 2010
Sex and Violence E14. Sex and Violence
The Winchester's investigation into a series of deaths takes a deadly turn when a siren tries to tear them apart for good.
15 links 11 Jan 2010
Death Takes a Holiday E15. Death Takes a Holiday
Sam and Dean try to find out why people in a small town are having near death experiences with alarming frequency by going into the spirit world.
16 links 18 Jan 2010
E16. On the Head of a Pin
Castiel and Uriel ask Dean to torture Alastair for information. But when Alastair breaks free, Castiel starts to believe that there is a traitor among the angels.
15 links 18 Jan 2010
E17. It's a Terrible Life
In an alternate reality mysteriously created as if Sam and Dean were never brothers and have never met, Sam and Dean work at a marketing office where they are forced to team up wit...
14 links 25 Jan 2010
The Monster at the End of This Book E18. The Monster at the End of This Book
An author has been writing books about Sam and Dean since 2005. Sam and Dean try to figure out how he knows so much about them.
15 links 25 Jan 2010
E19. Jump the Shark
Sam and Dean are contacted by one Adam Milligan who claims to be John Winchester's son. The boys immediately suspect a demon trap and go to investigate. Adam turns out to legitimat...
13 links 01 Feb 2010
The Rapture E20. The Rapture
Castiel has been sent back to Heaven. His human host, Jimmy, tries to regain his life. But the demons won't leave him alone and now his family is at risk. Sam and Dean can help a l...
15 links 01 Feb 2010
E21. When the Levee Breaks
Sam is becoming more and more inhuman. Dean and Bobby put him in the safe hold until he gets over his addictions. After Sam escapes with help, unknown to him, from Castiel, he find...
16 links 08 Feb 2010
Lucifer Rising E22. Lucifer Rising
When the last few of the 66 Seals are broken by Lilith's minions, Sam and Dean prepare for the big and probably futile fight in very different ways. Sam joins Ruby on a final attem...
16 links 21 Mar 2011
Season 5
Season 5
Sympathy for the Devil E1. Sympathy for the Devil
In the aftermath of the Devil rising, Sam and Dean are whisked away and they are given a message from Chuck Shurley that Castiel is dead and that Lucifer walks the Earth. As a resu...
15 links 05 Sep 2011
E2. Good God, Y'All
Rufus, an old friend of Bobby's calls, panicked about demons attacking a town in Colorado. Sam and Dean arrive to help, but soon discover things aren't exactly as they seem.
13 links 03 Jan 2011
Free to Be You and Me E3. Free to Be You and Me
Not sure he trusts himself, Sam decides to give up hunting and goes off on his own. But that night, a late-night visitor tells Sam that he won't let him off the hook that easily. D...
13 links 10 Jan 2011
The End E4. The End
Dean awakens five years in the future in an abandoned city and is attacked by humans infected with a demonic virus that makes them mindless, flesh-eating zombies. Zachariah soon ap...
13 links 26 Sep 2011
Fallen Idols E5. Fallen Idols
Sam and Dean decide to start hunting together again and their first case leads them to a small town whose inhabitants are being killed by famous dead icons like Abraham Lincoln and...
14 links 17 Jan 2011
I Believe the Children Are Our Future E6. I Believe the Children Are Our Future
Sam and Dean investigate a series of odd murders that strangely resemble fairy tales and urban legends. The brothers track down an 11-year-old boy named Jesse, and realize that wha...
16 links 17 Jan 2011
The Curious Case of Dean Winchester E7. The Curious Case of Dean Winchester
Sam and Dean discover that a witch is running a high-stakes poker game where the currency is life years vs. money. Bobby sees the game as a chance to get out of the wheelchair and ...
12 links 24 Jan 2011
E8. Changing Channels
Sam and Dean catch up with the Trickster, who sends them through a dizzying montage of TV show parodies, inviting them to play along with their "roles" or be stuck in "TV Land" for...
13 links 24 Jan 2011
E9. The Real Ghostbusters
Dean and Sam are at a Supernatural convention where they meet lots of fans of the Supernatural Books. After a while they get the impression that something is not right at the locat...
13 links 31 Jan 2011
Abandon All Hope E10. Abandon All Hope
Dean and Sam get to know the whereabouts of Lucifer and want to hunt him down. But Lucifer is well prepared and is working his own plans.
14 links 31 Jan 2011
E11. Sam, Interrupted
When a former hunter calls Sam and Dean for help from inside a mental institution, the brothers get themselves admitted as patients to check out his claims of supernatural phenomen...
12 links 07 Feb 2011
E12. Swap Meat
In Massachusetts, seventeen year-old nerd Gary uses witchcraft to swap bodies with Sam. Gary has lots of fun with the sexy Crystal and following Dean, who is hunting the witch Magg...
13 links 07 Feb 2011
The Song Remains the Same E13. The Song Remains the Same
The renegade angel Anna escapes from her prison in heaven. She travels back in time to kill Sam and Dean's parents so that Sam is never born, and cannot be the vessel for Lucifer. ...
12 links 14 Feb 2011
E14. My Bloody Valentine
A couple of days before Valentines Day, two valentines devour each other. On the next day, two lovers commit suicide. Dean and Sam investigate the murders and summon Castiel to hel...
12 links 14 Feb 2011
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid E15. Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
Sam and Dean investigate Bobby's home town where the dead are rising from the grave but instead of attacking humans, they are happily reuniting with their families. The brothers tu...
13 links 21 Feb 2011
E16. Dark Side of the Moon
Dean and Sam are killed by the hunters Walt and Roy. The awake in heaven and Castiel contacts Dean and asks him to seek out the angel Joshua. Meanwhile Zachariah is chasing them in...
11 links 21 Feb 2011
E17. 99 Problems
Sam and Dean meet a woman in a small town who claims to be a prophet.
12 links 28 Feb 2011
Point of No Return E18. Point of No Return
Dean has decided to say yes to Zachariah and Michael to stop Lucifer and avoid the Apocalypse. However, Castiel brings their half-brother Adam, who is the Plan B for the angels. Za...
13 links 27 Feb 2011
Hammer of the Gods E19. Hammer of the Gods
Dean and Sam, in the midst of a long drive, stop for the night in a remote four-star hotel. Soon they learn that Kali, Baldur, Odin and other pagan gods have kidnapped the guests t...
12 links 07 Mar 2011
The Devil You Know E20. The Devil You Know
Dean and Sam are heading east in their Impala tracking down a swine flu outbreak. Out of the blue, the cunning demon Crowley appears in their car and offers to help them to find th...
12 links 07 Mar 2011
Two Minutes to Midnight E21. Two Minutes to Midnight
Dean has an argument with Sam that wants to say "yes" to Lucifer to trap him. However, they go to the Serenity Valley Convalescent Home where Pestilence is and they are defeated by...
15 links 14 Mar 2011
Swan Song E22. Swan Song
With the Apocalypse looming, Sam and Dean realize they are out of options and make heart-breaking decisions that will change their lives forever.
13 links 30 Jan 2012
Season 6
Season 6
Exile on Main St. E1. Exile on Main St.
One year ago, Dean moved to Lisa's house to live a normal, "apple-pie" life with Lisa and her son Ben, as recommended by Sam, working as a construction worker. One day, Dean finds ...
13 links 12 Jul 2013
Two and a Half Men E2. Two and a Half Men
When four families are killed and their babies are missing, Sam finds that a security company may be involved in the case and summons Dean to help him to bring the baby of a fifth ...
13 links 02 Jan 2012
The Third Man E3. The Third Man
Sam calls Dean and asks him to head to Easter, Pennsylvania, to investigate the mysterious and gory death of two police officers. They visit the police officer Toby Grey that had w...
14 links 09 Jan 2012
Weekend at Bobby's E4. Weekend at Bobby's
Bobby summons Crowley and finds that the demon has no intention of returning his soul and has given ten additional years of life for him. Meanwhile, Dean and Sam ask Bobby to advis...
15 links 09 Jan 2012
Live Free or Twihard E5. Live Free or Twihard
When six teenage girls disappear in seven days in a small town, Dean and Sam investigate the case. They go to the house of the last girl that went missing, Kristen, and they find t...
14 links 16 Jan 2012
E6. You Can't Handle the Truth
After four suspicious suicides, Dean and Sam investigate the cases and they discover that the suicidal victims have heard painful truths before their final act. Their further inves...
12 links 16 Jan 2012
Family Matters E7. Family Matters
Dean becomes suspicious of Samuel's motives, but Sam isn't sold on the idea that their grandfather is doing anything wrong. The brothers go along on a hunt with Samuel and the othe...
12 links 23 Jan 2012
E8. All Dogs Go to Heaven
Crowley bosses Dean and Sam and sends them to Buffalo, New York, to capture an Alpha werewolf that is killing people. Crowley would return Sam's soul if they succeed and bring the ...
13 links 23 Jan 2012
E9. Clap Your Hands If You Believe
When a fourth person vanishes in Elwood, Indiana, and the witnesses claim that they have been abducted by aliens, Dean and Sam head to the town to investigate the UFO sightings. Th...
13 links 30 Jan 2012
E10. Caged Heat
Dean and Sam are captured by Meg who wants to know Crowley's hideout. Sam proposes to show where Crowley is provided she gets his soul back. The Winchester brothers ask the relucta...
11 links 30 Jan 2012
E11. Appointment in Samarra
Dean goes to Dr. Robert to have a 3 minutes near-death experience to meet Death. They have a meeting and Death proposes Dean wear his ring for 24 hours; in return, Death would retr...
12 links 06 Feb 2012
Like a Virgin E12. Like a Virgin
Dean and Bobby investigate the disappearance of teenage girls when Sam awakes after recovering his mended soul. Bobby still does not trust Sam and Dean and his brother travel to in...
12 links 06 Feb 2012
E13. Unforgiven
Sam receives a text about the disappearance of four young women and together with Dean, they head to Bristol, Rhode Island, to investigate the case. Sam has flashbacks with recolle...
13 links 13 Feb 2012
E14. Mannequin 3: The Reckoning
Dean and Sam travel to New Jersey to investigate a mysterious murder cases. However, Ben calls Dean and tells that it is an emergency situation and he heads to Lisa's house, leavin...
11 links 13 Feb 2012
E15. The French Mistake
To protect Sam and Dean from a surprise attack from Raphael, Balthazar sends them both into an alternate universe where their lives are a TV show called Supernatural - Zur Hölle mi...
13 links 20 Feb 2012
E16. And Then There Were None
After a series of brutal murders, Dean, Sam and Bobby travel to investigate and they meet Rufus. They team-up and find that Eve, a.k.a. The Mother of All, is the responsible for th...
12 links 20 Feb 2012
My Heart Will Go On E17. My Heart Will Go On
After a series of weird deaths in Chester, Pennsylvania, Dean and Sam discover that Balthazar has changed the history, avoiding the collision of the Titanic with an iceberg. Now Fa...
13 links 27 Feb 2012
E18. Frontierland
Castiel sends Sam and Dean back in time to 1861 to collect the ashes of a phoenix.
14 links 27 Feb 2012
E19. Mommy Dearest
Lenore tells to Dean, Sam, Bobby and Castiel that Eve is in a small town in Oregon and they head to hunt her down. Soon they discover that the locals have been transformed in hybri...
13 links 05 Mar 2012
E20. The Man Who Would Be King
Castiel tells his story in his own words and confesses to some interesting choices.
12 links 05 Mar 2012
Let It Bleed E21. Let It Bleed
Bobby tells Dean and Sam that Castiel has stolen the Moishe Campbell Diary, but he has a copy. They read the journal and discover that in 1937, H.P. Lovecraft had opened a gate to ...
13 links 12 Mar 2012
E22. The Man Who Knew Too Much
The wall comes down in Sam's head and all hell breaks loose. Dean and Bobby are, for once, at a total loss on how to help him and are forced to stand by and do nothing while Sam br...
12 links 24 Aug 2013
Season 7
Season 7
Meet the New Boss E1. Meet the New Boss
Castiel believes he is the new God and becomes obsessed with power. Sam, Dean, and Bobby try to find a way to stop him before he explodes with power, even if that means talking to ...
13 links 30 Aug 2013
E2. Hello, Cruel World
The leviathans destroy Castiel's body and break loose. Now Sam, Dean, and Bobby have to track them all down. Meanwhile, Sam is beginning to struggle with what is real and what is a...
14 links 06 Sep 2012
E3. The Girl Next Door
Sam reunites with a childhood girlfriend who is supposedly preying on human brains.
14 links 13 Sep 2012
E4. Defending Your Life
Sam and Dean investigate murders of people who have their guilty pasts come back and kill them. Could Dean be next?
15 links 13 Sep 2012
E5. Shut Up, Dr. Phil
Sam and Dean get caught in the middle of a feud between a married witch couple.
15 links 06 Sep 2013
E6. Slash Fiction
Two Leviathans are impersonating Sam and Dean and going on a killing spree. Now, Sam and Dean are the most wanted criminals in the country.
14 links 20 Sep 2012
The Mentalists E7. The Mentalists
Sam and Dean investigate the murders of mediums in Lily Dale, the most "psychic" town in America. They discover that an angry spirit is killing off the psychics, but in a town full...
16 links 27 Sep 2012
E8. Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!
Sam runs into Becky and they end up getting married. Dean finds it suspicious that Sam is falling for her and decides to investigate.
16 links 27 Sep 2012
E9. How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters
Something is turning all of the people of a small town in New Jersey into cannibals.
13 links 04 Oct 2012
E10. Death's Door
Bobby is close to dying. He must confront his worst memory to escape, before his reaper catches up to him.
14 links 04 Oct 2012
E11. Adventures in Babysitting
While Dean and Frank try to figure out the numbers from Bobby's clue, Sam tries to help a young girl search for her missing father.
18 links 11 Oct 2012
E12. Time After Time
After attacking Chronos, the time god, Dean is sent back to 1944.
18 links 11 Oct 2012
E13. The Slice Girls
Sam and Dean go up against the Amazons as they go on a killing spree. But it's twice as difficult for Dean because one of them is his daughter.
17 links 18 Oct 2012
Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie E14. Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie
Sam and Dean are stumped. Somehow, a group of children's personal fears are becoming a reality and killing off a parent that each child has a certain hatred for.
16 links 18 Oct 2012
E15. Repo Man
Four years ago, Sam and Dean exorcised a demon serial killer. Now he's back for revenge.
14 links 25 Oct 2012
E16. Out with the Old
Sam and Dean stumble onto one part of the Leviathan's ultimate plot while tracking down some cursed objects in a small town.
16 links 25 Oct 2012
E17. The Born-Again Identity
Lucifer is driving Sam into madness. Desperate to save him, Dean tries to find someone who can help. He finds Castiel with amnesia, instead.
15 links 01 Nov 2012
E18. Party On, Garth
Garth calls Sam and Dean for assistance in battling a ghost that you can only see when drunk.
15 links 01 Nov 2012
Of Grave Importance E19. Of Grave Importance
Bobby's spirit tries to help Sam and Dean as they try to find a missing friend inside a haunted house.
17 links 08 Nov 2012
E20. The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo
Sam and Dean discover that Frank's hard drive, containing everything on the leviathans, is now in Dick's company building. To retrieve it, they ask for help from one of the employe...
17 links 08 Nov 2012
E21. Reading is Fundamental
Sam and Dean have possession of a Word of God, but are unable to read it. They find a young prophet that can help, but unfortunately, the angels and leviathans are after him, too.
18 links 15 Nov 2012
There Will Be Blood E22. There Will Be Blood
To officially kill the leviathans, Sam and Dean need the blood of an Alpha. But Dick knows what the Winchesters are up to and sends his men after them.
17 links 15 Nov 2012
Survival of the Fittest E23. Survival of the Fittest
Sam and Dean make a plan to storm Dick's company building and kill him once and for all, with help from Castiel and Meg. Providing Bobby doesn't get to Dick first.
20 links 26 Oct 2013
Season 8
Season 8
E1. We Need to Talk About Kevin
Dean returns from Purgatory, one year after the fight with the Leviathans. After reuniting with Sam, they find out that Kevin escaped Crowley with another Word of God that may hold...
16 links 15 Sep 2014
E2. What's Up, Tiger Mommy?
After saving Kevin's mother from demons, Sam, Dean, and Kevin go after the Word of God which is being auctioned off by Plutus, the god of greed.
16 links 19 Sep 2013
E3. Heartache
While trying to track down Kevin, Sam and Dean get sidetracked by a series of murders where the victims have gotten their hearts ripped out.
16 links 17 Oct 2012
E4. Bitten
Sam and Dean come across a home made video of three friends whose lives are turned upside down by a werewolf.
12 links 24 Oct 2012
E5. Blood Brother
Dean assists the vampire, Benny, who helped him escape from Purgatory. together they go after the nest led by the vampire that bit Benny. Sam thinks back to his life before Dean re...
14 links 31 Oct 2012
E6. Southern Comfort
Sam and Dean team up with Garth, who has taken over Bobby's job, as they hunt down a Specter that's possessing innocent people who have a grudge against someone.
16 links 07 Nov 2012
E7. A Little Slice of Kevin
Crowley has kidnapped Kevin and the rest of the prophets that are able to read the Word of God. Castiel mysteriously returns from Purgatory and helps Sam and Dean rescue Kevin.
15 links 14 Nov 2012
E8. Hunteri Heroici
Castiel decides to become a hunter, like Sam and Dean. But his first day on the job is a doozy when they investigate a series of murders caused by old cartoon gags. Meanwhile, Sam ...
16 links 28 Nov 2012
E9. Citizen Fang
Benny seems to be attacking innocent people and only Dean believes he's innocent.
14 links 05 Dec 2012
E10. Torn and Frayed
Dean and Castiel try to rescue Samandriel from Crowley. Sam tries to decide whether or not he should continue hunting or be with Amelia.
20 links 16 Jan 2013
E11. LARP and the Real Girl
When two LARPers turn up dead, Sam and Dean investigate the fictional world of Moondoor, where they find a familiar face.
18 links 23 Jan 2013
E12. As Time Goes By
Sam and Dean's grandfather, Henry Winchester, arrives by time travel, claiming that he has something to protect from an Abaddon that is hot on his trail.
17 links 30 Jan 2013
Everybody Hates Hitler E13. Everybody Hates Hitler
Sam and Dean go up against a group of Nazi necromancers.
18 links 06 Feb 2013
E14. Trial and Error
Kevin has found out that in order to close the gates of Hell, the person needs to accomplish three tasks. The first, is to kill a Hellhound.
22 links 13 Feb 2013
E15. Man's Best Friend with Benefits
James Frampton, an old friend of Sam and Dean, has become a witch. Now he's supposedly killing innocent people.
17 links 20 Feb 2013
E16. Remember the Titans
Sam and Dean come across a mysterious man that dies once every day.
16 links 27 Feb 2013
E17. Goodbye Stranger
Sam and Dean hunt down the angel tablet with assistance from Castiel and Meg.
19 links 20 Mar 2013
E18. Freaks and Geeks
A hunter has been training Krissy and other kids to be hunters.
19 links 27 Mar 2013
E19. Taxi Driver
The second task is to rescue an innocent soul from Hell and deliver it to Heaven.
20 links 03 Apr 2013
E20. Pac-Man Fever
While searching for Kevin, again, Charlie joins up with Sam and Dean as they track down a creature that's been liquefying its victims. Plus, a new side of Charlie is revealed.
17 links 24 Apr 2013
E21. The Great Escapist
Sam and Dean search for the Word's author, Metatron. Castiel tries to protect the angel tablet. Kevin tries to solve the third trial under Crowley's supervision.
18 links 01 May 2013
E22. Clip Show
Sam and Dean try to figure out how to cure a demon. Crowley starts killing victims that Sam and Dean have saved from previous jobs. Castiel and Metatron begin the trials to close t...
21 links 08 May 2013
E23. Sacrifice
Sam and Dean capture Crowley to finish the trials and close the gates of Hell. Castiel and Metatron continue the trials to close the gates of Heaven. Sam is left with a huge decisi...
15 links 15 May 2013
Season 9
Season 9
I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here E1. I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here
Sam is dying. Dean asks for help from the angels. Castiel tries to adjust to being human as the angels come after him.
13 links 25 Sep 2014
E2. Devil May Care
Sam and Dean reveal to Kevin that they have Crowley hostage, while Abaddon returns to hunt them all down.
13 links 15 Oct 2013
E3. I'm No Angel
Sam and Dean track down Castiel, while Bartholomew, a new leader of the fallen angels, tries to destroy him.
12 links 22 Oct 2013
E4. Slumber Party
Sam and Dean accidentally free Dorothy, who has been trapped in the bunker for years, who seeks their help in killing the wicked witch.
10 links 29 Oct 2013
E5. Dog Dean Afternoon
When the only witness to a couple of mysterious murders is a dog, Dean performs a risky spell to help him communicate with canines.
11 links 05 Nov 2013
Heaven Can't Wait E6. Heaven Can't Wait
Dean and Castiel team up to find a Rit Zien, an angel healer, who is easing peoples' suffering by killing them. Sam and Kevin ask Crowley for help in finding a way to open the gate...
11 links 12 Nov 2013
E7. Bad Boys
Dean and Sam visit Dean's old boy's home that's now being haunted by a ghost.
12 links 19 Nov 2013
E8. Rock and a Hard Place
Sheriff Mills calls Sam and Dean for help with multiple disappearances in the town. Discovering all four victims belonged to the same church chastity group, Sam and Dean decide to ...
10 links 26 Nov 2013
E9. Holy Terror
The angels go to war against each other. A secret about Ezekiel is revealed.
12 links 03 Dec 2013
E10. Road Trip
Dean and Castiel ask Crowley for help in finding Gadreel and getting him out of Sam's body.
17 links 14 Jan 2014
E11. First Born
Sam and Castiel believe that they found a way to track Gadreel. Dean and Crowley team up to find the first blade, which is in the hands of the biblical Cain.
20 links 21 Jan 2014
E12. Sharp Teeth
Sam and Dean find out that Garth has been taken in by a family of werewolves.
12 links 28 Jan 2014
E13. The Purge
Sam and Dean apply for jobs at a wellness spa so they can investigate the murders of guests who have had the fat sucked out of them.
15 links 04 Feb 2014
E14. Captives
Kevin's spirit returns to ask Sam and Dean to find his mother. Castiel is taken to Bartholomew.
13 links 25 Feb 2014
E15. #thinman
As Dean and Sam investigate the murder of a teenage girl, they once again cross paths with the Ghostfacers.
13 links 04 Mar 2014
E16. Blade Runners
Sam and Dean assist Crowley in the search for the first blade.
11 links 18 Mar 2014
E17. Mother's Little Helper
Dean copes with the side effects of the Mark of Cain, as Sam investigates a series of violent murders related directly to Abaddon.
16 links 25 Mar 2014
E18. Meta Fiction
When Castiel rejects Metatron's offer to join forces, a surprising plan is set in motion; Gadreel is apprehended.
17 links 15 Apr 2014
E19. Alex Annie Alexis Ann
Sheriff Mills calls Sam and Dean for help when she finds a young girl running from a vampire pack.
17 links 22 Apr 2014
E20. Bloodlines
Sam and Dean visit Chicago and find the city's underbelly is divided between powerful clans of monsters, including werewolves and shape-shifters.
17 links 29 Apr 2014
E21. King of the Damned
Abaddon makes a deal with Crowley to stop the Winchesters and recover the first blade. Castiel tries to bring Gadreel to his side in the war against Metatron.
16 links 06 May 2014
E22. Stairway to Heaven
Angels are committing suicide in Castiel's name. Sam and Dean try to find out why.
16 links 13 May 2014
Do You Believe in Miracles E23. Do You Believe in Miracles
The influence of the mark on Dean reaches new heights, as Metatron begins to reveal himself to humanity.
14 links 20 May 2014
Season 10
Season 10
A Very Special Supernatural Special E0. A Very Special Supernatural Special
A behind-the-scenes look at the first nine seasons; interviews with the cast and crew; a look at season ten.
2 links 06 Oct 2014
E1. Black
Dean is a demon and running amuck with Crowley while Sam tries to figure out what happened to his brother. Meanwhile, Castiel is dealing with his diminishing grace.
12 links 06 Oct 2015
E2. Reichenbach
Crowley is worried about Dean getting out of control, giving him a target to feed the mark. Sam struggles to escape from Cole. Hannah tries to convince Metatron to give Castiel's g...
12 links 14 Oct 2014
Soul Survivor E3. Soul Survivor
Sam continues to try to save Dean from the Mark of Cain. Realizing that Dean's antics are causing problems for him in hell, Crowley seeks help from a reluctant Castiel.
12 links 21 Oct 2014
E4. Paper Moon
Sam and Dean investigate a series of werewolf attacks in an attempt to find out who the culprit is.
13 links 28 Oct 2014
E5. Fan Fiction
Sam and Dean investigate a haunting at a theatre.
15 links 11 Nov 2014
E6. Ask Jeeves
Dean encounters a surprising message on Bobby's phone, and Sam and Dean investigate.
12 links 18 Nov 2014
E7. Girls, Girls, Girls
Sam and Dean discover a group of witches "gone wild" and they attempt to stop them.
13 links 25 Nov 2014
E8. Hibbing 911
Jody Mills is matched with an overeager partner during a mandatory sheriff's retreat; when a gruesome corpse is discovered, Jody calls Sam and Dean to help investigate.
13 links 02 Dec 2014
The Things We Left Behind E9. The Things We Left Behind
When Castiel finds Jimmy's daughter in a group home, she persuades him to break her out; Crowley is faced with a big challenge.
12 links 09 Dec 2014
E10. The Hunter Games
Sam and Dean try to deal with the aftermath following the bloodbath. Castiel attempts to fix a struggling relationship with Claire, and Claire wants revenge on Dean for what he did...
11 links 20 Jan 2015
E11. There's No Place Like Home
Charlie returns from Oz - Sam is scanning the internet for suspicious paranormal activity and comes across a video of Charlie beating up a district attorney. Dean suspects she's ba...
10 links 27 Jan 2015
E12. About a Boy
Dean is mysteriously transformed into a teenager. He has to deal with teenage struggles all over again, along with being a hunter.
16 links 03 Feb 2015
E13. Halt & Catch Fire
To take his mind off of the Mark of Cain, Dean goes hunting. They track down a ghost that is killing college students through electronics and the internet.
14 links 10 Feb 2015
E14. The Executioner's Song
Sam, Dean, and Castiel must deal with Cain's return. Rowena and Crowley grow closer.
16 links 17 Feb 2015
The Things They Carried E15. The Things They Carried
Despite Dean's directive to forget about looking for a cure for the MOC, Sam continues to do research. Dean suspects Sam is hiding something but decides to focus on a murder case w...
17 links 18 Mar 2015
E16. Paint It Black
Dean and Sam investigate grisly, identical suicides by various people with little in common; the brothers begin to suspect that a priest is involved.
18 links 25 Mar 2015
E17. Inside Man
Castiel comes back and he and Sam check out a lead on the Mark of Cain. They decide to go to Bobby for help. Meanwhile Dean and Rowena meet up.
20 links 01 Apr 2015
E18. Book of the Damned
Charlie contacts Sam and Dean after she finds the Book of the Damned - which could help eliminate the mark of Cain; Castiel and Metatron look for Castiel's grace.
16 links 15 Apr 2015
The Werther Project E19. The Werther Project
Sam looks for a magical box built by former Men of Letters, Magnus, hoping it will cure Dean, but is surprised by a deadly alarm system.
13 links 22 Apr 2015
E20. Angel Heart
Castiel tries to reconnect Claire with her mother who went missing, and calls Sam and Dean for help with the case.
15 links 29 Apr 2015
E21. Dark Dynasty
While investigating a strange murder, Sam and Dean discover the killer has the same tattoo as those from the Styne family; Castiel plays referee when Charlie and Rowena must work t...
16 links 06 May 2015
E22. The Prisoner
Dean takes matters into his own hands regarding Stynes; Sam attempts to come to terms with his decision.
13 links 13 May 2015
E23. Brother's Keeper
Dean comes to a stunning decision that will alter his life -- as well as Sam's; Rowena and Crowley face off, putting Castiel in the middle.
11 links 20 May 2015
Season 11
Season 11
E1. Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire
Dean and Sam dealing with the aftermath of freeing the darkness on earth.
21 links 03 Nov 2016
Form and Void E2. Form and Void
Jenna winds up in a dangerous situation and calls Dean for help, leaving Sam to deal with monsters on his own.
17 links 14 Oct 2015
E3. The Bad Seed
Sam and Dean try to help Castiel recover from Rowena's spell, while searching for Amara who has now grown into a young girl. Rowena tries to use her powers to protect herself from ...
22 links 21 Oct 2015
E4. Baby
Sam and Dean's road trip to fight monsters and demons is chronicled entirely from the Impala's perspective.
22 links 28 Oct 2015
E5. Thin Lizzie
Sam and Dean investigate a series of murders at a local B&B that also happens to be Lizzie Borden's old home. When a man tells them he saw a little girl around the B&B around the t...
21 links 04 Nov 2015
E6. Our Little World
Castiel seeks out Metatron's help to stop the Darkness. However, Metatron is pretty happy with his new life as a freelance videographer for the local news and isn't inclined to hel...
17 links 11 Nov 2015
E7. Plush
Sheriff Donna calls Sam and Dean for help after a horrific murder with supernatural elements happens in her town. Sam continues to have visions and asks God for help, which frustra...
18 links 18 Nov 2015
E8. Just My Imagination
Sam is shocked when his imaginary childhood friend, Sully, makes an unexpected appearance. Sam tries to understand why he is seeing Sully now. Even more surprising, Dean can see hi...
20 links 02 Dec 2015
E9. O Brother, Where Art Thou?
With Amara leaving a trail of bodies on her search for God, Sam enlists Crowley and Rowena to set up a meeting between him and Lucifer in the cage.
20 links 09 Dec 2015
E10. The Devil in the Details
Now that he has Sam in the cage with him, Lucifer offers Sam a way out but it comes with a steep price. Dean and Castiel look into the angel smiting that might have killed Amara.
20 links 20 Jan 2016
E11. Into the Mystic
Sam and Dean investigate a case where people are suffering violent deaths after hearing a mysterious sound.
23 links 27 Jan 2016
E12. Don't You Forget About Me
Claire believes recent murders in town are supernatural and asks Sam and Dean to investigate. However, Sheriff Mills tells the guys that Claire has been getting into trouble lately...
28 links 03 Feb 2016
Love Hurts E13. Love Hurts
Sam and Dean investigate a set of murders on Valentine's Day and discover they are dealing with an ancient curse. Once kissed by the curse, the person is marked to die.
17 links 10 Feb 2016
The Vessel E14. The Vessel
Sam and Dean convince Lucifer (unknowingly, thinking he's Castiel) to send them back in time to find a hand of God which could destroy Amara.
27 links 17 Feb 2016
E15. Beyond the Mat
Sam and Dean attend a wrestling match to relive one of their fondest memories, but when a wrestler turns up dead, they suspect foul play.
18 links 24 Feb 2016
E16. Safe House
After dangerous creature is released into an old house, a mother and child are comatose. Sam and Dean find that Bobby and Rufus tracked the same creature so the Winchesters look to...
19 links 23 Mar 2016
E17. Red Meat
In the midst of battling werewolves Sam gets shot then strangled and goes into shock. Dean, thinking Sam is actually dead, takes drastic measures to talk to a reaper in order to sa...
21 links 30 Mar 2016
E18. Hell's Angel
Lucifer tries to assert himself into heaven; Crowley tells Sam and Dean they must take down Lucifer.
22 links 06 Apr 2016
E19. The Chitters
Sam and Dean are visiting a small town in Colorado where people are mysteriously disappearing every 27 years. While they are investigating, the boys encounter a pair of hunters see...
17 links 27 Apr 2016
E20. Don't Call Me Shurley
Amara unleashes a dark fog on a small town that causes everyone to go mad. Dean and Sam realize this is a stronger version of the original black vein virus Amara previously unleash...
19 links 04 May 2016
E21. All in the Family
Concerned for Castiel, Dean and Sam devise a plan to rescue Lucifer from Amara's clutches.
24 links 11 May 2016
E22. We Happy Few
Sam and Dean face their biggest challenge yet. Rowena makes her move.
24 links 18 May 2016
E23. Alpha and Omega
Chuck tries to lock Amara away for good but then faces some unexpected complications.
21 links 26 Jan 2017
Season 12
Season 12
E1. Keep Calm and Carry On
Dean comes face to face with his mother while Sam fights for his life after being shot by Toni.
27 links 05 Nov 2017
Mamma Mia E2. Mamma Mia
Dean, Castiel and Mary have a lead on Sam and set out to rescue him. Dean is uncomfortable putting Mary in danger, but she insists on going. Meanwhile, Crowley is tipped off that L...
24 links 05 Nov 2017
The Foundry E3. The Foundry
When a crying baby leads to death in a mysterious abandoned house, Mary, Sam and Dean decide to investigate. Meanwhile, Castiel's hunt for Lucifer leads him, begrudgingly, to partn...
13 links 12 Nov 2017
American Nightmare E4. American Nightmare
Sam and Dean investigate a case that leads them to a devout religious family living off the grid. They realize the parents are hiding a huge secret that could destroy them all. Mea...
22 links 12 Nov 2017
The One You've Been Waiting For E5. The One You've Been Waiting For
After learning that the soul of Adolf Hitler has been trapped in a 1930's gold pocket watch, Dean and Sam must act quickly to prevent a group of Nazi necromancers from resurrecting...
20 links 19 Nov 2017
Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox E6. Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox
When hunters gather together to celebrate the life and tragic death of one of their own, Sam, Dean and Mary must take action when a demon starts picking off hunters one by one.
21 links 19 Nov 2017
Rock Never Dies E7. Rock Never Dies
Lucifer realizes that as Vince Vincente, he can get his fans to do whatever he wants. Thrilled with this power, he arranges a VIP concert in order to kill them. Sam, Dean and Casti...
19 links 26 Nov 2017
Sam, Dean, Castiel, Crowley and Rowena band together to fight Lucifer when his search for power leads him to the White House.
18 links 26 Nov 2017
First Blood E9. First Blood
After being arrested for the attempted assassination of the POTUS Sam and Dean must find a way out of a government detention facility in the middle of nowhere. Determined to find h...
20 links 03 Dec 2017
Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets E10. Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets
Lily Sunder plots her revenge against a band of angels that killed her family; Sam and Dean must save Castiel from becoming her next victim.
20 links 03 Dec 2017
Regarding Dean E11. Regarding Dean
Rowena helps Sam find a powerful family of witches when a spell is placed on Dean that's quickly erasing his memory.
21 links 10 Dec 2017
Stuck in the Middle (With You) E12. Stuck in the Middle (With You)
Mary asks Sam, Dean and Castiel for help on a case she's working, but neglects to mention the British Men of Letters are involved. When Mary is double crossed, everything is reveal...
22 links 10 Dec 2017
Family Feud E13. Family Feud
A ghost from a merchant ship may be responsible for a murder at a museum; an angel tries to kill Kelly.
23 links 17 Dec 2017
The Raid E14. The Raid
Mary and the British Men of Letters have a chance to take out a nest of Vampires, but the alpha-vamp turns the tables on them.
17 links 17 Dec 2017
Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell E15. Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
Sam and Dean investigate an attack by an invisible hellhound at a campsite. Meanwhile, two of Crowley's own personal demons uncover what he has been hiding. Elsewhere, Castiel gets...
17 links 07 Jan 2018
Ladies Drink Free E16. Ladies Drink Free
Dean and Sam let Mick Davies tag along on a case as they search for a werewolf and they run into Claire Novak, the reunion is short lived after Claire is bitten and the brothers ra...
15 links 07 Jan 2018
The British Invasion E17. The British Invasion
Sam and Dean get a lead on Kelly Kline's whereabouts. Mick drops by the bunker unexpectedly and decides to join the hunt.
20 links 14 Jan 2018
The Memory Remains E18. The Memory Remains
When Sam and Dean investigate the case of a missing person, the lead witness says the victim was attacked by a man with the head of a goat.
16 links 14 Jan 2018
The Future E19. The Future
Sam comes up with a way to stop Lucifer's baby, but Castiel has something else in mind for Kelly. Dean is furious when he finds out someone stole the colt.
17 links 21 Jan 2018
Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes E20. Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes
Alicia Banes calls Mary for help after her mother, Tasha goes missing. Sam answers Mary's phone and he and Dean head out to help Alicia and her twin brother, Max find their mother ...
20 links 21 Jan 2018
There's Something About Mary E21. There's Something About Mary
Sam and Dean are alarmed when they learn hunters are being killed by suspicious "accidents" all over the country. They decide it is best to find Mary and make sure she's safe. Mean...
16 links 28 Jan 2018
Who We Are E22. Who We Are
Sam and Dean only have each other to rely on when they're caught in a dangerous situation; the fight between the American hunters and the British hunters comes to a head.
16 links 28 Jan 2018
All Along the Watchtower E23. All Along the Watchtower
Lucifer battles Sam, Dean and Castiel for control of his unborn son.
18 links 28 Jan 2018
Season 13
Season 13
Lost and Found E1. Lost and Found
Sam and Dean are left to pick up the pieces following the loss of their mother, Crowley's demise and Castiel's death.
20 links 23 Sep 2018
The Rising Son E2. The Rising Son
Sam and Dean discover what Jack is capable of with his powers.
21 links 19 Oct 2017
Patience E3. Patience
A wraith kills her friend and Missouri enlists the help of Dean and Jody to protect her granddaughter, Patience, and could be next on the wraith's hit list. Sam continues to work w...
17 links 26 Oct 2017
The Big Empty E4. The Big Empty
When multiple patients of grief counselor Mia Vallens turn up dead, Dean, Sam and Jack investigate the mystery surrounding the murders and, each inadvertently, are forced to deal w...
12 links 02 Nov 2017
Advanced Thanatology E5. Advanced Thanatology
Sam and Dean work on a case involving the ghost of a demented doctor; they get assistance from an unexpected source; Castiel finds his way back to the Winchesters.
16 links 09 Nov 2017
Tombstone E6. Tombstone
Castiel is reunited with Jack and together with Sam and Dean, they head to a sleepy old western town to investigate a murder. Dean gets to live out his boyhood fantasy when he come...
15 links 16 Nov 2017
War of the Worlds E7. War of the Worlds
As Dean and Sam continue their search for Jack, they stumble across a familiar foe; Lucifer manages to escape Michael's grasp and finds an unlikely and mostly unwilling ally.
16 links 23 Nov 2017
The Scorpion and the Frog E8. The Scorpion and the Frog
The Winchesters agree to steal a trunk belonging to a demon in exchange for a spell they can use to find Jack.
19 links 30 Nov 2017
The Bad Place E9. The Bad Place
Jack, desperate to prove to Sam and Dean that he is good and that he can control his powers, enlists the help of a dream walker named Kaia to help him find Mary Winchester and save...
18 links 07 Dec 2017
Wayward Sisters E10. Wayward Sisters
When Dean and Sam go missing Jody Mills calls Claire Novak and tells her to come home they need to find the Winchesters. As they search for Kaia the dreamcatcher who opened the rif...
10 links 18 Jan 2018
Breakdown E11. Breakdown
Donna calls Dean and Sam for help after her niece Wendy goes missing. They find out she was kidnapped by a man who sells human parts to monsters in online auctions and race to resc...
8 links 25 Jan 2018
Various & Sundry Villains E12. Various & Sundry Villains
Dean falls victim to a couple of witches, sisters Jamie and Jennie Plum who manage to steal a powerful book of spells from the Winchesters. When Dean and Sam go after the book, the...
15 links 01 Feb 2018
Devil's Bargain E13. Devil's Bargain
"Devil's Bargain" Dean, Castiel and Sam search for Lucifer who, meanwhile, strikes an unlikely deal with a local faith healer named Sister Jo. Asmodeus gets closer to finding Jack.
12 links 08 Feb 2018
Good Intentions E14. Good Intentions
Jack and Mary escape Michael's clutches and end up finding an ally in Bobby Singer; Sam, Dean, and Castiel continue to search for a way to open a breach; one of their own may be wo...
1 link 01 Mar 2018
A Most Holy Man E15. A Most Holy Man
Sam and Dean are close to collecting everything they need to open a rift into the Apocalyptic World and possibly rescuing Mary (guest star Samantha Smith) and Jack. The one missing...
1 link 08 Mar 2018
ScoobyNatural E16. ScoobyNatural
Sam, Dean and Castiel are transported into the animated world of Scooby Doo where they join forces with the Scooby gang to solve a ghostly mystery.
2 links 29 Mar 2018
The Thing E17. The Thing
Sam and Dean continue to collect the pieces necessary to open a rift to the other world in order to save their family. Their latest quest leads them to a Men of Letters bunker from...
5 links 05 Apr 2018
Bring 'em Back Alive E18. Bring 'em Back Alive
Lucifer rules over heaven but things aren't going exactly as planned, exasperating his first lady, Jo. Sam and Castiel are perplexed by the return of Gabriel. Meanwhile, Dean gets ...
4 links 12 Apr 2018
Funeralia E19. Funeralia
Sam and Dean must stop Rowena, who is on a deadly mission. Meanwhile, Castiel looks to heaven to recruit angels for an impending invasion but is shocked by not only what he finds, ...
5 links 19 Apr 2018
Unfinished Business E20. Unfinished Business
Gabriel is back and drags Dean and Sam into his plot for revenge on the demigods who sold him to Asmodeus. Meanwhile, Jack's growing confidence leads to reckless decisions that cou...
6 links 26 Apr 2018
Beat the Devil E21. Beat the Devil
Sam, Dean, Castiel and Gabriel must work together if they have any hope of bringing Mary and Jack home. Meanwhile, Rowena's encounter with Lucifer may alter the outcome of the jour...
6 links 03 May 2018
Exodus E22. Exodus
Sam and Dean devise a plan that will save innocent lives. Meanwhile, Jack continues to wrestle with the consequences of his decisions.
3 links 10 May 2018
Let the Good Times Roll E23. Let the Good Times Roll
Our heroes, Sam and Dean Winchester, continue to be tested in the battle between good and evil, but one impulsive decision could alter the lives of one of the brothers forever.
5 links 17 May 2018
Season 14
Season 14
Episode #14.1 E1. Episode #14.1
11 Oct 2018
Episode #14.2 E2. Episode #14.2
18 Oct 2018
Episode #14.3 E3. Episode #14.3
25 Oct 2018
Episode #14.4 E4. Episode #14.4
Episode #14.5 E5. Episode #14.5
Episode #14.6 E6. Episode #14.6
Episode #14.7 E7. Episode #14.7
Episode #14.8 E8. Episode #14.8
Episode #14.9 E9. Episode #14.9
Episode #14.10 E10. Episode #14.10
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