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Sensing Murder is a real-life crime documentary drama series, which uses respected psychics, such as Scott Russell Hill, to try and solve real life crimes.

Year: 2004

Duration: 90 min

Genres: Crime, Reality-TV

Stars: Rebecca Gibney, Anthony Wemyss, Jackson Taylor

IMDb: TT0805944

Rating: 6.6/10

Season -1
Season -1
Donovan Reidy - Taken out part 2 E-1. Donovan Reidy - Taken out part 2
23 Mar 2017
Out of Aces: Garth Doull E-1. Out of Aces: Garth Doull
30 Oct 2007
Season 1
Season 1
The Patient Killer E1. The Patient Killer
2 links
Cruel Intent E2. Cruel Intent
Psychics try to solve the case of the abduction and murder of 13 year old Karmein Chan.
2 links 15 Nov 2004
Walk of Innocence E3. Walk of Innocence
The Olive Walker disappearance.
2 links 24 Jan 2006
Lost Soul E4. Lost Soul
The Luana Williams disappearance.
2 links 31 Jan 2006
A Bump in the Night E5. A Bump in the Night
The Alicia O'Reilly assault and murder.
2 links 04 Apr 2006
A Mother's Instinct E6. A Mother's Instinct
Two trainee nurses go missing in 1974. Psychics try to figure out what happened to them.
09 Feb 2005
Fallen Angel E7. Fallen Angel
18 Apr 2006
The Scarlet Letter E8. The Scarlet Letter
Psychics try to find out who killed Elizabeth Barnardon in September, 1986.
16 Feb 2005
Blood Money E9. Blood Money
The George Engelbrecht death.
02 May 2006
The Last Train Home E10. The Last Train Home
Scott Russell Hill & Debbie Malone try to solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of 23 year old Sarah MacDiarmid from Kananook train station on 11 July 1990.
26 Sep 2004
Almost Perfect E11. Almost Perfect
Almost Perfect revisits one of Australias most baffling family murders - the case of Elmer Crawford. He appeared to be an average family man, but then in 1970, he murdered his preg...
30 May 2006
The Last Goodbye E12. The Last Goodbye
Investigation of the Tynong North murders.
06 Jun 2006
Season 2
Season 2
Insight E1. Insight
A critical analysis of the Sensing Murder filming process.
2 links 04 Sep 2007
In Too Deep E2. In Too Deep
2 links 11 Sep 2007
The Girl in the Ditch E3. The Girl in the Ditch
The Agnes Ali'iva'a mystery.
2 links 18 Sep 2007
Last Orders E4. Last Orders
The Kevin O'Loughlin murder.
2 links 25 Sep 2007
Taken for a Ride E5. Taken for a Ride
The Simon Buis murder.
2 links 02 Oct 2007
Lost for Words E6. Lost for Words
The Jayne Furlong case.
2 links 09 Oct 2007
A Mother's Worst Nightmare E7. A Mother's Worst Nightmare
The Amber-Lee Cruickshank murder.
2 links 16 Oct 2007
Long Way Home E8. Long Way Home
The Judy Yorke disappearance.
2 links 23 Oct 2007
The Great Pretender E9. The Great Pretender
2 links 30 Oct 2007
Into Thin Air E10. Into Thin Air
The Jim Donnelly disappearance.
2 links 06 Nov 2007
Psychics Revealed E11. Psychics Revealed
Backgrounds of the Sensing Murder psychics Deb Webber, Kelvin Cruickshank, Sue Nicholson and Scott Russell Hillpsychics
13 Nov 2007
Season 3
Season 3
Where There's Smoke E1. Where There's Smoke
Investigation into the Blake Stott death.
2 links 08 Jul 2008
Now You See Me E2. Now You See Me
The Alexa Cullen disappearance.
2 links 15 Jul 2008
Vanishing Point E3. Vanishing Point
The Sara Niethe disappearance.
2 links 22 Jul 2008
Without Warning E4. Without Warning
2 links
When the Trail Goes Cold E5. When the Trail Goes Cold
The Kaye Stewart disappearance.
2 links 01 Aug 2008
Season 4
Season 4
Looking for Justice E1. Looking for Justice
The inquiry into Lesley Calvert's death.
2 links 11 Feb 2010
Stone Cold E2. Stone Cold
An investigation of the Brendan Percy death.
2 links 02 Feb 2010
Seeking Siegfried E3. Seeking Siegfried
The Siegfried Newman disappearance.
2 links 25 Feb 2010
Lie of the Land E4. Lie of the Land
2 links 04 Mar 2010
Where's Granddad? E5. Where's Granddad?
The Allan Woodford disappearance.
2 links 11 Mar 2010
Season 5
Season 5
Episode #5.1 E1. Episode #5.1
02 Mar 2017
Stolen Dreams - Joan Wech part 2 E2. Stolen Dreams - Joan Wech part 2
09 Mar 2017
Donovan Reidy - Taken out part 1 E3. Donovan Reidy - Taken out part 1
16 Mar 2017
Little Boy Lost - Peter Boland part 1 E5. Little Boy Lost - Peter Boland part 1
30 Mar 2017
Little Boy Lost - Peter Boland part 2 E6. Little Boy Lost - Peter Boland part 2
06 Apr 2017
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