Mysticons (2017) TV Series Free Watch

The tale of four girls who transform into legendary warriors known as Mysticons. The Mysticons must use their powers to save their realm from Necrafa, an evil queen.

Year: 2017

Duration: 22 min

Genres: Action, Adventure, Animation

Writer: Sean Jara

Stars: Alyson Court, David Berni, Nicki Burke, Evany Rosen, Ana Sani

IMDb: TT7252220

Rating: 4.9/10

Season 1
Season 1
E1. Sisters in Ams
The legendary Dragon Disk brings together four girls and bestows upon them magical powers.
7 links 28 Aug 2017
E2. How to Train a Mysticon
The new Mysticons are called to Astromancer Island to begin their training.
6 links 29 Aug 2017
E3. The Coronation
It's Gawayne's coronation and he invites the entire kingdom to celebrate. Everyone but Arkayna, that is.
11 links 30 Aug 2017
E4. The Mysticon Kid
Piper is fed up with being treated like a kid, but when Kymraw shows up at the Magi Mall - only Piper can save the day.
12 links 31 Aug 2017
An Eye for an Eye E5. An Eye for an Eye
Zarya's temper get her into trouble when she uses her Mysticon powers to settle a personal score.
6 links 01 Sep 2017
Heart of Gold E6. Heart of Gold
The Mysticons travel to Em's hometown , a dwarf mining town under attack by Dreadbane.
12 links 03 Sep 2017
Scourge of the Seven Skies E7. Scourge of the Seven Skies
The Mysticons meet Zarya's childhood friend and sky pirate, Kitty Boon.
10 links 10 Sep 2017
Lost and Found E8. Lost and Found
Zarya decides to quit and runs away, but the Mysticons try to find her and convince her to rejoin the team.
12 links 17 Sep 2017
The Astromancer Job E9. The Astromancer Job
7 links
A Girl and Her Gumlump E11. A Girl and Her Gumlump
1 link
Skies of Fire E12. Skies of Fire
22 Oct 2017
All Hail Necrafa E13. All Hail Necrafa
1 link 15 Oct 2017
The Dome E14. The Dome
2 links 22 Oct 2017
The Clash of the Tridents E15. The Clash of the Tridents
3 links 22 Oct 2017
Gems of the Past E16. Gems of the Past
22 Oct 2017
Quest of the Vexed E17. Quest of the Vexed
29 Oct 2017
Mutiny Most Fowl E18. Mutiny Most Fowl
2 links 29 Oct 2017
Through My Enemies' Eyes E19. Through My Enemies' Eyes
5 links 18 Nov 2017
The Prophecy Unleashed E20. The Prophecy Unleashed
4 links 19 Nov 2017
Scream of the Banshee E23. Scream of the Banshee
27 Jan 2018
The Edge of Two Morrows E24. The Edge of Two Morrows
The Dragon's Rage E26. The Dragon's Rage
The Lost Sceptor E29. The Lost Sceptor
Game of Phones E31. Game of Phones
The Last Dragon E32. The Last Dragon
The Foz Who Saved Lotus Night E34. The Foz Who Saved Lotus Night
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