Steven Seagal: Lawman (2009) TV Series Free Watch

A reality series that follows action star Steven Seagal's adventures as a fully-commissioned deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office in Louisiana.

Year: 2009

Duration: 30 min

Country: USA

Genre: Reality-TV

Stars: Steven Seagal, Larry Dyess, Johnny Fortunato

IMDb: TT1329291

Rating: 6.4/10

Season 1
Season 1
The Way of the Gun E1. The Way of the Gun
Sheriff's Deputy Steven Seagal and his team capture an armed carjacker after a high-speed chase and tackle a convicted felon packing a pistol. In between these impressive busts, Se...
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The Deadly Hand E2. The Deadly Hand
After a close call chasing a suspect with a gun, Aikido master Steven Seagal teaches his team of sheriff's deputies some self-defense and weapons retention techniques. Back out on ...
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Killer Canines E3. Killer Canines
Deputy Chief Steven Seagal and his team get a call for a burglary-in-progress and rush to the scene. They call in the K-9 Unit to search for a suspect who may still be in the home....
2 links 09 Dec 2009
Too Young to Die E4. Too Young to Die
Steven and his team get a call to the scene of car accident involving a two-year-old but they discover that things aren't quite what they seem. Later, Steven shows some tough-love ...
2 links 09 Dec 2009
The Student Becomes the Master E5. The Student Becomes the Master
Be it apprehending suspects or making sure a woman is safe in her home, Deputy Chief Steven Seagal and his team patrol the streets of Jefferson Parish in honor of their former boss...
2 links 16 Dec 2009
Firearms of Fury E6. Firearms of Fury
Steven and his team bust a suspect fleeing with a loaded .44 magnum and are called to the scene of a young man shot with a shotgun. With all these guns around, Steven and his team ...
2 links 16 Dec 2009
To Live or Die E7. To Live or Die
Deputy Chief Steven Seagal and his team find themselves in a desperate situation when two men are robbed and shot. Steven tries to keep the victims calm until the ambulance gets th...
2 links 23 Dec 2009
Medicine Man E8. Medicine Man
Deputy Chief Steven Seagal's on patrol so all the criminals run and hide. That's exactly what happens when a suspicious person call leads to an exciting chase that has Steven and h...
2 links 30 Dec 2009
Crack War E9. Crack War
The war on drugs continues on two fronts. First, Deputy Chief Steven Seagal and his team, responding to routine disturbance call, find a huge stash of drugs and take a big bite out...
3 links 06 Jan 2010
A Parish Under Siege E10. A Parish Under Siege
It's Friday night in Jefferson Parish and a call comes in for a near fatal car crash. Two men are rushed to the hospital while Steven and his guys search for other possible victims...
2 links 20 Jan 2010
Street Justice E11. Street Justice
Deputy Chief Steven Seagal and his team get word that there may be some drug use at a local motel and there is: crack cocaine. It's a busy night, first the motel bust and then two ...
2 links 27 Jan 2010
Narc Force E12. Narc Force
Deputy Chief Steven Seagal and his team join with the narcotics unit for an undercover sting on a drug dealer. But not everyone is bad. Later, when three suspicious young men prove...
1 link 03 Feb 2010
Ruthless Judgement E13. Ruthless Judgement
The night starts off badly as Deputy Chief Steven Seagal and his team rush to the scene of a man killed in a drive-by. Minutes later they race to another shooting: a man found dead...
1 link 10 Feb 2010
Season 2
Season 2
E1. They Drive by Night
In this tension-filled episode, Steven Seagal and his JPSO team spot an out-of-control car heading straight for oncoming traffic. They can only watch helplessly as a horrific head-...
4 links 06 Oct 2010
E2. Blade Master
Steven Seagal engages with his inner samurai as he tests out a rare Japanese sword. Out in the street, a routine traffic stop turns into a dangerous high-speed chase. Finally, Seag...
4 links 06 Oct 2010
E3. Crossfire
Bullets fly in Jefferson Parish. First, Steven Seagal and his team respond to two shootings only minutes apart and discover that dangerous gunmen are running loose. And when a man ...
4 links 13 Oct 2010
E4. The Perfect Target
When team Seagal runs across a man waving a gun on a highway, they discover that the gun is fully loaded--and so is the driver. Then Seagal spots a mysterious car in an abandoned w...
4 links 13 Oct 2010
E5. On Dangerous Ground
When Steven Seagal and his team get called by the narcotics unit to raid a suspected drug dealer, what they find surprises everyone. Then a mysterious man who seems to fall from th...
2 links 20 Oct 2010
E6. Gimme Shelter
Steven Seagal, a protector of the vulnerable and the helpless, befriends a rescue pitbull at a local shelter and makes it his mission to save him from being euthanized. And when he...
5 links 27 Oct 2010
E7. The Innocents
Steven Seagal is a man who can't stand to see children in harm's way. Some drug dealers don't share his compassion for children. When Seagal and his team join two separate drug bus...
2 links 03 Nov 2010
E8. Under the Influence
When his team begins to succumb to a mysterious illness, it's up to Steven Seagal to protect them. But will they like his ancient remedies? Seagal and the team need to be in tip-to...
1 link 10 Nov 2010
Season 3
Season 3
Drug Warriors E1. Drug Warriors
Steven Seagal and his new team from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office race down into the desert to intercept a 1000 pound drug load coming up from Mexico; and later, Seagal is c...
3 links 02 Jan 2014
Righteous Justice E2. Righteous Justice
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Cops and Cons E3. Cops and Cons
Serving door-knock arrest warrants presents a challenge when the bad guys refuse to come out, so Seagal and the team get creative by first performing a tow truck ruse on a suspect ...
2 links 09 Jan 2014
Above the Border E4. Above the Border
After a daytime trip to the desert to survey smuggling routes, Seagal and the SWAT team are called out to a suspected human smuggling drop house where armed coyotes are reportedly ...
6 links 16 Jan 2014
The Knife's Edge E5. The Knife's Edge
Serving warrants can be dangerous business. The team is called in to assist a smaller agency in apprehending a suspected rapist with a bad attitude. In preparation for their next w...
3 links 23 Jan 2014
Ancient Secrets E6. Ancient Secrets
Seagal calls on the wisdom of Sun Tzu to assist in the apprehension of a potentially armed suspect and to negotiate a hectic scene that could escalate into chaos.
5 links 30 Jan 2014
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