Stargate Origins (2018) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2018

Duration: 10 min

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Stars: Connor Trinneer, Aylam Orian, Ellie Gall, Philip Alexander, Shvan Aladdin

IMDb: TT7161862

Rating: 4/10

Season 1
Season 1
Episode #1.1 E1. Episode #1.1
Young Catherine Langford embarks on an unexpected adventure to unlock the mystery of what lies beyond the Stargate in order to save the Earth from darkness.
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Episode #1.2 E2. Episode #1.2
Dr. Brücke's intentions become clearer as he puts his theories about the Langford discovery to the test. As the ring's potential is revealed, Brücke decides to kidnap Professor Lan...
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Episode #1.3 E3. Episode #1.3
Cleverly eluding her captors, Catherine recruits the help of two soldiers for a rescue mission into the unknown. Meanwhile, Professor Langford and Brücke come face to face with a p...
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Episode #1.4 E4. Episode #1.4
Catherine, Beal and Wasif quickly find themselves in over their heads after they arrive on another world, where they encounter a powerful alien warrior.
16 links 22 Feb 2018
Episode #1.5 E5. Episode #1.5
Hoping to lie low, the team follows their new guide to a native settlement while the Germans plot to forge an alliance with the planet's alien masters.
15 links 22 Feb 2018
Episode #1.6 E6. Episode #1.6
Professor Langford is forced to help Brücke and Aset negotiate an uneasy alliance that threatens to unleash an unspeakable horror. Meanwhile, Catherine and her team get a much need...
4 links 01 Mar 2018
Episode #1.7 E7. Episode #1.7
Aset finally reveals her end of the bargain, giving Brücke the chance to dream up a new and terrible plan for his return to Earth. Meanwhile, as Catherine bonds with the team's new...
3 links 01 Mar 2018
Episode #1.8 E8. Episode #1.8
Aset brings her guests to the outpost of Nosdevli, where a test of combat soon ensues to demonstrate a servant's worth to his master and putting Brücke in a difficult position.
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Episode #1.9 E9. Episode #1.9
Beal leads a team to infiltrate Aset's temple, while Catherine and Kasuf go in search of a way to dial the Stargate back home. Meanwhile, Professor Langford decides to take his sta...
2 links 08 Mar 2018
Episode #1.10 E10. Episode #1.10
As the powerful Ra approaches the temple, Catherine confronts Brücke, setting into motion a sequence of events that will change her destiny forever.
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