Mawaru-Penguindrum (2011) TV Series Free Watch

A terminally ill girl is revived by a magical penguin spirit. In return, her brothers are sent on a quest for the mysterious 'Penguindrum'.

Year: 2011

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Drama

Stars: Shelley Calene-Black, Maggie Flecknoe, Adam Gibbs

IMDb: TT2017925

Rating: 7.4/10

Season 1
Season 1
The Bell of Fate Tolls E1. The Bell of Fate Tolls
Terminally ill Himari Takakura is healed by a magic penguin hat, to the joy of her brothers Kanba and Shoma... then they learn the terms of her revival.
08 Jul 2011
A Risky Survival Strategy E2. A Risky Survival Strategy
Kanba and Shoma are tasked with tracking Ringo Oginome, a young girl with a special diary that may be the key to finding the Penguindrum.
15 Jul 2011
Then Devour Me Curry-geously E3. Then Devour Me Curry-geously
Ringo decides to make a special curry for her crush Tabuki, while at the same time Shoma and Kanba break into her house to get her Fate diary.
22 Jul 2011
A Princess Descends E4. A Princess Descends
Ringo schemes to have everything in place for the perfect afternoon with Tabuki. Unfortunately, nothing goes the way she plans.
29 Jul 2011
This is What Drives Me E5. This is What Drives Me
Shoma invites Ringo to his house, and tells her everything outright. This leads to Ringo disposing of Himari's hat, and Kanba starts a desperate search to get it back.
05 Aug 2011
You and I are Bound B M E6. You and I are Bound B M
When Kanba is summoned to a meeting with several of his ex-girlfriends, they are attacked by a mysterious sniper. Meanwhile, Shoma helps Ringo move to her new home under Tabuki's a...
19 Aug 2011
The Eggchanting Girl E7. The Eggchanting Girl
Ringo and Shoma attend one of Yuri's plays. Afterwards, they are invited to a party, where Yuri makes a shocking announcement.
26 Aug 2011
Even if Your Love is a Lie, I... E8. Even if Your Love is a Lie, I...
With Ringo's planned 'first-night' with Tabuki failing to eventuate, the destiny she had desired seems to be slipping away from her. In a last ditch effort to bring 'Project M' to ...
02 Sep 2011
Frozen World E9. Frozen World
Himari has a strange dream in which she encounters a mysterious librarian named Sanetoshi, who tends to a library apparently housing her memories.
09 Sep 2011
Because I Love Him E10. Because I Love Him
Shoma is visited by Ringo and his siblings as he recovers in hospital. After he is kidnapped by Masako, Kanba's attempt to rescue him leads him into a surreal labyrinth.
16 Sep 2011
You Have Finally Realized It E11. You Have Finally Realized It
Kanba confronts Masako in an attempt to obtain Ringo's diary. Ringo decides to continue Project M, with or without her diary and Shoma's assistance.
23 Sep 2011
The Wheel That Spins Us 'Round E12. The Wheel That Spins Us 'Round
As Himari suddenly loses her strength, Shoma remembers how the Takakura parents carried out a terrorist attack that killed Ringo's sister Momoka.
30 Sep 2011
Crime and Punishment for You and Me E13. Crime and Punishment for You and Me
Just as Kanba gives in to despair, Sanetoshi appears to him with an offer he cannot refuse.
07 Oct 2011
The Princess of Lies E14. The Princess of Lies
When Shouma leaves Ringo distraught by deciding the two should not see each other anymore, Yuri offers to help her get over him with a visit to a hot-spring resort.
14 Oct 2011
Savior of the World E15. Savior of the World
Yuri uses Ringo to capture Shoma and force him to get Himari's diary, so she can bring back the only friend she ever had in a troubled life - Momoka.
21 Oct 2011
The Immortal Man E16. The Immortal Man
After a battle with Yuri, Masako thinks back to her life - the tyrannical tycoon grandfather who raised her, and the numerous murders she attempted to be rid of him.
28 Oct 2011
The Unforgiven E17. The Unforgiven
Yuri and Masako battle over Ringo's diary, while Tabuki takes Himari hostage to get revenge on the children of Takakura for the death of Momoka.
03 Nov 2011
So Please Be with Me E18. So Please Be with Me
Tabuki remembers how Momoka saved his life as a child. Kanba and Shoma arrive and have a standoff with Tabuki.
10 Nov 2011
My Fated One E19. My Fated One
Masako appears incognito and revives suppressed memories within Himari, showing her she is adopted and who her true soulmate is.
17 Nov 2011
Thank You for Choosing Me E20. Thank You for Choosing Me
Shoma tells Ringo how, when the Takakuras were out to change the world, they took in an orphan girl named Himari.
24 Nov 2011
The Door of Fate That We Choose E21. The Door of Fate That We Choose
After an encounter with a journalist, Himari makes a shocking discovery about Kanba's parents, and swears to save Kanba. Tabuki and Yuri are attacked.
24 Nov 2011
Beautiful Coffin E22. Beautiful Coffin
Kanba goes ahead with his plan to save Himari no matter what it might cost, despite Himari and Masako's appeals. Yuri returns Momoka's diary to Ringo.
09 Dec 2011
The Destination of Fate E23. The Destination of Fate
Finally Shoma comes head to head with Kanba, determined to stop him.
16 Dec 2011
I Love You E24. I Love You
The Penguindrum is finally revealed, and Himari and Ringo are saved... but at what cost?
23 Dec 2011
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