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Walt Longmire is the dedicated and unflappable sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming. Widowed only a year, he is a man in psychic repair but buries his pain behind his brave face, unassuming grin and dry wit.

Year: 2012

Duration: 60 min

Country: USA

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

Writers: Hunt Baldwin, John Coveny

Stars: Robert Taylor, Cassidy Freeman, Lou Diamond Phillips

IMDb: TT1836037

Rating: 8.2/10

Season 1
Season 1
E1. Pilot
Sheriff Longmire runs a small department in rural Wyoming. When the body of a man is found in the woods the investigation leads to tension between Longmire and the local Indian Res...
12 links 03 Jun 2012
E2. The Dark Road
When the body of a young girl is found at a rest stop with a bunch of money, the investigation leads to a group of young Mennonites on rumspringa.
14 links 10 Jun 2012
A Damn Shame E3. A Damn Shame
A barn fire kills not only several prize winning show horses but also the owner. As the investigation continues, it starts to look more like an insurance fraud gone wrong.
14 links 17 Jun 2012
E4. The Cancer
A double homicide helps uncover a shocking partnership between the Cheyenne reservation and a Mexican drug cartel.
11 links 24 Jun 2012
E5. Dog Soldier
Cheyenne boys are disappearing, and the case may be connected to dishonest child welfare workers, a Cheyenne warrior legend, and an an ambitious Cheyenne political leader.
12 links 01 Jul 2012
E6. The Worst Kind of Hunter
A paroled killer is mauled by a bear, but Longmire suspects that there is more to the story. Meanwhile, Branch's uncle creates havoc for the sheriff's department.
12 links 08 Jul 2012
E7. 8 Seconds
Called to a home invasion, Walt and Vic find the critically injured Chris Sublette, a rodeo sponsor who has just dropped a rider accused of mistreating his horses. As the case unfo...
13 links 15 Jul 2012
E8. An Incredibly Beautiful Thing
A highly agitated young girl approaches a gas station owner for help. When Sheriff Longmire attends the scene, the owner is dead and the girl is missing. Investigations lead Longmi...
10 links 22 Jul 2012
E9. Dogs, Horses and Indians
The president of the Reservation Tribal Council is run off the road, shot and killed. Inquiries reveal that the president recently pushed though a council amendment to the blood pe...
13 links 05 Aug 2012
E10. Unfinished Business
When Walt is called to the scene of a murder of a local youth, he instantly recognizes him as one of a group of four boys who were acquitted of the rape of an developmentally chall...
13 links 12 Aug 2012
Season 2
Season 2
E1. Unquiet Mind
Longmire risks his life to travel up a mountain by foot in a snowstorm to catch a group of escaped prisoners and their hostages.
12 links 27 May 2013
E2. Carcasses
Sheriff Longmire discovers that a man found dead in a compost heap had made lots of enemies, and Branch looks for help as he tries to find Cady.
13 links 03 Jun 2013
E3. Death Came in Like Thunder
A murdered sheep farmer is killed over a deal to sell his land, and Cady goes to Denver to find answers about her mother's death.
14 links 10 Jun 2013
E4. The Road to Hell
A truckload of cattle is stolen, and the original driver later turns up dead. Meanwhile, Vic receives a mysterious delivery of flowers from a possible admirer.
15 links 17 Jun 2013
E5. Party's Over
The body of a young girl found dumped in an alley leads Longmire to a gang dealing in stolen prescription medications. Cady returns home after investigating her mother's death.
12 links 24 Jun 2013
E6. Tell It Slant
An Indian psychic is found dead after what appears to be a home reading session. An investigation of her records leads Walt and his deputies in numerous directions, including the s...
11 links 01 Jul 2013
E7. Sound and Fury
While serving at the Red Pony, Henry overhears a customer trying to organize a hit on his wife. When the customer leaves, Henry follows him to the car park to volunteer for the job...
15 links 08 Jul 2013
E8. The Great Spirit
A foreman is shot and killed and found dragging behind a horse after an illegal rodeo, and Detective Fales comes to Henry with questions about his investigation.
14 links 15 Jul 2013
Tuscan Red E9. Tuscan Red
A local Cheyenne is found dead in a house after a methane explosion, but the emotionally sensitive investigation could cost Longmire points in the upcoming election.
16 links 29 Jul 2013
E10. Election Day
The day of the sheriff's election arrives, but everybody is more concerned about Cady, who is critically injured in a hit-and-run accident.
13 links 05 Aug 2013
E11. Natural Order
While the sheriff's office investigates the death of a game warden and the illegal shooting of an elk, Branch tries to figure out his future after losing the election.
13 links 12 Aug 2013
E12. A Good Death Is Hard to Find
Longmire needs Lucien Connally's help after a convicted dinosaur bone thief is killed in prison, and Vic continues to be harassed by an old enemy from Philadelphia.
14 links 19 Aug 2013
E13. Bad Medicine
Branch ties Jacob Nighthorse to Cady's accident after a suspicious suicide, Vic takes matters into her own hands with her stalker, and detective Fales returns to town to put the he...
11 links 26 Aug 2013
Season 3
Season 3
The White Warrior E1. The White Warrior
Longmire investigates Branch's shooting, but Branch insists that he was shot by a dead man. Meanwhile, Henry goes to prison after being arrested for killing Longmire's wife's kille...
16 links 02 Jun 2014
E2. Of Children and Travelers
While Longmire and Vic investigate the murder of a troubled runaway teenager of Russian descent, Henry runs into big troubles in prison.
16 links 09 Jun 2014
E3. Miss Cheyenne
Longmire investigates the murder of a doctor while also replacing Henry as a judge for a beauty contest on the reservation. Meanwhile, Cady represents Henry at his bail hearing.
14 links 16 Jun 2014
E4. In the Pines
After a wilderness leadership trip takes a dark turn, Walt and the team must track down a killer and missing teenaged campers. Branch, meanwhile, continues his unsanctioned pursuit...
15 links 23 Jun 2014
E5. Wanted Man
Longmire and Lucian Connolly work together to track down three suspects in his wife's murder, Henry searches for the man who can prove his innocence, and Branch's investigation tac...
15 links 30 Jun 2014
E6. Reports of My Death
A dead body Longmire discovers on a park bench may be the long-missing heir of a large fortune, and Henry breaks his house arrest to investigate Malachi Strand and Jacob Nighthorse...
16 links 07 Jul 2014
E7. Population 25
After a car accident, Vic and her husband Sean are captured by a survivalist who is also a suspect connected with sheriff Longmire's wife's murder, and Longmire is forced to work w...
13 links 14 Jul 2014
E8. Harvest
Longmire investigates the death of a farmer who was about to be evicted from his land, Branch and Cady investigate a lead in Denver on behalf of Henry, and Vic contemplates her fut...
16 links 21 Jul 2014
E9. Counting Coup
Branch has proof that David Ridges is alive, and Longmire connects him to Jacob Nighthorse. Meanwhile, Sean makes Longmire serve divorce papers to Vic, and Henry faces another setb...
14 links 28 Jul 2014
E10. Ashes to Ashes
After killing David Ridges, sheriff Longmire uncovers a clue that could prove that Ridges killed Miller Beck. Meanwhile, Branch is curious about a possible relationship between his...
12 links 04 Aug 2014
Season 4
Season 4
Down by the River E1. Down by the River
In the wake of discovering a dead body in the river from a supposed suicide, Walt soon discovers evidence pointing to murder. Walt makes it his mission to bring Nighthorse to justi...
23 links 10 Sep 2015
War Eagle E2. War Eagle
The investigation into Branch's death continues. Walt looks into a death at the old Japanese internment camp. Henry considers taking up where Hector left off.
23 links 10 Sep 2015
E3. High Noon
Cady gets a new job offer while Vic worries Walt wants her to lie for him. Nighthorse continues his egotistical posturing and Barlow implodes with his own malice.
24 links 10 Sep 2015
Four Arrows E4. Four Arrows
Walt moves on after a standoff with Barlow. A tourist is found dead in a luggage bag left behind a tour bus heading to the casino, causing more tension between Walt and Nighthorse....
21 links 10 Sep 2015
Help Wanted E5. Help Wanted
Walt suspects a chain robbery when a late veterans husband is shot during a break in and a warehouse full of pharmaceuticals is robbed. The sheriffs department is scouting for new ...
17 links 10 Sep 2015
The Calling Back E6. The Calling Back
A young Cheyenne girl is raped on the reservation, creating problems between the wildcatters at the oil rig workers and the Cheyenne people. Vic is evicted from her home, forcing h...
19 links 10 Sep 2015
Highway Robbery E7. Highway Robbery
A highway robbery which leaves one person dead and another barely alive, sets off an investigation involving a string of robberies. Henry begins taking steps in bringing justice to...
19 links 10 Sep 2015
Hector Lives E8. Hector Lives
When a former suspect in a rape case ends up dead in another county, Walt and Vic aren't convinced the death is an accident.
21 links 10 Sep 2015
Shotgun E9. Shotgun
The shooting of Gab's remaining rapist has unintended consequences. Walt tries to figure out motives for the deaths and continues spending time with Dr Moynihan. Henry takes Gab to...
20 links 10 Sep 2015
What Happens on the Rez... E10. What Happens on the Rez...
Henry gets Gab to safety but danger follows. Ferg misses Zack and Vic missteps with Eamon. Walt meets the medicine woman and progresses with the Doc. Mathias makes an arrest in the...
20 links 10 Sep 2015
Season 5
Season 5
A Fog That Won't Lift E1. A Fog That Won't Lift
A shaky Walt searches for Donna as he and Vic reconstruct what happened in the cabin. Mathias has a deal for Henry. Cady tells Walt about a job offer.
23 links 27 Sep 2016
One Good Memory E2. One Good Memory
Henry renegotiates hid deal with Mathias. Walt's search for Donna leads to too many suspects. A phone message sends Walt down an unexpected path.
23 links 23 Sep 2016
Chrysalis E3. Chrysalis
24 links 23 Sep 2016
The Judas Wolf E4. The Judas Wolf
The CEO of a Nebraska-based drug company is abducted during a hunting trip with the Mayor. Matthias pushes Henry into bringing down a drug dealer whose product is killing people on...
22 links 23 Sep 2016
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