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Stanley Beamish, the weakling proprietor of a Washington gas station, is also a top-secret super agent. When the Government's Bureau of Special Projects needs Stanley, he takes a pill that ... See full summary »

Year: 1966

Duration: 30 min

Country: USA

Genre: Comedy

Stars: Richard Gautier, Stephen Strimpell, Paul Smith

IMDb: TT0061281

Rating: 6.9/10

Season -1
Season -1
Unaired Pilot E-1. Unaired Pilot
Season 1
Season 1
E1. Matchless
Stanley is unaware that a hotly-pursued Power Paralysis device has been concealed in a book of matches placed in his coat pocket.
1 link 09 Jan 1967
E2. Mr. Big Curtsies Out
Stanley is assigned to locate and identify an elusive and mysterious crime boss known only as "Mr. Big."
16 Jan 1967
E3. I Can't Fly
A malfunctioning Air Force One could be easily repaired by Mr. Terrific, but Stanley's power pills have inexplicably stopped working.
23 Jan 1967
E4. My Partner the Jewel Thief
Stanley's behavior has Hal becoming concerned and he thinks Stanley may be turning criminal. In trying to prevent any wrongdoing Hal keeps getting in the way of Stanley stopping a ...
30 Jan 1967
E5. The Formula Is Stolen
06 Feb 1967
E6. Stanley the Safecracker
The government sends Stanley on a mission where he must impersonate a safecracker who is identical to him. Stanley must fool the man's girlfriend plus somehow convince the gang he ...
1 link 20 Feb 1967
E7. Stanley the Fighter
Stanley goes undercover at a fighters' gymnasium to obtain evidence that the facility is actually a front for a counterfeiting ring.
27 Feb 1967
E8. Stanley the Jailbreaker
06 Mar 1967
E9. Fly, Ballerina, Fly
Posing as a ballet dancer to help a Prima ballet dancer defect to the U.S., Stanley grabs the wrong girl.
13 Mar 1967
E10. Harley and the Killer
An escaped murderer vows to extract fatal revenge on his one-time prosecutor - Harley Trent.
20 Mar 1967
E11. Stanley and the Mountaineers
Stanley is assigned to infiltrate a family of mountain moonshiners.
27 Mar 1967
E12. Has Mr. Terrific Sold Out?
When Stanley is abducted by known enemy agents, Reed and Trent are concerned that he may actually be willing to betray the U. S. and its allies for financial gain.
03 Apr 1967
E13. Stanley Goes to the Dentist
Stanley goes undercover to investigate a dentist who seems to be successfully prying U. S. Government secrets from normally reliable agents.
10 Apr 1967
E14. Stanley the Track Star
Stanley is assigned to learn the location of a U. S. Track and Field champion who has been abducted by enemy agents.
17 Apr 1967
E15. Try This on for Spies
Stanley's receives his next assignment and it's to let the enemy get their hands on fake plans concerning a missile system. But do to a mix up Stanley delivers the actual ones, the...
24 Apr 1967
E16. Stanley Joins the Circus
Stanley becomes a circus strongman in an attempt to discover which of the show's performers were responsible for the theft of a government code book.
01 May 1967
E17. The Sultan Has Five Wives
Stanley is assigned to discreetly protect the polygamous sultan of an oil-rich Middle Eastern nation.
08 May 1967
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