Stove Tots (2017) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2017

Genre: Reality-TV

Stars: Ayla Destiny, Nathan Blaiwes, Marc Blaiwes, Andrew Hunter

IMDb: TT7682310

Rating: 6.7/10

Season 1
Season 1
The Crying Game E1. The Crying Game
It's the cutthroat chef, versus the sensitive chef, versus the small wonder, in the kids' culinary fight club "south of the border" challenge.
06 Nov 2017
Crouching Chef... Hidden Ginger E2. Crouching Chef... Hidden Ginger
It's the chef boss, versus the pink lady, versus the flavor ninja, in the kid's culinary fight club "Asian fusion" challenge.
13 Nov 2017
Mamas and Tapas E3. Mamas and Tapas
It's the kung fu chef, versus the pretty boy, versus the not-so-delicate daisy, in the kids' culinary fight club "Spanish meets French" challenge. The chefs contend with Spanish ta...
20 Nov 2017
Life's a Beach... Bite E4. Life's a Beach... Bite
It's the perfectionist, versus the showman, versus the wing-it girl, in the kids' culinary fight club "beachside bites" challenge.
27 Nov 2017
Rags to Riches E5. Rags to Riches
It's the snarky chef, versus the know-it-all, versus the overachiever, in the kids' culinary fight club rags to riches challenge; chefs must get creative with low-end ingredients a...
04 Dec 2017
California Steamin' E6. California Steamin'
It's the hot mess chef, versus the prot g , versus the half pint chef, in the kid's culinary fight club "la chef" challenge.
11 Dec 2017
Mammas Mia E10. Mammas Mia
It's the improviser, versus the silver spoon chef, versus miss independent, in the kid's culinary fight club "Little Italy Challenge." In order to make it into round two, chefs wil...
22 Jan 2018
Street Cred E12. Street Cred
29 Jan 2018
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