Level Up (2012) TV Series Free Watch

A group of teens fight video game creatures in the real world.

Year: 2012

Duration: 30 min

Genres: Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi

Writers: Derek Guiley, David Schneiderman

Stars: Gaelan Connell, Connor Del Rio, Jessie T. Usher

IMDb: TT1933836

Rating: 3.2/10

Season -1
Season -1
Lice Guy Bathe Last E-1. Lice Guy Bathe Last
Wanted E-1. Wanted
Wyatt discovers a bounty hunter from the game is after him and tries to get a reluctant Lyle and Dante to help.
07 Aug 2012
Season 1
Season 1
Barbarian E1. Barbarian
When the guys are unable to bard a leaked Barbarian, they're forced to integrate him into real life and decide to use him for their own purpose, which quickly gets out of control.
24 Jan 2012
A Heart-Worming-Tail E2. A Heart-Worming-Tail
Wormholes, magical passage ways, leak out from the game. The gang thinks they're harmless and decide to use them, but things quickly escalate out of control.
31 Jan 2012
Wyatt Presents: Avatar in 3D E3. Wyatt Presents: Avatar in 3D
Wyatt's avatar leaks from the game, and he decides to capitalize on the situation by having the avatar help him impress a girl.
07 Feb 2012
Bicyclops E4. Bicyclops
The gang want to keep a pair of magical glasses, but a Bicyclops from the game has other plans.
14 Feb 2012
Leroy E5. Leroy
Things escalate out of control when the guys try to teach Lyle's annoying childhood friend a lesson in the game.
20 Feb 2012
Hampire Weeknight E6. Hampire Weeknight
The Gang have to get rid of a leak before school starts the next day.
21 Feb 2012
Sole Provider E7. Sole Provider
After defeating a leak from the game, our trio find a pair of magical boots. Instead of putting them in the Booty Box, Dante decides to use them for his own purposes.
28 Feb 2012
Max² E8. Max²
Dante is having problems with his Mom constantly bugging him. When an internet dating profile of Max Ross leaks out, it solves one problem while creating an entirely new one.
13 Mar 2012
Blast-a-ton 2.0 E9. Blast-a-ton 2.0
Wyatt gets a new weapon but there are unforeseen side effects, which threatens the unity of Neverfail.
1 link 03 Apr 2012
The Charm Bracelet E10. The Charm Bracelet
The guys decide to use some loot from the game to help Angie win the election for class president.
1 link 10 Apr 2012
You Don't Know Jack E11. You Don't Know Jack
When Dante's favorite childhood story leaks from his eBook into real life; Dante discovers that his hero from the story isn't all that he thought he was.
1 link 17 Apr 2012
Headquarters E12. Headquarters
Max gives the gang a place to solve leaks, but it soon turns into a party where everything might be revealed.
1 link 24 Apr 2012
Acid Spittin' Mini Dragon E13. Acid Spittin' Mini Dragon
When Wyatt no longer has the solution to defeat a new enemy, Neverfail must turn to an unlikely source for a plan of attack.
1 link 05 Jun 2012
Leveling Up E14. Leveling Up
Dante must help a leaked character on a quest while Angie and Lyle teach Wyatt how to snowboard.
1 link 09 Jun 2012
Conspiracy Club E15. Conspiracy Club
The gang is forced to join the high school conspiracy club in order to throw the club off their trail.
1 link 30 Apr 2012
The Swirling Giver E17. The Swirling Giver
1 link
The Dark Marts E18. The Dark Marts
Invizio's Revenge E19. Invizio's Revenge
The gang battles a ghost leaked from the game, meanwhile Dante tries to get revenge on Lyle.
1 link 21 Aug 2012
Heckfire Tiger E20. Heckfire Tiger
1 link
Wyatt Crosses Over E21. Wyatt Crosses Over
Maldark's minion lures Wyatt to Crosstown High, breaking up the gang and leaving Angie to save the day.
1 link 11 Sep 2012
So You Think You Can Go to the Dance? E22. So You Think You Can Go to the Dance?
2 links
All Lies That End Lies E202. All Lies That End Lies
Season 2
Season 2
Intelligence Potion #9 E1. Intelligence Potion #9
1 link
All Lies That Ends Lies E2. All Lies That Ends Lies
Should She Stay or Should She Go? E3. Should She Stay or Should She Go?
Angie's fighting spirit impresses a Glamazon who leaks out to challenge Angie in a contest to the death.
06 Nov 2012
Thomas Jeffer, Son of Frankenstein E5. Thomas Jeffer, Son of Frankenstein
A Leak Among Us E6. A Leak Among Us
Wyatt and his favorite author become fast friends but this comic writer has a secret that Wyatt must hide from the gang.
27 Nov 2012
Max vs. Hideo E9. Max vs. Hideo
When Max joins an online dating service, his alter ego leaks from the internet and causes chaos when he starts dating Dante's mom.
22 Jan 2013
A Little Help Please E10. A Little Help Please
The gang agrees to keep a leaked Ork on the condition that he keeps HQ clean for them while doing side jobs for Max.
05 Feb 2013
Dante and Angie's Mascot Skating Video E11. Dante and Angie's Mascot Skating Video
The gang braces themselves when angry teacher Mr. Cochrane returns to school, but Lyle is convinced that a zen approach can handle the problem.
11 Feb 2013
The 4 Harolds E12. The 4 Harolds
As the Four Heralds of the Apocalypse leak into Daventry Hills, the gang must enlist the help of Joaquin while trying to keep Neverfail a secret.
19 Feb 2013
War Hammer Time E13. War Hammer Time
Joaquin questions his decision to join Neverfail, but the gang needs him.
19 Feb 2013
Season 3
Season 3
Little HQ of Horrors E1. Little HQ of Horrors
A Wizza's Best Friend E5. A Wizza's Best Friend
The gang allows Lyle to keep a leaked pet from the game but problems arise when the government gets a hold of the creature.
20 Nov 2012
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