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In Strange Evidence, a team of experts analyses footage that seems to defy explanation, including levitating cars on a freeway, a statue that appears to move on its own, and a spontaneous burst of flames.

Year: 2017

Duration: 60 min

Genre: Documentary

Star: Harry Prichett

IMDb: TT7538868

Rating: 4.3/10

Season 1
Season 1
E1. Curse of Osiris
A camera captures a person inexplicably bursting into flames. An ancient statue at a museum appears to come to life at night. An alien-like creature is filmed in the sewers. Eerie ...
2 links 17 Oct 2017
E2. Attack of the Fire Devil
A man is recorded surviving two lightning strikes in moments. Cameras spot strange lights in the sky in Norway, turning a remote area into a UFO hot spot. A bizarre glowing object ...
2 links 24 Oct 2017
E3. Chasing Bigfoot
An eerie creature is recorded stalking Georgia's ancient forest, and some believe it's Bigfoot. Terrifying explosions rock the streets of Manhattan. Cameras record a mysterious obj...
5 links 31 Oct 2017
The Doomsday Swamp E4. The Doomsday Swamp
A high-speed police chase ends when the fugitive makes an impossible getaway. Deep in Louisiana, a swamp devours 100-foot trees, and experts worry that a nearby town could be next....
10 links 07 Nov 2017
Night of the Chupacabra E5. Night of the Chupacabra
A camera captures footage of a Chupcabra-like beast. At an observatory on Hawaii's Mauna Kea, cameras record a mysterious explosion that looks like a nuclear bomb detonated in spac...
9 links 14 Nov 2017
Monster of the Deep E6. Monster of the Deep
Strange footage captures a mystifying monster from the deep, baffling marine biologists. Bizarre ghost lights haunt North Carolina mountains for centuries. When an explosion is cau...
5 links 21 Nov 2017
Jungle Werewolf E7. Jungle Werewolf
A strange beast is spotted in a remote Brazilian town. A cataclysmic blast sparks fears of nuclear disaster. When a child displays superhuman powers, some fear it's the devil's wor...
5 links 28 Nov 2017
Vampire Down Under E8. Vampire Down Under
9 links 05 Dec 2017
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