Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars (2014) TV Series Free Watch

A group of famous couples trying to fix their relationships.

Year: 2014

Duration: 43 min

Country: USA

Genre: Reality-TV

Stars: Jim Carroll, Lauren Pesce, Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino, Tyson Apostol, Spencer Pratt, Elizabeth Carroll, Jim Carroll

IMDb: TT3683038

Rating: 4.8/10

Season -1
Season -1
Episode dated 14 April 2017 E-1. Episode dated 14 April 2017
14 Apr 2017
Season 1
Season 1
The Ambush E1. The Ambush
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Ring of Fire E2. Ring of Fire
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The Morgue E3. The Morgue
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Secrets and Lies E4. Secrets and Lies
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Daters and Traitors E5. Daters and Traitors
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Sex and the Secret E6. Sex and the Secret
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Fate Comes Knocking E7. Fate Comes Knocking
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Proposal or Disposal E8. Proposal or Disposal
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Season 2
Season 2
E1. House of Lies
Day one sees Spencer nearly come to blows with Director Jim Carroll after being called out for his behavior; Heidi storms off in hysterics; a surprise lie detector test sends shock...
1 link 09 Jan 2015
Death and Divorce Court E2. Death and Divorce Court
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Played and Betrayed E3. Played and Betrayed
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Picture Perfect Revenge E4. Picture Perfect Revenge
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Shock It to Me E5. Shock It to Me
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E6. Lust or Bust
A sex tape exposes the reality stars; Aviva is humiliated. A game of spin the bottle reveals intimate confessions. Tyson proves to be selfish in and out of the bedroom; Rachel is o...
1 link 13 Feb 2015
The Exorcism E7. The Exorcism
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E8. Let Them Eat Cake
A food fight spirals out of control when Aviva wrongly accuses Natalie of hitting her. Everyone turns against the housewife. An ultimatum puts Tyson and Rachel's relationship on th...
1 link 27 Feb 2015
Deception Indicated E9. Deception Indicated
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The Ultimatum E10. The Ultimatum
Season 3
Season 3
E1. Shotgun Wedding
The couples are ambushed by a shotgun wedding on the first day of boot camp. Stars are blindsided by unexpected guests who object to their relationships. Kendra explodes when she i...
1 link 29 May 2015
Death Wish E2. Death Wish
Aubrey and Travis fight over another woman. Deathbed confessions rock the reality stars; Tami relives the past and Kendra pleads with Hank for the whole truth about the scandal tha...
2 links 05 Jun 2015
E3. Sex, Lies and Audiotape
A shocking audiotape blows Kendra and Hank's world apart. Kendra threatens divorce while Tami faces a pregnancy scare. And is it game over for Boot Camp's tumultuous fight club, Au...
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Disorderly Courtship E4. Disorderly Courtship
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Troubled Waters E5. Troubled Waters
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Dangerous Liaisons E6. Dangerous Liaisons
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The Confession E7. The Confession
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The Sex Tape E8. The Sex Tape
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Grave Injustice E9. Grave Injustice
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E10. The Long Lie
The couples unleash years of pent up rage when they face their inner demons, resulting in a jaw-dropping injury. A crushing revelation pushes Tami and Reggie's relationship to the ...
1 link 07 Aug 2015
Web of Lies E11. Web of Lies
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Diamonds Aren't Forever E12. Diamonds Aren't Forever
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Season 4
Season 4
An Affair to Remember E1. An Affair to Remember
The couples are ambushed by a surprise game show on the first day of Boot Camp, revealing dark truths. A secret affair is exposed while a disturbing twist sends one couple off the ...
4 links 04 Dec 2015
The Secret Weapon E2. The Secret Weapon
A surprise wedding takes a dark turn when tragedy strikes. Divorce Court's Judge Lynn Toler joins forces with Jim and Elizabeth and unleashes her wrath on the couples. Benzino goes...
7 links 11 Dec 2015
Dancing with the Devil E3. Dancing with the Devil
A spouse swap that entails a sexy tango competition spirals into a jealous rampage. Sundy goes commando while Catherine's jealousy from sharing Sean with other women on "The Bachel...
7 links 18 Dec 2015
The Low Blow E4. The Low Blow
The couples nearly come to blows when they fight dirty in a verbal boxing match. Catherine & Ink drop devastating truth bombs. Sugar Bear is forced to come clean about his infideli...
10 links 08 Jan 2016
Sugar Coated Lies E5. Sugar Coated Lies
Frustration builds in a blind communication drill; Mama June suffers a panic attack. Sugar Bear confesses to more infidelities. A ferocious war breaks out when a secret pregnancy i...
16 links 15 Jan 2016
Kiss and Tell E6. Kiss and Tell
The reality stars open up about their sex lives; Sean and Catherine bare it all. Sundy and Benzino's secret past is exposed; Cedric is infuriated. With a child on the way, Althea a...
12 links 22 Jan 2016
Mocked and Rocked E7. Mocked and Rocked
The couples confront their traumatic pasts and must forgive those who hurt them. Sundy breaks her silence regarding a childhood secret; Cedric is devastated. Catherine and Sean sta...
4 links 29 Jan 2016
Lowe and Behold E8. Lowe and Behold
Sean and Catherine fight dirty behind closed doors; Jim and Elizabeth confront them about their secret. Tension ignites when the couples expose their inner demons. Ink threatens to...
12 links 05 Feb 2016
Poly-Wrath E9. Poly-Wrath
The couples are ambushed by a surprise lie detector test; infidelities exposed. Sugar Bear goes ballistic when bombarded for answers. Catherine unleashes her wild side when the cou...
13 links 12 Feb 2016
The Broken Heart E10. The Broken Heart
Heartbreak strikes at the final ring ceremony. The couples must make the ultimate choice; to stay together or to call it quits. A devastating decision shocks the house. A surprise ...
12 links 19 Feb 2016
Season 5
Season 5
Taradise Lost E1. Taradise Lost
The house is shocked when one star enters boot camp alone and is sent out on a mad hunt to find their mate. Couples are blindsided by a surprise talk show hosted by Montel Williams...
13 links 03 Jun 2016
Over My Dead Body E2. Over My Dead Body
The couples go into shock when forced to face the death of their partner. Tara shuts down and rebels. An unexpected guest puts the couples on blast, revealing trouble in paradise f...
11 links 10 Jun 2016
Loose Lips Kill Relationships E3. Loose Lips Kill Relationships
Spouse swap sparks chaos. Michelle goes ballistic when Cody spills a huge secret from her past, forcing Jim & Elizabeth to step in. And a Boot Camp first, one couple's shocking bre...
4 links 17 Jun 2016
Memp-Hitz the Fan E4. Memp-Hitz the Fan
Emotions explode during fight exercise. Questions of infidelity spark drama. Memphitz shocks all when he unleashes rage on Toya; Brittish attacks Lorenzo. Tara & Dean begin to unra...
10 links 24 Jun 2016
Hit Me with Your Best Shock E5. Hit Me with Your Best Shock
9 links 08 Jul 2016
Puppet Master E6. Puppet Master
The stars get candid; sex lives exposed. Tara flees during sex drill. Michelle and Cody struggle between love and lust. Memphitz leaves for court -- will he return to Boot Camp?
12 links 15 Jul 2016
Trainwrecking E7. Trainwrecking
The couples unleash their demons and face their dark pasts. Michelle reveals a painful secret. Memphitz returns from court; shocking attack. Tara spirals out of control.
4 links 22 Jul 2016
Panic in the Control Room E8. Panic in the Control Room
The couples confront their own worst enemy, themselves! Michelle breaks down when she faces her infidelity; Dean has a breakthrough. An explosive Tara meltdown sparks chaos in the ...
8 links 29 Jul 2016
Lying Up a Storm E9. Lying Up a Storm
Lie detector test reveals shocking truths. Memphitz is blindsided; Cody's hit with a low blow. A hall pass leads to a wild night of temptations, headaches and heartache. Tara & Dea...
5 links 05 Aug 2016
Unveil the Betrayal E10. Unveil the Betrayal
Dirty secrets exposed from a wild night out. One star makes a devastating decision; ring ceremony heartbreak. Shocking scandal revealed; one couple gets kicked out of Boot Camp!
14 links 12 Aug 2016
Season 6
Season 6
Can I Get a Witness? E1. Can I Get a Witness?
Boot Camp is launched into chaos when a high profile celebrity gossip blogger airs out everyone's dirty laundry; dark secrets exposed. Drama erupts in Divorce Court; surprise guest...
20 links 07 Oct 2016
The Deadly Storm E2. The Deadly Storm
19 links 14 Oct 2016
Blood in the Water E3. Blood in the Water
Drama erupts when the stars fight dirty. KeKe storms off in a tirade; Amber breaks down over Jim's belligerent drinking habits. Nikko battles to win Margeaux back, but Merika's jea...
14 links 21 Oct 2016
Stranger Danger E4. Stranger Danger
A social mixer sparks chaos when couples meet their ideal mate. Jealousy strikes when partners watch from afar; Storm goes ballistic and Keke goes in for the kill! Jim faces off ag...
5 links 28 Oct 2016
Pedal to the Meddle E5. Pedal to the Meddle
Communication drill drama; One couple is caught cheating! Keke and Margeaux face off. Margeaux & Nikko spark old flames; Merika's jealousy causes a meltdown. Jim unleashes on Amber...
12 links 04 Nov 2016
I Want a Husband and a Wife! E6. I Want a Husband and a Wife!
The couples talk sex, leading to shocking confessions. Merika storms off when Margeaux reveals her true desires involve her ex. Keke & Margeaux face off. Amber exposes a dark secre...
7 links 11 Nov 2016
The Weakest Link E7. The Weakest Link
Couples expose painful secrets when they're forced to face their dark pasts. Karen breaks down over her dad's role in uncle's shocking murder. Tanner storms off when pushed to open...
16 links 18 Nov 2016
Black Heart Down E8. Black Heart Down
The stars unleash self-hate when they must forgive their worst enemy, themselves! Jade is pushed to the edge while Keke and Margeaux go head-to-head. Lies about a secret kiss lead ...
17 links 02 Dec 2016
Jersey House Lies E9. Jersey House Lies
Lie detector test puts the couples on blast; dark secrets exposed! Amber fears the polygraph; Jade's dirty little secret. A wild night on the town sparks a catfight between the Jer...
16 links 09 Dec 2016
Make Merika Great Again E10. Make Merika Great Again
The ring ceremony unleashes chaos. One spouse gets cold feet while another storms out of the mansion. Keke's shocking pregnancy test results. Panic strikes when divorce papers are ...
15 links 16 Dec 2016
Season 7
Season 7
Episode #7.1 E1. Episode #7.1
13 links 06 Jan 2017
Episode #7.2 E2. Episode #7.2
12 links
Episode #7.3 E3. Episode #7.3
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Episode #7.4 E4. Episode #7.4
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Episode #7.5 E5. Episode #7.5
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Episode #7.6 E6. Episode #7.6
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Episode #7.7 E7. Episode #7.7
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Episode #7.8 E8. Episode #7.8
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Episode #7.9 E9. Episode #7.9
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Episode #7.10 E10. Episode #7.10
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Season 8
Season 8
Episode #8.1 E1. Episode #8.1
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Episode #8.2 E2. Episode #8.2
9 links
Episode #8.3 E3. Episode #8.3
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Episode #8.4 E4. Episode #8.4
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Episode #8.5 E5. Episode #8.5
13 links
Episode #8.6 E6. Episode #8.6
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Episode #8.7 E7. Episode #8.7
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Episode #8.8 E8. Episode #8.8
18 links
Episode #8.9 E9. Episode #8.9
Episode #8.10 E10. Episode #8.10
Season 9
Season 9
Episode #9.1 E1. Episode #9.1
13 links
Episode #9.2 E2. Episode #9.2
15 links
Episode #9.3 E3. Episode #9.3
13 links
Episode #9.4 E4. Episode #9.4
13 links
Episode #9.5 E5. Episode #9.5
7 links
Episode #9.6 E6. Episode #9.6
13 links
Episode #9.7 E7. Episode #9.7
12 links
Episode #9.8 E8. Episode #9.8
11 links
Episode #9.9 E9. Episode #9.9
10 links
Episode #9.10 E10. Episode #9.10
13 links
Season 10
Season 10
Episode #10.1 E1. Episode #10.1
4 links
Episode #10.2 E2. Episode #10.2
4 links
Episode #10.3 E3. Episode #10.3
4 links 12 May 2017
Episode #10.4 E4. Episode #10.4
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Family Edition: Can't Escape the Situation E5. Family Edition: Can't Escape the Situation
Surprise guests shock the families, exposing dark childhood secrets from generation to generation. Marc finally cracks; Kendra continues to feel unloved. After two days away, Debra...
4 links 02 Jun 2017
Episode #10.6 E6. Episode #10.6
4 links
Episode #10.7 E7. Episode #10.7
4 links 08 Jun 2017
Episode #10.8 E8. Episode #10.8
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