Sheffield Real Estate (2017) TV Series Free Watch

DeLeon Sheffield and her mother, Debbie Richards, are a dynamic real estate team that have been selling homes for the last 10 years. They specialize in residential luxury listings in ... See full summary »

Year: 2017

Genre: Reality-TV

IMDb: TT7161138

Season 1
Season 1
Pilot E0. Pilot
Professional poker player, John Racener and his fiance Monique are looking for a home to start a family. With John's party lifestyle and Monique's family friendly visions this hous...
Modern Day Spanish Castle E1. Modern Day Spanish Castle
Full-time, professional musicians, Kim and Aaron Lepley have been married for 3 years and are in a successful rock band, Funny Bunny. They're looking for a funky, mid-century home ...
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Waterfront Wishes E2. Waterfront Wishes
Jackie and Jason Ortiz specialize in wealth management and are looking to upgrade their lifestyle. As VP's at a financial services brokerage firm, this successful young couple want...
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The Glass House E3. The Glass House
Unimpressed by high-rise condo living, Calvin Jefferson and his son Myles are on the search for a forever home. A single-dad and divorcé, he hopes to be married again soon and keep...
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Gorgeous Golf View E4. Gorgeous Golf View
Tammy and Rob are in search a vacation style home. With Tammy's busy life-style as the owner of a travel agency; she wants a water front home that she can relax in. A large man cav...
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Magnificent Mediterranean Estate E5. Magnificent Mediterranean Estate
No strangers to the business of real estate, the Cruz' admit that when it comes to finding the best deal on a property for themselves, having a top notch agent is a must. With a fa...
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Waterfront Play-Pad E6. Waterfront Play-Pad
Lauri and Mike are both wildly successful with unconventional jobs - Lauri as a pin up artist and Mike as an inventor. Since they both work from home, they need a bigger house with...
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Tranquil Townhome E7. Tranquil Townhome
Newly engaged, Jami and George are ready to take the next step of moving in together. Their looking for a new house on the water that can be a home for their blended family.
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Backyard Bliss E8. Backyard Bliss
Jason and Jennifer are on the hunt for their dream home. A waterfront property is Jason's number one priority. While Jennifer has interior needs like a large kitchen and spacious m...
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First Forever Home E9. First Forever Home
Newly engaged Cassie and Ryan are planning their dream wedding, but first they want to find a home to call their own. These two lovebirds are excited to mix their styles together a...
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Orlando Oasis E10. Orlando Oasis
With career opportunities in play for the Ray's, a move to Orlando is imminent. Tampa is the only home their kids have known, but the Ray's hope that they can settle down quickly i...
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Massive Mansion E11. Massive Mansion
Clara and Billy Ferriolo are on the hunt for a larger home for their family of five. But when Bella, Clara's mom, joins the house hunt she has her own opinion on which house they s...
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Lap of Luxury E12. Lap of Luxury
Newly engaged Scott and Matt are on the search for their first home together. They are on the hunt for a contemporary style home in Orlando and waterfront is a must. With their car...
Million Dollar View E13. Million Dollar View
Kate and Chris are in search of a large waterfront property home. With two kids and possibly another one on the way, plenty of room is definitely a priority. Two other wish list it...
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Spacious Sanctuary E14. Spacious Sanctuary
Michael and Tina Clayton are on the hunt for a new home for their family of five. They are on the search for a spacious home that meets all of their needs. A cozy master bedroom, l...
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