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A century before Captain Kirk's five-year mission, Jonathan Archer captains the United Earth ship Enterprise during the early years of Starfleet, leading up to the Earth-Romulan War and the formation of the Federation.

Years: 2001−2005

Duration: 60 min

Country: USA

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama

Writers: Rick Berman, Brannon Braga

Stars: Scott Bakula, John Billingsley, Jolene Blalock

IMDb: TT0244365

Rating: 7.5/10

Season 1
Season 1
Broken Bow: Part 1 E1. Broken Bow: Part 1
Enterprise, Earth's first Warp 5 vessel, embarks on a dangerous first mission: bringing back a chased Klingon to his home world of Qo'noS.
6 links 17 Oct 2001
Broken Bow: Part 2 E2. Broken Bow: Part 2
Archer learns from the Suliban Sarin that Klaang was carrying a message to the Klingons to prevent civil war within the Klingon Empire. Sarin urges Archer to find him.
18 Oct 2007
E3. Fight or Flight
Captain Archer wants to convert curiosity into deeds and decides to enter a ship floating in space. Hoshi has trouble adjusting to life on Enterprise.
7 links 16 Mar 2015
E4. Strange New World
Human curiosity speaks louder than Vulcan logic. Despite T'Pol's objection, Archer sends an away team to explore an uninhabited planet before getting a full scan of its unique prop...
6 links 19 Mar 2015
E5. Unexpected
After helping to repair the warp drive on board of a Xyrillian ship, Trip notices a strange bulging on his arm.
6 links 19 Mar 2015
E6. Terra Nova
Enterprise tries to find out what happen on Terra Nova, the first colonization attempt outside Earths solar system.
5 links 03 Nov 2007
E7. The Andorian Incident
Archer, Trip and T'Pol are caught at a Vulcan sanctuary by Andorians. They think the sanctuary is used to spy on Andoria.
7 links 26 May 2008
E8. Breaking the Ice
Enterprise discovers a comet which contains the very rare element eisilium. Then unexpectedly a Vulcan ship arrives. Captain Vanik tells they're interested in human behavior.
6 links 20 Mar 2015
Civilization E9. Civilization
T'Pol finds unusual neutrino readings on a planet with a preindustrial society.
7 links 20 Mar 2015
E10. Fortunate Son
Enterprise is sent to help the freighter Fortunate after an attack. Its first officer, Ryan, is hiding something however.
6 links 21 Mar 2015
E11. Cold Front
Enterprise has a group of aliens watching a stellar phenomenon on board. When the ship is miraculously saved from blowing up, crewman Daniels has an important message for Archer.
5 links 11 Mar 2006
E12. Silent Enemy
After an attack by a mysterious ship, Archers orders Enterprise' return to Jupiter to install phase cannons.
7 links 11 Mar 2014
E13. Dear Doctor
Phlox is asked to save the Valakians from annihilation by disease. He discovers something about another humanoid race on the planet however.
6 links 21 Mar 2015
E14. Sleeping Dogs
Enterprise tries to rescue a Klingon ship from sinking into a gas giant.
5 links 21 Mar 2015
E15. Shadows of P'Jem
T'Pol is being recalled because of Enterprise' involvement in the destruction of the P'Jem sanctuary. Then T'Pol and Archer get kidnapped visiting the planet Coridan.
4 links 21 Mar 2015
E16. Shuttlepod One
Tucker and Reed return in Shuttlepod One to rendez-vous with Enterprise, only to find evidence that it has been destroyed. An unknown phenomenon, resembling a myth known as a "... ...
6 links 21 Mar 2015
E17. Fusion
Enterprise is on its way to explore the giant Arachnid Nebula when they rendezvous with a Vulcan ship that has been in space for more than eight years. Its crew is V'tosh ka'tur. T...
7 links 26 May 2008
E18. Rogue Planet
Lieutenant Reed discovers a rogue planet, which has broken out of orbit and therefore is devoid of any light. Life is still possible in some places because heat is bubbling up from...
8 links 19 Mar 2010
E19. Acquisition
Four greedy Ferengis have invaded Enterprise while the crew is unconscious. They have already confiscated numerous valuable supplies, but are still interested in more. They wake up...
5 links 22 Mar 2015
E20. Oasis
The crew of Enterprise have a meeting with the trader D'Marr. Unfortunately he is unable to provide them with valuable ores, but knows of a location where these can be obtained. He...
8 links 24 Mar 2015
E21. Detained
Captain Archer and Mayweather are investigating a strange energy reading from the other side of a moon. The next moment they find themselves in a complex inhabited by Sulibans. The...
7 links 24 Mar 2015
E22. Vox Sola
A group of Kreetassans are on board of Enterprise for a friendly meeting. But they leave rather unexpectedly as they seem very offended by something. The crew have no idea what how...
7 links 24 Mar 2015
E23. Fallen Hero
Enterprise is planning a trip to the relaxation planet Risa, when it gets an urgent request from the Vulcan High Command. They must pick up ambassador V'Lar who has fallen in disgr...
7 links 24 Mar 2015
E24. Desert Crossing
Enterprise is for the second time on its way to Risa when yet again another urgent matter comes up: a distress call. It comes from a small vessel. The owner, Zobral, is extremely h...
7 links 24 Mar 2015
E25. Two Days and Two Nights
After several delays, the Enterprise crew gets some well-deserved shore leave on the famed pleasure planet Risa. Commander Tucker and Lieutenant Reed eagerly seek out female compan...
6 links 24 Mar 2015
E26. Shockwave: Part 1
Enterprise discovers a mining colony of the Paraagans. The crew gets an invitation for a meeting on the surface and a shuttle pod tries to break through the atmosphere. All of the ...
8 links 25 Mar 2015
Season 2
Season 2
E1. Shockwave: Part 2
Captain Archer and temporal agent Daniels have been stranded in the 31st century. In a library they investigate the damage to the time line and try to find way a to get Archer back...
10 links 25 Mar 2015
E2. Carbon Creek
Celebrating T'Pol's one year anniversary as a member of the Enterprise's crew, Archer and Trip have dinner with her. Over dinner she tells them of the true first contact between Hu...
9 links 15 Sep 2013
E3. Minefield
The Enterprise stumbles into an area of space containing cloaked mines. When a malfunctioning, active mine attaches itself to a critical area of the ship's hull, Lieutenant Reed do...
8 links 14 Nov 2006
E4. Dead Stop
After the encounter with the Romulan minefield, Enterprise is severely damaged. Engineer Trip fears the worst. With the ship only capable of warp 2.5, traveling back to Jupiter wil...
8 links 25 Mar 2015
E5. A Night in Sickbay
After previously offending the Kreetassans, Enterprise attempts to make a better second impression, only to upset the alien race once again. A frustrated Captain Archer returns fro...
7 links 26 Mar 2015
E6. Marauders
Enterprise visits a colony with a deuterium trading post. But the people seem to be pretty unwilling to trade. Are they hiding something?
6 links 10 Jan 2008
E7. The Seventh
T'Pol asks captain Archer to join her on a mission to capture a Vulcan fugitive that escaped her years ago.
7 links 26 Mar 2015
E8. The Communicator
Upon returning from covertly observing a pre-warp culture, Lieutenant Reed realizes he lost his communicator somewhere on the planet. Archer and Reed return to recover the lost tec...
8 links 26 Mar 2015
E9. Singularity
T'Pol must save the ship after the crew passed out during the approach to a black hole.
7 links 26 Mar 2015
E10. Vanishing Point
After Hoshi has used the transporter to avoid running into a storm, she starts to feel really weird.
7 links 26 Mar 2015
E11. Precious Cargo
While Trip is repairing a stasis pod at a Retellian cargo ship and the woman inside, heir apparent to the throne of Krios, wakes up, the ship makes a hasty departure. Trip must mak...
5 links 25 Feb 2007
E12. The Catwalk
A mysterious wave is headed toward Enterprise. An alien shuttle warns the crew that the radiation will kill them and seeks shelter aboard ship. With only hours to prepare, ship's c...
8 links 27 Mar 2015
E13. Dawn
Trip's shuttle is fired upon and he and his aggressor are forced to land on a nearby moon. While the nighttime weather is calm, the incoming dawn will make the planet inhospitable ...
7 links 11 Mar 2007
E14. Stigma
The Enterprise makes way to a planet hosting the Interspecies Medical Exchanges convention. Phlox seeks to take advantage of the opportunity to meet with Vulcan doctors to learn mo...
6 links 27 Mar 2015
Cease Fire E15. Cease Fire
Captain Archer is asked to negotiate between the Andorians and Vulcans who are fighting over a small planet.
8 links 27 Mar 2015
E16. Future Tense
Enterprise discovers a pod with the body of a human, that seems to be wanted by both Sulibans and Tholians.
7 links 27 Mar 2015
E17. Canamar
Archer and Trip are accused of smuggling and sent to the penal colony Canamar. While Enterprise manages to negotiate their release, a mutiny breaks out on the prison ship.
7 links 27 Mar 2015
E18. The Crossing
Enterprise is being held captive by non-corporeal beings who claim to be explorers.
8 links 20 Jan 2008
E19. Judgment
After Enterprise lends aid to a group of accused rebels, Captain Archer faces a tribunal and charges of conspiring against the Klingon Empire.
7 links 27 Mar 2015
E20. Horizon
Ensign Travis Mayweather takes leave when Enterprise rendez-vous with the cargo ship Horizon, his childhood home. The family reunion is bittersweet when Mayweather learns of his fa...
7 links 28 Mar 2015
E21. The Breach
At Dr. Phlox's request, Enterprise attempts to retrieve 3 Denobulan scientists from the planet Xantoras, where the Goverment has ordered all off-worlders to evacuate within 3 days....
9 links 28 Mar 2015
Cogenitor E22. Cogenitor
Enterprise encounters a hyper-giant star. While there, they make first contact with the Vissians, a technologically sophisticated race with three genders. While making quick friend...
7 links 23 Jan 2008
E23. Regeneration
Borg casualties from a century earlier (events depicted in "Star Trek: First Contact") are re-animated by a research team. The Enterprise is ordered to intercept them before they c...
5 links 18 Feb 2007
E24. First Flight
Capt. Archer recounts the story of a Warp engine test to T'Pol.
8 links 28 Jan 2008
E25. Bounty
While surveying an uninhabited planet, Enterprise is met by a Tellarite ship. Captain Archer is abducted by Skalaar, a Tellarite hoping to collect a bounty placed on Archer by the ...
8 links 26 May 2007
E26. The Expanse
An unknown probe fires on Earth from space, cutting a swath from Florida to Venezula. Everything in the path of the attack was destroyed, resulting in the deaths of seven million h...
8 links 28 Jan 2008
Season 3
Season 3
E1. The Xindi
The Enterprise has been in the Delphic Expanse for six weeks and have yet to get any intel about the Xindi. Strange anomalies affect the ship, sending cargo flying violently throug...
8 links 09 Jul 2007
E2. Anomaly
After an attack by Oosarian pirates, Enterprise follows them to a mysterious sphere.
9 links 01 Feb 2008
E3. Extinction
Archer, Reed and Sato are transformed to aliens while visiting a planet.
6 links 01 Feb 2008
E4. Rajiin
Enterprise helps an alien woman, Rajiin, seeking to escape her life as a sex slave. Once on board she uses her alien abilities to gather biometric data about humans and is recaptur...
9 links 02 Aug 2007
E5. Impulse
Enterprise answers an automated distress call of the Vulcan ship Seleya, lost in the Expanse 9 months ago. Captain Archer, T'Pol, Lt. Reed and Cpl. Hawkins dock Shuttlepod One with...
8 links 29 Dec 2013
E6. Exile
Hoshi Sato is contacted by a 400-year-old telepathic alien exiled on planet in The Expanse, shunned by his society because of his abilities. The alien offers to use his powers to h...
8 links 30 Aug 2007
E7. The Shipment
Enterprise follows a lead and discovers a Xindi lab that refines Kemocite, the key ingredient in the weapon being built to destroy Earth. An away team of Archer, Reed and Hayes con...
7 links 31 Mar 2015
E8. Twilight
Enterprise is hit with a rather intense anomaly. Refusing to leave an injured T'Pol behind, Archer is struck by the anomaly, leaving his brain infected with parasites, preventing h...
7 links 29 Sep 2007
E9. North Star
Enterprise investigates a unknown colony with humans who still live a Wild West life. They seem to be suppressing an alien race.
6 links 06 Feb 2008
E10. Similitude
Archer decides to make a fast-growing clone of Trip to help save his life while Enterprise is stranded in a dangerous field with nucleonic particles.
8 links 10 Aug 2011
E11. Carpenter Street
Archer and T'Pol travel back 150 years to Earth to stop three Xindi reptilians.
9 links 06 Nov 2007
E12. Chosen Realm
Enterprise is taken over by religious zealots who want to use Enterprise for a war against heretics.
9 links 04 Apr 2015
E13. Proving Ground
Enterprise has found the location of the testing site of the Xindi weapon and gets some rather unexpected help.
8 links 10 Feb 2008
E14. Stratagem
Archer and Xindi Degra are in a shuttle. With Degra having memory loss, Archer tells him they escaped together from a prison and the Insectoids took over power after destroying Ear...
8 links 25 Mar 2009
E15. Harbinger
With Reed and Hayes fighting over a training program and Trip seemingly making T'Pol jealous, Enterprise discovers a dying alien in pod with technology similar to the Spheres.
8 links 05 Apr 2015
E16. Doctor's Orders
While in command of Enterprise because the entire crew is in a coma, Dr. Phlox starts hearing some strange sounds.
7 links 26 May 2014
E17. Hatchery
Captain Archer orders the crew of Enterprise to save an insectoid Xindi hatchery.
8 links 16 Dec 2007
E18. Azati Prime
Archer decides he should pilot a kamikaze shuttle to destroy the Xindi weapon. Temporal agent Daniels urges him to reconsider.
7 links 27 May 2007
Damage E19. Damage
Captain Archer has been returned to Enterprise by the Xindi council awaiting a hearing. But after a heavy attack by the Reptilians, Enterprise is stranded without a functional warp...
9 links 09 Apr 2015
E20. The Forgotten
Enterprise has arrived on time for the appointment with Xindi Degra. Captain Archer invites them to their ship, while he does his best to convince both Degra and Arboreal Jannar th...
7 links 04 Mar 2008
E21. E²
Trying to pass through a subspace corridor, Enterprise is stopped by Enterprise.
8 links 10 Apr 2015
E22. The Council
Enterprise has arrived at the location of the Xindi Council and with the help of Degra, Archer can make his plea in front of the five races of Xindi. Archer needs to prove that the...
12 links 10 Apr 2015
E23. Countdown
While the Reptilians force Hoshi to decipher a launch code, the Primates, Arboreals and Archer think of a way to stop the Xindi weapon.
8 links 04 Mar 2008
E24. Zero Hour
Archer takes Degra's ship to try to prevent Earth from being destroyed and gets some unexpected help. Enterprise tries to destroy Sphere 41, but the Sphere Builders know about the ...
9 links 04 Mar 2008
Season 4
Season 4
E1. Storm Front: Part 1
Enterprise seems to have traveled back in time to World War Two, but it's not the World War that we are used to.
8 links 27 Sep 2009
E2. Storm Front: Part 2
After Silik attacked Trip, Vosk wants to make a deal with Archer: supplies of the ship for the completion of his time machine in return for a trip to the 22nd century.
7 links 27 Sep 2009
E3. Home
The crew take some time off. Archer meets an old friend, captain Erika Hernandez. T'Pol takes Trip to Vulcan, with a surprise waiting. Phlox finds out Earth has become xenophobic.
9 links 19 Oct 2009
E4. Borderland
After a Klingon ship is attacked, it's discovered the imprisoned Dr. Soongs genetically enhanced humans are responsible. Archer takes him to prevent a war.
6 links 09 Jun 2013
E5. Cold Station 12
The Augments are on their way to Cold Station 12, where Augments embryos are kept.
8 links 14 Apr 2015
E6. The Augments
The Augments have yet again escaped. While Dr. Soong wants to hide the embryos, Malik has an entirely different and way more cruel plan.
7 links 14 Apr 2015
E7. The Forge
After a bombing destroyed the Earth embassy on Vulcan, Syrrannites are suspected. T'Pol receives a map from her Syrrannite mother, leading into a dangerous desert, The Forge.
8 links 14 Apr 2015
E8. Awakening
After crossing the desert and surviving the sand storms, T'Pol and Archer confront the Syrranites in the Forge. The pair meet T'Pau, who denies any connection with the embassy bomb...
9 links 16 Sep 2013
E9. Kir'Shara
While Enterprise travels to Andoria to warn them of the attack, Archer tries to bring the Kir'Shara to the High Command.
7 links 21 Feb 2010
E10. Daedalus
Dr. Emory Erickson comes aboard to supposedly do tests for sub quantum teleportation. He seems to have a different agenda however.
8 links 02 May 2015
Observer Effect E11. Observer Effect
Noncorporeal aliens inhabit the bodies of Enterprise crew members to study how the crew reacts to a lethal virus infection that has afflicted Trip and Hoshi.
8 links 11 Apr 2010
E12. Babel One
Enterprise agrees to escort Tellarite delegates to peace talks with Andorians. En route they rescue several Andorians who abandoned the ship Kumari, who insist it was Tellarites wh...
8 links 27 May 2009
E13. United
Captain Archer must convince Vulcans, Tellarites and Andorians to unite to find the Romulan ship.
10 links 23 Apr 2010
The Aenar E14. The Aenar
Enterprise finds out the marauder was piloted telepathically by an Aenar, a subspecies from Andoria.
10 links 23 Apr 2010
E15. Affliction
While Enterprise is at Earth, Phlox is abducted by the Klingons and forced to research a cure for a virus destined to wipe out the race. Reed is tapped by a secret agency and order...
9 links 01 Jul 2006
E16. Divergence
While Enterprise tries to bring Trip on board to reverse the malicious Klingon modifications, Phlox and Antaak find a cure for the virus that will not please general K'Vagh.
10 links 26 Apr 2010
E17. Bound
The men on the Enterprise fall under the seduction of three Orion women. Trip is the only male member of the crew not to succumb to the women.
6 links 29 Apr 2010
E18. In a Mirror, Darkly: Part 1
The Mirror Universe crew is at war with rebels of the Terran Empire when they discover the Tholians have captured a vessel from the future.
10 links 01 May 2010
E19. In a Mirror, Darkly: Part 2
After capturing a Constitution class starship from the future, the evil Mirror Universe Captain Archer attempts to become Emperor.
8 links 01 May 2010
E20. Demons
While attending conference on an alliance, Trip and T'Pol find out from a dying woman they have a baby. Investigation shows the woman was a member of the xenophobic organization Te...
7 links 03 May 2010
E21. Terra Prime
Paxton threatens to destroy Starfleet Headquarters if aliens won't leave Earth. The Enterprise must shut down the array on Mars, but it is defended well.
9 links 10 Jun 2015
E22. These Are the Voyages...
Commander William Riker is trying to clear his mind and relives the last mission of the first Enterprise in the holodeck.
10 links 24 Oct 2006
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