60 Minutes Sports (2013) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2013

Country: USA

Genres: Documentary, News, Sport

Stars: Jeff Glor, Sharyn Alfonsi, Armen Keteyian

IMDb: TT2624636

Rating: 7.3/10

Season 1
Season 1
E1. The Fall of Lance Armstrong/Messi/Alone on the Wall
"The Fall of Lance Armstrong" talks to Travis Tygart of USADA about the doping allegations made against the former Tour de France winner. "Messi" interviews Lionel Messi the star o...
09 Jan 2013
E2. The Making of Super Bowl XLVII/NFL Films/The Ride of His Life
"The Making of Super Bowl XLVII" goes behind the scenes in New Orleans to look at the production of Super Bowl XLVII and catches the infamous second half blackout as it happens. "N...
06 Feb 2013
E3. The Ride of His Life/The Deepest Dive/Races from Hell/Boomer
"The Ride of His Life" interviews Garrett McNamara who is attempting to surf a 100 foot wave. "The Deepest Dive" interviews free diver Herbert Nitsch who attempted to dive deeper o...
06 Mar 2013
E4. Dodger Green/Boomer/Pete Dye
"Dodger Green" goes behind the scenes with the L.A. Dodgers and looks at how their new owners are spending a lot of money in an effort to create a winning team. "Boomer" interviews...
03 Apr 2013
E5. Dark Horse/Anatomy of a Nasty Pitch/Darts Wonderland
"Dark Horse" profiles horse trainer Doug O'Neill who is attempting a comeback after being accused of 'milkshaking' his horses. "Anatomy of a Nasty Pitch" interviews pitcher R.A. Di...
01 May 2013
E6. America's Cup/The Birdmen/Doubles/Secretariat
"America's Cup" takes a look at the new state-of-the-art technology behind U.S. Team Oracle's entry into the world famous yacht race. "The Birdmen" rebroadcasts and updates a segme...
05 Jun 2013
E7. LeBron/The Sport of Kings/The Deepest Dive/The Greatest Game
"LeBron" updates and rebroadcasts a profile of NBA superstar LeBron James. "The Sport of Kings" updates and rebroadcasts a segment on polo player Ignacio Figueras and his efforts t...
03 Jul 2013
E8. The Black Quarterback/Football Island/The Ride of His Life
"The Black Quarterback" talks to the men who helped break down one of the last racial barriers in the NFL. "Football Island" rebroadcasts and updates a segment on how American Samo...
07 Aug 2013
E9. The Stars in Stripes/The Prosecutors/Harry
"The Stars in Stripes" talks to the two of the most famous NFL referees about the difficulty of their job. "The Prosecutors" interviews the two prosecuting attorneys involved in th...
04 Sep 2013
E10. 7-On-7/Fantasy/The Great Falls
"7-On-7" looks at the controversy building behind 7-on-7 football. "Fantasy" examines the growth and popularity of fantasy sports leagues. "The Great Falls" looks at the dangers as...
02 Oct 2013
E11. Built by Bama/NCAA/The Deer Antler Man/Fly Gal
"Built by Bama" looks at the conditioning and development program behind the Alabama football team. "NCAA" talks to an player advocate about whether colleges should pay their athle...
06 Nov 2013
E12. Game Used/KD/Sled Hockey
"Game Used" looks at the increasingly profitable sports memorabilia market. "KD" interviews and profiles NBA player Kevin Durant about how he is considered to be the second best pl...
04 Dec 2013
Season 2
Season 2
E1. Gate Crasher/Big Vince/GoPro/The Wilderness
"Gate Crasher" profiles U.S. Olympic-Gold skiing favorite Mikaela Shiffrin. "Big Vince" profiles New England Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork. "GoPro" looks at how the small...
08 Jan 2014
E2. Pit Bulls/A Second Act/The North Country Boys
"Pit Bulls" looks at the pit crew behind the success of NASCAR's Hendrick Motorsports. "A Second Act" profiles Eddie George and looks at his post-NFL career. "The North Country Boy...
05 Feb 2014
E3. Wanna Bet?/Michigan's Secret Weapon/No Fall Zone
"Wanna Bet?" looks at mob involvement in illegal sports gambling and examines efforts to legalize sports gambling in New Jersey. "Michigan's Secret Weapon" profiles Michigan's athl...
05 Mar 2014
E4. All Blacks/The Curse of the Cubs/Mindset
"All Blacks" profiles New Zealand's famous national rugby union team the All Blacks. "The Curse of the Cubs" talks to the Ricketts family about their efforts to turn the Chicago Cu...
02 Apr 2014
E5. Numbers Men/Team USA/Down from the Mountain
"Numbers Men" examines how sports analytics is changing professional basketball. "Team USA" takes an inside look at America's national soccer team and its German coach Jurgen Klins...
05 May 2014
E6. Down to the Wire/Master of Motion/Wimbledon
"Down to the Wire" looks at the use of drugs in horse racing and how the sport is trying to address the problem. "Master of Motion" profiles fitness guru Kelly Starrett who has sta...
04 Jun 2014
E7. Messi/The Great Falls/No Fall Zone
"Messi" rebroadcasts an interview with Lionel Messi the star of Barcelona's football team. "The Great Falls" rebroadcasts a look at the dangers associated with whitewater kayaking ...
02 Jul 2014
E8. Fantasy/Pete Dye/Fly Gal
"Fantasy" rebroadcasts a segment on the growth and popularity of fantasy sports leagues in America. "Pete Dye" rebroadcasts a profile of the world-renowned golf course designer. "F...
06 Aug 2014
E9. Coach Cutcliffe/Formula E/Bare Knuckle Boxing
"Coach Cutcliffe" profiles the Duke football coach who has helped train NFL quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning. "Formula E" examines whether the future of motorsports will focus o...
02 Sep 2014
E10. Phil Ivey/The Captain/Torture Swim
"Phil Ivey" profiles the one of the best poker players in the world as he stands accused of cheating in baccarat. "The Captain" talks to Tino Martinez and Michael Kay about Derek J...
07 Oct 2014
E11. Sex Assault on Campus/The Overuse Epidemic/Mariah Stackhouse
"Sex Assault on Campus" examines the case of Kelsey Belnap who was gang raped by football players at the University of Montana. "The Overuse Epidemic" looks at how some sports inju...
04 Nov 2014
E12. More Than a Game/A Very Different Game/Born to Coach
"More than a Game" follows the football team of the U.S. Military Academy as it trains for the 2014 season and prepares to play Navy. "A Very Different Game" looks at the developme...
02 Dec 2014
Season 3
Season 3
E1. The Settlement/Z/Bobby Mitchell
"The Settlement" looks at the injury settlement between the NFL and the player's union and whether it adequately address brain injury. "Z" profiles Boston Bruins Defenseman Zdeno C...
06 Jan 2015
E2. The Season from Hell/Over the Edge/The Most Dangerous 8 Seconds
"The Season from Hell" interviews NFL operations chief Troy Vincent about some of the challenges faced by the NFL in the past year including the Ray Rice controversy, the behavior ...
03 Feb 2015
E3. The Enforcers/Time for a Change Up/Missy/Bob Simon
"The Enforcers" looks at enforcers in ice hockey and examines the serious toll the job takes on the body of an athlete. "Time for a Change Up" examines a more scientific and analyt...
04 Mar 2015
E4. The Crit/Game Changer/The Teacher
"The Crit" takes a look at the Red Hook Criterium an unsanctioned fixed gear bicycle race held in Brooklyn, Barcelona and Milano. "Game Changer" profiles hockey player P. K. Subban...
01 Apr 2015
E5. The Gold Medal Factory/The Pressler Effect/Boys of Summer
"The Gold Medal Factory" looks at the success of China's General Administration of Sport and examines whether it is adequately preparing Chinese athletes for life beyond sports. "T...
06 May 2015
E6. FIFA/Trophy Trips/Sneakerhead/Top Dog
"FIFA" talks to an anti-bribery expert about the controversy surrounding the international soccer organization. "Trophy Trips" takes a look at the growing market in adventure trave...
03 Jun 2015
E7. Barca/The Curse of the Cubs/Master of Motion
"Barca" rebroadcasts a segment that looks at the training system behind Barcelona's winning soccer team. "The Curse of the Cubs" rebroadcasts a profile about the Ricketts family ab...
01 Jul 2015
E8. Coach Cutcliffe/The Most Dangerous 8 Seconds/Boys of Summer
"Coach Cutcliffe" rebroadcasts a profile of the Duke football coach who has helped train NFL quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning. "The Most Dangerous 8 Seconds" rebroadcasts a look...
05 Aug 2015
E9. STRIVR/Deflategate/Friday Night Lights/Gone Fishin
"STRIVR" looks at a company that is developing virtual reality as a tool for training in sports. "Deflategate" talks to a law professor about the scandal surrounding Tom Brady. "Fr...
02 Sep 2015
E10. Pegulaville/Hurling/Baseball Island
"Pegulaville" talks to Terrence and Kim Pegula the new owners of the NFL's Buffalo Bills and NHL's Buffalo Sabers. "Hurling" talks an in depth look at the Irish sport of hurling. "...
06 Oct 2015
E11. The Art of the Cornerback/Back in the Game/The Next Big Thing
"The Art of the Cornerback" talks to elite cornerbacks Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis about the skills needed to play their position. "Back in the Game" profiles the CEO who ha...
03 Nov 2015
E12. Coming Home/The Modern Gladiators/Hurricane's Last Fight
"Coming Home" looks at former NBA star Chris Mullin who is the new head basketball coach at St. John's University. "The Modern Gladiators" looks at the violent sport of Florentine ...
01 Dec 2015
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