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On the run from a drug deal gone bad, Mike Ross, a brilliant college-dropout, finds himself a job working with Harvey Specter, one of New York City's best lawyers.

Year: 2011

Duration: 44 min

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Writer: Aaron Korsh

Stars: Meghan Markle, Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams

IMDb: TT1632701

Rating: 8.6/10

Season 1
Season 1
E1. Pilot
A "closer" for one of New York City's most successful law firms decides to hire an aloof genius who has passed the bar but never went to law school as his associate.
19 links 07 Feb 2014
E2. Errors and Omissions
Harvey discovers that the judge in his patent case has a personal vendetta against him, while Louis tries to blackmail Mike in order to get his help bringing in a valuable client.
20 links 14 Feb 2014
E3. Inside Track
Harvey asks Mike to find a loophole so that he can oust the incoming CEO of a motor company he represents, while Louis puts outrageous demands on Mike as he tries to make arrangeme...
19 links 14 Feb 2014
E4. Dirty Little Secrets
Harvey defends someone from Jessica's past. Meanwhile, Mike is assigned his first solo case and his secret is almost discovered.
21 links 21 Feb 2014
E5. Bail Out
Harvey is a witness for his driver in a civil suit, and has to rely on Louis for help. Mike bails his old friend Trevor out of jail.
19 links 21 Feb 2014
E6. Tricks of the Trade
Harvey and Mike try to prove that a woman accused of insider trading is innocent. Mike also tries to help Rachel study for the LSAT, but he soon finds out she is close to uncoverin...
22 links 28 Feb 2014
E7. Play the Man
Mike takes on Louis' protégé during a mock trial, but his conflict with Rachel could hurt his chances of winning. Elsewhere, Harvey works on a merger between two hotel chains, but ...
21 links 07 Mar 2014
E8. Identity Crisis
Harvey and Louis come to blows after Louis' reckless behavior threatens to cost the firm a case, while Mike is assigned to a businessman who is trying to get back money from his es...
20 links 14 Mar 2014
E9. Undefeated
Harvey meets his match in a cocky opposing counsel in a class action lawsuit, and Mike unknowingly helps frame Rachel as a traitor to the firm.
18 links 17 Mar 2014
E10. The Shelf Life
Harvey must fire an accountant for falsifying his credentials, but Mike finds a more sinister motive for his termination and becomes concerned about his own employment. Meanwhile, ...
21 links 17 Mar 2014
E11. Rules of the Game
Harvey is threatened with disbarment if he doesn't testify against his old mentor in the DA's office. Meanwhile, Harvey wagers Mike's services in a bet with Louis, and Mike goes ou...
19 links 24 Mar 2014
E12. Dog Fight
In the first-season finale, Harvey tries to free an innocent man,Clifford Danner (Neil Brown Jr.), but hits a wall when he goes to the district attorney (Chi McBride), who seems mo...
20 links 24 Mar 2014
Season 2
Season 2
She Knows E1. She Knows
When Jessica learns about Mike, she tells Harvey, thinking that he doesn't know, and tells him to fire him. But Harvey tries to stall hoping to find a way not to. And when Daniel H...
18 links 31 Mar 2014
E2. The Choice
With Hardman back and knowing that it's a matter of time before he challenges Jessica for control. She decides to make sure she has enough support. So she asks Harvey to go out and...
16 links 31 Mar 2014
Meet the New Boss E3. Meet the New Boss
When Hardman comes in, he tries to ingratiate himself by asking Jessica to let him handle a case wherein they're trying to keep some nurses from going on strike by negotiating a co...
16 links 07 Apr 2014
Discovery E4. Discovery
Travis Tanner returns and he is suing a client of Harvey's and Harvey claiming they deliberately withheld information and slandered someone. Harvey claims he did nothing but Tanner...
19 links 07 Apr 2014
E5. Break Point
Harvey balks when Jessica puts him in the passenger seat on a lawsuit that could make or break the firm, and his back seat driving may have far reaching consequences. Mike takes th...
20 links 14 Apr 2014
E6. All In
Harvey's personal history with a client forces him and Mike to take on an unorthodox case from which they'd normally walk away. Louis and Rachel team up to save a mutually beloved ...
17 links 14 Apr 2014
E7. Sucker Punch
As the fallout continues to reverberate from the pending lawsuit against Pearson Hardman, Harvey turns to a former colleague, with whom he has a thorny past, for help in proving th...
22 links 18 Jan 2016
E8. Rewind
With the vote for managing partner approaching, Harvey decides to take off but before leaving he gives Mike an assignment. We then take a look at of how things were 5 years ago; Ha...
18 links 18 Jan 2016
E9. Asterisk
Harvey and Jessica get ready for the vote. They learn that the vote is split after Hardman got rid of one of Jessica's supporters and that Hardman made Louis a Senior Partner and a...
19 links 25 Jan 2016
E10. High Noon
Finally, the voting occurs and, seems Hardman wins by the vote of Louis. Hardman and Louis make Harvey's life hell and Mike goes wayward with death of his granny. Having a night-ou...
20 links 25 Jan 2016
E11. Blind-Sided
Mike gets too emotional when Harvey asks him to negotiate a hit-and-run settlement, and Louis runs into trouble as he tries to hire his first associate.
22 links 01 Feb 2016
E12. Blood in the Water
Another firm, led by a familiar face, makes an aggressive play to steal Pearson Hardman's associates and clients, and the fallout could affect Louis Litt's future at the firm.
19 links 01 Feb 2016
E13. Zane vs. Zane
Rachel's father becomes the defense attorney in a gender discrimination lawsuit being prosecuted by Pearson Hardman, and Louis wages war against the new associate hired by Harvey.
20 links 08 Feb 2016
E14. He's Back
Daniel Hardman plays a dirty trick his old firm when he takes over the defense in the gender discrimination case, and Rachel has second thoughts about applying to Harvard Law Schoo...
21 links 08 Feb 2016
E15. Normandy
Harvey joins forces with and old familiar face to take down Daniel Hardman, Mike and Katrina play a sneaky game of one-upsmanship, and Rachel gets some bad news about her Harvard a...
19 links 15 Feb 2016
E16. War
Harvey puts his name partnership on the line to prevent the merger from going through, Louis clashes his counterpart from the other firm, and Rachel puts Mike in a no-win situation...
24 links 15 Feb 2016
Season 3
Season 3
E1. The Arrangement
Jessica's new partnership with Darby is tested when he assigns Harvey a high-profile client who faces the loss of her company if Harvey can't prove her innocence.
19 links 22 Feb 2016
E2. I Want You to Want Me
Louis offers Mike a case that could change his future at the firm. Also, Harvey and Jessica team up to bring down an old nemesis who complicates their case to keep Ava Hessington o...
22 links 22 Feb 2016
E3. Unfinished Business
Cameron Dennis strikes back at Harvey by arresting one of his clients for murder. Meanwhile, Katrina Bennet and a British version of Harvey arrive to stir things up at the firm.
20 links 29 Feb 2016
E4. Conflict of Interest
Harvey's defense of Ava hits a roadblock when the interests of her murder trial are at odds with Louis' work to thwart a hostile takeover of Hessington Oil by a rival businessman.
17 links 29 Feb 2016
E5. Shadow of a Doubt
Harvey and Mike try to find a way to get Cameron removed as the prosecutor of Ava's case. When Stephen learns of their plan he offers to help and even bets Harvey that his idea wil...
22 links 07 Mar 2016
E6. The Other Time
Cameron's continuing use of shady tactics on Ava's case brings up memories of why Harvey left the DA's office to work for Jessica. Mike looks back on what cost him his one chance a...
23 links 07 Mar 2016
E7. She's Mine
Harvey clashes with Stephen over Ava's case. Also, Louis enlists Rachel in his battle with Nigel over a broken contract...and heart.
24 links 14 Mar 2016
E8. Endgame
As Ava Hessington's murder trial begins. Harvey, Mike and Jessica fight off betrayal from both inside the firm and out. Meanwhile, Louis and Donna seek to even the score with those...
24 links 14 Mar 2016
E9. Bad Faith
Pearson Darby Specter's "divorce" brings trust issues to the forefront. Also, Mike asks Rachel to take a big step forward in their relationship.
20 links 21 Mar 2016
E10. Stay
Ava Hessington hires Travis Tanner to handle her malpractice suit against the firm. And he rekindles his rivalry with Harvey. And he deposes him and even Dana. Mike finds himself i...
24 links 21 Mar 2016
E11. Buried Secrets
Things get complicated when Harvey (Gabriel Macht) mixes business with pleasure and gets caught between Jessica (Gina Torres) and Scottie (guest star Abigail Spencer). Painful memo...
19 links 04 Apr 2016
E12. Yesterday's Gone
Louis is prepared to use the smoking gun that proves once and for all that Mike did not attend Harvard, and Jessica clashes with her ex-husband's widow and lawyer when he dies and ...
23 links 04 Apr 2016
E13. Moot Point
Harvey finally gets his chance to take on Elliott Stemple, a man who beat Harvey three times in moot court and has avoided him since. Meanwhile, Dana Scott picks a fight with Louis...
21 links 11 Apr 2016
E14. Heartburn
While Harvey and Mike have unpleasant work to do for one of their biggest clients, Louis faces a huge challenge and Rachel tries to collect on an old debt.
22 links 11 Apr 2016
E15. Know When to Fold 'Em
A persistent attorney goes after one of Harvey's clients; Mike is faced with a difficult decision; former name partner Charles Van Dyke returns with revenge on his mind.
19 links 19 Apr 2016
E16. No Way Out
Mike is brought into the US Attorneys office for questioning by an Attorney who hates dirty lawyers. Meanwhile, Dana Scott re-evaluates her relationship with Harvey.
21 links 26 Apr 2016
Season 4
Season 4
E1. One-Two-Three Go...
Mike, now working as an investment banker, comes to Harvey with a plan to buy out a corporation, but Harvey is soon stuck with a conflict of interest. Meanwhile, Jessica must choos...
25 links 28 Apr 2016
E2. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Mike and Harvey go into battle with each other when Harvey leaves Mike high and dry, and Rachel is stuck in the middle. Meanwhile, Louis is threatened by Jessica's latest hire.
23 links 28 Apr 2016
E3. Two in the Knees
Logan Sanders orders Harvey to play dirty in his battle with Mike, and Mike's reputation and relationship with Rachel are not off limits. Meanwhile, Louis tries to bury the hatchet...
22 links 28 Apr 2016
E4. Leveraged
Mike crosses the line to gain leverage on Harvey and Louis, Jeff and Jessica take their fight to the SEC, and Rachel comes to Logan's assistance.
23 links 28 Apr 2016
E5. Pound of Flesh
Mike tries to bluff Harvey with his newfound money, but the move backfires, and the case takes a physical toll on Rachel. Meanwhile, Louis helps Donna memorize some Shakespeare for...
26 links 28 Apr 2016
E6. Litt the Hell Up
Mike suddenly has leverage, and Harvey and Logan are ready to make a deal, until Louis finds a way to turn the tables on everyone. Meanwhile, Rachel's actions could add insult to i...
24 links 28 Apr 2016
E7. We're Done
Mike's problems are compounded when Rachel reveals her secret, Harvey looks for a way to get Mike back on his feet, and Jessica gives Louis a chance to choose a reward after his bi...
23 links 28 Apr 2016
E8. Exposure
The firm is under attack when Sean Cahill stops at nothing to get the documents on the Gillis takeover, including the one Louis and Katrina tried to bury. Rachel tries to repair th...
23 links 28 Apr 2016
E9. Gone
After Louis confesses his wrongdoings in the Forstman deal to Jessica, the firm is forced to go on the offensive against Sean Cahill. But will Harvey be able to save Louis from get...
25 links 28 Apr 2016
E10. This Is Rome
After Louis resigns from Pearson Specter, Harvey, Mike and Donna try to help him get back on his feet, but Jessica's refusal to budge on his contract could hurt all of them in the ...
22 links 28 Apr 2016
E11. Enough Is Enough
Louis uses his new leverage to become a name partner, rub Jessica and Harvey's noses in it, and promises to make Mike's life a living Hell until he breaks his will and resigns.
20 links 28 Apr 2016
E12. Respect
Harvey takes on Professor Gerard as a client in a bribery investigation and discovers that he may have committed an ethics violation, and Louis makes a catastrophic mistake with hi...
24 links 28 Apr 2016
Fork in the Road E13. Fork in the Road
While Harvey helps Mike and Louis settle their differences on a road trip to see a client, Harvey flashes back six years to his initial rift with Louis, and Mike flashes back to hi...
23 links 28 Apr 2016
Derailed E14. Derailed
Mike takes on a whistleblower case at professor Gerard's request, and Jeff uses the office receptionists to get under Louis' skin.
22 links 28 Apr 2016
Intent E15. Intent
Harvey finds out that Donna may have broken the law to help Mike get a document in the whistleblower case, but he may not be able to save her. Meanwhile, Jessica tries to figure ou...
24 links 28 Apr 2016
Not Just a Pretty Face E16. Not Just a Pretty Face
Sean Cahill comes to Harvey asking for one more chance to take a shot at Charles Forstman, and Donna is left with a tough decision after Louis' secretary Norma dies.
24 links 28 Apr 2016
Season 5
Season 5
Denial E1. Denial
Mike and Rachel's engagement is put on the back burner as Donna leaves Harvey to work for Louis. Harvey is in denial and is confident she will return, but will he be able to handle...
23 links 05 Apr 2017
Compensation E2. Compensation
Jessica thinks that Harvey is putting out his "Donna anger" on Louis, as an ambitious senior partner tries to take on Harvey's salary. Rachel's dad insists that Mike and Rachel sig...
25 links 05 Apr 2017
No Refills E3. No Refills
Mike teams up with his future father-in-law after Jessica says no to his case. Meanwhile, Harvey uses Charles Barkley to retaliate against Jack Soloff, but the fight and another co...
24 links 05 Apr 2017
E4. No Puedo Hacerlo
Louis's sister wants to get a divorce, without getting her brother involved. Harvey takes her case. Zane & Mike are having some major disagreements on their case.
25 links 05 Apr 2017
Toe to Toe E5. Toe to Toe
Harvey's rival claims to be a changed man; Harvey's sessions with Dr. Agard continue; Jessica asks Louis to make things right between himself and Harvey.
19 links 05 Apr 2017
E6. Privilege
Harvey's relationship with Dr. Agard gets personal, when she has to testify against one of his clients.
27 links 05 Apr 2017
Hitting Home E7. Hitting Home
Mike teams up with Jack Soloff to co-counsel a case; Esther Litt returns to solve a problem; Donna and Harvey work on their friendship. Louis get into a fight with Harvey
26 links 05 Apr 2017
E8. Mea Culpa
Harvey confesses and apologizes to Louis for punching him, but will it be enough to keep him from getting revenge? Mike's promotion goes through, but the opponent in his first case...
23 links 05 Apr 2017
E9. Uninvited Guests
Jack Soloff initiates Daniel Hardman's power play to get back in the firm and take away Harvey's clients. Louis tries to find the dirt Hardman has on Soloff. Rachel discovers that ...
18 links 05 Apr 2017
E10. Faith
Hardman prepares his takeover of the firm, Jessica appears to be on her way out, and Harvey is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Mike turns to the church to come up with a solution f...
23 links 05 Apr 2017
E11. Blowback
Mike is arrested for fraud and is offered a deal if he gives up Harvey. Rachel is in a tough spot after her father finds out. Harvey is forced to represent Mike but keep up appeara...
26 links 05 Apr 2017
E12. Live to Fight...
Harvey returns to the firm and Mike urges the firm to go on the offensive. The prosecutor uses Donna's father as leverage against Harvey. Louis figures out who wrote the email agai...
22 links 05 Apr 2017
E13. God's Green Earth
Mike is furious when Anita Gibbs tries to scare Rachel into making a deal, while he turns to Dana to help save Harvey. A scathing newspaper article damages the firm's reputation, l...
19 links 05 Apr 2017
E14. Self Defense
Jessica and Harvey try to convince Mike not to represent himself at trial, but Anita Gibbs blindsides them again at the last minute. Louis is concerned about his own culpability af...
21 links 05 Apr 2017
E15. Tick Tock
As Mike's case goes to the jury, he becomes distracted by a new case. Jessica and Harvey develop a new strategy to keep Mike in the clear, which sends Louis over the edge with his ...
22 links 05 Apr 2017
25th Hour E16. 25th Hour
Mike takes a deal, but he has big plans for Rachel before he goes to prison. Harvey goes to the jury foreman to find out if Mike made the right choice. Robert Zane uses the deal as...
23 links 05 Apr 2017
Season 6
Season 6
E1. To Trouble
On his first night in prison, Mike creates a big problem for himself and Harvey. Meanwhile, Jessica, Harvey and Louis are left to deal with the aftermath of Mike's decision and the...
15 links 13 Jul 2016
E2. Accounts Payable
Louis, Jessica and Harvey fend off a class action lawsuit from PSL's former clients. Meanwhile, Mike runs afoul of a fellow prisoner due to reasons beyond his own control.
21 links 20 Jul 2016
E3. Back on the Map
Mike tries to remain safe without breaking Danbury's unwritten rules; Jessica and Harvey try to land a whale; Louis searches for an office tenant; and Rachel faces a fellow student...
16 links 27 Jul 2016
E4. Turn
Harvey and Sean Cahill launch a plan to get Mike to take a deal, but Harvey calls an audible at the last minute. Rachel takes a case involving a death row inmate. Jessica steps in ...
16 links 03 Aug 2016
E5. Trust
The plan to get Mike out early becomes more complicated when Harvey and Sean Cahill become opposing counsel. Rachel needs a new sponsor for her death row case. Louis needs Donna's ...
19 links 10 Aug 2016
E6. Spain
Jessica makes a play for Sutter's business that could jeopardize Mike's deal, and Kevin's confession creates a rift between him and Mike. Meanwhile, Rachel catches a break in her d...
19 links 17 Aug 2016
E7. Shake the Trees
Harvey, Louis and Donna search for a missing link to Sutter's inside trading. Mike takes a drastic step to get Kevin on his side. Rachel and Jessica give Leonard Bailey some bad ne...
24 links 24 Aug 2016
E8. Borrowed Time
Harvey counters Cahill's star witness; Mike tries to deliver a witness himself; Jessica and Rachel try to delay Leonard's execution; Louis adjusts to life as the other man.
23 links 31 Aug 2016
E9. The Hand That Feeds You
New developments threaten the deals to get both Mike and Frank Gallo out of prison, forcing Mike and Harvey to improvise. Rachel disagrees with Jessica's strategy in the Leonard Ba...
22 links 07 Sep 2016
E10. P.S.L.
Even with Mike now out of prison, the partners face a crisis that could be a death blow to the firm. Rachel and Jessica call a trick play in the Leonard Bailey trial. Louis contemp...
14 links 14 Sep 2016
She's Gone E11. She's Gone
Jessica has left Pearson Specter Litt and now Harvey and Louis have to figure out how things will proceed with the firm's future lying exclusively in their hands only.
19 links 25 Jan 2017
The Painting E12. The Painting
Harvey tries to repair a broken relationship, leaving Louis, Donna and Rachel to manage PSL in his absence. Meanwhile, Mike gets a helping hand from an unexpected place.
22 links 01 Feb 2017
Teeth, Nose, Teeth E13. Teeth, Nose, Teeth
Rachel receives a letter that creates an unexpected issue for Harvey and Louis. Mike's mentorship of Oliver and Marissa gets put to the test. And Donna gets a surprise from the IT ...
20 links 08 Feb 2017
Admission of Guilt E14. Admission of Guilt
Harvey and Mike team up to take on Velocity for Mike's admission in the bar. Meanwhile, Louis tries to retain a huge client on his own.
20 links 15 Feb 2017
Quid Pro Quo E15. Quid Pro Quo
When Mike's class action hits a snag, it might cost him more than the case. Harvey, Louis and Rachel consider getting their hands dirty. And Donna and Benjamin seek an investor.
21 links 22 Feb 2017
Character and Fitness E16. Character and Fitness
All Harvey and Mike's work comes down to one hearing, but there's still one more challenge neither of them saw. Louis tries his best to resolve his fight with Tara, but is there an...
18 links 01 Mar 2017
Season 7
Season 7
Skin in the Game E1. Skin in the Game
Mike returns to Pearson Specter Litt while Harvey takes the reins. Louis manages the new associates. Donna and Rachel find their places.
20 links 12 Jul 2017
The Statue E2. The Statue
Harvey butts heads with his partners over a bold move; Mike pursues a pro bono case with the legal clinic; and Donna's actions raise tough questions at the firm.
14 links 19 Jul 2017
Mudmare E3. Mudmare
Louis and Harvey wrangle with new firm dynamics. Mike's latest success brings him unexpected new business. And Rachel's leadership is challenged by an insubordinate associate.
19 links 26 Jul 2017
Divide and Conquer E4. Divide and Conquer
Harvey, Louis and Donna must get on the same page - and fast - when Bratton Gould comes after PSL for poaching an attorney. Mike and Rachel struggle to make time for their wedding ...
18 links 02 Aug 2017
Brooklyn Housing E5. Brooklyn Housing
Mike juggles his work obligations with his promise to help a hurting family. Harvey asks for Louis's discretion in handling a sensitive matter. Donna vets a possible addition to th...
14 links 09 Aug 2017
Home to Roost E6. Home to Roost
Mike deals with the blow back on his prison case; Harvey tries to tell Donna about his relationship with Paula. Louis past behavior comes back to haunt him.
18 links 16 Aug 2017
Full Disclosure E7. Full Disclosure
Harvey learns the scope of Alex's involvement in the prison case, while Mike races to keep it alive. Lipschitz forces Louis out of his comfort zone. Donna struggles with her work/l...
18 links 23 Aug 2017
100 E8. 100
Harvey and Mike seek outside help to overcome an impossible situation. An unexpected encounter derails Louis's search for a new associate. Donna receives a surprising proposition.
11 links 30 Aug 2017
Shame E9. Shame
Mike proposes a power move to boost business, but Harvey's past complicates matters. Rachel is surprised when her dad offers a chance to join forces. Louis mentors.
6 links 06 Sep 2017
Donna E10. Donna
Mike and Harvey's power move is countered, putting their backs up against the ropes. Rachel fears her father's judgment is clouded by the past. Louis aids Alex when his client come...
15 links 13 Sep 2017
Hard Truths E11. Hard Truths
Harvey and Louis fight to protect the future of the firm from its past; Alex worries Mike's instincts could risk a client relationship; Donna and Harvey delve into the aftermath of...
2 links 29 Mar 2018
Bad Man E12. Bad Man
9 links 05 Apr 2018
Inevitable E13. Inevitable
5 links 11 Apr 2018
Pulling the Goalie E14. Pulling the Goalie
7 links 18 Apr 2018
Tiny Violin E15. Tiny Violin
5 links 25 Apr 2018
Good-Bye E16. Good-Bye
7 links 25 Apr 2018
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