One Tree Hill (2003) TV Series Free Watch

Half-brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott trade between kinship and rivalry both on the basketball court and in the hearts of their friends in the small, but not so quiet town of Tree Hill, North Carolina.

Years: 2003−2012

Duration: 60 min

Country: USA

Genres: Drama, Romance, Sport

Writer: Mark Schwahn

Stars: James Lafferty, Hilarie Burton, Chad Michael Murray

IMDb: TT0368530

Rating: 7.7/10

Season 1
Season 1
E1. Pilot
Nathan Scott is Tree Hill High's biggest basketball star and is dating Peyton, a cheerleader. Nathan's half brother, Lucas, joins the team - and threatens to take both Nathan's spo...
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E2. The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most
Lucas plays his first game as a Tree Hill Raven...and chokes. He isn't the only one confronting insecurities: Peyton can't find the courage to submit her drawings for publication.
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E3. Are You True?
Frustrated by Lucas' growing popularity at school, Nathan searches for Lucas' weak spot, and has the team begin to iniciate hazing incidents against him. Nathan also tries to seek ...
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E4. Crash Into You
After Lucas crowns another good game with the winning point, Nathan switches to plan B, inviting him to a party at his dad's luxurious beach house where he cleverly humiliates him ...
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E5. All That You Can't Leave Behind
After the disastrous party and car crash, things still look bad for everyone. Peyton meets coach at the cemetery and exchanges grief and memories about her mother's death in a car ...
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E6. Every Night Is Another Story
Things are so bad between the Scott half-brothers that they are thrown off the court for rolling over the floor fighting each-other during a game in a North Carolina hick-town, Pin...
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E7. Life in a Glass House
Now Nathan is taking the heat off Lucas in the team, after their common escape from the hicks and as agreed with his attractive tutor Haley, the kids' attention shifts to boy-girl ...
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E8. The Search for Something More
Brooke takes Peyton to a college party, but her own date turns out just a high school kid, and Peyton falls for the vinyl music taste of student Gabe, who spikes her drink to abuse...
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E9. With Arms Outstretched
Tension mounts now the Ravens may get their first ever undefeated season if they win against Cove City, but instead of encouraging his son, Dan barks at Nathan he doesn't go deep e...
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E10. You Gotta Go There to Come Back
After Peyton walked in on Lucas kissing Brooke the night she got him drunk, they all feel uncomfortable but decide to stay friends; Haley and Peyton even team up to organize live ....
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E11. The Living Years
After Deb drags Dan and Nathan to a family therapist, where they only fight and each expect Nathan to take their side, Nathan looses faith in everything except Haley. Brooke begins...
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E12. Crash Course in Polite Conversations
On Dan's birthday, his parents turn up unannounced; Dan tries to make everybody keep Nathan's quitting from them, and Haley offers to come for moral support. Just when she was coun...
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E13. Hanging by a Moment
In therapy with Deb, who by now wants a divorce, Dan tells he cut Lucas out of his life like a trapped man amputates his arm to survive. Haley gets basketball lessons (to pass PE) ...
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E14. I Shall Believe
When the doctor tells Keith it's too soon to tell how bad Lucas's injuries are, he informs Haley, who throws Nathan out immediately and calls Peyton, who is with Brooke at the time...
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E15. Suddenly Everything Has Changed
Now Lucas is out of the coma and released home, where his ma tries to make him take it easy on doctors orders, Jake brings him a games console as a get-better-and-return gift from ...
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The First Cut Is the Deepest E16. The First Cut Is the Deepest
Dan experiences he has abused both his boys so often neither will thank him for anything- Nathan not for a brand new sports car, Lucas not even for having saved his life. Now neith...
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E17. Spirit in the Night
Nathan has moved into his own apartment, away from both parents. To prepare for a match away, Coach orders Lucas to coach Nathan's weakest points, and makes them uneasy roommates; ...
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E18. To Wish Impossible Things
By annual tradition the Raven boys are -willingly- auctioned for charity till midnight. Overeager go-go-dancer Tim fails to please the shallow girls, but $8 say he can do chores fo...
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E19. How Can You Be Sure?
Lucas believed he saw more then an auction slave's duty when Nathan kissed Peyton, but confronted Nathan is convincingly indignant. Brooke and a test kit tell Lucas they're expecti...
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E20. What Is and What Should Never Be
Keith has a solicitation as auto-shop teacher in a Charleston school; Lucas is heartbroken his surrogate father may move that far away. Haley and Nathan finally feel cozy living to...
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E21. The Leaving Song
The knowledge that Dan actually requested joint custody over Lucas but was turned away by Karen makes Keith doubt her and the Scott boys, who now train together as friends, how the...
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E22. The Games That Play Us
The game against Masonboro, coached by Dan, can mean a perfect season for the Ravens. Nathan finally gets Haley over the computer images- and in bed. Brooke swears Peyton she's two...
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Season 2
Season 2
E1. The Desperate Kingdom of Love
Nathan and Haley wake up next to each-other, barely able to believe they just got married; flash-backs show how her parents agreed and she nearly chickened out realizing they have ...
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E2. Truth Doesn't Make a Noise
Lucas is back. He enlists Brooke and Peyton to give a party for Nathans marriage to Haley, but Deb is too livid, even now Dan is getting better, to consent- Nathan makes clear her ...
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E3. Near Wild Heaven
Tim is dead-set to hire a stripper so Nathan must get a post-wedding bachelor's night; the girls laugh at him - and grab their chance to rip off Nathan's shower towel - but althoug...
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E4. You Can't Always Get What You Want
Brooke tells the Latino pool boy he's not allowed to use the swimming pool, and when he gets out finds he was skinny diving- the next morning he turns up at her school in a sports ...
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E5. I Will Dare
Felix Taggaro, the new kid in school, makes his grand entry in Tree Hills youth society by organizes a "dare night" on personal invitation, test the limits of the coolest kids plus...
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E6. We Might as Well Be Strangers
Peyton meets cocky record shop clerk Chris Keller who turns out the only good musician on the club's auditions besides Haley, who has too much stage-fright. Coach won't listen when...
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Let the Reigns Go Loose E7. Let the Reigns Go Loose
Felix continues to be Brooke's sex-toy. Chris makes Peyton beg for him to perform at the Tric club opening and hands her a 'rider' (list of demands), which inspires Brooke- about ....
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E8. Truth, Bitter Truth
To Brooke's horror, her ma even sold her king-size bed. Chris Keller asks Haley to play and sing on his studio recording that same evening and coaches her well enough to give her c...
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E9. The Trick Is to Keep Breathing
Haley makes Nathan agree to go to the prom even though his parents will be chaperons; Peyton pays Brooke's chosen dress for it; Lucas tells Felix he's taking Anna; Mouth comes alon...
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Don't Take Me for Granted E10. Don't Take Me for Granted
After the prom, Anna sleeps over at Peyton's- Felix sneers she's getting a worse reputation then his, while Peyton has a hard time with lesbianism-innuendos, even though Brooke say...
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E11. The Heart Brings You Back
After Deb's confession to have slept with Keith, Karen shows her the door and later has a misunderstanding which makes her break up with Andy. Haley chickens out on her music caree...
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E12. Between Order and Randomness
Karen decides to make Lucas's life as miserable as possible till he takes the heart test and asks Andy over while his house is in a contractor's hands. Brooke needs a job- the Crab...
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E13. The Hero Dies in This One
Brooke plans her presidential campaign with Felix; her opponent is confident, never-defeated Erica Marsh, who lives for the job. Dan asks Lucas to move in with him while offering K...
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E14. The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
Deb is angry to hear from Dan Lucas moves in, but hopeful now Haley has left Nathan he might also return. Nathan is a wreck, and seems determined to wreck his school-prospects; he ...
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E15. Unopened Letter to the World
Coach tells the students of Tree Hill High to make a video recording for the traditional time capsule they expect to be open in 50 years. When Mouth tells it's sometimes opened ear...
13 links 22 Feb 2005
E16. Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking
Brooke is high: she's about to be installed as school president and her dad should get another well-paid job. Nathan, still drinking, is livid after a call from Haley she'll be on ...
13 links 01 Mar 2005
E17. Something I Can Never Have
Niki turns up with a court decision in absentia awarding her custody of Jenny- Andy offers Jake legal help as fleeing is loosing. Lucas goes to his ma now the truth is out but deci...
12 links 19 Apr 2005
E18. The Lonesome Road
Lucas and Peyton hide Jake and Jenny at Nathan's place while he chases Haley. Lucas finds Dans secret hiding place for cash and a secret ledger; when he and Andy come get it at nig...
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E19. I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning
Deb's cool younger brother, race pilot Cooper 'Coop' Lee, visits his favorite nephew Nathan and invites him and Lucas to Daytona, where the boys and his kid brother Jarret get a cr...
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E20. Lifetime Piling Up
While Nathan is unconscious in the hospital, he dreams a nightmare alternative version of his life, in which Dan married Karen and lives with her and Lucas, while Keith is the succ...
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E21. What Could Have Been
Nathan is recovering and back home, but won't tell Lucas what drove him. Brooke pieced together a shredded invoice Lucas sneaked home, so she learns about his investigation for Dan...
11 links 17 May 2005
E22. The Tide That Left and Never Came Back
The class's last essay assignment is about what they lost during the year, which sets some thinking. Karen attacks Dan when she learns he tries to get Andy deported; Andy cleverly ...
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E23. The Leavers Dance
Brooke claims she's not upset Lucas kept amorous mementos of Peyton, as she wants friendship, not romance, with him, but he considers declaring she's his true love. Nathan justly m...
28 Oct 2006
Season 3
Season 3
E1. Like You Like an Arsonist
Haley turned up at Nathans door, asking to be together again, but he is urgently called away to the fire in Dan's office- Deb asks her along. Peyton tells Lucas about Elisabeth who...
14 links 05 Oct 2005
E2. From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
Brooke has a end of the summer party on the beach; Nathan is home from basketball camp; Lucas deals with Brooke's rules for dating; Peyton deals with family issues; Haley tries to ...
14 links 12 Oct 2005
E3. First Day on a Brand New Planet
Lucas and Haley dig up, as each year, their previous predictions for the new school year; he decorated Brookes locker- they are arranged alphabetically, making the Scott brothers a...
12 links 19 Oct 2005
E4. An Attempt to Tip the Scales
Lucas and Haley have a ball trying on costumes for a masked ball in Karens club; Lucas hopes to make Brooke accept becoming exclusive. Dan records mayor Mullins having kinky sex an...
12 links 26 Oct 2005
E5. A Multitude of Casualties
Dan presents the Ravens opening show for the new basketball season, but after the choreographed cheerleaders the boys come rolling in with a public fight between Lucas and Nathan o...
13 links 02 Nov 2005
E6. Locked Hearts and Hand Grenades
After the abysmal fight-performance at the Ravens' opening games, Whitey condemns the boys team to 'gym suicide'; Lucas's failure to tell about his heart condition makes coach go e...
12 links 09 Nov 2005
E7. Champagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends
Lucas dreams of Brooke but wakes up next to Chris; Nathan dreams of Brooke and Haley together. The girls' boys draft still arouses jealousy and intrigues, and of course appetite fr...
13 links 16 Nov 2005
E8. The Worst Day Since Yesterday
After Lucas surprised Chris with Brooke, even her self-confidence isn't enough to remain assured she hasn't really lost the possible love of her life. Chris informs Nathan whom he ...
14 links 30 Nov 2005
E9. How a Resurrection Really Feels
Brookes stolen tops from the shop where she worked land her, Haley and Peyton in jail. Nathan refuses to bail them out, but accepts to drive Chris to the man to whom he lost at pok...
11 links 07 Dec 2005
E10. Brave New World
Haley is back in Nathan's bed; she's scared when Dan turns up and tells her he still expects their annulment. Brooke is back in Lucas' bed, but freaks out when the Internet-orders ...
10 links 11 Jan 2006
E11. Return of the Future
Another terrible Ravens game; coach blames everything on total lack of team spirit. Keith is back, admitting to Lucas his fiancé Jules was not what he hoped, and just no match for ...
10 links 18 Jan 2006
E12. I've Got Dreams to Remember
Keith is arrested as suspect for the arson attempt on his brother Dan, but to the mayors anger soon released for lack of proof. The kids are supposed to get counseling about choosi...
12 links 25 Jan 2006
E13. The Wind That Blew My Heart Away
During a bad storm, Lucas spends the night with Brooke, who bitches because the last line of his letter is identical to one he once wrote to Peyton about love forever; he must chas...
14 links 01 Feb 2006
E14. All Tomorrow's Parties
Peyton tries to handle her biological ma Ellie's death by taking a road-trip to New York with Haley and Brooke for her fashion contest. Coach reads the boys the riot act on the bus...
13 links 08 Feb 2006
E15. Just Watch the Fireworks
Last year's time-capsule is maliciously opened 49 years early, revealing many kids' embarrassing secrets, lies and even worse truths, shown on TV screens at school and even on the ...
12 links 15 Feb 2006
E16. With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept
A dangerous day at Tree Hill High gives Nathan and Lucas a common goal, as they put their lives on the line to save their friends when a distraught student comes to school with a g...
13 links 24 Feb 2008
E17. Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them
Keith Scott's funeral arouses memories, especially from his one-day bride-to-be Karen and his brother and killer Dan about their childhood, so he starts to feel haunted by Keith as...
13 links 29 Mar 2006
E18. When It Isn't Like It Should Be
Now things are getting normal again, Rachel invites the kids for a weekend in her parents' vast 'cabin' in the woods, complete with quads. She invites Mouth with her to the master ...
14 links 17 Apr 2006
E19. I Slept with Someone in Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me
At his first game after Keith's funeral, Lucas feels unable to play, so Nathan decides the Ravens forfeit, but insists to Lucas that should be a one-off, especially in coach's last...
14 links 12 Apr 2006
E20. Everyday Is a Sunday Evening
Damien West from Oak Lake, undefeated adversaries, challenges the Ravens and even his High Flyers-"mate" Nathan for Haley; Lucas is still too sick to perform, but Nathan singlehand...
14 links 19 Apr 2006
E21. Over the Hills and Far Away
On the night before Nathan and Haleys wedding, Brooke argues with Haley over the wedding dress. Meanwhile, Lucas and Karen return.
13 links 26 Apr 2006
The Show Must Go On E22. The Show Must Go On
Nathan and Haley's wedding is a time of great joy. And great sadness. Peyton and Brooke fall out, Dan learns the truth about the fire, and Rachel gets publicly drunk....and publicl...
12 links 10 Jul 2006
Season 4
Season 4
E1. The Same Deep Water as You
The aftermath of the post-wedding car accident unfolds. Haley is deeply affected by Nathan's attempt to rescue Cooper and Rachel, Brooke confronts Lucas with her true feelings and ...
13 links 29 Sep 2006
E2. Things I Forgot at Birth
As Nathan, Rachel and Cooper's lives remain precarious following the car accident, Brooke celebrates her 18th birthday but finds it diminished by her struggles with Peyton. Lucas a...
14 links 04 Oct 2006
E3. Good News for People Who Love Bad News
Lucas and Brooke, now broken up, clash at a post-game party and Haley realizes that Rachel is plotting to seduce Nathan. Meanwhile, Peyton connects with her half-brother, Rachel re...
14 links 11 Oct 2006
Can't Stop This Thing We've Started E4. Can't Stop This Thing We've Started
Peyton introduces hip-hop sensation Lupe Fiasco at Tric, while rumors that Brooke is pregnant run rampant. Still dealing with their car accident, Nathan buys a motorcycle despite H...
13 links 18 Oct 2006
E5. I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
Peyton finally realizes that her brother Derek isn't her real brother but in fact the very same person that's been sending her online messages using the alias "watchmewatchyou". Wh...
14 links 25 Oct 2006
E6. Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
Nathan and Haley's financial struggles force Nathan to approach Dan for help. In spite of his heart condition, Lucas decides to rejoin the Ravens, teaming him with Skills. Feeling ...
14 links 08 Nov 2006
E7. All These Things That I've Done
Brooke has her hands full with her model for the T.A.R.T. fashion show and a new boyfriend. Rachel makes the cover of "Maxim," causing chaos at Tree Hill High. Meanwhile, Lucas lea...
15 links 11 Jan 2013
E8. Nothing Left to Say But Goodbye
Derek convinces Peyton to take a chance with Lucas at the same time that Brooke approaches him about getting back together. Daunte's latest demand leads Nathan to seek help from an...
13 links 23 Nov 2006
E9. Some You Give Away
As Whitey's last game approaches, the residents of Tree Hill feel the pressure of a looming State Championship. Peyton reveals to Lucas that she has feelings for him. Haley learns ...
14 links 19 Jan 2007
E10. Songs to Love and Die By
Lucas receives an unlikely visitor -- his supposedly dead Uncle Keith. Haley's life and the life of her unborn child are threatened when she experiences serious complications with ...
12 links 09 Dec 2006
E11. Everything in Its Right Place
Following his heart attack, Lucas returns to school, hoping to rekindle his romance with Peyton. Haley learns that Nathan was responsible for her accident. Brooke and Rachel hatch ...
13 links 19 Jan 2007
E12. Resolve
With senior prom only weeks away, Haley's frustration over her injuries increases and Skills and Mouth hatch a plan to help Nathan earn money for the big dance by stripping. Brooke...
12 links 24 Jan 2007
E13. Pictures of You
A class assignment reveals the deepest secrets and desires of Lucas and the students at Tree Hill High. Worried about college prospects, Skills turns to Haley, while Nathan wrestle...
12 links 16 Feb 2007
E14. Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers
Haley confronts Brooke regarding the stolen calculus test. Lucas and Peyton consider taking their relationship to the next level as Peyton and Brooke grow closer. In Deb's absence,...
11 links 14 Feb 2007
E15. Prom Night at Hater High
On the day of Prom, the residue of Nathan's pre-Prom party has serious repercussions for everyone in Tree Hill. Haley asks Nathan for a list of his past sexual conquests. Rachel is...
14 links 21 Feb 2007
E16. You Call It Madness, But I Call It Love
It will be an unforgettable Prom at Tree Hill High when Lucas discovers who was in the hallway when Keith was killed. Meanwhile, Peyton's decision to skip Prom leads to dire conseq...
12 links 02 May 2007
E17. It Gets Worse at Night
Skills finds Lucas sleeping besides Peyton and Brooke who made up and felt scared alone after fighting fake Derek. When they get a message from Mouth he's in trouble, they all deci...
14 links 09 May 2007
E18. The Runaway Found
Peyton is scared by images of "Psycho Derek," so she decides to confront him. Meanwhile, Lucas continues seeking answers about his Uncle Keith's Murder.
15 links 01 Jan 2009
E19. Ashes of Dreams You Let Die
Nathan and Haley grow closer in spite of the recent scandal. Brooke wonders if a spark might be rekindled with Chase. Peyton receives a tempting offer that would ultimately take he...
13 links 30 May 2007
E20. The Birth and Death of the Day
As graduation day dawns in Tree Hill, some dreams begin as others end. Haley prepares for her graduation speech and her role as a young mother, while Nathan prepares for life witho...
13 links 06 Jun 2007
E21. All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
Haley gives birth to Nathan's son: James 'Jamie' Lucas Scott. After Karen nearly dies having her and Keith's daughter Lily, Dan confesses Keith's murder and goes to prison. Two wee...
13 links 13 Jun 2007
Season 5
Season 5
E1. 4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days
As promised, Lucas, Brooke, Nathan, Haley, Peyton and their Tree Hill gang meet up after 4 years of being apart. Haley and Nathan still live in Tree Hill with their now 4 year-old ...
14 links 08 Jan 2008
E2. Racing Like a Pro
Everyone is settled in as they come back to Tree Hill. Its the day of Jamie's box car race. Haley tries to make Nathan go to the event. While, Brooke gets frustrated, as she rekind...
13 links 08 Jan 2008
E3. My Way Home Is Through You
Haley tries to encourage a student, who is a troublemaker, to join the Ravens. Nathan goes and vists Dan in prison, without Lucas aware. Brooke is edgy after her manager, tracks he...
12 links 15 Jan 2008
E4. Its Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
Brooke buys Karens Cafe, and turns it into a Clothes Over Bro's boutique. Everyone goes to the opening of the store, including Brooke's Manager mother, who has seemed to track her ...
13 links 22 Jan 2008
E5. I Forgot to Remember to Forget
In a flashback of three years into the past, an event between Lucas and Peyton changes their relationship forever. Brooke has to decide about the fate of her fashion line since Vic...
13 links 29 Jan 2008
E6. Don't Dream It's Over
Nurse Carrie isn't just an ideal playmate for Jamie, who has nightmares since Skillz told him too much about Dan. Her charms should make Haley jealous, but she doesn't realize yet ...
10 links 05 Feb 2008
E7. In da Club
It's a Tree Hill reunion as the entire gang gathers at Tric to see musical group The Honorary Title perform. Victoria turns up at the club which infuriates Brooke. Meanwhile, Brook...
13 links 12 Feb 2008
E8. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
Lucas proposes to Lindsey and Peyton is the first one to know the news. Haley is upset at Lucas and Peyton for witnessing their kiss before he proposed to Lindsey. Next day Lindsey...
12 links 19 Feb 2008
E9. For Tonight You're Only Here to Know
It's the first game of the season and it's Mouth's big chance to impress with his coverage of the game. Meanwhile, Haley, Brooke, Peyton, Lindsey and Mia get locked in the Tree Hil...
12 links 26 Feb 2008
E10. Running to Stand Still
Brooke invites Tric bartender Owen to come and see her business in New York but finds model Rachel, a friend from her past, in her apartment having taken an overdose. With Owen's h...
13 links 04 Mar 2008
E11. You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side
Missing daddy gives Jamie nightmares about Dan, who is indeed paroled. Lucas and Lindsay decide to 'coincidentally' have separate stag and hen nights at the same place, so Nathan a...
12 links 11 Mar 2008
E12. Hundred
Lindsay's big day, the wedding to Lucas, has finally arrived. The old gang reunites, remembering their own loves and/or marriages, even Karen and Andy from New Zealand. Haley still...
14 links 18 Mar 2008
E13. Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace
Brooke is visited by an adoption agency and has an interview to find out if she would be a suitable mother. Lucas flies out to see Lindsey who says she will edit his novel. Dan get...
12 links 14 Apr 2008
E14. What Do You Go Home To?
The marriage counselor's advice to reconnect with personal aspirations is followed to the letter. Haley is happy to re-enter the music field; Peyton is to sign her up for a record....
12 links 21 Apr 2008
E15. Life Is Short
It's Jamie's fifth birthday, and a grand event for the gang. Lucas hoped Lindsey, who also attends, will go back to him, but she insists on leaving her key as she leaves for New Yo...
17 links 28 Apr 2008
E16. Cryin' Won't Help You Now
Lucas confronts Dan's announcement about his life expectancy of only 6 months without a heart transplant. He calls Dan a liar until the cardiologist confirms it. Nathan wrestles wi...
12 links 05 May 2008
E17. Hate Is Safer Than Love
Dan finds out he is second in line to receive a heart...and the Reverend is first. Peyton gives Mia the details of her next tour. Lucas tells Peyton he hates her.
13 links 12 May 2008
E18. What Comes After the Blues
Brooke has to deal with giving up her baby Angie. Haley's career takes a turn for the better and Peyton is visited by somebody from her past. Meanwhile, Dan awaits a new heart as L...
14 links 19 May 2008
Season 6
Season 6
Touch Me I'm Going to Scream: Part I E1. Touch Me I'm Going to Scream: Part I
Nathan and Haley are doing well getting back into their careers, but even Jamie's motivational magic can't stop daddy's back from hurting. Lucas finally makes up his mind and propo...
13 links 07 Sep 2008
E2. One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning
Nathan enjoys preparing for a basketball comeback. When Haley discovers how much painkillers he needs they consult a doctor, who warns that overdoing it may even land him in a whee...
13 links 08 Sep 2008
E3. Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.
The shooting of Ravens player Quentin 'Q' is the talk of the town. All One Tree Hill tries to come to terms with such blind violence. Nathan and Haley do a great job guiding young ...
13 links 15 Sep 2008
E4. Bridge Over Troubled Water
Knowing about his mother's affair with Skills, Nathan tells her to leave, but finds Jamie and his granny miss each-other. Of all people she happens to tell crazy Carrie. Jamie's in...
12 links 22 Sep 2008
E5. You've Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie in It
Nathan thinks it's a godsend to be invited for a job interview by manager Bobby Irons of the NBA D-league team Fort Wayne, until he hears it's for a coaching job. Haley finally gra...
12 links 29 Sep 2008
E6. Choosing My Own Way of Life
Lucas is joined by a familiar face on his book tour; Nathan questions his health when he is given an opportunity to play basketball again.
13 links 13 Oct 2008
E7. Messin' with the Kid
Nathan is happy again now that he's playing and actually staring in slamball. So he reminds Haley that she's also supposed to have another go at her dream career - music. Jamie is ...
12 links 20 Oct 2008
E8. Our Life Is Not a Movie or Maybe
Nathan's back is well enough to shoot hoops on the slamball trampoline, but during matches bruises pile up more spectacularly than Haley can bear to watch. Luckily mountain-size Ow...
10 links 27 Oct 2008
E9. Sympathy for the Devil
Jamie and Haley really worry that Nathan might being injured at smash-ball, although he scores well and Owen protects him even against the most feared adversaries. Brooke is so str...
13 links 03 Nov 2008
E10. Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous
Nathan wrestles with his former self as to whether to give up basketball to be a family-man only or pursue his dream, as he encourages Haley to do at a USO concert for marines. Luc...
11 links 10 Nov 2008
E11. We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)
Dozing off, Lucas dreams the whole gang are adults in the 1940s. He runs Karen's Café, a classy swing club. Nate, his barman, gathers the courage to declare his love to Haley, the ...
13 links 17 Nov 2008
E12. You Have to Be Joking (Autopsy of the Devil's Brain)
Thanks to Bobby Irons, Nathan gets a professional audition at Maryland. He changes position to point guard, ideal to prove a smart, driven 'shortie' can outclass cocky poles. Retur...
13 links 24 Nov 2008
E13. Things a Mamma Don't Know
13 links 05 Jan 2009
A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene E14. A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene
Sore from professional basketball, Nathan enjoys his first weekend home. Double date Chase enjoys Nathan's generous help with Mia. Haley happily dumped sonny-boy and his mate in mi...
12 links 12 Jan 2009
E15. We Change, We Wait
Nathan is on the bench during five losses, but has more maturity, team spirit and insight than the arrogant, selfish star scorer. He feels this is bound to pay off, as Dan predicts...
13 links 19 Jan 2009
E16. Screenwriter's Blues
Julian and director Dixon, who enjoys the 'fringe (bed) benefits' to the fullest, press Lucas to make up his mind about casting. Their pressing for even more sexy actors/costumes t...
13 links 02 Feb 2009
E17. You and Me and the Bottle Makes 3 Tonight
Nathan can't be home on his wedding anniversary, so Haley comes to Charleston to arrange a romantic dinner in a run-down but charming townhouse. She proposes to move there so they ...
12 links 16 Mar 2009
E18. Searching for a Former Clarity
Julian's dad is fired as studio boss, his projects therefore in doubt. Director Reese Dixon worries about saving pay and perks, masterly. Dan's heart finally arrives, but is lost i...
12 links 23 Mar 2009
E19. Letting Go
Julian offers Brooke tickets to move to L.A. with him and Sam. However, she keeps doubting and whining that she can't uproot Sam, although she's willing. Even Chase warns her not t...
12 links 30 Mar 2009
E20. I Would for You
Nathan and Haley are considering a better school for genius Jamie, but doubt that academic excellence outweighs posh elitism and absence of sports. Nathan is expected to step up as...
12 links 20 Apr 2009
E21. A Kiss to Build a Dream On
Nathan is offered a two year pro contract, but in Europe. He agonizes whether he should take it, as Bobby suggests, or stick to his NBA dream, as Haley advices. Jamie not only does...
12 links 27 Apr 2009
E22. Show Me How to Live
Warned by manager Bobby there's an NBA scout, Nathan and his protégé Nino perform excellently, then wait for a call. Lucas opposes Peyton preparing a 'posthumous' time-capsule and ...
11 links 04 May 2009
Forever and Almost Always E23. Forever and Almost Always
Hearing Nino, the player Nathan taught everything and made look good for the scout, got his NBA post makes Nathan consider giving up professional basketball. So he dodged training ...
12 links 11 May 2009
E24. Remember Me as a Time of Day
Jamie's dream comes true: daddy Nathan finally gets an NBA post, with the Charlotte Bobcats. Peyton is hospitalized bleeding badly, but gives Lucas a healthy daughter and pulls tro...
11 links 18 May 2009
Season 7
Season 7
E1. 4:30 AM (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad)
The tree hill gang must learn that to live an exceptional life doesn't end once you've achieved your goals. With Lucas and Peyton gone, Nathan's a year into his NBA career, Haley h...
13 links 14 Sep 2009
E2. What Are You Willing to Lose
Brooke looks for a model as the new face of Clothes Over Bros. Mia and Haley fall short of selling a million records. Dan finds a confidant in an unlikely person. Nathan deals with...
13 links 21 Sep 2009
E3. Hold My Hand as I'm Lowered
Nathan and Haley have to decide what to do about Renee's pregnancy claims as Clay thinks paying her off is the best way as it is Nathan's contract year. Mouth is asked by his stati...
12 links 28 Sep 2009
E4. Believe Me, I'm Lying
A disgruntled Renee makes her pregnancy known in the national media. Quinn tells David that she wants a divorce and spends the night with Clay. Mouth quits his job at the station a...
11 links 05 Oct 2009
E5. Your Cheatin' Heart
Renee presses charges and has Haley arrested and thrown in Jail. Clay and Quinn grow close much to Nathan's distaste. Elsewhere, after a false start Julian and Alex begin to work o...
12 links 12 Oct 2009
E6. Deep Ocean Vast Sea
Julian gives Alex another chance and they continue to work on her script which he believes is very good but Brooke is not happy. Brooke reconnects with Chase to make Julian jealous...
12 links 19 Oct 2009
E7. I and Love and You
Dan and Rachel bring Renee onto his chat show. But does Dan have a few tricks up his sleeve? Meanwhile, Clay and Quinn reflect over their past loves - Clay and his late wife Sarah ...
12 links 26 Oct 2009
E8. I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight
Nathan, Julian, Mouth, Skills, James and Chuck go camping. Back in Tree Hill, Haley, Brooke and Quinn enjoy some "special" brownies. Meanwhile, Clayton continues to deal with his m...
13 links 02 Nov 2009
E9. Now You Lift Your Eyes to the Sun
Haley returns to the stage much to Miranda's annoyance but the gig turns out to be a success and changes Miranda's attitude somewhat. Brooke believes she might be pregnant but is c...
14 links 09 Nov 2009
You Are a Runner, and I Am My Father's Son E10. You Are a Runner, and I Am My Father's Son
After losing his place on the Charlotte Bobcats Nathan reaches breaking point with Clay and fires him but this ends up causing a rift between Haley and Quinn with Quinn moving out ...
13 links 16 Nov 2009
You Know I Love You, Don't You E11. You Know I Love You, Don't You
Victoria bails Millicent out of jail the morning after her arrest and tells her to get herself together before she shows herself again. But Victoria is doubtful that Millicent has ...
11 links 30 Nov 2009
E12. Some Roads Lead Nowhere
Clay gets his mojo back with some help from Quinn and which might mean that Nathan can stay in the US and play in the NBA with the his old team the Charlotte Bobcats instead of goi...
11 links 20 Jan 2010
E13. Weeks Go by Like Days
Nathan and Jamie join Haley on tour as it comes to a close. Quinn gets her divorce from David. Millicent appears in court for her DUI where Victoria offers her a job as her assista...
13 links 18 Jan 2010
E14. Family Affair
Nathan tries to calm Haley down after Taylor and David's shock announcement that they are a couple and then through the ensuing dinner that Taylor plans out until all three James s...
13 links 25 Jan 2010
E15. Don't You Forget About Me
Flashback to the '80s.
13 links 01 Feb 2010
E16. My Attendance Is Bad But My Intentions Are Good
Haley, Quinn and Taylor receive a surprise visit from their mum Lydia who tells them that she has incurable pancreatic cancer and that she is not seeking any further treatment. Qui...
12 links 08 Feb 2010
E17. At the Bottom of Everything
Haley and Quinn refuse to accept that their mom Lydia will not fight her pancreatic cancer and after some convincing manages to persuade her mother to get a second opinion with Nat...
11 links 15 Feb 2010
E18. The Last Day of Our Acquaintance
In getting back at Julian for sleeping with Alex, Brooke messes with the costumes for the shoot and generally does her best to wound Julian but it takes comments from Alex to get h...
12 links 22 Feb 2010
E19. Every Picture Tells a Story
Quinn's gallery opens with Clay very supportive unaware that he is being stalked by Sara lookalike Katie until she makes her presence known and Clay shows Quinn how alike Katie is ...
12 links 26 Apr 2010
E20. Learning to Fall
Haley continues to struggle with the aftermath of her beloved mother's death and her erratic behaviour causes alert with Nathan. Alex discovers that Josh is bisexual and tells Juli...
14 links 03 May 2010
E21. What's in the Ground Belongs to You
Quinn takes Jamie on a treasure hunt as an increasingly despondent Haley further withdraws from both Nathan and Jamie. Katie invades Clay's personal space convinced that she is his...
12 links 10 May 2010
E22. Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said the Last Time I Saw You
Haley tries to overcome her depression by joining Nathan, Jamie and the rest of the Tree Hill gang on a trip to Utah for the premiere of Julian's film.
13 links 17 May 2010
Season 8
Season 8
E1. Asleep at Heaven's Gate
As the gang returns from Utah, Brooke and Julian are engaged, Haley learns that she is pregnant, Nathan must leave for training camp, and Clay and Quinn are assaulted and shot by K...
12 links 14 Sep 2010
E2. I Can't See You, But I Know You're There
Clay and Quinn discover they've been shot, and as they fight to live, Nathan and Haley struggle with the situation. Meanwhile, Julian tries to preoccupy Jamie, and Brooke's legal t...
13 links 21 Sep 2010
E3. The Space in Between
In hospital, Quinn starts a full recovery, but Clayton's situation looks hopeless unless he gets a kidney donated faster than is likely. After getting Jamie's blessing and consulti...
13 links 28 Sep 2010
E4. We All Fall Down
Seasoned golfer Chase takes novice lover Alex to the links for a fun day of lessons, truth or dare, getting to trust each-other and precisely by not pushing makes last base. Julian...
12 links 05 Oct 2010
E5. Nobody Taught Us to Quit
As Clay is discharged from the hospital, Nathan contemplates walking away from the NBA. Meanwhile, Brooke and Victoria disagree on how to handle the company's financial problems, a...
13 links 12 Oct 2010
E6. Not Afraid
As Halloween approaches in Tree Hill, Brooke and Julian get an unexpected visitor, and Nathan begins a new career. Meanwhile, Clay and Quinn struggle with life back at the beach ho...
13 links 19 Oct 2010
E7. Luck Be a Lady
Nathan is furious when his first mission as Clay's junior agent seems to go wrong because of his lack of jargon knowledge, but he actually lands the football client. Julian accepts...
12 links 02 Nov 2010
E8. Mouthful of Diamonds
Clayton finally gets some hand muscle control back. As he predicted, Nathan had no reason to be gloomy about his first contract, football talent Troy, which is signed to all partie...
14 links 09 Nov 2010
E9. Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace
The gang gathers at Nathan and Haley's to spend Thanksgiving with friends and family.
12 links 16 Nov 2010
E10. Lists, Plans
Nathan goes back to college and opts to take a harder class but he doesn't get a very welcome reception from his college professor and so with Jamie's help they figure out a way fo...
12 links 30 Nov 2010
Darkness on the Edge of Town E11. Darkness on the Edge of Town
A storm strikes Tree Hill, putting everyone's life in danger.
11 links 07 Dec 2010
E12. The Drinks We Drank Last Night
While Nathan dutifully studies a book by professor August Kellerman, the girls pig out so grossly at Brooke's hen night that hangovers are their least concern. More worrying are (o...
11 links 26 Jan 2011
E13. The Other Half of Me
Julian gets his parents to agree to a truce during his wedding. Brooke makes up with mom, and when her dad fails to turn up, her mom walks her down the aisle. Super-dad's advice of...
13 links 02 Feb 2011
E14. Holding Out for a Hero
Brooke, Quinn and Haley decide to use their talents for the greater good. Meanwhile, Julian takes on a directing job and helps out a friend, and Chase mentors Chuck.
12 links 08 Feb 2011
E15. Valentine's Day Is Over
Sex games, secrets and shoelaces all come into play as the couples of Tree Hill celebrate Valentine's Day.
11 links 15 Feb 2011
E16. I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here
As the girls plan a surprise baby shower for Haley, the guys participate in try-outs for Jamie's baseball team. Meanwhile, Brooke and Julian pursue adoption, while Mouth gets Milli...
12 links 22 Feb 2011
The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get E17. The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get
As Haley's due date approaches, she takes steps to ensure that all her friends and family will be ready when the time comes. Brooke and Julian also prepare to begin a family, while...
12 links 01 Mar 2011
E18. Quiet Little Voices
The big day has finally arrived and the gang gathers at the hospital to await the birth of Haley and Nathan's baby. While they wait, they reminisce about the memories they have sha...
11 links 19 Apr 2011
Where Not to Look for Freedom E19. Where Not to Look for Freedom
While Haley stays at home to take care of the new baby, Quinn organizes a concert at Tric. Meanwhile, Brooke gets an offer to return to Clothes Over Bros, and Nathan sets his sight...
12 links 26 Apr 2011
E20. The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
Nathan gets professor August Kellerman to confirm the truth: he resigned as if guilty to cover for his son Ian, like Dan's sole true paternal sacrifice. After coaching Jamie's team...
11 links 03 May 2011
E21. Flightless Bird, American Mouth
Nathan, Jamie, Clay, Julian, Chase and Chuck have a camp-out on the Rivercourt. Meanwhile, Brooke, Quinn, Alex and Lauren take a trip to Puerto Rico.
13 links 10 May 2011
E22. This Is My House, This Is My Home
Haley and Brooke get ready to re-open Karen's Café as Brooke's pregnancy progresses. At her scan she discovers that she is expecting twins. Nathan and Clay set off on the road to s...
11 links 17 May 2011
Season 9
Season 9
Know This, We've Noticed E1. Know This, We've Noticed
Before tired Nathan can finally rejoin his longing family, Dan has turned up and secured himself a temporary stay on account of his burnt-down restaurant, where he lived, but may h...
12 links 11 Jan 2012
In the Room Where You Sleep E2. In the Room Where You Sleep
Chase confides only in Chuck his plan to move Alex's things into his place. They ignore Chris Keller made her an offer for a career-boosting, national tour. As even the psychiatris...
11 links 18 Jan 2012
E3. Love the Way You Lie
Chase is heartbroken after Alex's desertion to take the tour Chris Keller advised, yet overcomes his bitterness toward Keller, who pleads her artist temperament was a lost case fro...
12 links 25 Jan 2012
E4. Don't You Want to Share the Guilt?
Julian is even more shattered than Broke, who gives him the silent treatment, over having forgotten baby son Davis in his car. Although the boy is alright, Brooke leaves with the t...
12 links 01 Feb 2012
The Killing Moon E5. The Killing Moon
Chase bravely bares Chuck's absurd, imitative adoration for 'cool', actually neglectful Chris Keller and stands by the ingrate knave when his father Wade Scolnic finally visits, bu...
12 links 08 Feb 2012
E6. Catastrophe and the Cure
Chase doesn't punish Keller for letting Chuck down, yet when Tara's infidelity gets out allows Chris to exact a high, tasteless price from basically innocent Chase. Nathan is kidna...
9 links 15 Feb 2012
Last Known Surroundings E7. Last Known Surroundings
Haley seeks help from Lucas as Nathan makes an escape attempt. Brooke comes face-to-face with Xavier. Julian uncovers evidence that assists Dan in his search for Nathan. Clay makes...
10 links 22 Feb 2012
A Rush of Blood to the Head E8. A Rush of Blood to the Head
Haley receives news of a possible tragedy. Dan's search for Nathan leads him back to his dark past. Clay has a breakthrough in his treatment. Brooke and Julian deal with Xavier. Ch...
10 links 29 Feb 2012
E9. Every Breath Is a Bomb
Brooke and Julian take new measures to protect their family. Skills helps Mouth get to a turning point, and Chase faces consequences for defending Chuck. Clay reaches a new underst...
10 links 07 Mar 2012
E10. Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
Dan, Julian and Chris Keller attempt to rescue Nathan. Brooke's conflict with Xavier escalates. Quinn and Clay revisit the past.
9 links 14 Mar 2012
E11. Danny Boy
Nathan's practically safe return causes general joy. The only downside is Dan's condition, probably terminal, but the whole family is in a forgiving mood while reminiscing, only Lu...
10 links 21 Mar 2012
Anyone Who Had a Heart E12. Anyone Who Had a Heart
Julian finally sells his One Tree Hill series concept to a studio and is hired to complete the script. Clayton and Quinn, who welcomes Sara's memory to, patiently win Logan's trust...
10 links 01 Mar 2012
E13. One Tree Hill
Super-dad Nathan enjoys being back home and instills in doting Jamie to be good but live his own life. Chase enjoys his new status as independent bar owner, although his latest coc...
9 links 04 Apr 2012
Always and Forever E14. Always and Forever
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