Star Trek: Voyager (1995) TV Series Free Watch

Pulled to the far side of the galaxy, where the Federation is 75 years away at maximum warp speed, a Starfleet ship must cooperate with Maquis rebels to find a way home.

Years: 1995−2001

Duration: 45 min

Country: USA

Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Writers: Rick Berman, Jeri Taylor, Michael Piller

Stars: Robert Beltran, Kate Mulgrew, Roxann Dawson

IMDb: TT0112178

Rating: 7.7/10

Season 1
Season 1
Caretaker E1. Caretaker
While pursuing the trail of Maquis rebels, a newly commissioned Starfleet ship gets pulled to the far side of the galaxy.
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E2. Parallax
Voyager has set a course for home, repairs are underway, and it's time to pick personnel to fill vital crew positions. Tempers are turbulent as the Starfleet crew absorbs the undis...
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E3. Time and Again
The Voyager crew discovers a planet which recently suffered a horrific catastrophe. Upon investigation, Janeway and Paris are sent back in time before the disaster and are faced wi...
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E4. Phage
With dilithium reserves running low, Janeway follows Neelix's advice and proceeds to the nearest known supply. When they arrive in orbit, scans reveal a massive supply; however whe...
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E5. The Cloud
With power reserves running low, the crew of Voyager alters course to enter a nebula in which there is a usable power source or "coffee" as Captain Janeway puts it. However, once t...
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E6. Eye of the Needle
The Voyager crew detects a wormhole in the Delta quadrant, and immediately changes course with hopes it will provide passage home. Upon reaching the opening, the find it to be too ...
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E7. Ex Post Facto
The Baneans wrongfully convict Tom Paris of murder. Technology plus the Banean physiology can access someone's last experiences before death and the evidence shows Tom killing a je...
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E8. Emanations
A Voyager sensor scan reveals what seems to be a previously undiscovered chemical element in a group of asteroids. Some of the asteroids support a class M environment so, an away t...
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E9. Prime Factors
The crew encounters a hedonistic alien race with the ability to travel through the galaxy at will -- an ability that may be the key to Voyager's returning home.
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E10. State of Flux
Voyager answers a distress call from a Kazon-Nistrim ship, to find all but one of the crew dead in an explosion. Investigation uncovers the Kazon were experimenting with Federation...
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E11. Heroes and Demons
After Harry Kim disappears during his 'Beowulf' holonovel program, Chakotay and Tuvok are sent to investigate and they disappear. Not wanting to lose any more crew-members, the Doc...
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E12. Cathexis
Energy beings from a nebula displace Chakotay's consciousness from his body. The Doctor pronounces him brain-dead and B'Elanna turns to Chakotay's cultural beliefs to try to bring ...
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Faces E13. Faces
Lieutenants Paris, Torres, and Durst are imprisoned by the Vidiians. In an attempt to develop a cure for the phage, a Vidiian doctor splits the bi-racial Torres into two people (on...
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E14. Jetrel
Neelix is diagnosed with a fatal illness by a Haakonian named Ma'Bor Jetrel. This man is the same one who developed a doomsday weapon that destroyed a Talaxian moon and killed Neel...
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E15. Learning Curve
While Voyager's mixed Starfleet/Maquis crew seem to be working out, a few rogue Maquis are fighting the integration. Chakotay selects the most resistant of the group and Tuvok deci...
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Season 2
Season 2
The 37's E1. The 37's
Voyager answers an ancient SOS distress and finds 8 humans - including Amelia Earhart - in cryo-stasis on a nearby planet. There are thousands more Humans living in cities nearby, ...
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E2. Initiations
Chakotay is captured by a young Kazon who is undergoing a manhood ritual.
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E3. Projections
The program for the Emergency Medical Hologram is activated due to what the computer describes as a ship-wide emergency. When the Doctor asks the computer to scan for the crew, he ...
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E4. Elogium
Voyager encounters new life forms that have a very unusual attraction to the ship. Meanwhile Kes's reproductive cycle, called "the elogium", is mysteriously triggered. She is not p...
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E5. Non Sequitur
Harry Kim wakes up in San Francisco having never been assigned to Voyager which Starfleet considers lost.
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E6. Twisted
Voyager encounters a spatial distortion ring that soon surrounds then ship. As it presses closer, it wrecks havoc on systems throughout the ship and changes the layout of the desks...
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E7. Parturition
After a disagreement over Kes, Neelix and Tom Paris are trapped together on an alien planet and must work together so that they and their alien baby ward can survive.
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E8. Persistence of Vision
The Voyager crew enters a new region of space and begins to see hallucinations. The Captain sees her holonovel characters come to life.
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E9. Tattoo
Finding a familiar cultural symbol on an away mission, Chakoaty connects with an experience he had as a child and tries to contact his spirit people.
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E10. Cold Fire
Ten months after The Caretaker stranded Voyager in the Delta Quadrant, the ship encounters the alien's mate and a station full of Ocampa with heightened psychic powers. Kes, swept ...
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E11. Maneuvers
After the Kazon steal some Federation technology Chakotay goes after them on his own and is captured.
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E12. Resistance
Disguised while on an away mission Captain Janeway is rescued by a man who thinks that she is his daughter.
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E13. Prototype
Voyager finds an automated life-form adrift in space. When B'Elanna Torres reactivates it, the unit realizes she may be able to help build more of its kind. The robot kidnaps Torre...
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E14. Alliances
Janeway tries to make an alliance with a Kazon sect for their own protection and so they can continue their journey through the Delta Quadrant.
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E15. Threshold
After finding a type of dilithium which can survive at a higher temperatures, Tom Paris comes up with the ingenious idea of attempting to cross the transwarp threshold in an attemp...
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E16. Meld
Tuvok investigates the murder of a Voyager engineer. Former Maquis and Betazoid Lon Suder (guest star Brad Dourif) confesses to the murder and offers no explanation or signs of rem...
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E17. Dreadnought
Voyager comes across a ship that has been destroyed, upon investigation they discover that B'Elanna Torres is responsible! Dreadnought is a self guided missile created by the Carda...
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E18. Death Wish
While Voyager investigates what appears to be a rouge comet, the crew accidentally releases a member of the Q Continuum who has been imprisoned within it for over 300 years to prev...
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E19. Lifesigns
The Doctor saves a Vidiian dying from the Phage by placing her consciousness in a holographic body and then thinks that he is falling in love with her.
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E20. Investigations
Tom Paris leaves Voyager and joins a Talaxian space convoy.
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E21. Deadlock
A "spatial scission" causes Voyager to be duplicated. One of the Voyagers is under heavy attack from the Vidiians while the other remains impervious. Both Captain Janeways work tog...
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E22. Innocence
Tuvok crashes on a planet where he finds some children who know that they are all going to die.
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E23. The Thaw
Voyager finds a group of people connected in stasis chambers and something has gone terribly wrong.
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E24. Tuvix
Tuvok and Neelix are on an alien planet collecting examples of flora but when they attempt to beam back up to Voyager there is a malfunction with the transporter caused by the alie...
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E25. Resolutions
Captain Janeway and Chakotay contract an incurable virus and they can only survive if they stay behind together on a planet which negates the effects of the disease.
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E26. Basics: Part 1
The Kazon take over Voyager and strand the crew on a desolate primitive planet. Only Tom Paris, Lon Suder, and The Doctor are on board Voyager to retake the ship.
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Season 3
Season 3
E1. Basics: Part 2
The entire Voyager was marooned on a desolate planet by the Kazon. Tom Paris was sent out to try and find someone who can help them. And Lon Suder and the Doctor who are still on V...
11 links 16 Feb 2015
E2. Flashback
Captain Janeway participates in a mind-meld with Tuvok reliving his experiences on the SS Excelsior under the command of Captain Sulu at the time of the "Star Trek: The Undiscovere...
10 links 16 Feb 2015
E3. The Chute
Tom Paris and Harry Kim are wrongly convicted of a terrorist bombing. Even though Janeway captures the true criminals, Tom and Harry are fitted with strange brain implants and impr...
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E4. The Swarm
Voyager is attacked by swarms of tiny spaceships which attach themselves to Voyager's hull. The Doctor is losing his memory and Torres activates the Jupiter Station diagnostic prog...
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E5. False Profits
Voyager comes across a pair of Alpha Quadrant Ferengis who have set themselves up as Gods on a primitive planet. Voyager wants to end their reign and use the nearby wormhole to ret...
10 links 17 Feb 2015
E6. Remember
Lieutenant Torres starts having vivid dreams about another life, another love and another planet.
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E7. Sacred Ground
After Kes is injured by an energy beam on a planet's sacred ground, Janeway must undergo a spiritual quest in order to save her life.
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E8. Future's End: Part 1
A timeship from the future who tries to stop Voyager gets thrown with Voyager into the twentieth century. His timeship is found in the 1960's and Voyager finds a company that has b...
12 links 17 Feb 2015
E9. Future's End: Part 2
Henry Starling, who made a fortune from his looting of 29th century technology from the crashed timeship, is planning a foray into the future to feed his greed. The Voyager crew mu...
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E10. Warlord
A dying warlord takes over Kes's body and is determined to retake his home planet.
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E11. The Q and the Grey
Due to the death of the Q in their last encounter with Voyager, a Civil War has broken out among the Q continuum. A new Q needs to be produced and the mischievous Q known to the US...
10 links 18 Feb 2015
E12. Macrocosm
After returning from a first contact mission, Janeway, Neelix and the Doctor must retake Voyager from an infestation of microorganisms that grow to an alarming size.
9 links 18 Feb 2015
E13. Fair Trade
Voyager heads into a section of space that Neelix has no knowledge of so he tries to obtain a map of it from a less than reputable friend.
11 links 18 Feb 2015
E14. Alter Ego
Harry Kim finds himself in love with Marayna, a character from Neelix's Polynesian resort holodeck program. Seeking to eliminate the emotion, Harry turns to Tuvok, who interacts wi...
11 links 18 Feb 2015
E15. Coda
Chakotay and Janeway crash on a planet and are are stuck in a time loop where Janeway dies.
11 links 27 Mar 2016
E16. Blood Fever
Ensign Vorik undergoes the Vulcan mating drive known as Pon farr. The strong chemical imbalance affects B'Elanna Torres as well, leading her to irrational thoughts and behavior. Tr...
10 links 19 Feb 2015
E17. Unity
Chakotay finds a planet of unassimilated Borg drones from all over the galaxy.
11 links 19 Feb 2015
E18. Darkling
Kes falls in love on an away mission. The Doctor, seeking to expand his programming, incorporates the personalities of several historical figures. B'Elanna Torres chastises The Doc...
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E19. Rise
While helping a planet being bombarded by asteroids, Neelix and Tuvok get trapped on the surface and Tuvok's negative attitude is getting on Neelix's nerves.
11 links 19 Feb 2015
E20. Favorite Son
While Ensign Kim begins experiencing bizarre DNA changes, he instinctively leads Voyager to a planet whose inhabitants claim Kim is really a member of their race and is ritualistic...
10 links 19 Feb 2015
E21. Before and After
Starting near her death with no memory, Kes experiences parts of her life moving backwards through time. The Doctor develops an experimental procedure to extend Kes' lifespan beyon...
12 links 09 Jun 2013
E22. Real Life
The Doctor creates a holographic family, but B'elanna Torres thinks the Doctor's simulation is too "nice" (in a "Leave It To beaver" sort of way). She introduces some alterations t...
11 links 12 May 2015
E23. Distant Origin
A Voth scientist finds the remains of a Voyager crewman who died on the planet where the crew was exiled by the Kazon during the two-part episode "Basics". An analysis of the remai...
11 links 20 Feb 2015
E24. Displaced
Voyager's crew is being replaced by strangers one by one and the replacements don't know why they are there.
10 links 25 Nov 2006
E25. Worst Case Scenario
Members of the Voyager crew clandestinely participate in a hidden holodeck program where the ship's Maquis members stage an insurrection. Word gets out and Tuvok confesses to writi...
11 links 26 Jul 2013
E26. Scorpion: Part 1
About to enter Borg space, Voyager finds a threat so devastating that even the Borg can not deal with it.
12 links 20 Feb 2015
Season 4
Season 4
E1. Scorpion: Part 2
Voyager finds a solution to combat the invader of Borg space. All Captain Janeway asks is free passage through their territory and Voyager will share their knowledge.
9 links 18 May 2007
E2. The Gift
Seven of Nine, the Borg drone that Voyager severed from the collective, tries to resist as her natural human physiology tries to regenerate. It's up to Captain Janeway to convince ...
11 links 20 Feb 2015
E3. Day of Honor
The Klingon holiday known as Day Of Honor comes around again and this year B'Elanna Torres decides to embrace her Klingon heritage and participate in a series of ritual endurance t...
11 links 20 Feb 2015
E4. Nemesis
Commander Chakotay's shuttle is hit by enemy cross-fire and crashes on a planet in the midst of a war. One side befriends him and attempts to help him locate his shuttle and he fin...
10 links 20 Feb 2015
E5. Revulsion
Voyager receives a distress call from a lone survivor on a damaged ship. When learning the survivor is a hologram, The Doctor insists on joining B'Elanna Torres who lends aid in fi...
11 links 20 Feb 2015
E6. The Raven
Janeway is trying to gain passage through a region of space owned by a cautious and xenophobic race of aliens. Negotiations are disrupted when Seven of Nine believes that she is be...
11 links 12 Jun 2010
E7. Scientific Method
A string of bizarre illnesses afflicts the Voyager crew. The Doctor and Seven of Nine uncover a team of alien researchers existing out of phase performing medical experiments on th...
11 links 21 Feb 2015
E8. Year of Hell: Part 1
Voyager comes across a Krenim timeship that is wiping whole species from existence by changing the existing timeline.
12 links 12 Jun 2013
E9. Year of Hell: Part 2
A year after Voyager encounters the Krenim time ship, a badly damaged Voyager with a skeleton crew leads an armada of interplanetary ships against them.
10 links 04 Apr 2007
E10. Random Thoughts
Voyager visits a planet with a telepathic races that outlaws negative thoughts. When B'Elanna is charged with releasing an angry thought into the society and condemned to a dangero...
10 links 21 Feb 2015
E11. Concerning Flight
While Janeway is visiting her da Vinci holodeck program, Voyager is mugged by transporter. They steal everything from the main computer core, to the emergency rations, even the dir...
11 links 21 Feb 2015
E12. Mortal Coil
Neelix experiences a crisis of faith when, after being dead for nearly nineteen hours, Seven of Nine revives him using her Borg technology. On awakening, Neelix has no memory of .....
12 links 21 Feb 2015
E13. Waking Moments
The Voyager crew are assaulted in the form of nightmares. An alien species, functioning only in a dream world, disables the crew and traps them in a shared dream. Chakotay strives ...
10 links 21 Feb 2015
E14. Message in a Bottle
Using an alien communications net, Voyager sends their Doctor to the Federation ship USS Prometheus only to find that it has been taken over by Romulans.
10 links 07 Aug 2013
E15. Hunters
Voyager starts to receive news from home both good and bad. They also encounter the Hirogen race who only live to hunt and have their sights on Voyager.
11 links 06 Oct 2013
E16. Prey
Helping a wounded Hirogen, Janeway finds that their prey has boarded Voyager, a member of species 8472.
10 links 02 Feb 2010
E17. Retrospect
Seven of Nine claims to have been assaulted by the arms trader who just sold new technology to Voyager.
11 links 11 Dec 2012
E18. The Killing Game: Part 1
After Voyager is captured by the Hirogens, the ship is turned into a massive holodeck so that the Hirogens can hunt members of the crew who have been fitted with new identities in ...
11 links 22 Mar 2006
E19. The Killing Game: Part 2
Janeway and the crew must retake Voyager from the Hirogens.
12 links 23 Feb 2015
E20. Vis À Vis
Bored with his daily routine, Tom Paris finds a refreshing friendship with a visiting alien willing to share a new method of propulsion with Voyager. Unwittingly, Tom finds trouble...
10 links 23 Feb 2015
E21. The Omega Directive
Voyager's sensor detect a rare particle theoretically capable of damaging subspace and nullifying warp travel. Under a classified directive known only to Starfleet Captains and abo...
8 links 23 Feb 2015
E22. Unforgettable
An alien woman requests asylum aboard Voyager, stating she has been aboard recently and she and Chakotay fell in love. She claims her race wants to keep themselves concealed from o...
10 links 26 Mar 2006
E23. Living Witness
When The Doctor's back-up module is found, his program is brought on-line for the first time in seven hundred years. In the future, Kyrian Museum of Heritage teaches a history that...
10 links 23 Feb 2015
E24. Demon
Desperate to replenish the ship's power resources, Voyager seeks out a deuterium signature on a class "Y" a.k.a. "Demon Class" planet. After nearly being lost, Paris and Kim are th...
11 links 06 Jan 2008
E25. One
An unavoidable poisonous nebula forces the entire crew into stasis chambers - all except the unaffected Doctor and Seven of Nine, who must fight her nearly life long "collective" m...
11 links 23 Feb 2015
E26. Hope and Fear
An alien translator by the name of Arturis is able to finally decode the Starfleet message received by Voyager five months ago. It tells them to go to a new type of ship waiting fo...
11 links 23 Feb 2015
Season 5
Season 5
E1. Night
Crew morale hits an all-time low when Voyager must spend two years crossing an expanse devoid of any star systems or signs of life. As Captain Janeway is forced to reflect on the c...
10 links 24 Feb 2015
E2. Drone
Voyager is investigating the birth of a nebula. Unfortunately, after an away mission shuttle is caught in the blast, a transporter accident during the team evacuation causes the Do...
10 links 24 Feb 2015
Extreme Risk E3. Extreme Risk
B'Elanna Torres secretly participates in several dangerous holodeck programs. The Voyager crew works around the clock to build the Delta Flyer, hoping to beat the Malon in retrievi...
11 links 25 Feb 2015
E4. In the Flesh
The crew of Voyager discover a simulation of Starfleet Headquarters being run by Species 8472, the enemy they helped the Borg defeat in the two-part episode "Scorpion". It is being...
9 links 25 Feb 2015
E5. Once Upon a Time
The Delta Flyer crash lands after encountering an ion storm. Voyager desperately tries to contact and rescue Tuvok, Paris, and a badly injured Ensign Samantha Wildman. Meanwhile ab...
10 links 31 Mar 2007
E6. Timeless
A miscalculation by Ensign Kim causes a fatal crash during Voyager's first test with slipstream travel. Fifteen years in the future, survivors Chakotay, Kim and The Doctor attempt ...
9 links 25 Feb 2015
Infinite Regress E7. Infinite Regress
Voyager comes in contact with Borg technology which causes Seven of Nine to display multiple personalities.
10 links 28 Apr 2012
E8. Nothing Human
An injured cytoplasmic life-form attaches itself to Torres, tapping into her body like a parasite. Unsure of how to save his patient, The Doctor creates a holographic recreation of...
10 links 25 Feb 2015
E9. Thirty Days
In a letter to his father, Tom Paris tells the story of the events leading up to his demotion to Ensign and sentence to thirty days in Voyager's brig.
11 links 26 Feb 2015
E10. Counterpoint
Voyager passes through a sector of space controlled by race which is deeply suspicious of telepathic lifeforms. Tuvok and others force the Voyager crew to develop a novel approach ...
10 links 26 Feb 2015
E11. Latent Image
The Doctor (Robert Picardo) uncovers evidence his memory was erased 18 months ago. Nearly all traces of a crewman and a fateful away mission have been deleted by Captain Janeway. C...
11 links 26 Feb 2015
E12. Bride of Chaotica!
While Tom Paris & Harry Kim are running an episode of their "Captain Proton" holodeck programs, Voyager gets caught in a layer of sub space. However this layer or 'sub space sand b...
10 links 26 Feb 2015
E13. Gravity
A Voyager shuttle manned by Lt. Cmdr. Tuvok, Ensign Paris and The Doctor is pulled into a subspace gravity well and crashes on a Class "D" planet existing within it. With the shutt...
11 links 27 Mar 2007
E14. Bliss
The Voyager crew discovers what seems to be a wormhole leading to the Alpha Quadrant and home. Images of Earth and letters from home elates the crew of Voyager. Seven, and others, ...
11 links 26 Feb 2015
E15. Dark Frontier: Part 1
Members of the Voyager crew train on the holodeck for a raid on a Borg ship. Should they be successful, they will steal the Borg trans-warp coil in hopes of integrating the technol...
12 links 26 Feb 2015
E16. Dark Frontier: Part 2
Janeway is confused but won't give up on her crew mate and friend. Two years after being liberated from the collective, Seven of Nine rejoins the Borg, seemingly of her own will. W...
26 Feb 2015
E17. The Disease
Voyager encounters a group of xenophobic nomads, at space for 400 years, with serious ship wide malfunctions. This offer to help leads to serious consequences. Strait laced Ensign ...
10 links 11 Apr 2007
E18. Course: Oblivion
A slight respite seems to be in order but some mysterious force is affecting the very fabric of Voyager itself. To solve the mystery this crew must retrace their steps to see what ...
12 links 23 Jul 2014
E19. The Fight
Voyager gets trapped in "chaotic space," a kind of Bermuda Triangle, where sensors are useless and a straight line sends them running in circles. In an attempt to relay to Voyager ...
10 links 28 Feb 2015
E20. Think Tank
Voyager is sought after by the Hazari, unyielding bounty hunters of the delta-quadrant. While debating methods of escape, a group of problem-solvers offers their services in out-wi...
12 links 28 Feb 2015
E21. Juggernaut
Voyager responds to a distress call of a heavily-damaged Malon freighter. Torres, Neelix, Chakotay, and the only 2 surviving Malon have 6 hours to stop a theta-radiation fallout wh...
12 links 12 Jun 2013
E22. Someone to Watch Over Me
Voyager makes first contact with the Kadi, a ritualistic race with many social protocol. Seven takes the advice of the Captain and The Doctor gives her classes in dating. Neelix pl...
11 links 26 Apr 2007
E23. 11:59
The crew of Voyager swap stories of family histories. Janeway is most proud of her ancestor Shannon O'Donnell, who has been celebrated by the Janeway clan for generations as an ast...
11 links 28 Feb 2015
E24. Relativity
When Voyager is destroyed, Captain Braxton of the 29th Century Timeship Relativity contacts Seven of Nine to travel back in time and discover who planted the 'temporal disruptor.' ...
12 links 28 Feb 2015
E25. Warhead
An alien warhead or missile that possesses Artificial Intelligence links with the EMH program and begins to terrorize the crew.
11 links 07 Sep 2009
E26. Equinox: Part 1
Voyager encounters the Federation Starship Equinox, a Starfleet vessel trapped in the Delta Quadrant by the same alien who brought Voyager there. Equinox is heavily damaged and run...
11 links 28 Feb 2015
Season 6
Season 6
E1. Equinox: Part 2
Temporarily shielded from the alien attack, Janeway orders that their first priority is to find the Equinox, stop Ransom and recover Seven of Nine. Chakotay disagrees but obeys. Vo...
10 links 28 Feb 2015
E2. Survival Instinct
Stardate 53049.2 Voyager docks at a space outpost filled with a variety of Delta Quadrant aliens. Eager for some culture exchange and friendly first contact, Captain Janeway grants...
11 links 28 Feb 2015
E3. Barge of the Dead
When her shuttle crosses paths with an ion storm, B'Elanna Torres is severely injured and slips into a coma. She envisions Klingons killing her crew mates and her, and then finds h...
11 links 23 May 2012
E4. Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy
The Doctor's experiment with daydreaming gets out of control when his program is compromised by an alien race. The aliens bully passing ships for supplies, but, before doing so, th...
10 links 01 Mar 2015
E5. Alice
The crew discovers a space age junkyard near their course. Desperate for supplies Voyager finds an eager trader. After an exhaustive search of the ship and the junkyard a list of i...
10 links 01 Mar 2015
E6. Riddles
Returning from an away mission, the Delta Flyer is boarded. Tuvok is assaulted by a cloaked alien from a xenophobic race called the Ba'Neth. Neurological damage leaves the once-dis...
10 links 01 Mar 2015
E7. Dragon's Teeth
Voyager is pulled into a sub-space corridor, traveling 200 light-years until pushed out by the Turei who claim ownership of the labyrinth. After refusing to let the Turei wipe Voya...
11 links 01 Mar 2015
E8. One Small Step
Voyager encounters a graviton ellipse, a phenomenon that emerges from subspace on rare occasions. The anomaly engulfed a manned vessel during a Mars mission in 2032 and Chakotay is...
12 links 14 Sep 2011
E9. The Voyager Conspiracy
Seven of Nine upgrades her Borg alcove to assimilate mass amounts of data in short periods of time. The data leads Seven to theorize a several conspiracies aboard Voyager involving...
12 links 01 Mar 2015
E10. Pathfinder
Back on Earth, Barclay (Schultz) uses holograms to formulate a plan to open communications with Voyager.
11 links 02 Mar 2015
E11. Fair Haven
The crew of Voyager take part in Tom Paris' latest holodeck getaway: Fair Haven, an Irish coastal town of the early 20th century. The program is left open day and night as a morale...
9 links 15 Aug 2009
E12. Blink of an Eye
Voyager is trapped in orbit above a strange planet where time passes thousands of times faster than in the surrounding galaxy. As the population of the planet evolves Voyager becom...
11 links 15 Sep 2006
E13. Virtuoso
The Doctor's singing talent is so appreciated by one species that he is considering resigning his Starfleet commission and staying on with his millions of adoring fans.
11 links 02 Mar 2015
E14. Memorial
Members of an away mission start dreaming about a species they have never seen before who are in a gruesome battle on an unknown planet.
10 links 02 Mar 2015
E15. Tsunkatse
Seven of Nine and Tuvok are kidnapped while on an away mission and Seven is forced to fight in their gladiator-like competition or Tuvok will not receive the medical attention that...
9 links 02 Mar 2015
Collective E16. Collective
Several Borg children abduct Chakotay, Kim, Neelix and Paris.
11 links 02 Mar 2015
E17. Spirit Folk
A revisit to the holographic town of Fair Haven proves dangerous for Paris and Kim as members of the program begin to see Voyager crew members change elements of the program before...
11 links 02 Mar 2015
E18. Ashes to Ashes
Three years ago, when Ensign Lyndsey Ballard died on an away mission, Voyager gave her a traditional burial in space. Her remains were recovered by the Kobali, a race that procreat...
12 links 02 Mar 2015
E19. Child's Play
While Seven of Nine should be overjoyed when Icheb's parents are located, she does not believe them when told of the circumstances of his original assimilation.
10 links 25 Aug 2013
E20. Good Shepherd
In Seven's assessment of ship-wide efficiency, she brings to the Captain's attention three 'black sheep' crewmen who have slipped through the cracks. Mortimer Harren (Jay Underwood...
11 links 26 Apr 2007
E21. Live Fast and Prosper
The Voyager crew is the victim of identity theft. A clever trio of con artists claiming to be Janeway, Chakotay, and Tuvok are making trades all over the quadrant and giving Voyage...
9 links 02 Mar 2015
E22. Muse
Harry Kim and B'Elanna Torres take the Delta Flyer in search of dilithium. They crash on a pre-warp planet and B'Elanna is found by a local, Kelis the Poet. He believes she is 'an ...
9 links 08 May 2007
E23. Fury
Kes returns to Voyager - older, angry, and more powerful than ever. She literally tears through the ship. Using her abilities in combination with Voyager's warp core, Kes travels b...
11 links 25 Aug 2013
E24. Life Line
The Pathfinder Project makes use of a pulsar and the MIDAS Array allowing a data stream to reach Voyager - and Voyager to reply - every 32 days. Lieutenant Barclay (guest star Dwig...
10 links 03 Mar 2015
E25. The Haunting of Deck Twelve
Neelix becomes very agitated as Voyager begins a full shutdown prior to entering a peculiar astronomical nebula. Left in charge of calming the recently rescued Borg children, Neeli...
10 links 29 Apr 2007
E26. Unimatrix Zero: Part 1
Unimatrix Zero is a virtual world where drones can exist free of the Borg collective and free of their biomechanical and cortical implants. Seven of Nine visits there and Janeway s...
9 links 17 Oct 2013
Season 7
Season 7
E1. Unimatrix Zero: Part 2
Unimatrix Zero is a virtual world where drones can exist free of the Borg collective and free of their biomechanical and cortical implants. Seven of Nine visits there and Janeway s...
9 links 04 Mar 2015
E2. Imperfection
Seven of Nine's life is threatened when her cortical implants begin to degrade. Icheb wants to help her, but his proposition is very risky.
9 links 08 Aug 2010
E3. Drive
With Janeway's approval, Paris enters the Delta Flyer in an inter-species, light-speed shuttle race. Four races, once at war, are holding the race as a celebration of their peace t...
10 links 04 Mar 2015
E4. Repression
Security officer Tuvok is investigating a strange series of attacks on Voyager directed at the former Maquis members.
11 links 04 Mar 2015
E5. Critical Care
The Doctor is stolen from Voyager by an alien who sells him and his mobile emitter to a hospital on a densely-populated planet. He is activated in a cramped room filled with sick p...
10 links 04 Mar 2015
E6. Inside Man
Direct from Starfleet a hologram of Barclay arrives with instructions to get Voyager home within three days. The Doctor suspects that a there is something wrong with the hologram.
11 links 05 Mar 2015
E7. Body and Soul
When attacked by a species that detests holographic beings, Seven download the Doctor's program into her implants. Kim and Seven are captured and Seven begins to exhibit some of th...
5 links 06 Mar 2015
E8. Nightingale
Going to the aid of a medical transport Harry Kim gets his first command.
12 links 06 Mar 2015
E9. Flesh and Blood
The Hirogen species sends Voyager a distress call when their holographic prey become too cunning and cannot be defeated.
10 links 07 Mar 2015
E10. Flesh and Blood: Part 2
Free from their pursuers, the leader of the holograms decides to continue the crusade against the organics in order to liberate all holograms, everywhere. The Doctor finally realis...
07 Mar 2015
E11. Shattered
After an accident Chakotay is able to pass through the time spheres that are scattered about the ship after Voyager goes through a temporal rift. In various sections of the ship, i...
11 links 07 Mar 2015
E12. Lineage
Tom and B'Elanna are overjoyed about their coming child though B'Elanna starts having nightmare flashbacks of her own childhood.
11 links 07 Mar 2015
E13. Repentance
Voyager rescues a prison warden and a set of prisoners that are scheduled to be executed testing their own ethical beliefs.
10 links 07 Mar 2015
E14. Prophecy
Voyager finds a Klingon multi-generational ship that left the Alpha Quadrant 80 years before. When they hear of B'Elanna's child they claim that it is their savior.
10 links 07 Mar 2015
E15. The Void
Voyager slips into a pocket of subspace where many other ships are trapped and must steal from each other to survive. Only with the help of other star ships can they all escape the...
11 links 19 Sep 2013
E16. Workforce: Part 1
Upon returning from a mission, Chakotay, Kim and Neelix find Voyager abandoned and the Doctor the only crew member aboard. The entire crew have been kidnapped, their memories erase...
11 links 08 Aug 2006
E17. Workforce: Part 2
Upon returning from a mission, Chakotay, Kim and Neelix find Voyage abandoned and the Doctor the only crew member aboard. The entire crew have been kidnapped, their memories erased...
10 links 08 Aug 2006
E18. Human Error
Using the holodeck, Seven of Nine is trying to perfect her social skills to the point of becoming an obsession.
10 links 15 Oct 2013
E19. Q2
When Q finds his son too much to handle he lets Captain Janeway have a crack at him.
10 links 08 Mar 2015
E20. Author, Author
During their now regular communications with Earth and Starfleet the Doctor sends to Earth a holo-novel based too closely on his adventures on Voyager causing hurt feelings among h...
10 links 09 Apr 2006
E21. Friendship One
For the first time in six years Voyager gets a mission from Starfleet Command. Retreive the 21st century probe Friendship One from a nearby planet.
10 links 08 Aug 2006
E22. Natural Law
Chakotay and Seven of Nine's shuttle is crippled by an energy field and they crash on a planet inhabited by a primitive species.
10 links 08 Mar 2015
E23. Homestead
Voyager finds a colony of Talaxians far from their home planet. When Neelix begins to bond with them he makes a major decision.
10 links 22 Apr 2010
Renaissance Man E24. Renaissance Man
The Doctor abducts and impersonates various members of the crew when the Captain is kidnapped.
11 links 08 Mar 2015
E25. Endgame
Ten years after Voyager's return from a 23 year journey across the galaxy, Admiral Janeway breaks all the temporal rules and journeys back in time to change a decision she made tha...
11 links 06 Jun 2007
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