Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators (2018) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2018

Duration: 45 min

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Mystery

Writers: Paul Matthew Thompson, Jude Tindall

Stars: Mark Benton, Amber Aga, Jo Joyner, Patrick Walshe McBride

IMDb: TT7526498

Rating: 7.6/10

Season 1
Season 1
O Brave New World E1. O Brave New World
Bride to be Luella Shakespeare believes her future husband Clive Brenton is unfaithful and approaches shabby private eye and ex-policeman Frank Hathaway. Her suspicions seem unfoun...
7 links 26 Feb 2018
The Chimes at Midnight E2. The Chimes at Midnight
Penelope and Owain Pincott approach Luella and Frank to investigate acts of sabotage at their rest home so Sebastian is sent undercover as a care assistant . He discovers that one ...
7 links 27 Feb 2018
This Promised End E3. This Promised End
Undertaker Peter Quintus is visited by two sinister hitmen, who say they will kill him in twenty-four hours so he seeks help from Luella and Frank. Peter's ex-wife, the voracious B...
6 links 28 Feb 2018
This Rough Magic E4. This Rough Magic
Jill Shiplake dies after being picked from the audience to assist magician Laurence Pross in a stage trick. Laurence believes rival conjuror Anton Duke sabotaged the trick and cons...
6 links 01 Mar 2018
Toil and Trouble E5. Toil and Trouble
Mayor Rexler is murdered and known criminal Billy the Brick is the chief suspect so Billy approaches Frank to clear his name. The mayor was launching an affordable housing scheme w...
02 Mar 2018
Exit, Pursued by a Bear E6. Exit, Pursued by a Bear
Self-centred actress Sally Balthasar receives death threats after rewriting 'Romeo and Juliet' as a feminist tract and is poisoned on stage. Cast and crew benefit from her absence,...
05 Mar 2018
The Fairest Show Means Most Deceit E7. The Fairest Show Means Most Deceit
Frank is sceptical when American Martin shows up, claiming to be his uncle. Meanwhile Frank and Luella are asked by shop-owners Diana and Leon Tarsich to prove that their cash-stra...
06 Mar 2018
The Chameleon's Dish E8. The Chameleon's Dish
Student Hamish Kingly tells the detectives that he has had a premonition of a murder at the retreat run by his mother Sandra and step-father Rex so they sign on for the weekend. Ha...
07 Mar 2018
The Rascal Cook E9. The Rascal Cook
Volatile Len Tekler, owner of the Hiverna restaurant, complains of culinary sabotage, designed to give him a bad review by food critic Paulina Stainton. When the restaurant is clos...
08 Mar 2018
Ill Met by Moonlight E10. Ill Met by Moonlight
On the eve of an Autumn charity ball Lady Tanya Bede discovers that her rebellious daughter Mia has disappeared along with a priceless necklace she intends to wear at the ball. A r...
09 Mar 2018
Season 2
Season 2
Episode #2.1 E1. Episode #2.1
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