Metalocalypse (2006) TV Series Free Watch

The epic and over-the-top adventures of Dethklok, the world's most successful death metal band.

Year: 2006

Duration: 11 min

Country: USA

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Music

Writers: Tommy Blacha, Brendon Small

Stars: Mark Hamill, Tommy Blacha, Brendon Small

IMDb: TT0839188

Rating: 8.3/10

Season -1
Season -1
Dethecution/Dethlessons E-1. Dethecution/Dethlessons
12 Feb 2014
Season 1
Season 1
E1. The Curse of Dethklok
Dethklok performs at the Arctic Circle. Problems ensue when their chef gets dismembered in a freak helicopter accident, leaving the band to figure out how to make food for themselv...
9 links 06 Aug 2006
E2. Dethwater
Dethklok record an album in a nuclear submarine in the Mariana trench. The government sends down a producer to spy on them.
8 links 27 Mar 2007
E3. Birthdayface
It's Murderface's birthday and the band must find the most metal gift ever for him.
8 links 20 Aug 2006
E4. Dethtroll
Dethklok unleashes a troll that wreaks havoc across Finland, and forces the band to play without electricity.
8 links 25 Nov 2007
Dethkomedy E5. Dethkomedy
Dethklok try stand-up comedy routines, but Pickles struggles with stage fright after he is booed off the stage.
8 links 03 Sep 2006
Dethfam E6. Dethfam
Dethklok spend a week with their families, with brutal results.
8 links 10 Sep 2006
E7. Performance Klok
After an on-stage fight, the band hires an effeminate, insane psychiatrist to help them with their mental issues.
9 links 17 Sep 2006
E8. Snakes 'n' Barrels
Pickles reunites with his old band Snakes and Barrels, while the Council plot to erase their memories with psychotropic drugs.
8 links 24 Sep 2006
Mordland E9. Mordland
Dethklok's home Mordland opens its gates for visitors on Deth Fan Day. The fans get to see the band members "in their natural habitats", and get treated to a special one-time only ...
9 links 01 Oct 2006
E10. Fat Kid at the Detharmonic
Dethklok struggles with parenthood after they adopt an overweight, mentally deficient boy. Also, having made too much money during the year, the band performs with the London Philh...
9 links 08 Oct 2006
Skwisklok E11. Skwisklok
Skwisgar puts on a TV special called the Advanced Fast Hand Finger Wizard Master Class, while the other members try to zazz up the show with various endorsement deals.
9 links 15 Oct 2006
E12. Murdering Outside the Box
The annual employees convention creates an opportunity for an assassin to infiltrate Mordhaus and try to kill Dethklok.
9 links 22 Oct 2006
E13. Go Forth and Die
Nathan attempts to get his GED, while Murderface competes in a spelling bee.
9 links 29 Oct 2006
E14. Bluesklok
After a non-show, Dethklok travels south to learn the blues from the world's oldest living blues guitarist, Mashed Potatoes Johnson.
9 links 05 Nov 2006
Religionklok E15. Religionklok
After Murderface suffers a near fatal motorcycle accident, he decided to find religion. His quest runs across the gamut of faiths, from attending a Christian Rock concert, to sitti...
9 links 12 Nov 2006
Dethkids E16. Dethkids
Toki grows tired of his childish persona and turns demonic. A terminally ill little girl makes a video for him.
9 links 08 Apr 2008
E17. Dethclown
Toki befriends Dr. Rockso, the coke-snorting rock & roll clown, much to the chagrin of his band-mates.
10 links 26 Nov 2006
E18. Girlfriendklok
Nathan becomes 'whipped' by his new girlfriend Rebecca and his band mates try to snap him out of it.
9 links 03 Dec 2006
E19. Dethstars
The band star in a feature film called "Blood Ocean" which they screen on an offshore oil rig.
8 links 10 Dec 2006
E20. The Metalocalypse Has Begun
General Krosier and Cardinal Ravenwood hire an assassin, 216's brother, to kill Dethklok during a show and plan a military strike against them.
7 links 16 Jan 2007
Season 2
Season 2
E1. Dethecution
General Krosier has amnesia about what happened in the Gulf of Danzig. Dethklok are sulking until Ofdensen tells them that they've been invited to come to an execution of a number ...
10 links 23 Sep 2007
E2. Dethlessons
Toki takes guitar lessons so he can be as good as Skwisgaar. Murderface teaches Pickles and Nathan how to be a dick.
10 links 01 Oct 2007
E3. Dethvengeance
Dethklok arrests a kid for downloading their music. Meanwhile they try to record their new album with a technology that records music in liquid form. In the Mordhouse dungeon, the ...
10 links 07 Oct 2007
E4. Dethdoubles
Dethklok hire doubles for themselves when an incident results in a number of fans being killed. However the doubles are actually spies for the Council trying to steal some contract...
9 links 04 Nov 2007
E5. Dethfashion
Dethklok get paid to help a mysterious fashion designer create a death metal clothing line, but then have to try to lose weight so the clothes will fit them. Murderface tries to pr...
9 links 11 Nov 2007
E6. Cleanso
Dr. Rockso attempts to kick his drug habit along with Dethklok's help. Murderface tries to write a song.
8 links 18 Nov 2007
E7. P.R. Pickles
Pickles gets a new PR lady who quickly inflates his fame, prompting jealousy in his band mates.
9 links 25 May 2008
E8. Deth Wedding
Pickles troubled brother Seth decides to get married and invites Dethklok to perform at the wedding which gets Pickles really nervous and scared.
8 links 01 Apr 2008
E9. Dethcarraldo
When Dethklok travels to the Amazon, they learn about the native brutality of Nathan's ancestors.
9 links 01 Jun 2008
E10. Dethgov
Nathan Explosion serves a temporary term as governor of Florida.
10 links 08 Jun 2008
E11. Dethrace
Murderface creates an auto event/race and takes control of everything himself. Nathan and Pickles try to be supportive while Skwisgaar and Toki try to get their driver's licenses.
7 links 15 Jun 2008
E12. The Revengencers
Dethklok visits scarred and disfigured victims of recent bomb attacks. But it's Dethklok themselves that are the target of the Revengencers, an anti-Dethklok terrorist group.
9 links 23 Jun 2008
E13. Klokblocked
When Nathan discovers his ex-girlfriend has found a new love, he decides to begin dating again. But the rest of the band makes it hard for him to find a girlfriend.
7 links 30 Jun 2008
E14. Dethsources
Dethklok is fed up with Ofdensen knowing more about their stuff then they do. They want their fifth of everything now! So they hire an efficiency expert to help increase their week...
9 links 06 Jul 2008
E15. Dethdad
Toki gets the news that his father is dying so he travels back to his home town in Norway.
9 links 13 Jul 2008
Snakes N Barrels II: Part 1 E16. Snakes N Barrels II: Part 1
When Pickles discovers through an episode of Where are They Now Now? that Snakes 'N' Barrels has reunited without him for the "SOBERTOWN USA No Drugs Allowed Sober Rock and Roll Sh...
8 links 24 Aug 2008
E17. Snakes N Barrels II: Part 2
When Pickles discovers through an episode of "Where are They Now Now?" that Snakes N Barrels has reunited without him for the "SOBERTOWN USA No Drugs Allowed Sober Rock and Roll Sh...
24 Aug 2008
E18. Dethrecord
The world economy is crumbling and waiting for the next Dethklok album to stimulate it back into order. It's up to Dethklok to get the album just right and finished on time.
7 links 31 Aug 2008
E19. Dethrelease: Part 1
Dethklok's new album is released. The Revengencers make their next move.
6 links 07 Sep 2008
Dethrelease: Part 2 E20. Dethrelease: Part 2
The Revengencers strike Mordhaus during Dethklok's CD release party. Ofdensen desperately tries to protect Dethklok.
1 link 07 Sep 2008
Season 3
Season 3
E1. RenovationKlok
Believing Ofdensen is dead, Dethklok is forced to become their own managers while dealing with repairs to the destroyed Mordhaus and trying to plan their biggest concert to date. T...
8 links 08 Nov 2009
E2. TributeKlok
Facing public scrutiny following brash statements made by Murderface at a press conference, Dethklok decides to lift their worldwide ban on Dethklok tribute bands. While exercising...
8 links 15 Nov 2009
E3. DethHealth
After a near-death experience during one of Dethklok's typically life-threatening concert venues, the band becomes extremely concerned about their own mortality. They reluctantly a...
9 links 23 Nov 2009
E4. Dethmas
Dr. Rockso, having relapsed into his cocaine addiction, seeks the help of his estranged friend, Toki. More unwanted visitors manifest in the form of Dethklok's mothers, who are goi...
7 links 06 Dec 2009
E5. FatherKlok
Facing a slew of paternity suits, Skwisgaar begins to search for his own absentee father. Toki embraces Skwisgaar's absence from the band and his temporary position as Dethklok's l...
8 links 13 Dec 2009
E6. Fertilityklok
After his birthday roast, Toki Wartooth goes out to find his one true love. Meanwhile, Skwisgaar Skwigelf and William Murderface make a bet over who is the biggest lady's man.
8 links 26 Sep 2010
E7. Dethsiduals
After losing a court case on songwriting residuals, William Murderface and Toki Wartooth start their own record label to make money.
9 links 03 Oct 2010
E8. Rehabklok
Pickles is sent to a rehab clinic after his drunken antics cause destruction throughout Africa.
8 links 10 Oct 2010
E9. Dethzazz
Toki Wartooth squanders Dethklok's vacation fund on a reunion tour for Dr. Rockso and the rest of Zazz Blammymatazz. When a horrible truth becomes public knowledge though, Dr. Rock...
8 links 17 Oct 2010
E10. Doublebookedklok
Dethklok accidentally book themselves two simultaneous shows in Syria and Israel, which threatens to cause a full-scale war between the two countries.
6 links 24 Oct 2010
Season 4
Season 4
E1. Fanklok
Despite his bandmates' warnings, Nathan begins seriously dating one of his fans.
12 links 29 Apr 2012
E2. Diversityklok
After Dethklok is accused of being racist at a huge press conference, they combat the charges by opening an Urban Youth Dethcenter.
12 links 06 May 2012
E3. Prankklok
With their new album finally shipping, Dethklok plans their post-release traditions of vacationing, goofing off, palling around, and prank calls.
11 links 13 May 2012
E4. Motherklok
Dethklok heads to Tomahawk, Wisconsin to open a Dethfair in hopes that it will stimulate the economy they destroyed.
12 links 20 May 2012
E5. Bookklok
Tired of taking verbal abuse from his bandmate, Toki writes a tell-all book called Skwisgaar Is Ams Dick and takes over as Dethklok's lead guitarist.
11 links 27 May 2012
E6. Writersklok
After spending all their time with sluts and squandering the budget on their new record, Dethklok is shocked to find they've been assigned a new producer: A WOMAN.
10 links 03 Jun 2012
E7. Dethcamp
In an effort to make friends, Toki goes to Rockaroonie Fantasy Camp - a weekend getaway to rub elbows with rock and roll royalty (but he attends as a camper.) Instead of meeting fr...
15 links 10 Jun 2012
E8. Dethvanity
After Murderface is announced as the recipient of this year's Most Brutal Looking Musician Award, he travels to Mexico to get the best and cheapest plastic surgery possible.
4 links 17 Jun 2012
E9. Going Downklok
Dethklok returns to the water to record in their new Dethsub but, plagued with the lack of women, carpel tunnel sets in from excessive masturbation.
2 links 24 Jun 2012
E10. Dethdinner
As Dethklok hosts the most important dinner of their career, the divvying of album credits, over tagging on social networking sites, and fights over a girl come to head.
4 links 01 Jul 2012
E11. Breakup Klok
After announcing the breakup of Deathklok, each member tries his hand at a new career. When they perform their farewell concert in Reykjavik, Iceland, Mr. Salacia takes the opportu...
12 links 08 Jul 2012
E12. Church of the Black Klok
Dethklok is notified of a looming secret that's been around for hundreds of years.: the secret of the Metalocalypse. Before they can contemplate what this means, however, Nathan mu...
12 links 15 Jul 2012
Season 5
Season 5
Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem - A Klok Opera E0. Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem - A Klok Opera
2 links 24 Mar 2018
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