Maine Cabin Masters (2016) TV Series Free Watch

Maine contractor takes rotten cabins and gives them new life.

Year: 2016

Genre: Reality-TV

IMDb: TT6906110

Rating: 9.1/10

Season 1
Season 1
The Daggett Camp E1. The Daggett Camp
A family from Maine works together to rehab a historic cabin from the 1930s in just six weeks. Can Chase and his team save the camp in time? Or will a hidden surprise underneath th...
4 links 09 Jan 2017
Dilapidated Island Cabin E2. Dilapidated Island Cabin
Chase and his team tackle a 1930s island cabin with major rot issues. With a budget of $30,000 and six weeks to complete the project, will the team be able to transform the cabin w...
3 links 09 Jan 2017
City Slickers Off the Grid E3. City Slickers Off the Grid
Chase Morrill and his team transform an off-the-grid eyesore into a beautiful Maine vacation home.
2 links 16 Jan 2017
Dated Cabin Turned Retreat E4. Dated Cabin Turned Retreat
Chase and his team take on a dated and dysfunctional cabin in Belgrade Lakes. With a budget of $40,000 and six weeks to finish the project, will they be able to turn it into the pe...
3 links 23 Jan 2017
Rebuilding the Old Schoolhouse E5. Rebuilding the Old Schoolhouse
Chase and his team travel to Dedham, ME, to restore a dilapidated camp that was once an old schoolhouse. When a serious case of rot threatens to shut down the project, Chase and Ry...
3 links 30 Jan 2017
Not-so-Pleasant Camp on Pleasant Pond E6. Not-so-Pleasant Camp on Pleasant Pond
Chase and his team are called in to renovate a neglected camp for a growing family. But they are challenged with overcoming an unusual blueprint and a steep outdoor slope in time f...
3 links 06 Feb 2017
A Cabin for the Bride E7. A Cabin for the Bride
Chase and the team want to dismantle, move and restore a log cabin before Lance's wedding. With the event quickly approaching and Lance busy building outhouses and goose pens for h...
3 links 13 Feb 2017
130-Year-Old Island Cabin E8. 130-Year-Old Island Cabin
Chase Morrill and his team tackle the renovation of a 130-year-old cabin on an island. With a budget of $40,000 and six weeks, can they overcome the challenges of building on an is...
3 links 20 Feb 2017
Off-the-Grid Renovation E9. Off-the-Grid Renovation
3 links 17 Feb 2017
A Camp on Two Ponds E10. A Camp on Two Ponds
Chase and his team have been called to renovate a camp uniquely situated on two ponds. With winter weather right around the corner, the team needs to hustle in order to complete th...
3 links 06 Mar 2017
Six Weeks for Two-A-Frames E11. Six Weeks for Two-A-Frames
Chase and his team are called to renovate two A-Frames in Maine's Sugarloaf Valley. With only six weeks to finish both renovations, Chase divides the team in half, and the winning ...
3 links 13 Mar 2017
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