Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal (2008) TV Series Free Watch

Psychic/Medium Chip Coffey and clinical psychologist/director Dr. Lisa Miller help psychic children and their families cope, validate, empower and understand psychic abilities.

Year: 2008

Duration: 60 min

Genres: Documentary, Reality-TV

Stars: Chip Coffey, Edy Nathan, Lisa Miller

IMDb: TT1300017

Rating: 6.3/10

Season 1
Season 1
The Ghost of Freddie E1. The Ghost of Freddie
Ahli, Faith, and Jillian are girls with psychic abilities. Along with their moms, the girls are brought to an old house to have their psychic abilities confirmed by a medium and ch...
3 links 16 Jun 2008
Fear Management E2. Fear Management
Joel and siblings Morgan and Brad are brought to a ranch to learn how to cope with and understand their psychic abilities with the help of Chip Coffey. Their parents are counseled ...
3 links 23 Jun 2008
The Demon House E3. The Demon House
Hailey (12) and Alexa (14) face their fears concerning dark spirits. They are taken to Alex's abandoned home to face a demonic spirit with demonologists Roberts and Isbell and psyc...
3 links 30 Jun 2008
Night Terrors E4. Night Terrors
ReAnna Kelly is an 8-year-old girl who is visited by numerous spirits, including that of her grandmother, the late jazz singer Nina Simone. More troubling, ReAnna also sees the ent...
3 links 07 Jul 2008
Angels and Demons E5. Angels and Demons
Ashley is a 13 year-old Wisconsin girl who sees horned evil spirits everywhere she goes. One of the spirits told her she was going to die in a car accident, and she continues to li...
3 links 14 Jul 2008
The Missing Person E6. The Missing Person
Veronica is a 15-year-old girl who dreamed of her uncle's death the night before he was murdered. The spirit of that uncle continues to haunt her, and Veronica continually struggle...
3 links 21 Jul 2008
Season 2
Season 2
Vanished E1. Vanished
Teens, Travis and Vicki, team up with a professional private investigator on a real world missing persons case. Their psychic hits shed new light and hope on the case.
15 Dec 2009
Family Secrets E2. Family Secrets
Mother and daughter psychics, Caprice and Jordi, along with two teen psychic sisters, Peyton and Riley, attempt to solve the puzzle of a mysterious girl ghost at an inn dating to t...
22 Dec 2009
Ghost School E3. Ghost School
13-year-olds, Bryson and Colt, join a paranormal investigation of a century-old haunted opera house. The boys struggle to be accepted by their dads who doubt their abilities.
29 Dec 2009
Crossing Over E4. Crossing Over
Three pre-teens, Hannah, Savanah, and Shauniece team up to help a woman contact her deceased father. Along the way each girl discovers new psychic talents they never knew they had.
16 Jun 2011
Demon in the Mirror E5. Demon in the Mirror
Tammy, 15-years-old, along with the help of Alexandra, 17-years-old, must face the "Lady in the Mirror" a spirit that torments her virtually every night.
12 Jan 2010
Haunted Attic E6. Haunted Attic
Peri and Devon, two teens, explore a haunted whaling ship in order to overcome their fears of encountering spirits.
19 Jan 2010
Night Terrors E7. Night Terrors
Coffey and Nathan help two teenage girls face their fears of the spirits they see and build their confidence in the psychic abilities they possess. Nathan also counsels the girls' ...
26 Jan 2010
Spirits Among Us E8. Spirits Among Us
Social outcasts, Olivia and Hailey, discover friendship and the power to overcome their fears of the paranormal. A startling discovery validates both Hailey's and Olivia's abilitie...
02 Feb 2010
Season 3
Season 3
Banishing Evil E1. Banishing Evil
12-year-old Nick is tormented by an evil spirit named Mr. Rosenberg. Since Rosenberg entered his life, Nick has been plagued by violent nightmares and physical attacks. He lives in...
1 link 17 Oct 2010
Psychic Kids Investigates: The Lost Girl E2. Psychic Kids Investigates: The Lost Girl
Brad is an 18-year-old boy who is tormented by evil spirits and dark premonitions that have come true. Brad's parents believe he is being summoned by the devil and refuse to suppor...
1 link 23 Oct 2010
Bloody Maryland E3. Bloody Maryland
Alana is a 13-year-old medical intuitive who is haunted by spirits wherever she goes. Psychic/Medium Chip Coffey and therapist Edy Nathan introduce her to Olivia, a 16-year-old gir...
31 Oct 2010
Psychic Kids Investigates: The Disappearance E4. Psychic Kids Investigates: The Disappearance
15-year-old Alex has suffered physical attacks by negative spirits that have sent him to the emergency room. Sensitive Chris Fleming and therapist Edy Nathan introduce Alex to 17-y...
07 Nov 2010
The House of Spirits E5. The House of Spirits
12-year-old Olivia is terrified by the dark spirits that haunt her home. She believes that her house is a portal for evil spirits, but has no idea that her parents have kept a secr...
14 Nov 2010
Messages from the Dead: The Lizzie Borden Case E6. Messages from the Dead: The Lizzie Borden Case
Megan is a 15-year-old girl who receives messages from the dead but is terrified to deliver them to the loved ones of the spirits who speak to her. Sensitive Chris Fleming and ther...
21 Nov 2010
Psychic Kids Investigates: The Lost Soul E7. Psychic Kids Investigates: The Lost Soul
Nicole is a 17-year-old girl who communicates with spirits and is traumatized by them. She says the spirits want something from her but she doesn't know what that is. Ryan is a 16-...
28 Nov 2010
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